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Total focus on great topics, one episode at a time. Each week Chris present another topic, from extreme hardware builds to beginner video guides.

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Total focus on great topics, one episode at a time. Each week Chris present another topic, from extreme hardware builds to beginner video guides.
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JB’s Xonotic server | In Depth Look

Have some frustrations you need to work out? Then might I suggest shooting your fellow viewer in the virtual face! Jupiter Broadcasting has a new public Xonotic server! Free to play and free to join!I’ll tell you all about it, plus a few details about ...
Jupiter Broadcasting author

New Show! Part 2 | In Depth look

One thing everyone around the world now shares is common, is the universal truth that a giant industry exists to filter out our lives make sure we only hear and see what they want us to.For many of us there have been watershed events that force us to r...

New Show! Part 1 | In Depth Look

We have a new show: TORked! A new podcast covering Star Wars The Old Republic from multiple perspectives. The show will provide the latest news, tips, tricks and game updates. Casual and hardcore players alike will find this show helpful as they deal w...

Zenithink C71 | In Depth Look

So what is it? It's a tablet called the C71 built by ZeniThink, sold under various names.ZeniThink appears to be competing in the cheap Android space, and some of their models have some real design flair to them.Zenithink were one of the first Android ...

Android on Your PC | In Depth Look

Find out how easy it is to install Ice Cream Sandwich on your PC, why you might want to do it, and what you can do with it! Plus an easy way to run Android in VirtualBox, and how to get Ethernet support under Android.Plus in the show notes, Chris' shar...

JB on Your TV | In Depth Look

Chris shows you three easy ways to get Jupiter Broadcasting shows on your home TV. Plus a quick call out for any developers who would like to help Jupiter Broadcasting build apps for their favorite device!

Life Challenges | In Depth Look

I recently began to overcome a challenge I’ve been facing in my life for a few years. In this episode, I’ll share my story in the hope it can help you overcome a challenge you may be facing.Find out how I finally got my butt in gear to take care of my ...

Starting a Podcast | In Depth Look

Chris shares his insights on some of most important aspects to starting a show, that often get skipped. Plus questions from the live chatroom, and the most important thing to think about before you start a new podcast!

DOSBox | In Depth Look

Chris and Bryan cover some of the fun ways you can use DOSBox, a great way to play DOS games on the go – for CHEAP! And a few hacks to help you get going!Plus: Bryan shares how he uses DOSBox across his portable devices, for gaming on the go!

ATOM Powered Theater PC | In Depth Look

Can an a silent ATOM CPU powered computer, with no moving parts make the ultimate home theater PC (HTPC). Chris sets out to build a proof of concept, and documents his findings, and thoughts!PLUS: A few tips and tricks for your own home theater builds!

Classic Adventure Gaming | In Depth Look

Can a 20 year old Star Trek game contain the secrets to a fantastic Action Adventure game for anyone? Well I think so, and in this episode I’ll attempt to make my case!Why I think Star Trek the 25th Anniversary has the key ingredients to a great game!

Fun with Port Scanning | In Depth Look

It's just good computer hygiene to check what ports you have open from time to time. And its also a good security practice. In this week's episode, we're going to have FUN with port scanning... Yes really!How to check your own computer, other systems o...

Sick Beard Review | In Depth Look

A PVR for the Internet? Find out how this open source tool can be used to download TV off the net, or just a good clean organizational tool!What is sick beard? It's a server-side application that can be used to to automate downloading of TV episode rel...

A Trekkie Reviews SWTOR | In Depth Look

I’ll share my insights on the game I expected to hate, but have ended being completely consumed by! Plus my thoughts on this games long term position.On this episode of, an In Depth Look!

Garage Broadcasting PT2 | In Depth Look

Chris covers the software he uses to make Jupiter Broadcasting’s weekly shows, plus his simple setup for audio podcast. And how he kicks things up a notch when he wants a project to have some extra polish!Plus a few tips and tricks to help you with you...

Garage Broadcasting PT1 | In Depth Look

Jupiter Broadcasting has an audience reach of millions, over seven hours of produced content a week, and all from a garage studio.In this episode get a behind the scenes tour of Jupiter Broadcasting’s HD virtual studio.Find out how with a few tricks, C...

Your Last Password | In Depth Look

Complex passwords can be a real pain in the butt, after you watch this episode you’ll learn how LastPass makes great password management stupid easy!LastPass’ Password Vault is protected by a master password and is encrypted locally, synchronized to an...