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Valentines Day Text Later Delivery

Seems a bunch of people received there valentines day text today, in what can only be described as something very strange. It was not limited to iPhones or Androids or carrier. The messages just seemed to get unstuck from some location. The senders are...
Todd Cochrane author

Student Innovation Blows me Away

A Middle School Student Innovation in car accident prevention has blown me away and I would suspect we could see what the student has designed in a car of the future. Lots happening here with my moving to my new place over the weekend. Pictures to foll...
Todd Cochrane author

Halloween Geek Creed

I kick off the show giving a round of applause to the most awesome Halloween costume. Some parent earned some serious greek creed. Anyway back in the Michigan studio for the next couple of weeks. Moving into the loft could start as early as tomorrow so...
Todd Cochrane author

Calling the Predator Companies out!

Calling Predator companies out on the new things they are doing to collect more info from us and lock us into their platforms increasing dependency. I am personally about sick of it. Plus some bad news for iPhone 5 owners that use the device to keep bi...
Todd Cochrane author

GNC I'm Back

GNC #1399 I’m Back. I must apologize but it has been an eventful two weeks that I talk about during the show. Nothing like an upper respiratory infection and a 104F fever to keep me away from the mic. But I am back and while I missed my 15-year celebra...
Todd Cochrane author

Amazon Sidewalk

Back in the studio for a very busy four days of content creation. First up is the New Media Show on Saturday, followed by the Podcast Awards on Sunday, Then two presentations for the International Podcast day on Monday. Then travel again on Tuesday. Th...
Todd Cochrane author

TikTok & Chinese Censorship

TikTok a Bejing based company appears to be censoring videos of Hong Kong protest. This should come as no surprise to anyone. This popular app is used by millions and I am sure the Chines Communist government has explicit instructions to the company th...
Todd Cochrane author

SpaceX Internet Available Soone

SpaceX is thinking they can roll out their Internet service faster based on a new Sat deployment strategy. In my opinion it cannot come soon enough. Tonight was a total stream failed. Somehow was not able to maintain connection with the streaming provi...
Todd Cochrane author

Instagram & Facebook Photos not Private

A big security issue has been found on Instagram and Facebook. Where your shared private images and videos can be easily shared by someone copying the HTML link to the media. The web is secure but the links to the media are not. Continued debugging of ...
Todd Cochrane author

Dialing it In

Dialing in the studio is going to take some time but it is a work in progress amongst everything else going on. A special Wednesday show for you as I head to Atlantic City for the Mid Atlantic Podcast Conference. We will have a New Media Show on Sunday...
Todd Cochrane author

Live from New Studio

Live from the New Studio, this is really a trial run as the Audio, Cameras, Lighting has not been fully dialed in. So looking for feedback on today’s show. I have a lot of work to do yet to get it where it needs to be. Great show for a live one so I ho...
Todd Cochrane author

Last Live Show in Hawaii

Last Live show here in Hawai, which as you would expect was full of issues of the stream going down. Never fails when you want to have fun things go sideways. Well anyway it will be fun calling the cable company and downgrading the speed tomorrow. Audi...
Todd Cochrane author

Amazon Pays you to Quit Your Job to Drive for Them!

Amazon wants its employees to quit, give them a three months severance package and $10k in cash to start a business that would have the prior employee drive for them. Quite incredible if you think about it. But I look at the math on it and wonder if so...
Todd Cochrane author

FCC Denies China Mobile from Operating in the US

The FCC has rightfully denied China Mobile USA from operating in the United States in what I feel is absolutely the right decision. We are down to two more live shows in the studio. Still fighting a massive head cold here folks so I hope I am on the ot...
Todd Cochrane author

Amazon's Treatment of Pregnant Women

In a shocking article, Amazon’s Treatment of Pregnant Women in their fulfillment centers appears to be rife with issues discriminating firings. This continues to put Amazon in a bad light considering they are already considered abusers of there workfor...
Todd Cochrane author

Free Music Battle

Free music battle heats up with the race to the bottom with free music offerings from both YouTube Music and Amazon. Great for consumers but it appears that the ad model that radio uses may actually now work in the digital divide which is exciting in i...
Todd Cochrane author

Final Hawaii Shows

We are fast approaching the Final Hawaii shows with my upcoming travel we will have less than 5 shows left here that will be video in nature. While audio only shows will continue to the end it’s really crazy to know that I am that close to busting down...
Todd Cochrane author

Android TV Testing Invasive Advertising

Android TV is testing invasive advertising, imagine you just spend $2000 on a Sony connected TV and you turn it on and the home screen is full of content advertising that is being pushed by Google as a way monetize the $2000 TV you just purchased. Well...
Todd Cochrane author

Swatter gets 20 Years

Swatter gets 20 years for calling in a swatting on a indivdiual who lost his life in the incident. The two co-conspirators trials start shortly. This should be a wake-up call to anyone who is considering playing a hoax on someone. Personally I think th...
Todd Cochrane author

Family DNA Privacy at Risk

Family DNA Privacy is at risk with pleas from commercial DNA collection groups wanting you to give them free rein over your DNA to allow it to be shared with law enforcement. One could be responsible for a family member getting locked up or worse yet y...
Todd Cochrane author

Apple News Day

Apple News dominated the tech sector today, it seems everyone has figured out to not even try to make any announcements when Apple is having a big event. We had to dig to get you a full stack of news today. Some of the topics covered are not linked bel...
Todd Cochrane author

T-Mobile Home Internet

T-Mobile Home Internet with unlimited bandwidth may be coming to a rural area near you. I would encourage T-Mobile to really get this offer out in the 49082 zip code area. I am really excited about this as there is simply no way that the incumbent cabl...
Todd Cochrane author

YouTube & Facebook Battle Video Takedowns

YouTube & Facebook had their hands full with taking down all the rouge videos from the Christchurch shooting and massacre. With the easy of live streaming these days it’s not an easy thing to have enough technology to halt live streams like this mi...
Todd Cochrane author

Facebook Had and Outage and No one Cared

Facebook had the biggest outage of its history and no one seemed to care. In my opinion, everyone’s mental health probably improved during the outage. More worrisome is the new cell phone location data proposal of the FCC that will pinpoint your locati...
Todd Cochrane author

It's Show Time

Apple is having an event that is entitled “It’s Show Time” which can only mean that it is going to be a media event surrounding Apple TV and there news division. We will likely also get to see details on upcoming iOS releases. Well my travel schedule c...
Todd Cochrane author

SpaceX Biggest Launch to Date

SpaceX biggest launch to date will be their Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space station which will lead to manned crews to ISS later this year. SpaceX has a lot riding on this launch happening in the early morning hours this coming Saturd...
Todd Cochrane author

Facebook Moderator Trauma #1349

Facebook Moderators face unprecedented trauma on a daily basis by being exposed to the absolute worst that humanity can throw at them. I was barely able to complete the expose by The Verge and could really resonate with what they had to put up with. We...
Todd Cochrane author

Reverse Digital Search Warrants #1348

Reverse digital search warrants are where law enforcement request wide sweeping data of cell phone location information within a crime perimeter at a certain time. They are doing this to look at the digital data to try and determine a suspect. Some are...
Todd Cochrane author

Facebook Responds #1336

Facebook responds once again for privacy concerns of third-party partners having read/write access to our private messages within Facebook. Nothing should surprise us anymore when it comes to Facebook, to be honest. Kirk will be carrying the show into ...
Todd Cochrane author

Amazon to stop shipping CRaP

Seems Amazon is tired of losing money on CRaP and will be forcing vendors to pay for shipping. They are purportedly putting a strong arm on companies like Coke to ship items like SmartWater on their own dime. Only Amazon would get away with this kind o...
Todd Cochrane author

Texting Tax in California #1334

A Texting Tax in California will most likely be showing up on your mobile bill. The state has decided that residents of California should be taxed for texting as a way to squeeze more cash out of its citizens. Call me not surprised in the least as this...
Todd Cochrane author

Huawei CFO under Arrest #1333

Huawei CFO has been locked up in Canada appears to be awaiting extradition to the United States for Iran Sanction violations and the Chinese are very pissed off. Lot’s of diplomatic activity going on. One wonders if this is just a little bit of gamesma...
Todd Cochrane author

WordPress 5.0 Armagedon #1332

WordPress 5.0 has been released I will not be one of the first to upgrade largely because we have a lot of editors here and one thing I have found is that big UI changes like this will always cause a certain amount of chaos. Plus I want to give the aut...
Todd Cochrane author

Tumblr to Clean up the Porn #1331

Tumblr, in my opinion, has always been known for a haven of adult content is semi-cracking the whip starting on 12-17. After being removed from the Apple App store for finding inappropriate content related to child abuse. But in there statement, they s...
Todd Cochrane author

A Cat Destroyed my Son’s MacBook Pro #1328

Yes, A cat destroyed my Son’s MacBook Pro. You are simply not going to believe this story a curious cat and a series of incredible events caused the utter destruction of my Son’s MacBook Pro which Apple is predicting will cost $700 to repair. The cat i...
Todd Cochrane author

Are Kids GPS Watches Being Tracked? #1327

Are Kids GPS Watches being tracked? If a report from The Register proves to be true I think I would smash my Kids GPS tracking watch into a million pieces but that’s just me and I know already that the majority of us are being tracked by equally bad fo...
Todd Cochrane author

MoviePass Marketing Run by an Idiot! #1326

MoviePass marketing is being run by an idiot. It’s obvious that they cannot hire anyone with half a brain with the money they are stealing from consumers in my opinion. The latest email they sent out was so bad that a five year old could have put toget...
Todd Cochrane author

An App that Tracks your Voting History and Political Affiliation #1325

An App that tracks your voting history and political affiliations is now available for others to take a closer look at your political activity. While much of this information has been available to political parties it is now availble to anyone which to...
Todd Cochrane author

Did you Realize Public Wifi Hotspots are Tracking our Location? #1324

Public WiFi Hotspots are tracking your every move. Once you sign in to one anytime you pass by almost any Hotspot in the country with your Wifi Turned on they mark your location and share that with the companies that look for customer information. So n...
Todd Cochrane author

Is Bitcoin Causing Global Climate Change? #1323

Is Bitcoin causing global climate change? Well, a bunch of scientists thinks Bitcoin mining will cause a 2 Celsius increase in global temperatures over the next 20+ years. Lets be frank do we think Bitcoin will still be around in 20 years or will it be...
Todd Cochrane author

Chinese Taunt President to use Huawei Mobile #1322

The Chinese today taunted the President to use a Huawei phone after they were accused of tapping the President personal iPhone. The bigger story is that if the Chinese and Russians can tap the Presidents iPhone what does that mean for the rest of us do...
Todd Cochrane author

Uninstalled Phone App Tracking #1321

Uninstalled Phone App Tracking now seems to be the new way to market to us. Remover an App and within moments they will start marketing directly to the IP. Once again Privacy is disregarded in lieu of profits. I am hoping that both Apple and Google mak...
Todd Cochrane author

Will they Abandon the ISS #1320

Will NASA Abandon the ISS due to the failed Soyuz launch today that resulted in a ballistic re-entry for the Cosmonaut and Astronaut aboard? There is real pressure here as the current occupants need to depart the ISS by January as the Soyuz vehicle at ...
Todd Cochrane author

Is Apple and Amazon Covering Six? – #1319

I truly believe that Apple and Amazon are covering six on this hardware hack. My speculation is that they have been told you shall keep your mouth shut at all cost we don’t care if you lie to the public. This is too big and will cause global economic c...
Todd Cochrane author

Chinese Hardware Hack of a Lifetime #1318

The Chinese have pulled off the Hardware Hack of a Lifetime. If what is being reported by Bloomberg is true than this is truly and incredible hack. So much so that it should set every American back in there seat and truly ask if we can trust Phones, Co...
Todd Cochrane author

Streaming Maniac #1317 - Geek News Central (Video)

I have been a streaming maniac for the past couple of days. I have learned one thing that Wowza Cloud has huge ongoing issues streaming to YouTube but it seems that it does just fine at any other of the live streaming locations I have been using. I am ...
Todd Cochrane author

Elon Musk Trouble with SEC #1316 - Geek News Central (Video)

Elon Musk is in real trouble with the SEC. There are two organizations you don’t ever want to have to go answer to the IRS and SEC both of them can make your life a living hell. Elon is about to have his hands full and will be lucky when it is all over...
Todd Cochrane author

Chrome 69 Privacy Issues #1315 - Geek News Central (Video)

Chrome 69 opens up a quagmire of possible privacy issues without Google really explaining why they are logging users into the browser now by default. As one columnist said trust is not a renewable resource. Our online privacy continues to be whacked aw...
Todd Cochrane author

70 New Amazon Alexa Announcements #1314 - Geek News Central (Video)

Today Amazon announced over 70 new Alexa related announcements with a whole stack of new devices and refreshes. You can tell that Amazon Alexa and the entire team there is serious about making these platform stick. The sheer number of devices gives Ama...
Todd Cochrane author

Amazon Reviews Removed by Bribe? #1313 - Geek News Central (Video)

Amazon Reviews apparently can be manipulated by a simple bribe. Goes to show you that Amazon is likely not paying their employees enough if a payment from $80 to $2000 can get sales reports, negative reviews removed and a whole bevy of nefarious things...
Todd Cochrane author