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From the top of Wayne Tower to the depths of the fiery pits of Mustafar, these gluttons lay forth the secrets of the realm with a charm said to be magical

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From the top of Wayne Tower to the depths of the fiery pits of Mustafar, these gluttons lay forth the secrets of the realm with a charm said to be magical
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Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi

NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Your favorite geeks are tearing apart your favorite Star Wars movie.  Or is it?

Batman: The Rogues Gallery - Volume 1

Join the Gluttons for a fun episode all about the villains of The Batman. Special “Musical Guest” Snapchat Regret with their new song “Harley Quinn”!

Rogue One LIVE!

Taken from our Facebook LIVE! video on Sunday 04/09/17 where your favorite Gluttons talk about the latest Star Wars Story. 

Geeking Around Ep. IV

Mr. Ric Classic saw “Beauty and the Beast”, Nick James saw “Logan”, and Bobby Deuce played the new “Legend of Zelda” game. We also talk some Batman videogames and the fate of Batfleck in the DCEU

Fantastic Jurassic: “We want more money, and nobody learned”

Another episode where the Gluttons kick back and talk about Jurassic Park and Jurassic World! 

Gluttons for Geekdom LIVE! 3.19.17 Power Rangers Movie

Audio of our Facebook LIVE video (which is a bit cut off at the begining but only by a second or so.) Make sure to check out the LIVE video on our Facebook and to like our page to stay up to date with all your favorite Gluttonous activity.

Mr. Classic’s Combat Chronicles: Kevin Owens falls to Oldberg

Mr. Classic returns with a short but focused episode about Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Goldberg and more!

Geeking Around with Cousin Marc, Part 1

Bobby Deuce and Ric Classic sit down with our special guest, Cousin Marc (no relation), to talk about old wrestling, video games, CVS, robbery, and even weapons! We hope you enjoy!!

Nolan-verse (Dark Knight Trilogy) Part Two

Join your favorite Gluttons as they finish up their chat on the awesomeness that is Christopher Nolans “Dark Knight Trilogy”

Nolan-verse (Dark Knight Trilogy) Part One

Join your favorite Gluttons as they discuss the Dark Knight Trilogy, or the Nolan-verse, with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight!

Mr. Classic’s Combat Chronicles: Getting ready for Fastlane

After some technical difficulties broadcasting live on Facebook this past week, I decided to go the traditional route and record this episode for you all to listen to joyously in your ears. This episode I recap the last 2 weeks in WWE and talk about th...

Gluttons Gabbing about Spider-Man

We absolutlely love us some Spider-Man here at Gluttons for Geekdom and you can tell how true that is as you listen to us discuess this “Amazing, Spectacular or Marvelous” character.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2

Recorded LIVE SUnday Feb. 12th, 2017 the Gluttons dive into the MCU Phase 2. Stay tuned for our next LIVE podcast/video on Facebook and come join the discussion!

DC Extended Universe

Deuce, Ric and Nick are talking all the DCEU, the 3 movies we have, and their plans for the future.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 1

Welcome back to another G4G and this one is all about the MCU Phase 1! Ric, Bobby and Nick were LIVE on facebook for this recording so if you wanna see some pretty faces behind those smooth voices check the video out on our facebook page or on youtube!

How many candy cane smokestacks did the dragon zord go through?

We’re back for another episode and this week Ric Classic, Bobby Deuce, and Nick James discuss the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Also stick around after the podcast to catch a special audio file from our LIVE video right before we recorded!

Turtle Power!

Welcome back to Gluttons for Geekdom! Its a new year and we are going to try our absolute hardest to bring you new episodes everyweek! Lets start with some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! with special guest star (turned new cohost) Ric Classic!

Real Life “Super”heroes

In this latest episode of G4G we have a discussion on what the qualifications for a “super” hero are, and some folks who have actually made the leap into the real life superhero careers.

Reuniting the Trinity

We might not be as awesome as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman but we three gluttons still form a mighty trinity. We return with an episode of us doing what we like to do, discussing some great comic news. We saw the killing joke in theaters, SDCC hap...

Geeking Around 3.4

The conclusion to our four part discussion where we list and discuss our top 5 favorite superheroes. 

Geeking Around 3.3

Were back with some necessary evil talking about our favorite villians.
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Geeking Around 3.2

This episode we finish up our least liked movies list and go through our top five superhero movies!
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Geeking Around Ep 3.1

Hello one and all we are back and we have compiled lists of our least liked superhero films, our most liked, favorite heroes and favorite villains! This will be a special four part episode so strap on your seat belts kids because when this baby hits 88...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Civil War pt 1

Hey Guys we accidentally deleted this episode off out roster. Just reposting it!
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Geek Wars: The Gluttonous Awakens pt 2

Hey all, we're back to finish up our discussion on Star Wars Ep. 7 The Force Awakens. Make sure to comment on our Facebook page or twitter to any question posed in the episodes or just thoughts you have! Huge thank you to all who are keeping up with al...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Geek Wars: The Gluttonous Awakens

Star Wars Episode Seven: The Force Awakens is what your favorite gluttonous geeks are talking about this week. We add special guest and friend Ric to join our conversation about the latest installment in the Star Wars cinematic universe.  ALSO you migh...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

X-MEN: Apocalypse Happened

The title says it all, the movie happened and we saw it and now we discuss it! We try to stay away from the negative and describe what we liked about the movie, and trust us, there is a lot of stuff we like. Let us know your thoughts and opinions on th...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Geeking Around vol. 2

We're back with another fun episode of geeking around! Our topics include, power rangers, dragons, thor ragnarok (and what the Hulk has to do with it) the suicide trailer and more!
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Harry Potter and the Gluttonous Stone

We're back to finish our "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers(Philosophers) Stone" discussion. In this episode we ask a bunch of fun question like, which class would you be excited to take at Hogwarts, what would you buy in diagon alley and what position in...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Be a Dumbledore, Not a Voldemort

This week we are talking some Harry Potter. With so much (an entire universe really) to talk about we decided for this episode to be about Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. We talk differences in movie vs book and some situations of what WE would d...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Geeking Around

Hello loyal listeners and thanks for coming back for another episode of Gluttons for Geekdom. This week decided to try something new and have a free flowing episode. We discuss an array of topics ranging from the comics we we bought, the shows we like,...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Civil War Talk pt Deuce

Hey guys here's the conclusion to our talk on Civil War. Welcome Mr John Cannon as your new gluttonous geek, we're all excited for what the future holds. We have some great ideas for upcoming episodes as a trio, so stay tuned!
gluttonsforgeekdom author

a SPOILER FREE mini review and game of thrones is getting good!

SPOILER FREE mini review for captain america civil war! We're giving everyone a chance to go out and get your geek on! No worries though our spoiler filled episode will be up soon! Then we talk a out some more Game of Thrones action and how much we are...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Some News and A Sharp Inhale

This week on Gluttons for Geekdom Bobby Deuce and Nick James dive into what news has been going around this week. We talk about the dynamic duo (Cappulo and Snyder) ending their run on Batman, how much money Civil War has made already and the fate of s...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

an evening FOR kevin smith

Kevin Smith has been a long time hero and main inspiration for Nick. Nick attributes his spark to want to podcast at all to Kevin Smith, so we thought it necessary to give Kev his very own episode and praise the man, his work, and what it has meant.
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Winter is here..

On this weeks episode for Gluttons for Geekdom Bobby Deuce and Nick travel to Westeros to explore Game of Thrones. In honor of the new episode (which premiered last night) Bobby and Nick talk about the past, present, and future of Game of Thrones and s...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

A Day in the Life of a Gluttonous Geek

On this episode Bobby Deuce and Nick are off to the comic book store! Find out what we saw, what we wanted, and what we eventually ended up walking out with. We then talk artists and writers behind the books we bought and some of the characters that me...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Events on the Horizon

Want to be the master of whispers amongst your friends? Know what its like to have the knowledge of a Jedi, or visions from the beyond? This is the episode for you! Bobby Deuce and Nick explore the world of nerd and bring you the hottest news and insig...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Batman v Superman Part Two

Well folks, as promised, here is part two of Gluttons for Geekdoms first show. We had so much fun making it and can't wait to do another! We are not 100% on what our next episode will be so if you have any suggestions please comment on Facebook, www.fa...
gluttonsforgeekdom author

Batman vs Superman part one

Welcome to the very first episode of Gluttons for Geekdom! We have been waiting for this for some time and are beyond happy and proud to present to you our very first episode, On this weeks episode we get into a review and discussion of Batman v Super:...
gluttonsforgeekdom author