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Learn Spanish with Real Spanish Conversations for advanced and inspired intermediate learners, including full analysis of all the best language and vocab in each show. Get the accompanying worksheets at

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Learn Spanish with Real Spanish Conversations for advanced and inspired intermediate learners, including full analysis of all the best language and vocab in each show. Get the accompanying worksheets at
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Notes in Spanish Gold News Update

A quick news update to let you know about our new Advanced podcast, Notes in Spanish Conversations. Sign up for the new podcast feed at

NIS-Gold2-ep.24 - Supersticiones

Ben and Marina talk about how superstitious the Spanish are, and some of Spain’s favourite superstitions. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.23 - De Libros…

Ben and Marina look at the reading habits of the Spanish, and what it tells us about the Spanish today. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.22 - Impacto Cero

Ben and Marina try to live a no-impact week, and discover that rubbish is one of the biggest problems in their lives! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.21 - Velocidad

Ben and Marina discuss the reasons for, and attitudes towards, the new speed reduction on Spanish highways, and how it doesn’t fit in with the speed increase on Madrid’s pavements! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.20 - Colon

Ben and Marina discuss the life of Cristóbal Colón (Columbus), and look at whether the tyrannical side of him portrayed in the film ‘Tambien la lluvia’ is really accurate or not. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.19 - Pueblos en Transicion

Ben and Marina discuss life after Peak Oil, and the fascinating Transition Town initiative that is sweeping through the UK and beyond, promising to help us thrive in an oil-reduced future. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.18 - Guernica

Ben and Marina discuss Guernica – the fascinating story of a Picasso’s involvement in the Spanish civil war, and the birth of his great symbolic painting. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.17 - Al Andalus

Ben and Marina discuss the Moorish reign in Spain, and the clear influences we can see in Spanish life and culture today. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.16 - Coincidencias

Ben and Marina look at the strange world of coincidences and discuss whether it is all down to probability and statistics, or whether there is something else going on… Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.15 - Atontados

Ben and Marina discuss ways of saving ourselves from information overload on the internet, and in life in general. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.14 - Sorolla

Ben and Marina discuss the little-known Spanish painter Joaquin Sorrolla, his wonderful museum-house in Madrid, and his luminous life and work. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.13 - El Cocido de Marina

Ben and Marina talk about cooking, the typical Spanish dish Cocido (made with garbanzos – chickpeas), and its historical origins.  Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.12 - El Canto de la Sibila

Ben and Marina look at why Unesco is choosing to bring Flamenco and Catalonia’s human castles under its umbrella, as well as other Spanish cultural treasures such as Mallorca’s El Canto de la Sibila. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.11 - Prohibido Fumar

Ben and Marina discuss the changes brought about by the new full smoking ban in Spanish bars, restaurants, and other public places, and what it means for Spanish culture and respect for authority! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.10 - De Cine

Ben and Marina talk Spanish cinema, looking back at some of the great films and directors of the last few years… which films would you add to our list? Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.9 - Centros Comerciales

Ben and Marina discuss a recent trip to a ‘centro comercial’ (and the horror awaiting in the toilets!), and examine the rise and fall of the shopping mall in Spain. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.8 - El Fin Del Chollo

Ben and Marina look at a major breakdown in Spanish air traffic control in December, and how it lead to measures not seen since Franco’s times… Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.7 - El Dedo de Santa Teresa

Ben and Marina look at the unlikely mix of Japanese Zen meditation and Catholicism in Spain, and examine the fascinating life of Santa Teresa de Avila. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.6 - Vente a Alemania Pepe

Ben and Marina discuss emmigration from Spain over the last century, how it affected Marina’s family directly, and whether it is really about to happen again now. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.5 - Buenas y Malas Noticias

Ben and Marina look at how the press manipulates us, with a real-world example from Madrid. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.4 - Chile

Marina talks to Flor about her home country Chile, covering everything from geography, to gastronomy, how recent tragedies changed the country’s attitude to faith, the lives of her 30-something friends, and typical Chilean expressions. Get the workshee...

NIS-Gold2-ep.3 - Un Idioma de Vagos

The ‘Real Academia’ has changed the Spanish language (a little bit…), and some people are up in arms about it! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.2 - Genes o Entorno

Today, Ben and Marina look at how the nature/nurture debate actually begins in the womb, and how it can have a bearing on our health in later life. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold2-ep.1 - Emprendedores

Ben and Marina discuss the entrepreneurial spirit in Spain, how it reflects the national character, and how this compares to the UK and the USA. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.28 - Requebrar

In this episode, Ben and Marina talk about how the art of complimenting a lady in the street has changed to sexual harrassment, the demise of the Spanish Macho man, and the classic film 'Jamon, Jamon'! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.27 - Marina Presidenta

Marina talks about her new job as 'Presidenta'… the worst job in Spain? Plus, in the analysis section, we look at the fastest sentence ever uttered in Notes in Spanish audio history! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.26 - Intercambio de Casa

Marina talks to her friend Ines about a unique way of going on holiday, el intercambio de casa. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.25 - Garzon

We look at the ‘trials’ of Judge Garzon, Spain’s most famous law-maker, currently being pursued by the political far-right, who want him out of the picture… Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.24 - Niños

As Marina and Ben stop sleeping again, we examine life with a toddler in Spain… Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.23 - El Lado Derecho del Cerebro

Ben learns to draw, and develops the right side of his brain, which is responsible for more than we imagine! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.22 - Huertos de Altura

This week we explore the urge to grow fruit and vegetables in the city, and the amazing effects of horticulture in prison… Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.21 - Golpe de Estado

Today we talk to Marina’s dad, Roberto, about one of the most significant events in recent Spanish history, 23F, the attempted coup by the military on February 23rd, 1981. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.20 - Hablando Con Flor

Marina talks to Flor, our Chilean friend, about the differences between life in Spain, Chile, and Germany, and interesting differences between Spanish from Chile and Spain. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.19 - Las Doulas

Ben and Marina discuss the important but little-known role of the doula, and introduce a couple of great ‘trabalenguas’ in the analysis section! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.18 - El Cole

Ben and Marina relive joyous, and somewhat painful, moments from school, and examine how the education systems differed between Spain and the UK… Do leave us a comment about today’s audio! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.17 - El Poder de los Padres

We look at just how much power parents still have over their children in Spain, long after they have left home… Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.16 - Mousse de Humo

We look at how Spain’s cuisine, or a fantasy version of it, is conquering the world! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.15 - Rebeldes

The Spanish are a bunch or rebellious law-breakers! Marina defends her nation! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.14 - Turismo de Salud

Ben and Marina discuss health tourism in Spain, and why it is annoying Spanish doctors so much! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.13 - Comida Para Todos

How are we going to feed 9 Billion people in 2050? We look at the main problems, and possible solutions. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.12 - Amor y la Galaxia

Ben’s sister finds love, despite it being more likely to find aliens in our galaxy, and online dating flourishes in Spain. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.11 - Alta Velocidad

Marina is rightly proud of her nations high-speed train network. It’s so good that Obama wants to copy it! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.10 - Quemaduras

A burned hand leads to a trip to ‘Urgencias’, plus private and public healthcare in Spain, the joys of Spanish hospital food, and if the Spanish are illness-obsessed! Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.9 - Zonas Azules

We discuss the world’s Blue Zones, where a very high life expectancy is the norm, and the formula we might try to follow to live just as long ourselves in the west. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.8 - 80 Osos

This week Ben and Marina talk about the animal kingdom – pet fashions in Spain, endangered (and dangerous!) species in the Iberian Peninsular, and more useful animal phrases. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.7 - Adios a los toros

As the Catalans debate banning bullfighting, we ask, will Spain still be Spain when the dust settles? Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.6 - Jugar Con Fuego

Adolescents sailing around the world, kids playing with fire, driving cars, and carrying pocket knives… can these things really be a good idea? Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.5 - Los Ceros

Ben and Marina look at some of the most important developments in the last 10 years. Get the worksheets at

NIS-Gold1-ep.4 - Spanglish

Marina and Ben discuss bilingual children, code-switching, and the real Spanglish. Get the worksheets at