In Between Sundays – A podcast for young adults.

In Between Sundays is a podcast that gives you the essentials to live in the world outside of church. Being people of faith requires more than just one hour on Sunday, and we know that we’re not the only ones who believe that. We talk about life as Catholic young adults, ways to grow in faith including specific prayers, websites to visit and practices. We want to help you become the best person you can be, by helping you develop your body, mind, soul and emotions. Feedback line: +1.206.337.7945

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Episode #56 – Getting Organized

In this episode Nick and Pat are back after a bit of a hiatus. We have a featured interview with Mike St. Pierre, of the Daily Saint and of Morris Catholic High School. Take a listen and catch up with what we have been up to and look forward to some gr...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Singles Episode #2 – Toward the Gleam

Nick is back with a show. In this episode, he talks with Tom Doran, author of the new book, Toward the Gleam. It’s a fantastic book, sure to become your favorite book this summer. Tom gives some insight into why he wrote the book and gives a few teases...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #53 – Shenanigans and Keeping Friendships Alive

We’re back with our latest shenanigans – or episode. Take your pick! In this show, we talk about keeping your friendships alive – because we’ve all be there – it’s Saturday night and you don’t have anything to do. How do you keep in contact with your f...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #48 – Guardian Angels

Nick is all by himself this week as Pat is on special assignment. (Read vacation). In this episode, he talks about Guardian angels and what the Church teaches on the presence and involvement of angels in our lives. Did you know that Pope John Paul II s...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #47 – Being Catholic on the Go

Sometimes when people travel, they find it’s hard to find a good place to go to church. In this episode, we talk about resources to help with that. Why? Because Pat’s headed on a trip to the Grand Canyon. (Lucky!) To start off the show, we talk a littl...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #46 – Stuff We Like

Want to know what we’re into right now? This show gives you a few insights into the cool technology, music and movies that Pat and Nick are digging at the moment. Listen in to hear them talk about movies they are looking forward to and iPhone games the...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #45 – The Hope that is in You

What does it mean when 1 Peter 3:15 says “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope”? What type of hope is the Bible talking about? In this episode, we answer that question and lay the foundation for an up...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #44 – Rewind

Nick and Pat have some belated April Fools fun! If you haven’t joined our Facebook group yet, head to and go to the right hand side of our page to become a fan of our podcast. If you would like to send us feedback, e-mail it to fee...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #43 – Vocations

Have you ever considered a call to the priesthood? We talk about vocations in the latest episode if the show. Nick talks about his own journey to understanding God’s call in his life and talks about his own experiences in a Benedictine monastery. Along...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #42 – The New Evangelization

Have you heard about the new evangelization? Recently, Pat gave a talk in Tulsa, Oklahoma about the new evangelization and its impact on new media. In this episode, he talks about some of the research he found. Did you know that there are 1.2 billion C...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #41 – Health Kick

Interested in doing something different this Lent? Make a resolution to eat healthier and exercise more. In this episode, we talk about what we have been doing to become healthier people and we’re not alone. Fr. Roderick has been doing a daily podcast ...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #40 – Cycling for Change

Ever wanted to make a difference in the world? If so, have you ever thought about using your bicycle to make that difference? In this episode we sit down with Nick’s friend, Jeremy who is participating in a program called Cycling for Change. This episo...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #39 – The “A” Word

What’s up with this whole Lent thing, anyway? Ever wonder why we get ashes on our head or why we can’t say the “A” word during Lent? In this episode of In Between Sundays, Pat and Nick discuss some of the reasons behind the next 40 days. To start off t...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #38 – Busted Halo Simulcast

This week’s episode is a special simulcast between In Between Sundays and Busted Halo. We were lucky enough to get some time to record a dual episode with Brittany and Fr. Dave. As part of the show, we answer a question of faith involving receiving the...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #37 – The Liturgy of the Hours

Have you ever wanted to know more about praying the psalms? It turns out that there’s a way to do that – it’s called the Liturgy of the Hours and it is the prayer of the Church. If you have ever wanted to know more about these prayers, listen to Nick’s...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #36 – A Story of Redemption

Paul Davis is our featured guest this week. During the show he talks to us about his journey to making better decisions. When he was younger, Paul made a bad decision which affected the rest of his life. Want to hear more? Listen in to our episode to h...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #35 – March for Life

It’s pro-life week and in honor of that, we have Mary Kay Culp from Kansans for Life on our show to talk about the pro-life march and what Kansans for Life does. Listen to find out more about this important week. This week, as part of our news, we have...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #34 – Kelly Croy, Chalk Artist

Kelly Croy is our guest this evening as we talk about art and how it impacts our faith. Kelly does performance art, using it to inspire others. Listen in to find out about his art form and how he got started working with chalk. In the news segment, we ...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #33 – To Pray or Not To Pray

What do you use to pray? As part of our feature for this episode, we talk about the devotional items we use to help us find the words to pray when we need inspiration. If you are looking to add something to your spiritual life as part of a new year’s r...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #32 – See You Next Year

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again where everyone does a summary show of the past year. We’ve decided not to do that—we’re doing a wrap-up show. We talk about our favorite episodes from this past year and take the opportunity to thank all our...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #31 – To All a Good Night

Merry Christmas! It’s time for a recap of Advent and to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In this episode, we talk about or family traditions and hear from one of our listeners, Jen. One of our favorite thing that our family does each year is to go sack gr...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #30 – Creative Catholics

Feeling creative? Our guest this week is Fr. Jim Tucker, the host of the Catholic Creativity Podcast. The Catholic Creativity Podcast attempts to melt popular culture and theology for use in the living the Gospel out in the world. We share a ton of fee...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #29 – Holiday Deliciousness

Let’s learn about some delicious holiday food! We have Jeff Young, the Catholic Foodie on the show to talk about Christmas cooking and yummy food. Jeff shares some recipies and some thoughts about bringing your family together at the table for Christma...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #28 – Affluenza

Have you ever caught yourself “keeping up with the Joneses?” It’s something that happens to the best of us. We have Bill Scholl, the social justice consultant for our archdiocese, on the show to talk to us about “affluenza” and how it affects our socie...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #27 – NCYC 2009

Have you heard of CFCA? It stands for the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. In this episode, Pat interviews a representative of the CFCA at the National Catholic Youth conference in Kansas City. This past week, along with Paul Camarata of th...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #26 – The Mike Mangione Band

In this episode, we interview Mike Mangione and his brother about their music and upcoming concert at NCYC. Mike is a fantastic musician who is currently working with Christopher West on helping others understand the theology of the body. We have a new...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #25 – Rosary Army and More!

We’ve made it to episode number twenty five! Join us for a packed show as we talk discuss some new stuff going on over at the Rosary Army apostolate, a Help I’m Fallen segment about getting distracted during church and we announce the winners of out t-...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #24 – Spiritual Hunger

Ever heard of the Catholic Foodie? So have we! Jeff Young is our featured guest on the show and he’s here to talk about spiritual hunger. Have you ever felt that tug that there’s more to life than just getting up every morning, going to work and coming...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #23 – Googling God

Have you ever heard the phrase “Googling God?” If that sounds familiar you might know our guest: Mike Hayes. His book, Googling God talks about how people in their 20s and 30s identify with religion. During our interview with him, we find out more abou...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #22 – Finding Your Rhythm

In this show, we have an interview with Annalise Hess of the Matthew Kelly foundation. How often have you felt like things are not balanced in your own life. In Matthew Kelly’s book, the Rhythm of Life, he talks about becoming the best version of ourse...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #21 – Embarrassing School Stories

When you were in school did you ever do anything stupid? In the “Help I’m Fallen” segment, we share some feedback from our listeners about their embarrassing school stories. Also, Nick and Pat talk about their memories from growing up. Do you like free...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #20 – Popple Power Pack

In this episode, we have two special guests: Dan and Kyle from Popple, one of our favorite bands. They are working on releasing a new CD, which has been unnamed until now. On the show, they reveal the new name and have an excerpt of a song from the CD ...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #19 – Is It Easy Being Green?

How green are your practices? In this epsode, we talk with Rick Beckler at Sacred Heart Hospital. Rick is known for helping the hospital to look at its own practices and make them more environmentally conscious. In our interview, Rick gives us some pra...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #18 – Year for Priests

In this episode we have a special guest, Bill Scholl, from the Office of Social Justice for the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS. He joined us to experience a podcast and to talk with us about the Year for Priests. To begin the show, we start off with ou...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #17 – Pick God

This week, we feature a local program called Pick God, run by Mike Needleman. This is a program that he has started to help the youth of his parish learn how to play guitar by teaching them music for mass.
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #16 – Looking at Reconciliation, Part 2

Pat and Nick are back this week with part two of their interview with Fr. Tom Tank about the sacrament of reconciliation. Do you know where the pretzel comes from? We start off the episode with a quick history lesson about how pretzels and prayer are r...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #15 – Looking at Reconciliation, Part 1

Pat and Nick are back for another great episode, this time focusing on Confession. The episode starts with the 3 J’s. Pat shares a story about a new Catholic he met in town, while getting his car serviced. We have two new calls for “Whats my Line”, one...
Nick and Pat padley author

Episode #14 – We’re All Grown Up, and We Pray the Rosary

In this episode, we have a big announcement! But first, we start off talking about our 3 Js for the week. From there, we talk about some interesting news: a big tomato fight and the USCCB website for the changes happening to the Roman missal. Second, w...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #13 – Spirit & Truth and Technical Difficulties

BTS #13 is jam packed! We discuss superstitions, we share a what’s my line and we debut a new segment called Catholics of Caliber where we interview Shelley Fravala of Spirit and Truth in St. Louis. We start out with our three Js! In our news segment w...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #12 – Kari Kennedy, Live and Unplugged

In this episode, we have received two new calls for “What’s My Line.” Listen in to see if Pat and Nick can work in the phrases during the show. We also have a guest in the studio, our friend Kari who has graciously taken the time to come play some musi...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #11 – Eating out on Sundays

In this episode, Pat and Nick cover some new technological developments, including a new augmented reality game and President John Quincy Adams on Twitter. Additionally, we are joined by a special guest, Micless Mike, who is sitting in on our show to f...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #10 – A Priest and a Doctor in the House

We have made it to our tenth episode! In honor of this special show, we met with Paul Camarata of the Saintcast and Fr. Seraphim Beshoner of Catholic Under the Hood on the Plaza in Kansas City. Both of them have fantastic podcasts and we really appreci...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #9 – I Can Has Podcast

In this episode, Nick and Pat talk about the news of the day—Nick’s involvement with Catholic Heart Workcamp, Pat’s birthday and Walter Cronkite’s passing. We have a new “What’s my Line” suggestion from Jeff Young, of along with some...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #8 – Suits and Sacraments

In this episode, we talk about our initial impressions of the Harry Potter movie. We did stay up late to see the premier showing at midnight. Along with our brief review, we invite our listeners to join us at the Nature’s Call campout at Lake Pomme de ...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #7 – Religion in the Workplace

In this episode, we talk about upcoming events for young adults, including two Labor Day weekend events: Catholic Thrive in New York and Nature’s Call in Kansas City. They also briefly discuss Pope Benedict XVI’s new encyclical, “Caritas in Veritate.” ...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #6 – Sno-Cones & the Catholic New Media Conference

In this episode, we have two people who called in to give us “What’s My Line” suggestions. Can we work their phrases into the show? The previous weekend, Pat and Nick were in San Antonio for the Catholic New Media Conference and visited the Alamo. Whil...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #5 – Fathers Day Special

Fathers Day is Sunday, June 21 so we have compiled this special episode in honor of dads everywhere. In this episode, we talk about the “three J’s” meaning Junk, Joy and Jesus and how we can use that model to evaluate what has been going on in our live...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #4 – Driftwood

In this week’s episode, we are starting a new competition called “What’s My Line,” a chance for listeners to send us feedback and challenge us to work wacky lines into our podcast. Pat got this idea from a priest in college, who would often do a simila...
Nick and Pat Padley author

Episode #3 – Faith and Social Media

In this episode: We talk about weddings, podcast reviews, a new contest called “What’s My Line Please,” Stuff we like (board games, tv shows and websites), apologetics and a meditative moment. Lastly join our online discussion on our Facebook fan page....
Nick and Pat Padley author

Two New Show Promos

Pat and I were able to get into the studio tonight and record two show promos. We are sending these out to a few podcasters to help us create some news about the podcast. Feel free to download them, play the for your friends, burn them to CDs and liste...
Nick and Pat Padley author