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The Fullcast Podcast is about the production of full cast audio books, with an emphasis on creative commons. Topics will include world building, writing, editing, casting roles, recording techniques, voice acting, audio production, sound effects, music options, distribution, finding an audience, and dealing with feedback. Fullcast will be released every other week and may include guests. Hosted By Bryan Lincoln and Abigail Hilton.

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Writing and Production Tips for Full Cast Audiobooks
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Fullcast Podcast Episode 85

Bryan talks about recent news and a new Izotope RX5, then plays a Balticon 2015 panel on “Full Cast vs Straight Read”. Moderated by Doc Coleman, the panelists were Bryan Lincoln, PC Haring, and Mark Kilfoil
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 84

Bryan demonstrates some vocal effects (Convolution reverb!) before playing a panel recording from Baticon 49, entitled “Beyond Creative Commons”. Show notes: Claustrofobia(sic) impulses
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 83

Bryan talks about the development of an “inner voice” vocal effect for an upcoming audio drama
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 82

The All You Have is Audio panel from Balticon 49 (2015), moderated by Christiana Ellis.   Feedback: twitter: @audiolincoln email: contact -at- fullcastpodcast -dot- com
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 81

Bryan gives an update on the podcast. What will it become in the months ahead?   Show notes: The Roundtable Podcast 72 Drabblecast 357 – Trifecta: Embarrassing Personal Problems The Audio Drama Production Podcast Hunter’s Unlucky by Abigail Hilton Feed...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 80

Bryan talks to Peter Gruenbaum about his experiences putting together a local group of actors to make his first audio drama, called The Sting of the Dark Tower.   Show Notes: Coiled Stories
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 79

Bryan and Abbie continue talking about their future business plans as story tellers and audio producers. &nbsp
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 78

Bryan and Abbie talk about their future business plans as story tellers and audio producers
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 77

Bryan updates his future audio drama plans, then we play the Live Fullcast Podcast panel from Balticon 48 (2014) with Nobilis Reed as the guest. Topics include selling through apps and managing satellite voice actors
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 76

Bryan and Abbie talk at length about their long term audio plans
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 75

Bryan and Abbie talk with Christian and Jess of The Once and Future Nerd audio drama. (also see their Patreon Page)
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 74

A recording of a Balticon 48 panel (2014) about Satellite recording.  On the panel were Bryan Lincoln (moderator), Laura Nicole, J. Daniel Sawyer, Chris Snelgrove, and Chris Lester
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 73

Bryan moderated a panel at Baticon 48 (2014) on the subject of Full Cast Vs Straight Read.  On the panel were:   Abigail Hilton Starla Huchton J. Daniel Sawyer   Sound quality is a bit variable. A few of the audience questions are not very audible, but...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 72

Nobilis Reed was kind enough to share a recording of the Sound Effects Panel at Balticon 48 (2014). Neither Bryan nor Abbie were present but we are happy to share it!   Show Notes: Hidden Harbor Release Party recordings: Part 1 (cast reveal) Part 2 (cr...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 71

Bryan and Abbie revisit the topic of “hobbyist” vs “professional&#
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 70

Bryan and Abbie talk about ACX changing their Royalty Share Rates as well as full cast audiobook production.   Show notes: The Worlds of Abigail Hilton Podcast The Drabblecast Metamor City
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 69

Bryan and Abbie talk about author earnings in light of the Hugh Howey data set from Amazon comparing self published authors to traditionally published authors. Show Notes: Authorearnings.com
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 68

Bryan and Abbie talk about compression and posting full cast stories to Audible through
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 067

Bryan and L. “Scribe” Harris continue their conversation about collaborative writing. This is a sudden continuation of Fullcast Podcast Episode 066.   Show notes: Writing The Other Workshop
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 66

Bryan talks with L. “Scribe” Harris about writing collaboratively in a shared world with a full cast production in mind. This is part one of a two part interview. Bryan and Lauren also recount their adventures at Smoky Writer’s 2014.   Show notes: Smok...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 65

Bryan gives one producer’s plan for 2014 (there’s a lot!) and then gives podcast friendly audio examples of EQ and reverb from a panel at New Media Expo. Then he demonstrates the ability of Izotope RX3 to fix clipping in a live recording
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 64

Bryan and Abbie talk about a wide range of topics, from working with voice actors to free vs commercial to narration vs audio drama. And more!
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 63

In this mini-episode, Bryan describes how to use multiband-EQ on vocals. In the examples given, the first play is the raw sound (after noise reduction) and the  latter play is the same exact recording after the EQ has been applied. In some takes, the c...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 62

Bryan and Abbie talk about Abbie’s experience at World Con and their plans for NMX in January.  Lots of Audio Drama discussion occurs as well. Congrats to Renee Chambliss and The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine for winning a Parsec Award this year!   ...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 61

Bryan talks with Nobilis Reed about transitioning from Audacity to Reaper. What are the absolute basics you need? What can you do that you couldn’t before?   Show Notes: Audacity Audition Ardour Reaper Auphonic
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 60

Bryan and Abbie talk with Lauren Harris of The Pendragon Variety Podcast about audiobook narration
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 59

Full Cast VS Straight Read. A panel from Balticon 2013. Neither Bryan nor Abbie were on the panel, but it is well worth listening to!   Special thanks to Ben Delano of the Reader/Writer Podcast for recording this panel
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 58

Managing a Large Cast. A panel from Balticon 2013. Bryan moderates, and the panel is made up of Abigail Hilton, Chris Snelgrove, and Veronica Giguere.   Special thanks to Ben Delano of the Reader/Writer Podcast for recording this panel
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 57

Bryan talks about making  “The Templar” for The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. Topics include line selection and the use of a delay as a vocal effect.   The song played at the end is Waiting by Freaky Clean
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 56

After giving updates on their currently busy lives, Bryan and Abbie talk with John Mierau from ServingWorlds.com to talk about his Kickstarter for a second book in his Walk the Fire shared world. Proceeds would support numerous talented authors, includ...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 55

Brayn talks with Kenn Crawford, author of the Podiobook Dead Hunt and host of PodioRookie, about the use of music in stories, EQ as your primary tool, and dealing with criticism
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 54

Bryan talks with Jay Smith about HG World, Audio Drama production, and the current state of podcasting
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 53

Bryan talks about the making of A Riddle In Nine Syllables by Carrie Vaughn, which appeared in The Drabblecast #275. Discussion covers the importance of casting and the creative use of reverb. The audio examples should help an aspiring producer learn h...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Panel 2 – Using Comedy – New Media Expo 2013

Abbie organized a panel for The New Media Expo (2013)  focused on the use of comedy in fiction. On the panel with her were Rish and Big from The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine and Lauren Harris from The Pendragon Variety Podcast
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Panel 1 – Tone and Emotion – New Media Expo 2013

Bryan was on a panel about narration along with Renee Chambliss and Marshal Latham
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 52

Bryan and Abbie talk about The New Media Expo as well as their current projects.   Show Notes: Abbie’s The Guild of the Cowry Catchers HG World (official site) HG World in their preferred play order (Bryan’s links) The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Update New Media Expo 2013

Bryan gives a quick update. Bryan and Abbie will be at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas from January 6-8th. We’re looking forward to bringing you lots of great info in 2013!
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 51

Bryan and Abbie give updates on their various projects
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 50

Bryan talks about the making of Harlan’s Wake by John Mierau, his 12th production for The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. This episode includes an interview with the author recorded prior to casting the story, a “how to” section about some of the sou...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 49

This episode is a public service announcement to the podcasting community. There is a scam out there under the name of “Tribal Messenger Daily” and “World Author’s Conference”, and it is targeting podcasts and podcast authors. They go as far as making ...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 48

Bryan and Abbie talk about Dragon Con 2012 and monetizing full cast. They also answer a production question from Nobilis
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 47

Bryan and Abbie talk to Will Bowles and Josh Flaum of Written By a Kid on the Geek & Sundry Channel about producing a video series and working with kids. Be sure to check out their show, and be sure to subscribe if you find it as hilarious as we do
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Update Dragon Con 2012

Bryan gives an update leading up to Dragon Con
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 46

Part two (of two) of Bryan and Abbie’s talk with Starla Huchton (author, narrator) and Jamie Jordan (producer) of The Dreamer’s Thread. This is part one of a two part interview. Show Notes: The Dreamer’s Thread Designed By Starla Antigone’s Wrath is a ...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 45

Bryan and Abbie talk to Starla Huchton (author, narrator) and Jamie Jordan (producer) of The Dreamer’s Thread. This is part one of a two part interview. Show Notes: The Dreamer’s Thread Designed By Starla Antigone’s Wrath is a Prize Winner! Jamie’s Pro...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 44

Bryan and Abbie talk to Alex White of The Gearheart. Show Notes: The Gearheart Disasterpiece Theatre Charlie Blanchard Selected Shorts Symphony Space ======== Awesome Up Your Podcast or Audio Recording – Simple Techniques of Post-Production Want to sta...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 43

Bryan and Abbie give updates on their projects as they prepare to head to Balticon 2012.   Show notes: The Roundtable Podcast
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 42

Bryan and Abbie continue their conversation with Alicia Goranson (the writer and producer of The Mask of Inanna) and Neil Marsh (the artistic director of The Post Maridian Players). Then Bryan talks 1-on-1 with Alicia about producing such a complex sho...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 41

Bryan talks with Alicia Goranson, the writer, producer, and director of the audio drama “The Mask of Inanna” and Neil Marsh, the artistic director for the Post-Meridian Radio Players. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview. Abbie appears as co-host for p...
Bryan Lincoln author

Fullcast Podcast Episode 40

Bryan talks about the making of The Ever Dreaming Verdict of Plagues by Jason Sanford, his 11th production for The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. Topics include some voice acting tips, using EQ to help with room tone, Anteres Mutator as a tool, and ...
Bryan Lincoln author