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Comedians Jim Daly and Kevin Day join Andy Street and James Endeacott to chat weekly about all things Crystal Palace FC. Often joined by special guests including Palace players and celebrity Eagles fans.

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Comedians Jim Daly and Kevin Day join Andy Street and James Endeacott to chat weekly about all things Crystal Palace FC. Often joined by special guests including Palace players and celebrity Eagles fans. Twitter.com/FYPFanzine Facebook.com/FYPFanzine Instagram.com/FYPFanzine Email: podcast@fypfanzine.uk
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14.08.2019 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 293 - Palace are back and it's more of the same

The FYP Podcast is back! This episode we discuss that 0-0 draw with Everton, Wilf Zaha latest, answer questions and preview Saturday's trip to Sheffeld United. We also introduce our new supporters for this season; The Athletic.
FYP Podcast author
14.07.2019 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 292 - Taking the Uhren

Palace are back and so are we! The FYP Podcast team go to Switzerland to watch the Eagles take part in the Uhren Cup final where they of course lose 2-0 to Young Boys to continue our terrible trend in cup finals. JD is joined by Jesse and Will Hamilton...
FYP Podcast author

FYP podcast 291 - Silly is good

It's the final podcast of the season! In it Jim, Sellsy, Kevin and John Endeacott review that crazy last day 5-3 win over Bournemouth. They also answer your questions and pay tribute to departing Palace legends Julian Speroni and Jason Puncheon.
FYP Podcast author
6.05.2019 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 290 - You’re welcome, Brighton

It's a Bank Holiday pod as JD, Kevin, Enders and Sellsy head to the Soho Radio studio to review Satuday's 3-2 win at Cardiff. There's also some good news for Max Meyer fans from Roy, the latest on Julian Speroni's future and lots more, as well as your ...
FYP Podcast author
30.04.2019 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 289 - What does progress look like?

JD, Kevin, Enders and Sellsy are back at Soho Radio for an hour's chat on that rather dull Everton game. Was it a decent point or one of the worst things to have ever happened at Selhurst Park? They also answer your questions which range from AWB's br...
FYP Podcast author

FYP Podcast 288 - Seven up!

Palace are officially safe for a club record seven straight seasons in the top flight, after a brilliant first ever win at the Emirates. Tom Maslons steps in a host this week and is joined by Sellsy and Enders to discuss that amazing 3-2 win and a host...
FYP Podcast author

FYP Podcast 287 - Finger wagging

It's Day vs Sells round 2\. Ding! Ding!
FYP Podcast author

FYP Podcast 286 - Crapping Diamonds

JD, Sellsy and Travis answer all the important questions like 'Had it been a boring season?', 'Do we rely on penalties too much?' and 'Does Luka crap diamonds?' They also answer your questions and preview Sunday's visit of Manchester City.
FYP Podcast author

FYP Podcast 285 - Maxed Out?

It's a boutique pod with Kevin filling in for JD as host and the family Endeacott in James and Travis completing a dream trio. They look back at that weirdly frustrating 2-0 win over Huddersfield that all-but secured Premier League survival for next se...
FYP Podcast author
19.03.2019 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 284 - Troy Story 2

Troy Townsend - Kick It Out campaigner and dad of Palace star Andros - returns to the pod to join JD, Sellsy and Enders to help work out what went wrong at Watford in the FA Cup quarter-final and where we go from here. At the Soho Radio studios they co...
FYP Podcast author

FYP Podcast 283 - Home discomforts

Probably the fiestiest podcast for some time after Palace's disappointing derby defeat at home to Brighton. JD effectively chairs a debate between Kevin and Sellsy that ranges from all sorts of issues, including Max Meyer, Roy's rubs, home form, Schlup...
FYP Podcast author

FYP Podcast 282 - Ooh Cheikhou out

Three games to review on today's FYP Podcast; wins at Leicester ad Burnley and defeat at home to Man United. JD, Sellsy, Enders and Travis (and a cameo from Kevin) are here to review those games as we make our debut at Soho Radio studios. They also ans...
FYP Podcast author

FYP Podcast 281 - Fix Schlupp Look Sharp

Palace are into the FA Cup quarter-finals but still JD, Kevin, Sellsy and John Curran can't decide on whether Jeff Schlupp or Max Meyer should start in the next round. They also try to work out whether Watford are actually proper rivals and answer your...
FYP Podcast author

FYP Podcast 280 - Hammer blow

It's a Friday afternoon podcast but that doesn't mean the panel are any less angry with referee Craig Pawson after Palace's 1-1 draw with West Ham last Saturday. JD, Kevin, Sellsy and Harry Howes Daily Star look back over that game of two halves and pr...
FYP Podcast author
6.02.2019 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 279 - Hey Michy you're so fine

Michy Batshuayi arrives on Deadline Day and instantly helps Palace to a 2-0 win over Fulham three days later. That follows an FA Cup win over Tottenham and a league draw at Southampton where Wilf Zaha gets sent off for sarcastically clapping the refere...
FYP Podcast author

FYP Podcast 278 - Differently Good

Palace lose 4-3 at Liverpool so JD, Kevin, Sellsy and Jesse are here to look back at that game, answer your questions and look ahead to Sunday's FA Cup clash with Spurs.
FYP Podcast author
16.01.2019 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 277 - Something happened at half-time vs Watford

We start this week's FYP Podcast talking about the Watford defeat at Selhurst but JD, Kevin, Andy, John Curran and Tom Maslona quickly descent into a big debate about recruitment, Wilf Zaha's future and Palace's overall ambition. They also manage to sq...
FYP Podcast author
3.01.2019 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 276 - Ayew sure that really happened?

It finally happened; no, not Kevin Day pronouncing albeit correctly but Jordan Ayew scoring a goal for Palace. And what a goal, to el[ secure a huge 2-0 win for the Eagles at Wolves, Kevin, Jim, James and Andy look back at that victory to kick off 2019...
FYP Podcast author
19.12.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 275 - Well-intentioned incompetence

A big win over Cardiff eases the pressure on Palace and Roy Hodgson. JD, Kevin, Dr John Curran and competition winner Mark Silverstein reconvene to discuss that game, Vicente Guaita's debut, Martin Kelly and much more. They also answer your questions a...
FYP Podcast author
10.12.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 274 - Roy Division

Pressure mounts on Roy Hodgson after Palace throw away the lead at West Ham to lose 3-2\. With some pretty big games on the horizon where does it leave the man recently given the Freedom of Croydon? JD, Kevin and Andy are here to assess that and the de...
FYP Podcast author
5.12.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 273 - Unacceptable

Well that wasn't meant to happen but Palace manage to lose to Brighton in the top flight for the first time since 1981 and in pretty spectacular fashion too. JD, Kevin, Andy and Rob try to work out what on earth turned the exact same 11 players from on...
FYP Podcast author
13.11.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 272 - Ayew kidding me?!

Another half decent performance against a Top 6 team but ultimately another 1-0 defeat to Tottenham. Were there more positives than negatives? Jim, Kevin and James are here to try and work that out.
FYP Podcast author
7.11.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 271 - System Of A Frown

Palace lose at Chelsea thanks to some defensive brain farts but it's Roy's system that gets real scrutiny on this week's FYP Podcast. JD, Kevin and Andy also try to decide if Max Meyer is worth a start and have an update on Sussex Police's continued re...
FYP Podcast author
2.11.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 270 - What's Schlupp, doc?

A mixed week for Palace with a decent draw against Arsenal and a disappointing defeat at Boro in the cup. Jim, James, Andy and Kevin (AKA, The Original Lineup) are here to look back over both games, try to work out whats going on with Jeffrey Schlupp a...
FYP Podcast author
23.10.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 269 - There is no silver bullet

Another day, another frustrating Palace defeat, this time at Everton where two late goals sunk the Eagles. JD, Kevin and Andy are here to discuss that and why some fans are desperate for Luka Milivojevic to be dropped. They also chat about the Block E ...
FYP Podcast author
9.10.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 268 - Steve Parish on the HF, stadium, transfers and more

Happy birthday to us! We've reached 10 years as a podcast and to celebrate, Palace chairman Steve Parish joins us to talk about manner of things from the HF/signing section to the new Main Stand to the club's transfer dealings and much more. JD is also...
FYP Podcast author
4.10.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 267 - Mamadou you really have to do that?

Oh Mama! Mamadou Sakho has a mad moment at Bouremouth and Palace lose 2-1 to make it a frustrating couple of weeks. JD, Kevin and Enders discuss that, Max Meyer and all sorts on this week's podcast. They also answer your questions and look ahead to a t...
FYP Podcast author
27.09.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 266 - Man About Townsend

A win and a draw for Palace since the last pod, including an Andros Townsend brace at West Brom. JD is joined by Kevin, Jesse and Ed Night to discuss that and where Max Meyer fits in (if at all!) and the club's announcement of a new singing section at ...
FYP Podcast author
19.09.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 265 - Andy Johnson on Wilf, Hodgson & Palace For Life Foundation

It's grim up north, but not for Palace who come away with all three points from Huddersfield again. JD, Kevin, James and Andy are here to discuss Wilf Zaha's continued kicking and comments about just that on Match of the Day. They also answer your ques...
FYP Podcast author
3.09.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 264 - Where there’s no Wilf, there's no way

Oh boy. Another week, another defeat in a game Palace had earmarked as three points. Defeat at home to Southampton leaves the Eagles on a run of three losses in a row. JD, Kevin and Enders are joined by Gary Mulcahey from the Palace for life Foundation...
FYP Podcast author
29.08.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 263 - Hodgson vs Harry Hornet

Oh buzz off, Harry Hornet! Palace lose at Watford in the week where Roy Hodgson picked a fight with a man in a mascot outfit. The Eagles also travel to Swansea and win 1-0 in the Carabao Cup so it's not all bad. Andy is in the driving seat with Kevin, ...
FYP Podcast author
21.08.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 261 - Troy Townsend joins the pod to chat Liverpool, Andros and more

Palace are very unfortunate to lose at home to Liverpool as Mo Salah discovers a new love of falling down quickly. JD, Kevin and Jesse are joined by Kick It Out's Troy Townsend, father of Palace winger Andros, to discuss all manner of CPFC related thin...
FYP Podcast author
15.08.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 260 - Wilf gets his own Five Year Plan

Five more years! (Hopefully) Wilf Zaha signs a new contract until 2023 at Palace, making him the club's highest earner ever. This comes days after Roy Hodgson signs a new deal and the Eagles kick off the new season with a win at Fulham. JD, Andy and Tr...
FYP Podcast author
11.08.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 258 EXTRA! - Palace kick off new season with win at Fulham

What a great start to the new season! Schlupp and Zaha score as the Eagles kick off the 2018/19 campaign with a 2-0 win at newly-promoted Fulham. Jim, Jesse and JD Snr are joined by Farrell Monk from the Fulhamish Pod to review that game and every waxe...
FYP Podcast author
9.08.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 259 - Ayew ready for the new season?

The new season is here and the pod is back! JD, Kevin, James and Andy are in the studio just one day before the start of the 2018/19 Premier League season and not even two hours after the close of the transfer window. They discuss Palace's transfer bus...
FYP Podcast author
4.08.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 258 EXTRA! - Palace end pre-season on a high

The pod is back! Palace beat Toulouse 4-1 in their final pre-season game before the 2017/18 season. JD is joined by Sellsy and Sky Sports' Michael Bridge to chat over that game, transfers and all sorts as the FYP Podcast starts to get back into full sw...
FYP Podcast author
30.06.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 258 - World Cup special

The World Cup is into the second round already so Jim, Kevin, James and Ed are here to look back over the first round and decide whether it's coming home or not. They also chat about Palace's transfers (or lack thereof) and moan about how hot it is.
FYP Podcast author
16.05.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 257 - Final pod of 2017/18 season with awards!

We’ve reached the final pod of 2017/18 already! To look back over another eventful season for Palace, JD is joined by a host of FYP faces including Kevin, Enders, Street, Sellsy, Rob and Neil Fish. They also hand out some hugely prestigious FYP awards ...
FYP Podcast author
13.05.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 256 EXTRA - Palace round off 17/18 season with West Brom win

Aaaaand that's the end of another season in the Premier League. Palace end up the form team in the division with a 2-0 victory over West Brom, marking a very different final seven games of the season to that first seven. JD is joined by Tom Maslona, Ad...
FYP Podcast author
9.05.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 256 - For the first time this season everything makes sense

Feel that? That's the feeling of mid-table obscurity. Feels good, doesn't it? JD, Kevin, Ed and John Curran of JCIS fame are here to look back over that win at Stoke that secured survival, assess the Palace Award winners and have a look at next season'...
FYP Podcast author
5.05.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 255 EXTRA - Palace are officially safe for another year

Whew! That's Premier League survival secured for a sixth successive season thanks to a 2-1 win at Stoke (who are also relegated). JD is joined by Tom Maslona and Rob Warlow from football.london at the Bet365 stadium to review that game and see if they ...
FYP Podcast author
2.05.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 255 - The James McArthur Special

The man himself Jimmy Mac joins Andy, Kevin and Steve Browett to talk about all manner of CPFC things including: His contract status, His decent run in the team lately, Why Palace fans are the best, what it's like playing for Hodgson, Gerrard to Ranger...
FYP Podcast author
28.04.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 254 EXTRA - Palace smash Leicester AND Benteke scores

Palace score five goals AND Benteke gets on the scoresheet. That's a perfect day at the office, no? Rob is joined by Sellsy and Tom Maslona at Selhurst to review the Eagles' 5- win over Leicester that all but secures survival for another season. They a...
FYP Podcast author
25.04.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 254 - What does Wilf Zaha have to do with the Spanish Civil War?

Wilf is the centre of attention again against Watford, getting booked for diving when he definitely didn't. JD and Kevin are joined by Tony Fletcher and the Guardian's Dom Fifield to discuss that and lots more. They also answer your questions and previ...
FYP Podcast author
21.04.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 253 EXTRA - Refs hate Wilf, Pt 81762

Palace draw 0-0 at Watford where, yet again, Wilf Zaha is the centre of attention after being wrongly booked for diving. JD is joined by Sellsy and Tom Maslona, author of Vince Hilaire's autobiography, to analyse a point that edges the Eagles closer to...
FYP Podcast author
18.04.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 253 - Wilfpower

Wilf Zaha does what Wilf Zaha does best again; scoring braces against Brighton as Palace beat their rivals 3-2 at Selhurst to inch closer to Premier League survival. JD, Kevin, Travis and Harry Howes Daily Star are here to look back over that game and ...
FYP Podcast author
15.04.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 252 EXTRA - Zaha brace sinks Brighton...again

Is it 2013? Zaha scores a brace against Brighton towards the tail end of the season only this time it looks like it may have secured Premier League survival instead of promotion. Andy, Sellsy and Tony Fletcher are here to bask in the glory of that 3-2 ...
FYP Podcast author
11.04.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 252 - It's time to make a change, Roy

Why won't Roy make any subs? JD, Kevin, Andy try to work out why after Palace's 2-2 draw at Bournemouth. They are also joined by Soye Briggs from the Palace For Life Foundation to discuss the brilliant work they do in the local community. They also ans...
FYP Podcast author
7.04.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 251 EXTRA - Bournemouth keeper Begovic talks about holding Palace to a 2-2 draw

Palace let in ANOTHER late goal to throw away three points at Bournemouth. JD is joined by Sellsy, JD Snr and special guest Asmir Begovic, as the Cherries keeper discusses how he kept the Eagles at bay with some crucial saves in the second half. They a...
FYP Podcast author
4.04.2018 http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah83/jamesrmdaly/FYP_LOGO_zpsni0kdiqm.png

FYP Podcast 251 - How many chances does Benteke need?

Another game, another Benteke miss. Two this time, actually, against Liverpool as Palace throw away a 1-0 lead against the Reds at Selhurst. Jim, Kevin, Andy and James (AKA, the Original Lineup) discuss the Belgian striker's woes again, Hodgson's set-u...
FYP Podcast author