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Matthew Cerrone answers questions about sports media, content, promoting your work and finding a job. And, if he doesn't have the answer, he brings in an expert to help...

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Matthew Cerrone answers questions about sports media, content, promoting your work and finding a job. And, if he doesn't have the answer, he brings in an expert to help...
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First Try

First Try by Matthew Cerrone
Matthew Cerrone author

Episode 7: Resume, Resume and Resume

In this episode, I answer 4 common questions about resumes, including cover letters, wording, presentation and skills.
Matthew Cerrone author

Episode 6: Trolls, Blog Posts and Conducting Interviews

In this episode, I answer questions about dealing with trolls and criticism, the perfect blog post and how to interview an athlete.
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 5: Future of Reporting, Design Trends and Inspiration

Matthew Cerrone answers questions about whether beat reporting is a dying business, smart design trends and how to know what to write about...
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep 4.: Advice, Social Media as a Party, and Cover Letter vs. Resume

In Episode 4, Matthew Cerrone answers questions about asking for advice on e-mail, using social media like a party and not fishing, and whether a cover letter is more important than a resume...
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 3: How to make money blogging

In this episode, I talk about ways to make money with your blog.
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 2: Writing Conversational and for Mobile

In this episode, I answer questions about how to write more conversationally and how to write best for mobile.
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 1: Editors, 1000 True Fans and Quality over Quantity

In this episode of #AskMattC, professional sports blogger Matthew Cerrone answers questions about needing an editor, whether the 1000 True Fans theory applies to sports content, and if quality content over quantity matters most.
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 12: Sam Laird,

Sam Laird from talks to MetsBlog's Matthew Cerrone about how he ended up writing about sports while working at a technology website.
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 11: Kiley Kmiec from Next Impulse Sports

Kiley Kmiec is co-founder and Editor of Next Impulse Sports, which does roughly 10 million page views a month. In This Episode, Kmiec and Cerrone talk about: How to corner the everyman demographic (0:00) How to get readers to relate with your conten...
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 10: Rob Shaw from

In this week's episode, I talk with Shaw to find out if the world's biggest social media network can lure the sports media industry away from Twitter's brilliantly simple microblogging format. Shaw also talks about how to be a content superstar, how to...
Matthew Cerrone author

Episode 9: Ben Nicholson Smith, Baseball Editor for SportsNet.CA

This week’s podcast features an interview with Ben Nicholson-Smith, baseball editor at and former senior writer for As a seasoned reporter with top-notch writing skills, Ben shares his advice for creating content, as h...
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 8: Peter Robert Casey

Peter Robert Casey was the first sports blogger in basketball history to earn press credentials for a Twitter feed, and he’s been making some of the most innovative—and unconventional—waves in the industry ever since. In This Episode, You’ll Learn: ...
Matthew Cerrone author

Episode 7: Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo! Sports, Big League Stew

Kevin Kaduk, the editor of Big League Stew and Yahoo! Sports, joins the show this week to get down to the nuts and bolts of sports blogging. As a University of Wisconsin J-school grad and former writer for the award-winning Kansas City Star, Kaduk’s pr...
Matthew Cerrone author

Episode 6: Jamie Mottram, USA Today Sports

Jamie Mottram of USA Today Sports talks For the Win and the future of digital sports media.
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 5: Will Carroll talks How to Build a Niche

Will Carroll has written for, ESPN and Bleacher Report. Here he talks to Matthew Cerrone about the power in building a niche audience.
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 4: Daily News reporter Andy Martino talks reporting vs. columnist

Andy Martino of the Daily News talks about why he chose sports journalism, how he got in to the business and changes to his field since he started.
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 3: JR Sports Brief talks about online sports video

JRSportBrief talks with Matthew Cerrone about his success with JR Sport Brief; the power of creating videos on YouTube; his plans to build a massive video network; and the future of online sports video.
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 2: Maury Brown talks about his Biz of Sports Network

Maury Brown talks to Matthew Cerrone about starting the Biz of Sports network; and the importance of owning your niche in sports media
Matthew Cerrone author

Ep. 1: Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors

Tim Dierkes talks with Matthew Cerrone about the story behind MLB Trade Rumors; Billy Beane's role in the site's success; and balancing family with creating a successful blog.
Matthew Cerrone author