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Prepare yourself for a brain damaged trip through the stars with a cast of kooky characters and unexpected delights at every turn. This is our completely improvised college radio show which ran for 3 years in Alfred, NY, now edited down and spiced up with new sounds to intensify your listening pleasure. Enjoy!
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S2E10 - Weebly Woo Weebly Woo

On the Season 2 finale our intrepid heroes land on a watery world only to find themselves the guest of Ziggy himself and must endure the unedning onslaught of Cookie Monsters and Seagulls.   Art by Michael Chernoff  Additional sound effects courtesy of...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S2E9 - Gabbit

The Spaghetti crew plays host to a cult of followers eager to be in their presence. While several of the ship's morally ambiguous characters take advantage of these follower's undying devotion, a new threat of the buzzing and stinging variety has arriv...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S2E8 - Frankenstein VS the Critter Ninjas plus Moose

Sometimes there's a moment when Dr. Lorre thinks things like reanimating the Taco Bell employee from the ship's sublevels would be a grand idea. These ideas mostly go poorly, but perhaps this time they might provide our heroes with an edge over some in...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S2E7 - Alone with Others

When his crew has gone missing Gus has no choice but to make friends with his would be assassin and an amorphous life form bent on impersonating his friends.  Art by Elizabeth DeFiore Additional sound effects courtesy of www.freesound.org contributor: ...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S2E6 - Boss Fight

The crew has managed to corner the Master of Parodies, Satrick Pewart. It's been a while since he's met one of the Spagehetti members face-to-face, but it's obvious he feels he has the upper hand! Gus, Ned, Sean, Lorre, and Walter will draw upon all th...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S2E5 - The Chase

As the Master of Parodies flees to his Death Egg our fearless heroes turn it into a song. It's all out heart stopping explosive action leading up to the final showdown with their arch nemesis. The chase is on! Art by David Halstead
Psycho Jellyfish author

S2E4 - Planet Fresno

A historic battle is on the horizon as the crew of the Spaghetti seek out new allies to confront the evil Satrick Pewart. Will a rebel band of former celebrities be enough? Will the Ramboninjaterminators be too much for our heroes? And just who is this...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S2E3 - Reminiscing at Warp Speed

Our heroes encounter a Russian cosmonaut who wonders what's been going on. They give her their bext attempt to explain as they close the distance between them and Satrick Pewart.  Art by Charity Buckbee Additional sound effects courtesy of www.freesoun...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S2E2 - The Floyd

As our heroes venture into a Pink Floyd album in search of Satrick Pewart they soon begin to wonder if the Master of Parodies has made fools of them once again. Can they keep themselves from getting lost in this realm of acid dream logic long enough to...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S2E1 - And We Are Back!

Ned returns to inform the crew of a terrible new foe on the horizon that is responsible for the destruction of the Zaptarian race. As the crew briefly contemplates this coming doom, Sean reveals his robotic wonder, which turns out to be a former US Sec...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S1E9 - Go Fish

With The Rift closed and their engines out of fuel, the Spaghetti crew does what any other group of bored explorers would do . . . break out the cards and play a round of Go Fish! But alas, it doesn't take much time for things to get interesting again ...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S1E8 - The Rift

The fate of the entire Universe hangs in the balance as our cadre of heroes marches forth toward their noble mission. With Ned gone the crew is feeling incomplete, but alas! Who is that stranger floating freely in space aboard his VW Mircobus? Find out...
Psycho Jellyfish author


This is a crazy one folks! Dr. Lorre has perfected the chemical properties of Chemical 97 with plans to combine its power with that of the god Aries. The aliens arrive for one last visit, only to trip out and discover cultural creativity for the first ...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S1E6 - √ź√•d√£

Hold onto your car crash. Pinocchio is violining his name in the tomb. Forget Sasquatch, they've got carpet cleaner. How can it be any greater than rockets on a belt sander? Pay attention students, this planet is beyond abnormal hyperbole!
Psycho Jellyfish author

S1E5 - Night at the Truck Stop

In 2009, Gustav Bronson escaped from Planet Truckstop Prison. All they found of him was a muddy set of prison clothes, a bar of soap, and an old taco, damn near eaten down to a crumb.Gustav crawled to freedom through five hundred yards of shit smelling...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S1E4 - Viva Las Venus

The gang heads to Venus for a little R&R. In the mean time Gus has been tasked with gathering up the needed supplies for their journey, but little do they know they may regret this in the morning.  spapex.org/i-need-a-loan-asap-with-bad-credit
Psycho Jellyfish author

S1E3 - Ziggy

It's mutiny in space as Ned fumbles his way into position of captain. Will his grip on power last, or will this be the downfall of the entire Spaghetti crew? Perhaps the wise words of an intergalactic glam rocker can bring about level heads before Gus'...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S1E2 - The Spoon

Ned and Gus notice that their movements are being tracked by a giant spoon, but before they can think about it too much they manage to finally contact NASA and get caught up with everything by the organization that abandoned them those many years ago. ...
Psycho Jellyfish author

S1E1- Hello Earth

In 1995, a crew of men were launched into space to find the end of the space. Fifteen years later they've cracked the edge of the Universe and are down to the last two crew members left. Join Captain Gus Bronson and his navigator Ned Filmore as they gr...
Psycho Jellyfish author