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Your host, Ken, discusses the new pod, the new gaffer, the new players and all things old in the very 1st episode of Hotspur America! Join us wont you?

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Your host, Ken, discusses the new pod, the new gaffer, the new players and all things old in the very 1st episode of Hotspur America! Join us wont you?
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S5E30: "What In The Actual Fu*K??"

What in the actual fuck just happened? Finally the pod is at full strength and at a good time as we try to make sense of a heroic effort in Germany followed by a tepid, spineless second half at Southampton now jeopardizing our Top 4 prospects. WITAF?...
Hotspur America author

S5E29: "He Loves it More than Me Now"

Loss, Loss, Draw: 3 cup finals of sorts in the past 3 games but only a point to show for our efforts. Fair? We discuss. We review two derbies in almost as many games. Effort, strategy, transitioning Kane back in the squad, refereeing, confrontation...
Hotspur America author

S5E28: Release The Pain

Allow us to talk you off the ledge....release the pain. We go through a painful performance and result away at Burnley with longtime pod friend Matt Downey who joins us from San Diego, California. We try to figure out where it went wrong - set-up,...
Hotspur America author

S5E27: A Glory, Glory Night at Wembley

A Glory, Glory Night at Wembley. Chairs, Tim, and Vass relive an amazon victory over Dortmund, discussing Super Jan, our dynamic midfield duo, and what this means heading into the second leg at Westfalenstadion. We also take a look at our current inj...
Hotspur America author

Dave Gonna Party If You Don't Start Vardy

3 points so we party but we're careful we don't party too much knowing this game was far closer than the score suggests. This is a one match show and we dive deep in to 3 meaningful points earned at Wembley vs Leicester. We highlight Lloris, Eriksen ...
Hotspur America author

S5:E25 "I'm Afraid to Commit. I Don't Want to Get Hurt"

Masters of the come from behind victory? Maybe, but being gritty and fighting to the end isn't something new to us this year. We talk about the change in mentality Pochettino and staff have brought to Spurs with the last 2 results giving us ample to ...
Hotspur America author

S5E24: Mick The Geordie

Been a while since we had a guest and tonight we have a good. You know what? He helped ease the pain and we think you are gonna enjoy him. Mick The Geordie joins us - a true barcodes fan with a bit of a soft spot for Spurs. It was a rough week for cu...
Hotspur America author

S5E23: From N'Koudou's Cross...

Yep. Not a mistake. From N'Koudou's cross, Harry Winks snatches 3 points from the jaws of defeat. Wow. Let's take a breath and talk this over. We dive into a crazy result, a pretty open affair where we had our fair share of difficulty. We talk a...
Hotspur America author

S5E22: Moussa Sissoko is Becoming My Chuck Norris

It's duet night on this week's episode as Tim and Sam dive into a poor win and a good loss. We discuss the Man Utd performance and result. A disappointing loss in one of the most intense matches we can think of in quite a while. Poch says the 2H was...
Hotspur America author

S5E21: Transfers Anyone?

Well it is that time of the year to talk about transfers even though none were made in the summer. We talk about our needs, who is available and why or why we won't make any moves. We review 10 goals in 2 games between Cardiff and Tranmere. We previ...
Hotspur America author

S5E20: Halfway

Vass, Tim, Chairs and Sam try to make sense of a massively disappointing performance vs Wolves on the heels of a good string of results in December. We debate the full-back position, subs, depth, the window, Toby, the midfield, and much more. We talk...
Hotspur America author

S5E19: Confidence: The Force Awakens

It's sensory overload on the for Spurs fans right now and we try to discuss and make sense of it all. Confidence The Fab 4 / "DESK" Carabao Cup Everton Away Champions League Poch to United Sissoko c'est GOAT So so much more COYS
Hotspur America author

S5E18: "Arsewich in the Quarters at The Shithole"

Chairs, Tim and Sam review our amazing escape to the Champions League Round of 16 with a comprehensive review of our performance in Catalonia. We review Burnley & preview Arsenal and Everton. We hope you enjoy. COYS
Hotspur America author

S5E17: That Pass from Harry Winks!

Chairs, Vass, Tim and Sam talk through victories vs Southampton and Leicester. We preview Barcelona and Burnley. We talk about Dallas Spurs and The Irishman Pub’s day in the sun on national tv. We talk about the greatest pass ever made by Harry Winks...
Hotspur America author

S5E16: A North London Derby & The Mike Dean Show

Ugh. We try to make to sense of an embarassing result in the NLD. To be honest, we're not in the best mood's to write a big intro but give this a listen. We try to cover all the angles and all the narratives post-NLD mauling. We preview the next ...
Hotspur America author

S5E15: Feed The Animals

Who doesn't like podcasting after a convincing defeat of them lot? Vass, Tim, Simon and Vass deconstruct not only a terrific result but our best performance of the year. We preview Inter Milan and the NLD, talk about all kinds of stuff. Good show ...
Hotspur America author

S5E14: May The Foyth Be With You, Always!

No Tim today which leaves Simon, Vass and Sam reviewing the 2 P's - PSV and Palace. 2 matches, 2 wins, different line-ups, same results but different performances. We talk injuries, international break and a nervy set of fixtures we face after the b...
Hotspur America author

S5E13: More Foyth, Less Trips? Less Foyth, Less Trips?

We go over the performance that (for now) has us in 4th place. We talk defenders, midfielders, fixture congestion and setup - past, present and future. Dele extends? Who do you want next. Injuries? We have you covered and preview a critical match...
Hotspur America author

A Magical Time to Talk about Spurs!

Chairs, Tim and Sam tonight. What a time to be a Spurs podcaster!! We cover more topics than ever before in roughly an hour. City, West Ham, some interesting comments from Poch, Nearly Men, Poch leaving, Carra vs GNev, OMG so much more. This was ...
Hotspur America author

S5E11: Who Is This Man & What Have You Done With Sissoko???

We convene to celebrate Spurs' new signing and Ballon d'or candidate, Moussa Sissoko! In addition to basking in his new found glory we talk about the joy of getting to hold him and Lamela up on high at the same time. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!! We rev...
Hotspur America author

S5E10: A Messi Week Altogether

Barca. Cardiff. Spam and all that implies. COYS.
Hotspur America author

S5E9: Where's Ken? Has He Taken The Midfield With Him?

We recap our nervy advancement in the Carabao Cup and discuss the Huddersfield performance at length. Vass tells us about his meeting with our chairman and how Ossie prefers taking pictures with his Mrs K versus him. We ponder if life is coming at ou...
Hotspur America author

Let's Talk About Winning!

Dr. Tottenham takes a week off as Chairs, Vass, & Tim finally get to discuss a win for the first time in a few pods (although we do have to discuss the Inter performance). For the most part sit back and enjoy a positive pod discussing 3 points a...
Hotspur America author

Times of Woe?

Chairs, Tim, Vass & Sam deconstruct yet another poor performance, debate if it's time to worry, talk about Champions League and all kinds of stuff you asked us about. Our conclusion? Don't worry. We are going to win the league. COYS
Hotspur America author

S5E6: Donna Cullen's Boy Toy

We hate the international break. Sorry. Not sorry. We hate it and so should you. We debate the point of having a break, how we personally get over it. We talk at length about how the break affects Spurs - could it actually have a positive influence?...
Hotspur America author

Fat Drake, Capoue and Elton John

We go over a frustrating loss where it seemed like everyone - players and coaches were poor. Ken, Tim, Simon and Sam review the match, talk conspiracy theories and a whole lot of other stuff you hopefully will enjoy.
Hotspur America author


Ken is back along with Tim, Sam and Simon. The lads talk a massive 3-0 away at Old Trafford, The influence of Maura and the impact of a rejuvenated Toby. Poch get some tactical master-class love and the guys take a look ahead at Watford. Tim's Injur...
Hotspur America author

S5E3: The August Kurse is No Moura!!

We review a solid performance vs Fulham, discuss yet another week of headlines - with emphasis on the stadium delay. What does it all mean?? We big up the Tottenham Hotspur Trust, detail a busy week for Kat, Martin, Pete and the Crew. Have you hugge...
Hotspur America author

S5E2: Three Headers. Three Points!

Chairs, Vass and Sam discuss the Newcastle performance, the week that preceded and Sam's atrocious sense of fashion. Is Rose's done at Spurs? Will Toby feature? Have we as supporters been duped? We chat injuries, Fulham and a whole lot more. #CO...
Hotspur America author

Need Some Spurs Therapy? Dr. HA Will See You Now.

Simon is joined by Sam, Vass, and Tim for a little bit of much needed transfer therapy. We discuss what has (and has not) gone on this window specifically looking at Poch’s comments post-Leicester and the expectations they created, the Toby to United s...
Hotspur America author

S5E3: World Cup & Summer Tour Preview

Ken and Simon are joined by San Diego Spurs' Ben Foreman and Austin Spurs Chuck Hoffman to discuss the upcoming summer tour. We'll also have a bit of fun with World Cup trivia with a Spurs twist (play along) and give our predictions for the biggest to...
Hotspur America author

S5E2: Poch In!!!

Hotspur America author

Hotspur America 2018 Summer Transfer Window Pod

Silly season is upon us! Tim, Sam, and Vass are joined by special guest Ricky Sacks (complete with birds in his garden) on loan from the Last Word on Spurs for this transfer window special. Tune in for an in-depth discussion on the upcoming transfer w...
Hotspur America author

S4E43: Double Barrelled Popcorn

Ken is joined by Simon, Tim and Sam for the final episode of the 2017/18 season. We'll look at the victory over the foxes, player performances, Poch's comments, Transfer talk, the final trivia showdown and of course the cnut of the week. World cup ta...
Hotspur America author

S4E42: Cadbury and Banana Peel

Ken is joined by Simon, Vass and Tim this week to talk about the 1-0 loss to West Brom. We'll talk going to 3 at the back with Toby returning, Kane's struggles and the lack of talent at the wing back position. We answer listener questions, talk trans...
Hotspur America author

S4E41: TOTWAT Or Not To Twat

Ken, Simon and Tim break down Watford and the importance of those precious 3 points. A lackluster performance against a team playing for nothing is discussed. We talk Harry, Dembele, Toby, Jan, Rose, Winks, Wanyama, Sissoko and others regarding their...
Hotspur America author

S4E40 Hateful 8

Ken is back after knee surgery and joined by Tim, Vass and Simon. We'll discuss the 8th straight FA Cup semi-final ousting, player performances, and where is the leadership going to come from? We look ahead to Watford as Tim gives his injury updates....
Hotspur America author

S4E39: Backlashed

Simon takes the helm this week to discuss the defeat to Citeh and all things Spurs as we approach the end to another season. There is still a lot to play for and Tim and Vass will weigh in on the hot topics for the week. Chairs, Vass, and Tim provide...
Hotspur America author

HA Season 4 Episode 38: I Will Glass You and Stab You.

Spurs win at Stoke. Chairs, Tim and Sam discuss. What to make of our next fixture??? We discuss the many narratives and try our best to rationalize our picks for the weekend. We do so bad on trivia (again) your ears will burn. We go over loads of in...
Hotspur America author

Dele Does the Doubters

Tonight's pod is in memory of Adam Osper's father who sadly passed last week. Our condolences to the Osper family. What better way to celebrate a great Spurs supporter's life than by breaking 28 years of hoodoo at Stamford Bridge. Be sure to listen ...
Hotspur America author

S2E36: Blessing in Disguise.

Tim, Vass and Sam go over Swansea. We talk Toby Oh yeah. We talk Toby real good. Season ticket prices have many fuming - we discuss. Should we win the FA Cup? Someone here says we should. We talk remaining fixtures, Korean u-21s (listen to find ...
Hotspur America author

S435: Tell me how you felt

Still a bit reeling from midweek, we try as best a possible to come to terms with Wednesday's result vs Juve. We chat Bournemouth, discuss if losing Kane might be a blessing in disguise, we talk about some stuff around the league, predictions against ...
Hotspur America author

S4E34: KY Jelly; Sex On Toast

Ken is joined this week by Simon, Vass, Sam and Tim. We'll look back at the 6-1 drubbing of Rochdale, snowy pitches, VAR, winning vs Huddersfield, Sonny's un-droppable contributions, and THAT pass Harry made. We'll look ahead with a full preview of t...
Hotspur America author

S4E33: Depth Charge

Tottenham's depth, Toby's contract, Escaping from Palace with all 3 points, trivia (Sam actually did well), listener questions, Why is Dele "diving"...all that and much more, NEXT!
Hotspur America author

S4E32: From European Glory to FA Cup Frustration

Ken, Sam, Simon and Tim discuss the week that was in Tottenham Hotspurs 2018 campaign. Rochdale, Dele, Poch's tactics, Kane's pen, Llorente, Wanyama, Son. Coming back at Juve, Champions League glory and FA Cup frustration. Tim gives a magical injury...
Hotspur America author

S4E31: North London Is Lily-White

Ken is joined by Simon, Sam, Tim and Vass to discuss the 1-0 over the Gooners and claim North London's derby title once again. We'll talk Dembele, Wing-Backs, Kane and Lamela's Nastiness! Poch's upcoming decisions on players, Juve in the Champions Lea...
Hotspur America author

S4E30: Masters Of Diving - North London Derby Preview 2018

Ken and Simon celebrate advancement in the FA Cup, hopefully calm the nerves of a listener regarding Poch leaving and preview the North London Derby. We'll talk the Rochdale pitch, Ken actually get's in there with some anorak (trivia) and what, if any...
Hotspur America author

S4E29: Merseyside Missile!!

I still don't believe what I saw in that Liverpool match! Ken, Vass and Tim take a look back at a 4 point week vs. 2 of the premier league's elite teams in Man United and Liverpool. Kane gets #100, Ericksen's back with #50, Kicking lumps out of Sanch...
Hotspur America author

S4E28: Behind The Balls; Magic Of The Cup?

Ken is joined this week by Sam, Simon and Vass to discuss the FA Cup tie v. Newport and the week ahead vs. Manchester United and Liverpool. There's plenty of shame, fear and loathing to go around for everyone, but the lads also are looking for the sil...
Hotspur America author

S4E27: Paternity Leave

Ken is joined this week by Sam, Simon and daddy to be, Timmy!! We'll talk Spurs, Saints, Kane, Records, FA Cup, A bit of trivia, and Timmy's new addition to be! We'll also look ahead to what's left of the season, do we truly need to get a signing in ...
Hotspur America author