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Asian girl, white guy, crazy podcasting!

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Asian girl, white guy, crazy podcasting!
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Season 4 – Episode 2 – Solo Rocket Oldest Memory League Quest

Matt is back to present episode 2 solo with the new season format. Highlights: 00:00  Welcome by Matt! 01:45  Matt owes PJ a penalty game 03:09  Communication and how are relationship has changed this year 06:28  Matt’s oldest memory 10:17  Tangents. T...
Mangos & White Rice author

Season 4 – Episode 1 – MangoRice Lives!

Psst. MangoRice Lives! There’s been a whole lot of life going on for both Matt and myself involving a move across country, day job adventures, and PJ’s evolution into Piper J. Drake. We’re picking up on the format proposed in Season 3, starting with a ...
Mangos & White Rice author

Season 3 – Episode 1 – PJ Challenges OrD

OrD and PJ are back again.  MangoRice once again raises its head from the ashes and trembles towards standing on its gelding feet.  Will there be success?? PJ comes up with a twist on the style.  Short solo episodes directed either from PJ at OrD, or v...
Mangos & White Rice author

Season 2 – Episode 1 – We’re Back Baby!

OrD and PJ are back from “vacation” and they’ve got a whole new season planned! 0:15 – Welcome and Intro  0:31 – Season 2, Episode 1: We’re Back! 1:11 – PJ would never be that crude, ever 1:46 – Doing away with the segments in favor of interaction 2:07...
Mangos & White Rice author

Episode 11 – PJ plays HoTS

OrD and PJ are back with an episode all about the new PC-game release, Heart of the Swarm (HoTS) – an expansion to Starcraft 2. Who likes RTS?!?   Minutes coming soon!   Thanks for stopping by folks, all feedback is welcome!  You can reach us: – Twitte...
Mangos & White Rice author

Episode 10 – Deadlines, Titanic 2, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and HoTS!

OrD and PJ are back with a quick episode, befitting a podcast about deadlines.  (Starcraft 2’s expansion comes out on March 12!)   Minutes coming soon!   Thanks for stopping by folks, all feedback is welcome!  You can reach us: – Twitter: @PJSchnyder  ...
Mangos & White Rice author

Episode 9 – Decorated Military Hero/Author, Talking about Table Top Gaming

OrD and PJ are back and they’ve got a special  guest. Please join them in a chat with Myke Cole! SHADOW OPS: FORTRESS FRONTIER Find Myke online here: Buylinks:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble Website: Twitter:
Mangos & White Rice author

Episode 9 beta – A glimpse behind post-processing

We feature Myke Cole in this one  🙂   Check above for the complete version!The post Episode 9 beta – A glimpse behind post-processing appeared first on Mangos & White Rice.
Mangos & White Rice author

Episode 8 – A Superbowl Special

OrD and PJ are back with…episode 8! 0:15 – Welcome and Intro 0:33 – Previous episode in review: Exciting Announcements 0:51 – This episode: Superbowl Special 1:52 – PJ’s roomie going to SuperBowl? It is a mystery 2:24 – Ravens vs 49ers 3:15 – The Blind...
Mangos & White Rice author

Episode 7 – The Scoville RPG

OrD and PJ are back with…episode 7! 0:15 – Welcome! 0:47 – Episode preview 1:20 – Previous episode recop: Guest interview with Orwyn on WoW 1:48 – PJ’s Segment 1:56 – PJ trapped in elevators 5:03 – Authors wanting to create rpgs based on their books 6:...
Mangos & White Rice author