Foxy and Squid

What happens when you mix the most intelligent sea creature known to man and the cleverest creature to live in legends? You get a show like never before! Meet Saki, half fox and humans with a mind of a thousand lives ! And her fabulous cohost Squid! A man as smart as the squid itself. Put them together and you have Foxy and Squiddy! Be prepared with sports, politics, pop culture you name it they got it! Check out Foxy Saki's Youtube Videos at:

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What happens when you mix the most intelligent sea creature known to man and the cleverest creature to live in legends? You get a show like never before! Meet Saki, half fox and humans with a mind of a thousand lives ! And her fabulous cohost Squid! A man as smart as the squid itself. Put them together and you have Foxy and Squiddy! Be prepared with sports, politics, pop culture you name it they got it! Check out Foxy Saki's Youtube Videos at:
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Foxy and Squid # 23: March Madness 2017, MLB Network, This Week in Misery

March Madness and why I haven't been paying attention WBC, an open letter to MLB Network and what the result means Start of AFL (Australian Football League), who Iā€™m following and why (Dogs, Tigers, purplehazygirl on Instagram) NBA and NHL winding down...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid #22: March Madness 2017, Donald Trump's Taxes, Conundrums

It's another Erik Watkins (Squid) solo edition of Foxy and Squid. Foxy is feeling a bit under the weather, so she's taking the night off. So, the Squid takes to the airwaves to talk about what else? His conundrums. He even has crazy new ones that ha...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 22: Agent Orange, March Madness, More

This week on Foxy and Squid, it's the week of the Squid! Saki is out for the week planning something new and exciting for the show, but in the meantime Squid takes up the mic and lays it all down. He's been having some weird dreams and birds are hittin...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 21: Dead by Daylight Roast, Battle of the Sexes, More

Saki has been listening to some really funny comedians lately. Kevin Hart, George Lopez, Gabriel Iglesias, you name it she's heard it. Now it's Saki's turn to tell some jokes. What better material to use than Dead by Daylight! And with their new update...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid #20: How to be Professional, Saki's Therapy Session, Grayson Allen vs. Ray Rice

Stephanie Diaz (Saki) needs to vent to Erik Watkins (Squiddy). The world is going to chaos and she needs to clear her mind and soul. She's also here with Squid to give a seminar on how to be professional in any field. Also on the list, is social justic...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 19: Super Bowl LI, Nintendo Games, Final Fantasy Turns 20

Squid couldn't make it to the show this week because of his tentacle ligaments bu no worries! Saki has it all under control with this weeks shows topics! Saki has a fan girl moment for Tom Brady and congratulates him on his 5th Super Bowl win while al...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 18: Utada Hikaru's New Album, Miami Dolphins Playoff Loss, More

That's right! The gang is back and it's time for a new year and that means new episodes too! This week on the Foxy and Squid Show, Saki reunites with the Squid, getting ready to talk about her Winter break and how fulfilling it was. The pair also get ...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 17: Cards Against Humanity, Drinking Table, Final Show of 2016

This episode of the Foxy and Squid show is a special one indeed. Freemymansblitz will be coming on again for the final episode of 2016! Along the way the show also invites special guest StraightEdge101 as the moderator and creative idealist for the Car...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 16: Tracer Sexuality Controversy, New Year's Resolutions, White Noise 2,

This episode of the Foxy and Squid show is the second to last episode of the 2016 year! With it Saki and the Squid reveal their New Years Resolutions while bringing a special guests on the show. Saki also gets to play with the special guest in the game...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid #15: How to Avoid Scammers, Hamilton, Kingdom Hearts, More

Time for our own Foxy and Squid rewind! Also on the list of topics is Sakis two weeks of being alone, and how to avoid scammers on Twitter. Also on the list is Hamilton auditions: Can Saki be up for it? Or will she even do it?
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid Show # 14: Pope Francis, Home Alone, Christmas, More

Time to play Dead by Daylight! Playing as the Nurse, Micheal, and Laurie Strode! We'll discuss Pope Francis, Home Alone, and Family for Christmas. All here and more on the Foxy and Squid Show.
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid Show #12: Thanksgiving Plans, Charlie Strong Fired, and Runbow

On this episode of the Foxy and Squid show, Stephanie Diaz and Erik Watkins discuss their Thanksgiving plans. Eating delicious Turkey. Spending time with wonderful family members, who we don't see for a year because reasons. Of course, a time of grace...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid Show # 13: Thanksgiving, Moana, Runbow, More

Come join a special guest as I play Runbow once again and talk about randomness. The fun never ends! We'll talk about Moana, how our Thanksgiving went and more!
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid Show #11: Donald Trump Nicknames, Election Blues, 2016 Sucks

Saki and Erik the Squid are back after two-weeks of separation. Saki was sick, but that didn't stop her from reuniting with her beloved Squid as they talk about new nicknames for Trump (like Cheeto Hitler!) and the state of our nation. Erik also lays d...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 10: Dead by Daylight, Election Voting, NBA Returns

Dead by Daylight people. It's up and running and guess what?! Halloween update woot woot!! Saki enters the fog while SCU and Erik talk about the warriors. Also on the show Saki found out Erik voted! Time for Ace Attorney Saki to solve the mystery for w...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 9: Dead by Daylight, Candy Crush Game Show, Interdimensional Meeting

Saki can't handle her battle between Bon Bon that's why she went to something she actually knows she has a chance! Dead by Daylight is Saki's game and she has a blast as Erik tries to defend his take on why it's his fault Candy Crush is a game show now...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 8: Raiders to Vegas, MLB Baseball Playoffs, Presidential Debates, More

Saki plays Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, while Stephen Ur joins Foxy and Squid to talk Playoff Baseball and some NFL Football and they get confirmation of the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas during the show too. After that, Saki, Squi...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 7: Dolphins Colors, Miami Hurricanes Season, World Cup of Hockey

Saki and Squid discuss Miami Dolphins color coordination, the Miami Hurricanes season, World Cup of Hockey, and Saki finishes Layers of Fear.
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 6: Dolphins/Patriots, Beauty and the Beast turns 25, Layers of Fear

Saki goes back into an acid trip with Layers of Fear as she and Erik the Squid talk about Football, the 25th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast and Lemonade losing to Grease Live at the Emmys. Plus Saki loses her temper with the Squid as he tells her ...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid #5: NFL, Hilary Clinton, Kingdom Hearts

Scary games are Saki's favorite! But with Layers of Fear she just can't handle it on her own! So Squiddy is here to save the day! Talking about the kneeling during the anthem for NFL, Hillary Clinton's illness and Saki's run-in with a troll that also l...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 4: NFL, Brock Turner, Derrick Rose

Another episode of the Foxy and Squid show! No drawing requests this time but no worries! Saki has it covered with her gamer games! Join her and the Squid as they discuss the details of Derrick Rose and the civil lawsuit while also seeing Saki die over...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 3: Colin Kaepernick, Ryan Lochte, Apple, More

This week on the Foxy and Squid Show Squiddy talks about Lochte and how stupid he is while Saki just says, "Who cares?" Then they talk Apple and if the tech giant has brought something new to the dining table, and ends with Kaepernick and what his prot...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 2: Olympics, Crazy Beiber Fans, More

Welcome back to the new and improved version of SCU and Saki except this time Saki is in charge and Squiddy is...well busy untangling in tentacles. ANYWAYS! This week on the show Saki finished her second part of the drawing while discussing why Beiber ...
W2M Network author

Foxy and Squid # 1: 2016 Olympics, Utada Hikaru, More

Foxy and Squid talk the 2016 Olympics, Foxy gets excited about a new Utada Hikaru album, and much more.
W2M Network author