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Sophie is spending a year studying in France and is improving her French every day by speaking to native speakers. She has agreed to be Radio Lingua's correspondent in Paris and is keeping a video blog of what she learns about the French language and about French culture.

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Improve your French with Sophie’s weekly video blog from Paris
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Radio Lingua News– Launch Video

Radio Lingua Founder and CEO introduces the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine, Coffee Break French and Spanish iBooks, our new On Location Languages blog series, changes and improvements to the website and a new Coffee Break language in this special launch...
Radio Lingua Network author

Episode 9– On Location French

This week Sophie joins us from Le Marais where she is talking about the French institution that is le goûter – the late afternoon snack. She discusses a number of items of vocabulary including être accro à quelque chose, meaning “to be addicted to some...
Radio Lingua Network author

Episode 8– On Location French

Sophie is back with this episode which she recorded a few weeks ago in Paris. This week she looks at the expression se méfier de quelque chose, meaning “to be wary about something” and also faire gaffe, meaning “to watch out”. For the cultural section ...
Radio Lingua Network author

Episode 7– On Location French

In this Christmas edition of On Location French, Sophie talks about some of the festive vocabulary she’s picked up while preparing for the holiday season. iTunes link | RSS feed
Radio Lingua Network author

Episode 6– On Location French

In this week’s episode Sophie looks at “verlan”, a type of French slang which is very common in many parts of France. It involves reversing the order of syllables within words and can be confusing for learners. In the cultural section Sophie introduces...
Radio Lingua Network author

Radio Lingua News Update

Welcome to this festive edition of Radio Lingua News. In this update we’ll be telling you about the fantastic milestone we reached this week, and explaining how you can save 25% on our premium memberships until the end of the year. 100 million download...
Radio Lingua Network author

Episode 5– On Location French

This week Sophie has been finding out about abbreviations used in French, including what MDR in a text message means. In the cultural spot for this week she has been visiting the Musée de l’Orangerie in the Jardin des Tuileries to view a very famous Mo...
Radio Lingua Network author

Episode 4– On Location French

In this latest episode of On Location French Sophie has had some interesting traffic-related experiences and she tells us about the language she’s picked up as a result. Expressions include en cours, les heures de pointe, and griller un feu rouge. She ...
Radio Lingua Network author

Episode 3– On Location French

Sophie recorded this most recent episode at the weekend in the run-up to Hallowe’en. She introduces the phrase avoir la trouille, meaning “to be scared”, and also lets slip her love of all things Harry Potter – en français, bien sûr! In her cultural in...
Radio Lingua Network author

Episode 2– On Location French

This week Sophie talks about the expression arriver à faire quelque chose, meaning “to succeed in doing something”. She provides examples in the positive and negative. She also talks about a recent visit to the Pompidou Centre. iTunes link | RSS feed
Radio Lingua Network author