Life,Music.and Everything Else

Current Events,Familly,God,Life Music and Everthing Else brings all topics to the table.Take a minute and tune in and see for yourself.God Bless

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Current Events,Familly,God,Life Music and Everthing Else brings all topics to the table.Take a minute and tune in and see for yourself.God Bless
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Royce Birth Story

This podcast me and my wife talk about the all natural birth of our son Royce Andrew King Mcghee.We also give our support and encourage other women to go the all natural way as well.Have a listen and feel free to leave comments or questions about the t...
S.I.N author

A Testimony of Survival

This episode i got to hear the story of a young lady who's world changed when she found out she had stage four breast cancer.
S.I.N author

Politics As Usual with Shay White

This episode features Shay White, currently running for 2018 Oklahoma house district seat 77. We discuss everything from politics, changes in the community, and mental health awareness. It was my honor to be able to have this interview with Shay and I ...
S.I.N author


This episode we talk to a transgender woman and hear about the challenges and changes she went through up until this point. This topic brought my attention because this woman is the same little boy I spent 5 years of my life growing up with, when he wa...
S.I.N author

Black:White Pocast

Interracial Dating Debate Is it wrong? Is it right? This episode we talk about our views on this touchy subject.
S.I.N author

2and2 (eminiem debate)

This episode is and my guest debating why Eminem isn't respected as one of the greatest rappers ever amongst the black culture,he also states that 2pac is over rated,so we go back forth on the topics
S.I.N author

Life and Dreams

S.I.N author

Dead Beat Mom$

This episode we talk mothers who use the system to get even with their kids fathers. Child support is not set up for the kids best benefits and evil,dead beat mom$ know that.
S.I.N author

Ep 3 -All About Nothing Special guest Dave Allie

This episode is wide range conversation about,Love,Heartbreak,Music and just about everything else!! My first in studio guest Dave Allie brought his unique perspective to the show and we had a great discussion. Nice easy listen,so sit back and enjoy!! ...
S.I.N author

Hip-Hop, Who killed it?

This episode is me talking about the evolution of hiphop and how i wished it stayed in the 90s. But changed inevitable!!!!!
S.I.N author

Wife Support

This episode i wanted to dedicate to my better half and talk about a wife importance in a household. Special guest calls in and tell about their wives strongest attributes. Hopefully you guys enjoy
S.I.N author

Life,Music.and Everything Else podcast Intro

This is just a quick introduction and reminder about the upcoming podcast Life,Music,and Everything Else. This Friday at 7. Please join us and leave feedback! Thank you
S.I.N author