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Interviews with business leaders and innovators of interest to communicators
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The Spin Sucks Podcast #76: Professional Development

How do you approach professional development? In this episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich offers tips and strategies to help you stay on top of the trends and become a lifelong learner.Continue Reading → The post The Spin Sucks Podcast #76...
Gini Dietrich author

Spin Sucks Podcast #75: Diversity Issues in the Comms Industry

Diversity issues hold women to an impossible standard, as well as ignore other areas of privilege like race, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Gini Dietrich looks at diversity from a personal and professional perspective and offers strategi...
Gini Dietrich author

Spin Sucks Podcast #74: The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday-Themed Content Campaigns

If you hit the mark, holiday-themed content offers an ideal opportunity to generate engagement and a fun way to connect with your audience.Continue Reading → The post Spin Sucks Podcast #74: The Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday-Themed Content Campaigns appea...
Gini Dietrich author

The Spin Sucks Podcast #73: The Art of Negotiation

Negotiations aren't easy and PR pros often shy away from them. Gini Dietrich looks at the various types of negotiations communicators are involved in and shares strategies to improve your skills.Continue Reading → The post The Spin Sucks Podcast #73: T...
Gini Dietrich author

The Spin Sucks Podcast #72: Mobile Apps for All Seasons

Not all mobile apps are for everyone. And just because all of your friends are raving about one that has made their life easier doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work for you. Gini Dietrich offers tips on how to select the apps that will help you ...
Gini Dietrich author

The Spin Sucks Podcast #70: Pop-Ups- Love 'Em or Leave 'Em

While we doubt anyone will say "I love pop-up ads!", by the time you're finished this episode of the #SpinSucksPodcast, we think you'll start to realize how effective they can be in your marketing efforts, and start to hate them less. Gini Dietrich tel...
Gini Dietrich author

The Spin Sucks Podcast #69: Digital Decluttering

If one of your resolutions for 2019 was to stay organized and do regular digital decluttering sessions, and you find you've fallen off track, don't panic. This episode of the Spin Sucks podcast tackles digital decluttering, one step at a time.Continue ...
Gini Dietrich author

The Spin Sucks Podcast #68: Dealing with Unhappy Customers—Off and Online

The internet and social media take any and all privacy out of negative customer experiences if the customer feels like venting to an audience. So how should you handle customer complaints in front of a virtual crowd? This episode of the Spin Sucks podc...
Gini Dietrich author

Episode 67: When

In this episode of the Spin Sucks podcast, we talk about what to do if you don't like your boss, but the boss is you.Continue Reading → The post The Spin Sucks Podcast #66: When You Don’t Like Your Boss and Your Boss is You appeared first on FIR Podcas...
Gini Dietrich author

The Spin Sucks Podcast #66: Managing the Challenges of Vacation

Everyone needs time off. Gini Dietrich offers tips on how to take an unplugged holiday and prepare for a return to the office without tossing your vacation vibes right into the trash.Continue Reading → The post The Spin Sucks Podcast #66: Managing the ...
Gini Dietrich author

Emails That Don't Suck

Not all emails are created equal. Truthfully, a lot them actually do suck, but that doesn’t mean yours has to. Find out more on the Spin Sucks Podcast.Continue Reading → The post The Spin Sucks Podcast #64: Emails That Don’t Suck appeared first on FIR ...
Gini Dietrich author

The Spin Sucks Podcast #63: Coming Up With Ideas for Content

Content creation is part of every communicator's job. But if you're someone who hates the thought of writing posts, and finds yourself clicking over to YouTube or Instagram instead, you're not alone. Today, on the #SpinSucksPodcast, we offer fresh idea...
Gini Dietrich author

Instagram for Business. Even the Non-Visual Ones

If you haven't used Instagram in forever or don't know where to start, don't worry, the platform has several tools and features that make marketing with it a breeze. In this edition of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich shares strategies for marketi...
Gini Dietrich author

The Spin Sucks Podcast #61:Three Ways to Decide When and How to Outsource

If you're an entrepreneur or agency owner, you're often faced with the decision about when to outsource talent, and when to hire. In Spin Sucks Podcast #61, Gini Dietrich offers actionable strategies and tips.Continue Reading → The post The Spin Sucks ...
Gini Dietrich author

Unbelievable Onboarding

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about amping up our client services. This week we want to dig more into the onboarding process with new clients. Let's take a look at the specific actions, mindsets, and processes we use to onboard clients. And we'll di...
Gini Dietrich author

Sharing Your Owned and Earned Content

All of the elements of the PESO model work well on their own, but what happens when you integrate paid, earned, shared and owned content? That's when you start to see the real power of the PESO model at work.Continue Reading → The post Spin Sucks Podca...
Gini Dietrich author

Spin Sucks Podcast #58: All About Referrals

This week on the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich talks about referrals. They come directly to you, pre-vetted and already ready to buy. The best way to get referrals is to ask for them - but that might seem scary to some people. This episode explores...
Gini Dietrich author

Customer Service - The Magic Is In the Details

In this episode of the Spin Sucks Podcast, Gini Dietrich talks about how to provide consistently good customer service over the long haul.  She covers the importance of setting boundaries, consistently clear communication, ensuring your whole team is o...
Gini Dietrich author

Spin Sucks #56: 5 Tips to Stay Ahead of Industry News and Trends

Being in marketing and communications, you’re often considered to be “the expert” in your field. Whether it’s colleagues, clients, family, and friends, people rely on you to be on top of the latest and greatest in your industry. Of course, that’s easie...
Gini Dietrich author


In this weeks episode, Pooja, Bharani and Suresh spoke about Resources for wanna be aspiring Digital Marketers and how each one of us started their journey in Digital Marketing, what type of research they did, how they came to know about Digital Market...
Suresh Babu author

#142: Montressa Washington, Natalie Forest & Mitchell Levy on Comfortability and Vulnerability

In this episode, Mitchell Levy (@HappyAbout), TEDx speaker and the AHA Guy at AHAthat (, and co-host Natalie Forest(@NatalieForest), founder of Success Revolutions and Revolutionize Your Potential (, exchange...
Mitchell Levy author

FIR Interview: Mayo Clinic's Dr. Sandhya Pruthi and Jay Maxwell on Creating a Smart Audio First Aid Skill

In this FIR Interview, Shel Holtz talks with Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, the Mayo Clinic's chief medical editor and associate medical director for Content Management and Delivery, and Jay Maxwell, senior director of Health Information, about the development of...
Shel Holtz author

FIR Interview: Nicole Scheffler, Host of the Diva Tech Talk Podcast

According to its website, Diva Tech Talk "is a specialized communication channel highlighting women doing wonderful things in the technology arena by creating podcasts from interviews with successful female individuals in the field and covering various...
Shel Holtz author

Young PR Pros introduces episode 124: 5 Career Tips that are Actually False

There is a lot of advice out there, and although a lot of it comes from kindness and people just trying to help, this episode strives to debunk myths and tell the truth about some of the most common career tips given out these days.Continue Reading → T...
Kristine D'Arbelles, Julia Kent, Ross Simmonds, Clare Bonnyman author

FIR Interview: Phil Gomes on Blockchain and the Marketing Value of Digital Permanence

In this FIR Interview, host Shel Holtz talks with Edelman's Phil Gomes, senior vice president of U.S. B2B Digital, about his new blockchain white paper, published by the American Association of Advertising Agencies. that makes the case for marketers an...
Shel Holtz author

FIR Interview: Jen McClure on the State of Employee Advocacy

In this FIR Interview, host Shel Holtz talks with Jen McClure about JEM Consulting's "State of Employee Advocacy" survey, including the connection between employee advocacy and social selling, whether employees who participate in an employee advocacy s...
Shel Holtz author

FIR Interview: Judith Platz and John Ragsdale on TSIA's B2B Social Engagement Rating

In this FIR Interview, host Shel Holtz spoke with Judith Platz and John Ragsdale, research vice presidents at the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) about the motivation for developing the"TSIA B2B Social Engagement Rating," the thinking b...
Shel Holtz author

FIR Interviews: Jen McClure on Digital and Social Media Risk

The risks posed by the common use of digital and social media include several that social media and marketing teams typically don't consider. In early July, JEM Consulting & Advisory Services released the results of a new study, 2017 State of Digit...
Shel Holtz author

FIR Interviews: David Meerman Scott on Sonic Branding

What can be better than combining two of your passions to launch a new business? That's exactly what David Meerman Scott did when he opened the doors of Signature Tones, which he describes as a "sonic branding studio" that he started with his partner, ...
Shel Holtz author

FIR Interview: The Challenges of Standardizing Employee Communication Measurement

FIR host Shel Holtz moderated a discussion featuring Sean Williams, who coordinated an effort by the Institute for Public Relations to establish standards for employee communication measurement, and three other communication measurement thought leaders...
Shel Holtz author

For Immediate Release Interview: Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer on PR Analytics

In this third FIR Interview, Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer discusses insights he has gained from four years of assessing PR efforts, including a "potential customer number." He discusses the dramatic changes PR has experienced in the last four years and the ...
Shel Holtz author

For Immediate Release Interview: Jacob Morgan on Creating the Employee Experience

In this FIR Interview, host Shel Holtz spent 30 minutes talking with "The Employee Experience Advantage" author Jacob Morgan about what it takes to deliver a great work experience to employees, some of the misconceptions about the idea, and the connect...
Shel Holtz author

FIR Interview: Jeremiah Owyang on Corporate Innovation Programs

Jeremiah Owyang founded CrowdCompanies as a council of large businesses that stood to be disrupted by the "sharing economy," a class of businesses established based on the innovation of technology serving as the intermediary between people who have som...
Shel Holtz author

For Immediate Release Interview: Aliza Sherman on Marketing in the Burgeoning Cannabis Industry

The burgeoning cannabis industry is attracting a flood of entrepreneurs in the states where it is legal. Aliza Sherman, a pioneer digital marketer, is among them. Aliza -- who founded Cybergrrl, the first woman-owned Internet company, in 1995 -- has la...
Shel Holtz author

FIR Interview: J. Kelly Hoey on Building Your Dream Network

J. Kelly Hoey built a dream network and that network encouraged her to write a book about it. Within short order, "Build Y our Dream Network" went into a second printing, so her network evidently knew what it was talking about. In this FIR Interview, S...
Shel Holtz author

FIR INTERVIEW: Robin Hanson on Transparency, Engagement & Tough Questions using Prediciton Markets

"What people tell you may not be the most accurate estimate they could give you, and that’s where prediction markets can come in. They are a mechanism that cost modest resources and consistently give you more accurate answers to the questions you ask, ...
Harry Hawk author


A conversation for our political times. A discussion about making government work better with Patri Friedman Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of the Seasteading Institute about competitive governance in multi stack holder environments.Continue Read...
Harry Hawk author

FIR Interview: Stephen Waddington on Fake News

Much has been written about how to deal with fake news, including one particularly level-headed framework for how PR should address it by Stephen Waddington, chief engagement officer at global PR agency Ketchum. In this FIR Interview, Wadds (as he's kn...
Shel Holtz author

For Immediate Release Interview: Chris Penn & Tom Webster on polling for PR in the post-election environment

In this FIR Interview, Shel Holtz talks to two hard-core data geeks -- Edison Research Vice President Tom Webster and SHIFT Communications Vice President Christopher S. Penn -- about 2016's election polls and what communicators can learn from them, and...
Shel Holtz author

FIR Interview: Incoming PRSA Chair Jane Dvorak on PRSA's 3-Year Strategic Plan

In mid-November, PRSA unveiled its 2017-2019 Strategic Plan, "Framework for the Future." A team of Society leaders reviewed a substantial body of research before laying out the plan with a focus on membership, professional growth, and thought leadershi...
Shel Holtz author