Bryan and Chris host an IN DEPTH LOOK that goes deep into specific subjects around technology. A Show by guys with a passion for technology, for people with a passion for technology!

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Our show that goes IN DEPTH on technology topics you care about!
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Linux Action News 123

Speed is the big story around GNOME 3.34, two new major Firefox security features start to roll out, and we explain the CentOS 8 delay. Plus our thoughts on the PineTime, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 122

Android 10 has a lot we like while the PinePhone is real and closer than we thought. Plus Red Hat's new desktop strategy, and what we think Mozilla is getting right.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 121

Microsoft continues to prove how much it loves Linux while Google tries to eat their lunch, mixed news from Mozilla, and good stuff from GNOME. Plus Telegram's cryptocurrency is definitely happening. Honest. Special Guest: Wes Payne.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 120

More tools to keep your Linux box and cloud servers secure this week, OpenPOWER responds to Risc-V competition, and we ponder the year-long open-source supply chain attacks. Plus our reaction to Android dropping dessert names, the Confidential Computin...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 119

We go hands-on with the big Xfce release that took four years and five months to develop. Kubernetes gets an audit that might just set a precedent, and Google has a new feature for AMP that has us all worked up.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 118

Ubuntu integrates ZFS even further, NVIDIA starts publishing GPU documentation, and Harmony OS makes its debut. Plus why you might actually want to use the new Dex, significant performance gains for a beloved project, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 117

Manjaro's news starts us off and leads us into a bigger philosophical question about open source development. Plus Gnome and KDE come together at the Linux App Summit, Mozilla's update on DNS-over-HTTPS, and the case for the VR desktop.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 116

Fedora CoreOS is introduced and its future looks bright, VLC's president debunks security claims, Mozilla debuts an open-source router firmware and the Android flaw that might be our favorite in years. Plus how Sailfish OS 3.1 is stepping things up, th...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 115

We're pleasantly surprised by a new Linux distro, EvilGnome malware spies on Gnome Shell users, and more good news for MacBook Linux users. Plus why RetroArch coming to Steam is a bit controversial, ubuntu-wsl is a cold drink for Windows users, and gpo...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 114

Another project breach raises significant questions, Fedora considers dropping Snaps in Gnome Software, and has the ISPA let Mozilla off the hook? Plus Microsoft makes it into linux-distros, the Raspberry Pi 4 charger issue, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 113

We try out Debian 10 Buster and cover what's new. There is a fresh Linux distro for Chromebooks that is very appealing, and the ISPA calls Mozilla a villain. Plus why Fucshia OS might be the most significant future threat to Linux.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 112

We've got the new Raspberry Pi 4 and share our thoughts, why Microsoft applied to join the linux-distros mailing list, and Ubuntu's 32-bit future is clarified. Plus Mozilla's big plans Firefox on Android, and the future of Steam on Linux.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 111

Ubuntu sets the Internet on fire, new Linux and FreeBSD vulnerabilities raise concern, while Mattermost raises $50M to compete with Slack. Plus we react to Facebook's Libra confirmation and the end of Google tablets.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 110

Elders in the community show us how to properly build services, Huawei is reportedly working on a Sailfish OS fork and Apple joins the Cloud Native club. Plus Facebook wants you to use their cryptocurrency, and CERN launches "The Microsoft Alternatives...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 109

Mozilla's master strategy becomes clear, CockroachDB surrenders to the software as a service reality, while Microsoft and Oracle link up. Plus Google argues that keeping Huawei on their Android is better for all, and Chris gets sucked into Stadia.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 108

Frankenstein Linux malware and a Docker bug that's blown out of proportion get our attention this week. As well as the new GParted release, the Unity Editor for Linux and the Browser vendors struggle with the W3C's latest twist.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 107

Firefox has a new speed trick, openSUSE Leap has a time-traveling kernel while the project plans for the future, and we react to Antergros coming to an end. Plus the ghost of Firefox OS lives on in the well-financed KaiOS, GitHub launches sponsors, and...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 106

ZombieLoad's impact on Linux, AMP to start hiding Google from the URL, and the huge Linux switch underway. Plus the impact of Google suspending business with Huawei, the recent ChromeOS feature silently dropped, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 105

RHEL 8 is released, we report from the ground of the big announcement, Microsoft announces WSL 2 with a real Linux kernel at the core, and details on their new open source terminal. Plus Alpine Linux Docker images shipped for 3 years with root account...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 104

Fedora 30 is out, we share our thoughts. Purism's new Librem One service is launched, we're rather skeptical and the reason might surprise you. Plus the massive Firefox blunder, Canonical's new service, and a report from DockerCon.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 103

Docker Hub gets hacked, Nextcloud 16 has a new feature to prevent hacks, and France's 'Secure" Telegram replacement gets hacked within an hour. Plus who is spending $30m a month on AWS? Docker on ARM, and some LinuxFest Northwest thoughts.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 102

Ubuntu 19.04 is released we share our take, OpenSSH has an important release, and Mozilla brings Python to the browser. Also WebThings is launched and we think it might have a shot.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 101

Google's important news this week, why Linux is fueling PowerShell Growth, and the Matrix breach that might be worse than it sounds. Plus more good work by Mozilla, and the Chinese crackdown on Bitcoin mining.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 100

Chef goes 100% open source, and this recipe has an old twist, the VMware lawsuit is abandoned. A new way to run Android apps on Linux using Wayland, Sailfish and Mer merge, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 99

Mozilla’s new Android app, Google wants you to adopt AMP for Email, and our reaction to LVFS joining the Linux Foundation. Plus Debian's generous gift, Red Hat crosses the $3B mark, and the Open Source Awards are nigh!
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 98

Is Linux gaming really being saved by Google's Stadia platform? We discuss the details and possibilities. Plus good news for KDE Connect users, Intel begins work on next-generation open source video drivers, and much more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 97

We try out the latest GNOME 3.32 release, and why it might be the best release ever. New leader candidates for Debian emerge, we experience foundation inception, and NGINX is getting acquired. Plus Android Q gets an official Desktop Mode, the story beh...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 96

Free Software does what commercial can't this week, getting a Debian desktop on more Android devices gets closer, and PureOS promises Convergence but is there more beneath the surface? Plus Microsoft open sources Windows Calculator, and a quick recap ...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 95

We sift Mobile World Congress to find just the best and most relevant stories, and discuss the Thunderclap vulnerability. Plus we say goodbye to Koroa, find a reason to checkout GRUB nightlies, and how Android aims to kill passwords for good.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 94

Linus pops another hype bubble, we go hands on with the new OnionShare, and some insights into Redis labs changing its license... Again. And why KDE joining the Matrix, along with others might be establishing a new open source standard.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 93

Google scrambles to repurpose Android Things, Microsoft wants to protect your Linux install really bad, and the first bank backed Crypto-coin makes a splash. Plus Void Linux issues a warning, running Linux on ARM laptops built for Windows, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 92

A week of nasty security flaws, and a lack of patches... For some of us. Raspberry Pi opens a physical store, our thoughts on the new LibreOffice interface, and the new round of nasty flaws hitting all versions of Android. Plus new disk encryption comi...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 91

Firefox is standing out, Pine64 has a lot more cheap Linux hardware coming, and the good and the bad with the new Kodi Release. Plus HP Joins LVFS, why you shouldn't expect a Raspberry Pi 4 in 2019, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 90

Debian has a big fix, Chromium might block ads, Valve makes another big investment in Linux, and Google gets serious about bringing Fuchsia to market. Plus we announce a new Linux podcast, and run down the many ways to run Ubuntu on Windows.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 89

Another troubling week for MongoDB, ZFS On Linux lands a kernel workaround, and 600 days of postmarketOS. Plus our thoughts on the new Project Trident release, and Mozilla ending their Test Pilot program.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 88

Choose your own Linux is coming to Chrome OS, GitHub private repos go free, LVFS gets another win, and Amazon released their MongoDB competitor DocumentDB. Plus Homebrew comes to Linux, the recent Ethereum Classic attack, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 87

Raspberry Pi joins the RISC-V Foundation, MIPS is going open source, and Mozilla is experimenting with more ads in Firefox. Plus the BSDs rebase their ZFS on the Linux implementation, the EU has bug bounties, and Thunderbird gets set to fly!
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 86

We take a look back at our 2018 Linux predictions, and make some bold new ones for the year ahead. Plus there’s no avoiding how far off we were when it came to Bitcoin last year, but that didn’t stop us having a go again this year!
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 85

It’s been a huge year for Linux and FOSS news, and we take a look at some of the major stories that shaped the industry over the last 12 months. Acquisitions, solid releases, a revolution for gaming, politics in the kernel community, Chrome OS coming o...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 84

Intel developers are working to open source the FSP, Fuchsia SDK and device repos show up in Android AOSP, and our BSD buddies have some big news. Plus the pending removal of the x32 sub-architecture from Linux, why Uber is joining up with the Linux Fo...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 83

Microsoft is moving to Chromium, and Mozilla isn't too thrilled about it. Plus the Kernel team's clever Spectre slowdown fix, Emby goes proprietary, Steam Link lives on, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 82

Clear Linux doubles down on the desktop, Fedora 31 is likely canceled or delayed, and why Firecracker is being called the new "Docker killer". Plus AMP's new governance model kicks in, and the Necuno Mobile Plasma tease.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 81

The Fuchsia bomb ticks closer, Valve's Steam Link end of life shocks us, and Amazon's new, rather obvious feature. Plus the surprise use for Red Hat Enterprise, and an update on the Linux powered Atari VCS.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 80

Mark Shuttleworth announced 10 years support of Ubuntu 18.04, but there's a catch. Why we're buying the new Raspberry Pi, and we have a laugh at folding Android screens. Plus the new Red Hat Enterprise beta has modularity, why Canonical might be ready ...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 79

Ubuntu on select Samsung devices goes into beta, we cover the technicalities of Linux on the new Macs, one of our favorite desktop projects gets a big update, and the Librem 5 slips. Plus it's the end of the line for the Nexus devices, and more!
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 78

The new Fedora has a neat trick, The Register's KDE klickbait, and GhostBSD impresses. Plus Sailfish's release strategy gets refined, System76 announces their Thelio Linux hardware, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 77

Linus is back in charge with the whole world watching, IBM is buying Red Hat, and Pine64 says they’re working on a Plasma phone. Plus Firefox has a new sales pitch for you, and how HTC's blockchain future is already fizzling out.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 76

The Cosmic Cuttlefish is out, and we share our quick take. Juno finally lands and this one sets the bar, MongoDB gets hip to the license changes, and watch out Linux... Here come the pros! Plus we go over the newly publish Ubuntu statistics, and Google...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Linux Action News 75

Another fork is brewing, Microsoft hands over their patents of mass destruction leaving us with a few questions, and the best features of the new Plasma release. Plus Google's new Linux hardware, Flatpaks have met their critic, and more.
Jupiter Broadcasting author

Episode 74: Linux Action News 74

Red Hat's Stratis project reaches a major milestone, Microsoft's Linux powered dev boards go up for sale, and Fedora's hunt for buggy hibernation under Linux has begun. Plus Android App mirroring, how the islands of the clouds are getting bridged, and ...
Jupiter Broadcasting author