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Spirit of Shankly's Joe Blott talks UEFA

Following Liverpool's sixth spectacular Champion's League victory, Mick Coyle was joined by Joe Blott, Chair of Spirit of Shankly, who shared his thoughts on what needs to be done by fans to lobby UEFA for better ticket allocation and services ahead of...
Liverpool Live author

Mandy Smith on SEND Crisis March

As nationwide protests take place to highlight a SEND funding crisis, Mick Coyle was joined by Mandy Smith, an SEND parent, who discussed her experiences, and how she became involved with the crisis protests. Originally broadcast 20th May 2019. Follow ...
Liverpool Live author

Dame Louise Ellman MP on Labour's Anti-Semitism Problem

As the Labour Party continues to battle allegations of anti-Semitism within it's ranks, Liverpool Riverside MP Dame Lousie Ellman joined Mick Coyle for a frank and honest discussion of the controversy, and shared her personal experience of discriminati...
Liverpool Live author

'A Self Help Guide to Being In Love With Jeremy Corbyn'

In midst of her UK tour, poet Jess Green joined Mick Coyle to discuss her production, 'A Self Help Guide to Being In Love With Jeremy Corbyn', ahead of it's performance at Liverpool's Unity Theatre. Originally broadcast 24th May 2019. Follow @MrMickCoy...
Liverpool Live author

Claire House Launch 'Share A Smile'

Mick Coyle was joined on Liverpool Live by the team from Claire House as they launch their new charity single 'Share A Smile'. Beth Pochin was in-studio to talk about the work being done by the charity, and Maureen & Esmé Fearon shared their experi...
Liverpool Live author

Mark Palios on Tranmere Rovers' League Two Final

As **Tranmere Rovers** prepare for their appearance in the **League Two final** at Wembley Stadium, Radio City's head of news **Becky Davis** caught up with owner **Mark Palios,** who shared his thoughts on the club's meteoric rise.  Originally broadc...
Liverpool Live author

#MoreThanJustAGame - Part Four

In a special edition of **Liverpool Live**, **Mick Coyle** was on-location at the **Botanical Garden** in Liverpool's **Baltic Triangle**.    The focus of **#MoreThanJustAGame** was to showcase the work being done by football community groups to to ...
Liverpool Live author

#MoreThanJustAGame - Part Three

In a special edition of **Liverpool Live,** **Mick Coyle** was on-location at the **Botanical Garden** in Liverpool's **Baltic Triangle**.   The focus of **#MoreThanJustAGame** was to showcase the work being done by football community groups to to c...
Liverpool Live author

#MoreThanJustAGame - Part Two

In a special edition of **Liverpool Live,** **Mick Coyle** was on-location at the **Botanical Garden** in Liverpool's **Baltic Triangle**.  The focus of **#MoreThanJustAGame** was to showcase the work being done by football community groups to to co...
Liverpool Live author

#MoreThanJustAGame - Part One

On a special edition of _**Liverpool Live**_, **Mick Coyle** was on-location at the **Botanical Garden** in Liverpool's **Baltic Triangle**. The focus of **#MoreThanJustAGame** was to showcase the work being done by football community groups to to com...
Liverpool Live author

Naughty Corner Productions

**Mick Coyle** was joined on _Liverpool Live_ by the team from **Naughty Corner Productions**. Artistic Director **Mike Dickinson**, Company Producer **Catherine Ainswort**h and Naughty Corner actor, writer & director **Adam Nicholls** discuss thei...
Liverpool Live author

Sheldon, Charlotte, & Aaron from Mencap Liverpool

The team from **Mencap Liverpool** joined **Mick Coyle** for this edition of _Liverpool Live_. Outreach coordinator **Sheldon Griffiths** and progression coordinator **Charlotte Crowder** were in-studio to discuss the services offered by the organisati...
Liverpool Live author

Tom Allen on the Race Across America

**David Easson** was joined on Liverpool Live by **Tom Allen**, who alongside **James Harvey**, will take on the hardest bike ride in the world, **Race Across America**, to raise money for Prevent Breast Cancer. Race Across America (RAAM) is a 3000 mi...
Liverpool Live author

LA Productions Discuss New TV Drama 'Clink'

**David Easson** was sitting in on **Liverpool Live** all week, and with new TV prison drama **_Clink_** ready to hit our screens he was joined by the team behind the show. LA Productions founder **Colin McKeown**, actor-director **Gillian Kearney**, a...
Liverpool Live author

Alder Hey Children's Charity

**Mick Coyle** was joined by the team from **Alder Hey Children's Charity** on _Liverpool Live_ this week.  **Cath Harding** & **Hayley Thomas** were on hand to discuss the successes the charity has seen over the last twelve months, and what we ca...
Liverpool Live author

Liverpool Homeless FC's Ambitious Plans

As **Liverpool Homeless FC** kick off a new league, **Matt Bell** from the organization joined **Mick Coyle** for a discuss about the latest developments with the club, and about their ambitious new plans to build a stadium in north Liverpool. Origina...
Liverpool Live author

U17 Athletics Champion Henry Nwoke

On **Liverpool Live** every Tuesday, **Mick Coyle** is joined by education expert **Les Stewart**, and this week Les brought along student athlete **Henry Nwoke** and his coach **Mike Sweeney.** Henry has already won a number of athletics competitions...
Liverpool Live author

Dave 'Breo' Brereton on Youth Knife Crime

Liverpool youth worker Breo joined Mick Coyle to discuss the epidemic of knife crime currently splashed across the newspaper front pages.  Breo offered his take on the subject, and shared his experiences of working with those affected by gang culture....
Liverpool Live author

Jay McKenna on Stepping Down from Spirit of Shankly

As he prepares to step down as chair of Spirit of Shankly, Jay McKenna joined Mick Coyle to look back on his eleven years with the organisation, and reminisces over some of his highlights of the past decade.  Originally broadcast March 6th 2019. Foll...
Liverpool Live author

Damian Harper's Kilimanjaro Challenge

After losing an entire leg to cancer as a teenager, **Damian Harper** is currently raising funds to the **Amputation Foundation**, and is planned to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro in October 2019.  In an extended and candid conversation, he opens up about his...
Liverpool Live author

The Paul Lavelle Foundation

**Mick Coyle** was joined by **Paul Gladwell** ahead of the formal offices of the **Paul Lavelle Foundation**; a group that aims to show the impact of domestic violence on men.  Follow **@MrMickCoyle**.  Originally broadcast **22nd February 2019.** ...
Liverpool Live author

George McKane Returns!

Regular **George McKane** from **Yellowhouse** returned after an extended absence.  He joined **Mick** to read a poem about his time receiving hospital treatment & share his experience. Originally broadcast **12th February 2019**. Follow **@MrMi...
Liverpool Live author

Steve Rotheram on the #BigStationSleepout

With **Network Rail** teaming up with the **Railway Children** charity to raise awareness of runaway children, **Mick Coyle** was joined by **Merseyside Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram**.  The Metro Mayor discussed why he was taking party in the **#BigStat...
Liverpool Live author

Sam's Deportation Fear

On Liverpool Live today, **Mick** was joined by **Sam,** a local resident originally from Malaysia, now facing deportation back to his home country, where he risks discrimination and violence due to being part of the LGBT+ community. He was joined by *...
Liverpool Live author

Everton join David Dein's Twinning Project to Rehabilitate Prisoners

Footballing legend **David Dein**'s plan to use football to help rehabilitate offenders has passed its launch target with 32 Premier League and English Football League clubs signing up to be twinned with their local prisons. Both **Liverpool and Evert...
Liverpool Live author

Jim Johnson on 'Sound of My Voice'

**Mick Coyle** was joined in the studio by frequent **Liverpool Live** contributor **Jim Johnson** to discuss his new project **Sound of My Voice**. Following a potentially career-changing diagnosis, Jim began SoMV to chart his own journey, and guide o...
Liverpool Live author

Lynette Page-Collin Talks 'Elle For Elle' Success

**Lynette Page-Collin** from **Elle For Elle** joined **Mick Coyle** to talk about the charity's shoebox appeal that took place over the Christmas period. The campaign enjoyed huge success, and raised over **£30,000** worth of beauty products for dome...
Liverpool Live author

Natasha Devon MBE on 'Where's Your Head At?'

**Mick Coyle** was joined by mental health campaigner & author **Natasha Devon MBE** ahead of today's debate on the importance of mental health first aid in the work place. Natasha has been a tireless proponent for mental health services, and has s...
Liverpool Live author

Liverpool Green Leader Tom Crone on Cycling in Liverpool

Following yesterday's meeting on cycling planning infrastructure in the Liverpool City Region, leader of the Liverpool Greens **Tom Crone** joined **Mick Coyle** to discuss the future of cycling in Liverpool. Follow **@TomMartinCrone** & **@MrMick...
Liverpool Live author

Chris Lamb ('Chocolate Orange Man') talks about his Christmas NHS Collection

With Christmas rapidly approaching, **Mick Coyle** was joined by the **Chocolate Orange Man**, Chris Lamb from St. Helens. After personal tragedy, Chris began collecting Chocolate Oranges as Christmas gifts for NHS staff, and this year, is on-track to...
Liverpool Live author

Simon Whitter & John Finnigan on Free Christmas Dinners

With Christmas quickly approaching, **Mick Coyle** was joined by **John Finnigan** & **Simon Whitter** to discuss their events aimed at bringing a free Christmas meal to those who are most in need over Christmas. Simon's work is spread over sites ...
Liverpool Live author

Helen Barnard on the Shocking Rise in Child Poverty

**Helen Barnard** from the **Joseph Roundtree Foundation** joined **Mick Coyle** to discuss a new report that **one in five of the UK population** are living in poverty - that's **14.3 million people.** From low-paid work to changes in tax credits and...
Liverpool Live author

Michelle & Kate from Ronald McDonald House at Alder Hey

**Michelle Langan** & **Kate Davis** from **Ronald McDonald House Liverpool** joined **Mick Coyle** to talk about their latest fundraising drive ahead of Christmas. Based at Alder Hey Children's Hospital, the charity provides living facilities for ...
Liverpool Live author

Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham on Free Bus Tickets for Foodbanks

**Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham** joined Radio City Talk's **Mick Coyle** as he announces the launch of 3000 free bus passes for the city region's food banks. In conjunction with Arriva & Stagecoach, the scheme is aimed at the very poorest food bank...
Liverpool Live author

Alan Cook on the Knife Angel Sculpture

As a stunning 'Knife Angel' sculpture is installed in the city, Radio City New's **Adam Phillips** talks to **Alan Cook**, whose son **Sam Cook** was tragically murdered on a night out. Alan shares his thoughts on the sculpture, and what impact it may ...
Liverpool Live author

Autism's Got Talent with Cal Ruddy & Kate McCann

**Alan Irwin** was joined by local singer-songwriter **Cal Ruddy** ahead of his performance at _Autism's Got Talent_ at the Floral Pavilion. **Kate McCann** from **Autism Together** was also in the studio to discuss the event, as well as recent scienti...
Liverpool Live author

Brexit Chaos with European Law Professor Francesco Rizzuto

As Teresa May faced **open revolt** in the aftermath of a tense cabinet meeting, **Professor of European Law Francesco Rizzuto** joined Mick to discuss the unfolding consequences of multiple resignations, and as he put it, a political "Gunfight at the ...
Liverpool Live author

The Big Help Project

**Mick Coyle** was joined by **Lisa Armstrong** from **The Big Help Project**, a series of food clubs that aims to help alleviate food poverty. Lisa spoke of how the charity has seen people from all walks of life attend the club, from the working poor ...
Liverpool Live author

Rachel O'Hare Talks 'Elle For Elle' Shoebox Appeal

**Rachel O'Hare** from **Elle For Elle** joined Mick Coyle to talk about the charity's shoebox appeal. This Christmas, they're asking for shoebox donations filled with beauty supplies for those women who may be unable to afford them. Liverpool donatio...
Liverpool Live author

Merseyside PCC Jane Kennedy on the Impact of Funding Cuts

**Jane Kennedy**, **Police & Crime Commissioner for Merseyside** joined **Mick Coyle** to discuss the ‚Äúimmense‚ÄĚ impact of cuts on police forces across England and Wales.¬†**PCC Kennedy** emphasised her concerns that such cuts would lead to reduced n...
Liverpool Live author

Frank Cogley on The Tim Cogley Cardiac Screening Foundation

After his son sadly passed after an unforeseen heart failure at aged 34, Frank Cogley established the Tim Cogley Cardiac Screening Foundation, to prevent the same happening to other young people.   For more details on the Foundation and events in your...
Liverpool Live author

Jay McKenna on the Sean Cox Appeal

With the announcement that the Spirit of Shankly organization has raised £59,104 for the Sean Cox appeal, Jay McKenna from the organization joins Mick to thank all those involved, and talk about what to expect with the fundraising going forward. You c...
Liverpool Live author

Autumn Budget Analysis with Maria Eagle MP

_"I don't believe the coalition government, or subsequent Tory governments care about places like Liverpool."_ **Member of Parliament for Garston & Halewood Maria Eagle** joined Mick Coyle on Liverpool Live to discuss the fallout of the 2018 Autum...
Liverpool Live author

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram Talks Public Transport w/ Mick Coyle

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram joined Mick Coyle to discuss future plans for the Liverpool City Region bus system. The Metro Mayor discussed plans to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and move towards 'smart' public transport. Later, Mayor Rotheram comment...
Liverpool Live author

Levison Wood talks 'Journeys through the Badlands and Beyond' with Mick Coyle

Explorer, adventurer, and former British Army officer, Levison Wood sat down with Mick Coyle to talk about his forthcoming Echo Arena Auditorium show, 'Journeys through the Badlands and Beyond'. Catch Levison at the Echo Arena Auditorium, Nov. 3rd. F...
Liverpool Live author

Luciana Berger Talks Poverty in Liverpool w/ Mick Coyle

Ahead of her debate in Westminster Hall on the state of poverty in Liverpool, Wavertree MP Luciana Berger joins Mick Coyle, as she sets out how bad just how bad things have gotten, particular for society's most vulnerable members. Follow @MrMickCoyle ...
Liverpool Live author

Claire House's #EveryDyingChild Campaign

Mick Coyle is joined by the team from Claire House to hear about their new hospice in Liverpool. The #EveryDyingChild campaign is hoping to raise £14m for their new centre in West Derby. Find all the details on [](http://www.clai...
Liverpool Live author

City of Liverpool FC & State of Mind

Head of Welfare for City of Liverpool FC, Mike Caulfied, was alongside Owen Cotterell from State of Mind sport, to talk about their upcoming mental health event at the Purps home game vs Ashton this weekend. Chasing the Stigma and State of Mind are th...
Liverpool Live author

Maggie O'Carroll on Universal Credit

Chief Executive of The Women's Organisation, Maggie O'Carroll, was alongside Mick Coyle to talk about the roll out of Universal Credit in  Merseyside. Maggie was involved in a study looking at the impacts of Universal Credit on the region and who it w...
Liverpool Live author

Cheryl Fergison on "Maggie May"

Bob Eaton, Royal Court favourite and writer & Director of Lennon, has written a brand new musical about one of Liverpool‚Äôs most legendary characters. Maggie May ‚Äď The Musical is set in Liverpool just before the outbreak of the second world war. It...
Liverpool Live author