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Coming to you from Carpinteria, California, the women of Loungin Around aim to bring entertainment and laughter to your devices. Cover topics from movies and music to race and society. Join us every Saturday at noon for a new podcast! We look forward to lounging with you! you can follow us on Instagram and Twitter @lounginaround_
With love and comfort,
The Girls of #LA

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Episode 4: Leaving To School

About The Episode: Loungin’ Around is ending their Summer season as the girls get ready to head back to school. One finally stop at Northridge where AJ Green CEO of Dorm Me and music producer talked about his projects. Discussing about college degrees ...
Annette G., Dasiy P., Giselle V., Greta R. author

Episode 3: You’re Going To Laugh, It’s A Trap!

About The Episode: Talking about HARD, UFC fights, toilets? This week, Loungin’ Around took a roadtrip to Northridge. We met up with upcoming comedian, Travis Davis. You don’t want to miss Loungin’ Around’s first caller.
Annette Gonzalez, Daisy Poindexter, Giselle Vazquez, Greta Rennacker author

Episode 2: Can We Turn On The AC?

About The Episode: Turn On The AC: see what Albert Corral has to say about women’s fashion, Khloe K. and Fuller House in this weeks episode of Loungin Around! Check back in for sneak peeks and more videos for next week’s episode!
Annette G., Dasiy P., Giselle V., Greta R. author

Episode 1: Welcome Home

About The Episode: Welcome (to your) home fellow loungers, and welcome to our first podcast. In the next 30 minutes you will be entertained with laughter while also hearing about current events such as what’s happening in the movie world, the Taylor Sw...
Annette G., Dasiy P., Giselle V., Greta R. author