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JACKIE’S GROOVE is all about Jackie Bertone’s world and the people who inspire him and those who he’s inspired. He talks with the player’s, players about the Music Biz ‘s “REAL “as only Jackie does. Prepare to journey through the rhythm of the music business with Jackie Bertone! Mondays @ 2:00PM PST interviews@JackiesGroove.com www.JackieBertone.com https://www.facebook.com/jackiebertone Skype: jackiesgroove (Jackie Bertone)

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JACKIE’S GROOVE is all about Jackie Bertone’s world and the people who inspire him and those who he’s inspired. He talks with the player’s, players about the Music Biz ‘s “REAL “as only Jackie does. Prepare to journey through the rhythm of the music business with Jackie Bertone! Mondays @ 2:00PM PST interviews@JackiesGroove.com www.JackieBertone.com https://www.facebook.com/jackiebertone Skype: jackiesgroove (Jackie Bertone)
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18.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Jim Crean - Hard Rock Vocalist/Songwriter

Jim Crean - Hard Rock Vocalist/Songwriter Hear more shows like this at https://entertalkradio.com/jackiesgroove Award Winning Vocalist/Songwriter Jim Crean is a recording/touring musician for well over 35 years. He has fronted many Regional and Nationa...
EnterTalk Radio author
15.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Pete Escovedo - My Life in the Key of E

Pete Escovedo - My Life in the Key of E Hear more shows like this at https://entertalkradio.com/jackiesgroove Legendary Percussionist Pete Escovedo is an artist who broke down the barriers between Smooth Jazz, Salsa, Latin Jazz and contemporary music. ...
EnterTalk Radio author
6.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Shannon Rae - 100 Proof Country Rock

Shannon Rae - 100 Proof Country Rock Hear more shows like this at https://entertalkradio.com/jackiesgroove Shannon Rae is 100 Proof all original California Country Rock. She is a Southern California native raised on The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and Tom P...
EnterTalk Radio author
6.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Goodnight, Texas - At the Crossroads of Folk, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Goodnight, Texas - At the Crossroads of Folk, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hear more shows like this as https://entertalkradio.com/jackiesgroove Conventional wisdom says the two frontmen of a band shouldn’t live on opposite sides of the United States, but t...
EnterTalk Radio author
24.05.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Michael Paulo - Sax Player with Bobby Caldwell, Kenny Loggins, Al Jarreau

One of the most versatile and cosmopolitan saxophonists in pop, soul and contemporary jazz for nearly 35 years, Michael Paulo has added his distinct saxpertise to a virtual who's who of artists, including Al Jarreau (Paulo's longest term touring associ...
EnterTalk Radio author
8.05.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Many Bodies, One Mind - Diana Purim and Krishna Booker of Eyedentity

This Episode Presented by JamBoxx - www.JamBoxx.com "Styled after a harmonica, the MIDI wind controller is a new way to play music with your slightest breath" Hear more shows like this one at https://entertalkradio.com/jackiesgroove “Many in body but...
EnterTalk Radio author
3.05.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Neil Donell - Lead Singer with Chicago

Neil Donell is currently the lead singer with Chicago. Originally hailing from Montreal, Neil has gone on to establish himself as the premier session vocalist in Canada. A veteran of more than ten thousand recording sessions, this multiple Juno Award n...
EnterTalk Radio author
26.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Hal Blaine - Legendary Wrecking Crew Drummer

Hal Blaine a session drummer known for his work with the Wrecking Crew in California. Blaine played on numerous hits by popular groups, including Nancy Sinatra, Jan and Dean, Elvis Presley, John Denver, the Ronettes, Simon & Garfunkel, the Carpente...
EnterTalk Radio author
21.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Jazz, Groove and Attitude with Jayson Tipp

Jayson Tipp is a jazz pianist and founder of Under The Lake jazz band whose releases and live performances boast a "who's who" list of jazz artists such as Joe Sample, Billy Cobham, Keiko Matsui, Stanley Jordan, and others. Under The Lake have received...
EnterTalk Radio author
19.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Walfredo Reyes Jr. - Drummer with Chicago

Walfredo Reyes Jr….Born in Cuba, raised in Puerto Rico, and culminating his musical style in the U.S., Wally (Walfredo Jr.) learned the traditions from the master, his father Walfredo Sr. He married those principles with his love of the drum set, comin...
EnterTalk Radio author
12.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Jessy J - Bringing Saxy Back

With the release of her new album “Live at Yoshi’s – 10 Year Anniversary Special,” Jessy J celebrates a remarkable decade since she brought her sizzling beats, dynamic Latin and samba rhythms with sensual melodies to contemporary jazz via her #1 hit de...
EnterTalk Radio author
10.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Counting Blessings with Dave McElroy, Breakout Country Artist

Charismatic country artist Dave McElroy serenades his love on his energizing latest Nowhere With You. This single is currently charting on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart and the Billboard Indicator. After the success of his last single Without Yo...
EnterTalk Radio author
8.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

The Beat of Broadway with Sean McDaniel - Drummer for Frozen, Hamilton, Book of Mormon

Sean McDaniel is currently the drummer for Disney’s Frozen on Broadway.  On Broadway he also originated The Book Of Mormon, Monty Python’s Spamalot, Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5, La Cage Aux Folles, and Violet. Off-Broadway he originated Hamilton. As a substi...
EnterTalk Radio author
5.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Wyclef Jean

The music that Wyclef Jean has written, performed, and produced — both as a solo superstar and as founder and guiding member of the Fugees — has been a consistently powerful, pop cultural force for over two decades. In 1996, the Fugees released their m...
EnterTalk Radio author
14.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

David Garfield - Music Director for George Benson

Inside outsider David Garfield seizes the opportunity to create “Outside the Box”The ambitious jazz-R&B keyboardist gathers his all-star friends to create a massive multi-record, multi-genre collection that has already scored a Billboard hit single...
EnterTalk Radio author
11.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Reggae Veterans - Third World with guest Henry Kapono

Celebrating 45 years, ‘Reggae Ambassadors’, THIRD WORLD is one of the longest-lived Reggae bands of all time, and one of Jamaica's most consistently popular crossover acts among international audiences.  Mixing in elements of R&B, funk, pop, and ro...
EnterTalk Radio author
3.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Andres Forero - TONY, GRAMMY and EMMY Award-Winning Drummer/Percussionist

TONY, GRAMMY and EMMY award winning Andres Patrick Forero is considered to be one of the best "Crossover" Drummer/Percussionists in the industry. Hailed by many as a music prodigy; by the age of 12 Andres was playing over 13 instruments. Early in his m...
EnterTalk Radio author
27.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Emerging Artist Series 21: Bonnie McIntosh, Keyboardist with Selena Gomez

Classically trained pianist and endorsed Roland artist, Bonnie McIntosh has been working steadily as a touring keyboardist for the past 10 years. She’s studied classical piano performance at CSULA before transferring to Musicians Institute after receiv...
EnterTalk Radio author
22.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Bobby G. - Producer, Guitarist, (with guests Eddie Minnifield, Brian Alexander Morgan, Derek Allen and Peter Michael Escovedo)

Bobby G. electrifies audiences with his infectious lead and rhythm guitar magic, and he has been doing so for over two decades. His pocket and funky rhythm playing combined with his hypnotic, melodic, and sometimes acrobatic solos create a fervor that ...
EnterTalk Radio author
19.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Emerging Artist Series 20: Guitarist Miles Vargas

Miles Vargas is a freelancer a session (recording) and performer as both a guitarist and percussionist (primarily timbalero and cajon) and singer a combined 40 years.  His main guitar influences would be Eddie Van Halen, Paul Jackson Jr, Joe Pass and P...
EnterTalk Radio author
16.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Linda Chorney - Filmmaker, Grammy-Nominated Singer

Grammy Nominee Linda Chorney made history as the first truly independent artist to receive a Grammy nomination for Best Americana Album in 2012. She is an award winning filmmaker, author, public speaker, and self-proclaimed "Jackass of All Trades."  Bo...
EnterTalk Radio author
8.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Pat Coil - Pianist, Composer with Michael McDonald

Born in Jefferson City, Missouri, Pat is an accomplished pianist, composer, producer and arranger, as well as a highly respected studio musician. If you watch television, listen to the radio, or go to the movies, you have heard Pat and some form of his...
EnterTalk Radio author
11.01.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Brian Culbertson - Jazz, R&B, Funk Artist

Brian Culbertson is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer known for his distinct brand of genre-crossing contemporary jazz, R&B and funk. Mining the urban sounds of musically-rich Chicago, he began his musical studies on p...
EnterTalk Radio author
13.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Myron McKinley - Earth, Wind & Fire Musical Director and Keyboardist

Multi-talented and gifted pianist, producer, songwriter, programmer and film scorer, Myron McKinley is the current music director and keyboardist of the legendary R&B Jazz Funk group "Earth, Wind & Fire" that holds a record of winning 7 Grammy ...
EnterTalk Radio author
8.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Ray Greene Returns

Ray Greene returns for a Jackie's Groove, Recap Friday! Tune in and hear what Ray's been up to. Ray Greene is a Berklee College of Music graduate living in the Boston area. He is currently a member of Carlos Santana's touring band where he performs as ...
EnterTalk Radio author
7.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Selina Albright - R&B, Jazz and the Albright Legacy

For more shows like this one, visit http://entertalkradio.com/ and Connect To All Things Music. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Selina Albright, daughter of renowned sax player Gerald Albright, was reared in the jazz and R&B scene, mak...
EnterTalk Radio author
5.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1677036/cef72deec81b590111ebaeb1a1fe19fe.jpg

Emerging Artist Series 19: Lilliana de los Reyes - Percussionist and Vocalist with George Benson

For more shows like this one, visit http://entertalkradio.com/ and Connect To All Things Music. Lilliana de los Reyes is a multi-talented vocalist, percussionist, and songwriter whose powerful voice and stage presence have captivated audiences around ...
EnterTalk Radio author

Joe Vitale - Drummer with Joe Walsh, Ted Nugent

For more shows like this one, visit http://entertalkradio.com/ and Connect To All Things Music. Born into a musical family, Joe Vitale is a veteran musician and drummer whose career has spanned over forty years of touring, recording, song writing, and...
EnterTalk Radio author

Morris O'Connor - Earth Wind & Fire Lead Guitarist, Backup Vocalist

For more shows like this one, visit http://entertalkradio.com/ and Connect To All Things Music. Born and raised on the South side of Chicago, Morris O'Connor built an incredible name in the Music Business working with numerous award-winning and legend...
EnterTalk Radio author

Ron Powell - Percussionist, Clinician, Author

For more shows like this one, visit http://entertalkradio.com/ and Connect To All Things Music. Ron Powell is a percussionist, accomplished musician, clinician, author and exciting performer. He has over 40 years experience touring and working with ar...
EnterTalk Radio author

Emerging Artist Series 18: Saxophonist Justin Young

For more shows like this one, visit http://entertalkradio.com/ and Connect To All Things Music. Justin Young began in music as a drummer and was introduced to a wide array of styles - from R&B and pop to jazz and gospel – by his father, Jim Young,...
EnterTalk Radio author

Emerging Artist Series 17: Fear and Drumming in Las Vegas - Anthony Raya

Anthony Raya grew up in Southern California and is now a Las Vegas based freelance drummer. He started playing drums at age 5, influenced heavily by his father’s love of Classic Rock bands like Queen, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and more. After high s...
EnterTalk Radio author

Terry Wollman - Producer, Guitarist, Music Director and Composer

Terry Wollman is an in-demand Producer, Guitarist, Music Director and Composer who has worked with an array of artists including Melissa Manchester, Billy Preston, The Crusaders, Little Richard, Wilson Phillips, Joan Baez, Joe Walsh, Keb’ Mo’, and Eart...
EnterTalk Radio author

Lynne Fiddmont - Singer with Stevie Wonder, Seal, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin

Lynne Fiddmont’s extensive credits include an astounding array of legends such as: Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Seal, Rod Stewart, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Nancy Wilson, Madonna, Bill Withers, Burt Bacherach, Joe...
EnterTalk Radio author

Emerging Artist Series 16: Mark Bray, Country Artist

New country artist Mark Bray finds the common ground with everyone and draws each fan in with the release of his debut single, For Love. This single follows the success of signing with Bar Frog Music for label representation. Previously signed artists ...
EnterTalk Radio author

Dan Del Fiorentino - NAMM Podcast Host 10/25/17

Dan Del Fiorentino is NAMM’s resident Music Historian and host of The Music History Project podcast, examining the innovative creations, evolution of musical instruments, the changing world of music retail, music industry icons, and other topics covere...
EnterTalk Radio author

Emerging Artist Series 15: Thùy Linh

The first Vietnamese American Jazz vocalist and composer of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Thùy Linh (twee lin), aka TL, has been singing Jazz since age 20. Self-taught and drawn to this calling in college, she was hypnotized by the iconic Jazz vo...
EnterTalk Radio author

Harold Payne - Multi-Platinum Songwriter 10/20/17

LA based Harold Payne is a multi-platinum songwriter, singer & TEDx speaker. His songs have been recorded by such diverse artists as Rod Stewart, Patti Labelle, Kelly Rowland, Carlos Santana & long time collaborator, Bobby Womack —literally fro...
EnterTalk Radio author

Ray Parker Jr. & Director Fran Strine - 10/18/17

Ray Parker Jr. is an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer and actor. Parker is known for writing and performing the theme song to the movie Ghostbusters, for his solo music, and for performing with his band, Raydio, and with Barry White. htt...
EnterTalk Radio author

Emerging Artist Series 14: Stephanie K

Driven by her freewheeling passion for both breaking and making molds that challenge every notion we’ve ever had about what a female pop singer should be, Stephanie K found the perfect title for her debut recording which sums up the way she unabashedly...
EnterTalk Radio author

Feast + Fusion with CAB: Bunny Brunel & Kaylene Peoples

Bass legend Bunny Brunel has performed and recorded with a “who’s who” list of music industry giants. Notables include Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams , Jack Dejohnette, Al Jarreau, Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Stanley Clarke,...
EnterTalk Radio author

Emerging Artist Series 13: Jagertown

“Line ‘em up, shoot ‘em down. There’s a party going on in Jagertown” - are the opening lyrics of “Jagertown,” self-titled first album and the title track released nearly ten years ago. This lyric had become synonymous with the band as their popularity ...
EnterTalk Radio author

10/13/17 Bernie Chiaravalle - Guitarist with Michael McDonald

Since 1988, Marin County singer-songwriter Bernie Chiaravalle has been touring the world playing guitar with five-time Grammy winner Michael McDonald.  During those years, Chiaravalle has co-written and recorded with McDonald, co-writing four tracks on...
EnterTalk Radio author

Emerging Artist Series 12: Rebecca Jade

Rebecca has been described, by many, as having a chameleon-like quality to her voice, being able to deliver each song in a unique way. Yet, she has been blessed with a sound unlike anyone else. Music lovers express how her singing induces a genuine fee...
EnterTalk Radio author

10/06/17 Tim Moyer: Singer / Songwriter, Founder -Temecula Valley Music Awards

Award winning Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Tim’s work spans two decades starting with his first release “Out Of The Blue” winning “Folk Album Of The Year” from Just Plain Folks. Since then he has released four additional CDs, performed for countless sh...
EnterTalk Radio author

Feast + Fusion with CAB: Guitarist Julian Coryell (Son of Larry Coryell)

Julian Coryell began playing the guitar at the tender age of five, and quickly exhibited a natural talent for the instrument (and other instruments as well – piano, bass, and drums to name a few). Son of famed guitarist Larry Coryell, Julian’s musical ...
EnterTalk Radio author

Emerging Artist Series 11: Hunter Delbridge-Pea

Hunter is an accomplished American guitarist who has quickly established himself in the southern California music scene. Hunter has played at many world renowned venues and shows such as House of Blues, Whiskey a GoGo, Viper Room, Driven Music Conferen...
EnterTalk Radio author

Feast + Fusion with CAB: Mitchel Forman - Pianist with J. McLaughlin, W. Shorter, J. Scofield

Born in Brooklyn many moons ago, Mitchel began studying classical piano at age 7. Shortly after graduating from Manhattan School of Music, Mitch began touring and recording with Gerry Mulligan, playing in both his big band and quartet. Work with Stan G...
EnterTalk Radio author

09/27/17 Virgil Donati - Drummer with Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth

Virgil Donati is widely recognized as one of the most dedicated and technically advanced drummers of all time. Virgil was born in Melbourne, Australia, where he also launched his career. Since the mid-nineties he has been a household name. Residing in ...
EnterTalk Radio author

Emerging Artist Series 10: Singer/Songwriter Lindsey Carrier

Southern California born and raised, singer/songwriter Lindsey Carrier, has quite simply made music her life. This spirited, green eyed twenty two year old, has an inherent nature to stay true to herself. She grew up in the picturesque town of Temecula...
EnterTalk Radio author