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The 5-Minute Language Podcast is here to support you on your language learning journey. Agnieszka Murdoch, the podcast's host, shares with you her tips on learning languages effectively, staying motivated and making progress towards your goals.

The 5-Minute Language Podcast is an extension of the 5-Minute Language blog: www.5minutelanguage.com/blog. Agnieszka welcomes ideas for future podcasts episodes. If there are any questions about effective language learning strategies, get in touch through the'Contact me' page on the blog!

Who is Agnieszka? Agnieszka is a language coach and blogger. She can speak English, French, Polish, Spanish and German, and is currently learning Japanese.

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5ML 003: Improve Your Speaking Skills with‘Echoing’

Welcome to episode 3 of the 5-Minute Language Podcast! In this episode, I discuss a technique that has really helped me improve my confidence when speaking foreign languages. I call it ‘echoing’. This technique is particularly useful when you’re feelin...
Agnieszka Murdoch author

5ML 002: Is Motivation Important When Learning a Language?

Welcome to episode 2 of the 5-Minute Language podcast! In this episode, I discuss the question of whether motivation is really important when learning a language. I’ve got a perhaps slightly controversial view on this… Listen to the podcast to find out...
Agnieszka Murdoch author

5ML 001: How to Start Learning a New Language

Hello dear Language Learner! I’m really excited to introduce you to the brand new 5-Minute Language Podcast! The first episode is about how to start learning a new language. I give you a tip relating to the first step you should take when learning a ne...
Agnieszka Murdoch author