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At Eden & June, we create beautiful, bighearted experiences on & offline to cultivate Manila's creative spirit ♡ As one of our projects, Frankly Radio is a podcast filled with honest conversations with creatives, adventurers, storytellers & entrepreneurs.

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We create beautiful, bighearted experiences on & offline to cultivate Manila’s creative spirit ♡ In here, you’ll find Frankly Radio’s weekly episodes – our podcast filled with honest conversations with creatives, adventurers, storytellers & entrepreneurs.
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Noah del Rosario: The Multi-Faceted Art of Filmmaking & Its Potent Capacity to Change The World

This episode takes place smack in the middle of the hustle & bustle of the South with two oldtime friends meeting again to share another honest conversations after months of being apart. Noah is still the same living library with one story to tell ...
Eden & June author

Raniel Hernandez: How Doing What You Love & Being Proactive Makes Juggling Full-time & Freelance Work Possible

We’d like to believe that photography isn’t just a pretty picture. Always we find ourselves looking for a story behind its still images, and here it dawns on us how distances no longer stop us from connecting to anyone and anywhere our heart desires. R...
Eden & June author

Gela Muñoz: Style vs Trends, God’s Better Plans & Sharing Light Through Our Work

Fashion is quite an unfamiliar ground for us to be honest, but there are a few words that come into our minds when we think of OOTDs and style – one of them is beefy. It seems a bit irrelevant, but only until you realize we’re talking about the cheeky ...
Eden & June author

Nikki Ocean: The Beauty of Introversion, Forgetting the Labels & Making Ends Meet as an Artist

We’d like to start this off with a tale about Nikki and her love for the sea, so much so that today she goes by the name of Nikki Ocean. She’s an artist with overflowing light inside her, she allows it to burst into many art forms: painting, writing, m...
Eden & June author

Roma Agsalud: The Beginnings of Common Room & Advice for Aspiring Craftrepreneurs (AKA Start Small, Start Now)

Roma is a provider of sorts – on top of being her family’s breadwinner, she is as a doll-maker blessed with a knack for seeing purpose in old scraps and breathing new life into long-forgotten things. The best we could liken her to is a mother – wise in...
Eden & June author

AJ Pangilinan: Staying True to Yourself Despite Expectations and The Value of Staying Small & Letting Your Work Speak for Itself

Imagine a room bursting with unique individuals, voices crashing onto one another, each one intent on making their ideas and dreams and stories heard amongst the noise. But here comes AJ doing great things without the desire to be loud about it, outspo...
Eden & June author

Phoebe Rutaquio: Doing Your Best and Starting Now to Find A Career You Love & More Entrepreneurial Advice

Phoebe is one of those go-getters who just makes things happen. She lives her life the way a surfer girl would ride ocean waves (she looks like one too, sun kissed skin, ombre hair and all – although she isn’t just yet) – bold in the way she constantly...
Eden & June author

Pauline Alvarez: Defining Success in Our Own Terms and Life’s Purpose to Love Fully & Live Truly

Pauline is something else. We’d call her a ray of sunshine if we can but if you want the typical, she’s a painter, blogger, host and a purpose-driven creative who channels her passion into everything that she does. She faces life head-on with such unde...
Eden & June author

Aryann Avenido: Daily Balance & Fitness, The Importance of Collaboration and Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Aryann’s like a quiet summer afternoon – she’s warm, soft-spoken and have eyes that look at the world with a wellspring of positivity. You’ll see it in the way she finds even the smallest gleam of light and captures it through her photographs, each one...
Eden & June author

Maine Manalansan: Millenials and How Sharing Your Work and Knowing Your Worth Attracts Bigger Opportunities

When you look at someone like Maine working on one project after another – from shoots, to graphics, to whatever randomness she ends up doing, really – your jaws just kinda drop and in you’re head, one word stands out: how? Think of millenials and Main...
Eden & June author