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Each week I invite a guest on to the show for a conversation. The topics are driven by the guest. Typically they center around WordPress, business, marketing, fitness, CrossFit, family and music.

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With your host John Hawkins
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S2E10: Lisa Sabin-Wilson

One thing I absolutely love about recording this podcast is getting a chance to chat with friends who I’ve known for a long time and uncovering new bits of interesting info I didn’t know about them. This week I chatted with my good friend Lisa Sabin-Wi...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

s2e9: Toby Cryns

Have you ever had somebody in your life who you’ve only met in person maybe a handful of times, you never worked directly together, you can go for months or even years without chatting, and yet, you feel really connected to that person? For me, Toby Cr...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

s2e8: Kri Edholm

One of the most common pieces of advice people love to give is “find your passion and make it a career.” And when you find somebody who has done exactly that, it is inspiring to see. Over the last decade or so, I’ve watched Kri turn her leadership skil...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

s2e7: Bob Dunn

If you’re involved in the WordPress community at all, you’ve certainly run across content created by this week’s guest. Bob Dunn, or Bob WP, as you most likely know him, is a blogger and podcaster who focuses the bulk of his content on WordPress. In th...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

s2e6: Jeremy Ward

I don’t know about you, but when I pack for a trip, there’s no extra room in my luggage for anything. My guest on this episode, Jeremy Ward, apparently doesn’t have that problem. Through our work together, he and I have traveled to attend a couple of e...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

s2e5: Ben Lobaugh

When you get to work at 6 am, the idea of doing anything before work might seem a little crazy. It did to me for a while. But then I learned about the growth call being organized by my guest, Ben Lobaugh. In this episode, Ben gives me the low down on h...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

s2e4: Ben Seims

I feel like I have a pretty busy life. Full-time job, side hustle, wife, kids, a couple podcasts… Yeah, I stay pretty busy. Then I heard about all the things going on with my guest, Ben Seims, and I started to feel downright lazy. Although I first met ...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Round Eighteen – Recap

With a spot in the top eight up for grabs, Hawthorn laid waste to a woeful Carlton side, recording a clinical 72-point win. And while some familiar faces starred, one young gun in particular stole the spotlight, with Hawks fans filled with hope for the...
@HawkTalkPod author

s2e3: Jeff Zinn

In this crazy world, there are few things more valuable than close friends. I consider myself lucky to call Jeff Zinn a close friend. Over the past couple of years, Jeff and I have helped each other through some of the toughest times of both of our liv...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Round Seventeen – Recap

There were headaches aplenty for the Hawks faithful in Round 17, Brisbane delivering a disheartening blow to the team’s finals hopes. Combined with an untimely injury to star defender James Sicily, fans have been left to contemplate the direction of th...
@HawkTalkPod author

s2e2: Jodie Riccelli

I have the great pleasure of working with Jodie on a daily basis. She’s the Director of Client Services at WebDevStudios, and she’s one of the hardest workers I know. When somebody is as good at their job as she is, it’s natural to assume that she’s be...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Round Sixteen – Recap

Hawks fans enjoyed a scintillating second-half blitz at Etihad Stadium, the team belting the Bulldogs by a massive 63 points. And boy, were there talking points aplenty, from the brilliance of Luke Breust, to Ben McEvoy’s big injury. Plus, fans paid tr...
@HawkTalkPod author

s2e1: Brad Williams

CEO & Co-Founder of WebDevStudios, Brad Williams was a pretty obvious choice as the first guest of season two. While I’ve had plans to restart the podcast eventually, it was finally kicked into high gear after being on his podcast Lunch With Brad a...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

s2e0: Tap Tap Tap

Aaaaaand we’re back. After a quick 3-year break, we’re back with a new season of interviews with a group of really smart and interesting people. Thanks for sticking around. We’re going to have some fun! The post s2e0: Tap Tap Tap appeared first on Hawk...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Round Fifteen – Recap

Where to begin with Round 15? Just when Hawthorn looked gone for all money, they came from nowhere, teasing a most unlikely victory. But, In the end, though they came agonisingly close to toppling the Giants at Spotless Stadium, the Hawks couldn’t get ...
@HawkTalkPod author

Round Fourteen – Recap

It was another week, another ugly win for Hawthorn. Nevertheless, it was a win, the four points bringing the Hawks just outside the eight. But to break in, they’ll have to beat the Giants on their home turf this week, and the team’s record has been far...
@HawkTalkPod author

Round Thirteen – Recap

Barring a tedious first half, Hawks fans had themselves an enjoyable Saturday evening, the team heaping yet more pain upon a broken Crows outfit. Nick and Tizz discuss the Round 13 win and much more in a short-but-sweet edition of the Hawk Talk Podcast...
@HawkTalkPod author

Round Thirteen – Preview

The bye is done and dusted and there’s plenty going on at the Hawthorn Football Club – Clarko’s rallying the lads after a secret sesh at Etihad, Cyril’s returned home to Darwin and Silk is set to play his 350th game this Saturday evening at the MCG. It...
@HawkTalkPod author

Round Eleven – Recap

It was a catastrophic first quarter for the Hawks at their Tassie fortress, but before long, the boys in brown and gold were back in the hunt, eventually besting Port Adelaide by three points. It was a much-needed win and now fans are wondering, with t...
@HawkTalkPod author

Round Ten – Recap

The Hawks pushed ladder leaders West Coast at Etihad Stadium, but it wasn’t enough, the club suffering its third defeat in as many weeks. It seems the bye is coming at the right time, but before the club can get there, another big test at their Tassie ...
@HawkTalkPod author

#16 with Don Scribner

I spent some time this week chatting with Don Scribner about his career as an actor, writer, producer & musician. The post #16 with Don Scribner appeared first on Hawk Talk Podcast.
Hawk Talk Podcast author

#15 with Gabe Shepherd

Gabe is the Director of Business Development at launchkey.com, he's on the advisory board at SXSW, which is all very impressive. But I like him because he's a Los Angeles Kings fan and we share the same birthday. You know he's gotta be good people.The ...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Episode 014 – Kenny Eliason

Kenny Eliason from NeonBrand is extremely knowledgable about SEO and is kind enough to share a bunch of that information right here in this episode!The post Episode 014 – Kenny Eliason appeared first on Hawk Talk Podcast.
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Episode 013 – Tony Perez

Tony Perez is passionate about security and fitness. This week I chat with Tony about that and a bunch more, like business and the amazing WordPress community.The post Episode 013 – Tony Perez appeared first on Hawk Talk Podcast.
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Episode 012 – David Otto

This week I chat with massage therapist David Otto about small business, the massage industry and a bit about medicinal marijuana. How's that for a combo? The post Episode 012 – David Otto appeared first on Hawk Talk Podcast.
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Episode 011 – Matt Medeiros

Starting a podcast is pretty easy. Keeping one running for 100 episodes, that takes dedication and a WHOLE lot of work. This week I chat with Matt Medeiros who has a lot to say on the subject.The post Episode 011 – Matt Medeiros appeared first on Hawk ...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Episode 010 – Doug Daulton

We're hitting a mini-milestone this week. Episode 10. Double digits! This week I chat with Doug Daulton, a long time friend and fellow geek. He has some great information on going after your passion in life and how to successfully crowdfund a project.T...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Episode 009 – Chris Lema

Chris and I take a deep dive in to his history of blogging daily, how that came about. We also talk about affiliate marketing, his coaching of teams big and small, and we finish by talking a bit about business conferences.The post Episode 009 – Chris L...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Episode 008 – Phil Simon

This week I chat with Phil Simon, an author of seven business books who happens to be based right here in Las Vegas. We met through one of the many tech events in downtown Vegas and initially bonded over our shared love of the greatest TV show of all t...
Hawk Talk Podcast author

Episode 007 – Cami Kaos

Running a WordCamp event is a lot of work for the organizers. So when an organizer needs help, who do they go to? Cami Kaos, that's who! This week I chat with Cami about the work she does at WordCamp Central which I lovingly described as "Herding Cats....
Hawk Talk Podcast author