Firecracker Department with Naomi Snieckus

Join Naomi Snieckus as she interviews women in all facets of the entertainment industry!

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Join Naomi Snieckus as she interviews women in all facets of the entertainment industry!
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Firecracker Aftershow: Jessica Ellis!

Catch up with our firecracker core team members Naomi @snieckus Emily @emchurchill AJ @atotheje and Deanna @deanna_moffitt as we talk about the Jessica Ellis episode!Let us know what resonated with you too! Reach out anytime @firecrackerdept, and find ...
Firecracker Department with Naomi Snieckus author

Jessica Ellis

(What Lies West)
Firecracker Department with Naomi Snieckus author

Firecracker Aftershow: Jann Arden!

Catch up with our firecracker core team members Naomi @snieckus, Emily @emchurchill, AJ @atotheje, and Sydney @sydney_neilson as we talk about the hilarious Jann Arden episode, how family shapes who you become, JANN on CTV, "becoming a person," slogan ...
Firecracker Department with Naomi Snieckus author

Jann Arden

(Singer-Songwriter, Jann)
Firecracker Department with Naomi Snieckus author

Firecracker Aftershow: Annie Murphy

Welcome to the Aftershow! Each episode you'll hear from the Firecracker Core Team about what their thoughts were from the most recent podcast episode.
Firecracker Department with Naomi Snieckus author

Firecracker Flashback: Annie Murphy!

Catch up on what Annie’s been up to!
Firecracker Deparment with Naomi Snieckus author

Firecracker Flashback: Dani Kind!

Hey Firecrackers! This week we're celebrating none other than Dani Kind! You may have already heard this ep, but it's one of our FAVOURITES (and she is having an AMAZING 2019)! Enjoy this double dose of Dani Kind, and catch the new FD Aftershow about t...
The Firecracker Department Podcast with Naomi Snieckus author

Mary Walsh

(This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Grand Seduction)
Naomi Snieckus author

Gabrielle Rose

Gabrielle Rose’s acting credits include Unspeakable (2019), The Good Doctor (2018), Kingsway (2018), Sweet Virginia (2017), The Man in the High Castle (2016), Once Upon A Time (2011-2016), Proof (2015) and countless other roles. ...
Naomi Snieckus author

Renee Beaulieu

Renee Beaulieu’s film credits include Les Salopes (2018), Adrien (2015), Le Vide (2011), Coupable (2010), Qui (2008), and Le Ring (2007). Welcome Firecrackers! In this episode Naomi Snieckus interviews director, writer, and filmmaker, Renee Beaulieu...
Naomi Snieckus author

Kate Drummond

Kate Drummond’s credits include: Utopia Falls (2019), Secrets in a Small Town (2019), Heartland (2018), Dark Matters (2017), Wynonna Earp (2017), Saving Hope (2017), Go Fish (2016), Degrassi: Next Class (2016), Damien (2016), and Room (2015) to name a ...
Naomi Snieckus author

Carolina Hellsgard

Carolina’s film credits include Ever After (2018), Wanja (2015), Runner (2013), & Heroes (2012).Hey firecrackers tune in to this awesome podcast episode featuring Swedish born and Berlin based writer-director, Carolina Hellsgard. Host, Naomi Snieck...
Naomi Snieckus author

Ingrid Veninger

Ingrid’s credits include: The World or Nothing (2019), Porcupine Lake (2017), He Hated Pigeons (2015), The Animal Project (2013), I Am a Good Person/I Am a Bad Person (2011), Modra (2010), Only (2008), Friday the 13th The Series (1987-1990), & Air...
Naomi Snieckus author

Tamara Podemski

Hi Firecrackers! Join me, Naomi Snieckus, as I dive deep into conversation with Tamara Podemski (Coroner/CBC, Never Saw It Coming/Crave) into what it took for her to become the amazing, multi-dimensional artist that she is today. We sat down and talked...
Naomi Snieckus author

Jackie Harris

Hey Firecrackers! Join Jackie Harris (Second City, As Told By Ginger, Jenny McCarthy’s Bad Habits) and I for lunch, seriously. Jackie invited me over to her home for food and conversation about stepping in and stepping up in Los Angeles. I’ve been a f...
Naomi Snieckus author

Arwen Humphreys

Hi-ho! Hi-ho! Does everyone start their acting careers as one of Snow White’s assorted dwarves? Naomi and Arwen Humphreys (Saving Hope, Murdoch Mysteries) discover this about each other, as well as being an “Arwen” or a “Naomi” in schools filled with M...
Naomi Snieckus author

Kat Barrell

Join Firecracker host, Naomi Snieckus, as she chats with Kat Barrell! You know and love Kat from Wynonna Earp, Workin’ Moms, Girls Night Out, Murdoch Mysteries and so much more. Listen as Naomi and Kat talk about acting, directing, mental health, and g...
Naomi Snieckus author

Cheri Oteri

Firecrackers! What are you up to lately? Whatcha reading, listening to, watching? For me, I recently watched the Garry Shandling documentary on Netflix and it really stuck with me. Garry was one of the funniest, smartest minds of our time and watchi...
Firecracker Department author

Second City Live Panel

Hey Firecrackers, welcome to Second City! We're here at my old stomping grounds for a LIVE podcast panel with some real comedic geniuses! Joining us on stage for this chat is Ayaka Kinugawa, Musical Director for Second City Theatrical, Carly Heffernan,...
Firecracker Department author

Rebecca Kohler

Hey Firecrackers! This episode we are talking to one of my favourite people, Rebecca Kohler. Now if you don’t know her, you need to go online right now to check out her stand up. She is just so funny and so ballsy. Now recently (we talk about this in t...
Firecracker Department author

Powerful Me

BONUS EPISODE!Hey firecrackers! Every month we're asking you a new question, what we're calling the Spark Question of the month! We want to continue to inspire you and everyone in our community, so please tell us your answers so we can all share our ex...
Firecracker Department author

Jean Yoon

Hey Firecrackers! This episode I got to speak with the incredible Jean Yoon! Right now you might know her from Kim’s Convenience, but she is an artist on so many different levels; she has been a creator, a producer, a writer, a poet – she’s done it all...
Firecracker Department author

Dani Kind

Hey Firecrackers! This week I got to have an incredible discussion with none other than Dani Kind! Now you might know Dani from her role on CBC’s ‘Workin’ Moms’ or perhaps as Mercedes Gardner on ‘Wynonna Earp’, or maybe you just know her for being a ki...
Firecracker Department author

Anusree Roy

Hey Firecrackers! Welcome back to the department, this week we have none other than the amazing Anusree Roy as our guest! Anusree is a Dora Mavor Moore award winning playwright and actress. Her stage work includes the plays ‘Breathlessness’, ’Sultans o...
Firecracker Department author

Spark Question - Possible Failure

BONUS EPISODE!Hey firecrackers! Every month we're asking you a new question, what we're calling the Spark Question of the month! We want to continue to inspire you and everyone in our community, so please tell us your answers so we can all share our ex...
Firecracker Department author

CSA Live Podcast

Hey firecrackers! If you've been following us on social media, you might recall that a few weeks ago we hosted our very first LIVE podcast!! The event was in conjunction with The Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television, and as a part of Canadian Scre...
Firecracker Department author

Bonus Episode - Advice To Your Younger Self

BONUS EPISODE!Hey firecrackers! Every month we're asking you a new question, what we're calling the Spark Question of the month! We want to continue to inspire you and everyone in our community, so please tell us your answers so we can all share our ex...
Firecracker Department author

Karen Bruce

Hey Firecrackers! First of all, I want to talk about our ‘Spark of the Month’ question. At the beginning of every month, during our Facebook and Instagram Live we’re going to ask a question that we want all of you to answer! This month, we’re asking “I...
Firecracker Department author

Joanne Boland

Hey Firecrackers! I hope you’re all doing well! What have you all been up too? This week I’m starting out by talking a bit about comedy. Now, I (obviously) love comedy and recently we went to see some stand up at the Hollywood Improv with our new frien...
Firecracker Department author

Kathleen Phillips

Hey firecrackers! What an amazing time we’re living in. Every time I hop onto social media, (which lets face it, is where I get my news), I’m seeing all of the courageous and powerful stories from these incredible women coming forward about their exper...
Firecracker Department author

A Note From Naomi

Firecrackers,It’s been a big week for the Toronto theatre community. For those of you that don’t know, Albert Schultz, who was the AD at one of the countries largest theatre companies, Soulpepper, was accused of sexual harassment in the theatre. Four a...
Firecracker Department author

Irene Sankoff

Hey firecrackers! Where in the world are YOU!? Are you also in a freezing cold climate like I am? ‘Cause it’s pretty chilly up here in Toronto and I’m doing whatever I can to stay warm until I’m back in LA! Let me know what you do to stay warm over soc...
Firecracker Department author

Astrid Van Wieren

Hey firecrackers! First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been writing, tweeting, or commenting on our posts talking about the show and about the guests that have inspired you! We’re so happy that you are connecting with this podcast, our team w...
Firecracker Department author

Natasha Negovanlis

Hey firecrackers! We’re back after a bit of hiatus and we missed you guys! But believe me, a lot has been going on, both in my personal life and in general. So, I wanted to touch on what’s happening right now in our industry, and as much as I want to s...
Firecracker Department author

Emma Hunter

Hey firecrackers! I’m coming at you from Toronto this week where we’re in the middle of the Toronto International Film Festival. This time of year is always crazy and exhausting but most definitely exciting! My highlight so far this year was being a pa...
Firecracker Department author

Melanie Scrofano

Hey firecrackers! This week I found myself confined to my hotel room in Halifax and the more time I spent in there, I realized how easily hotels can make you feel shut in. So, I decided to get out there and do something creative, something away from th...
Firecracker Department author

Camryn Manheim

Hey firecrackers! I’m coming at you from Halifax this week where I’m shooting ‘Mr. D’ and I want to give a huge shout out to our crew for the show! Our transport department, who gets me where I need to be, because lets face it, I don’t know where I’m g...
Firecracker Department author

Annie Bradley

Hey firecrackers! We’re back after a small hiatus and I have plenty to catch you up on! In this weeks episode I’m telling you all about an incident I had with a gentlemen whose car I accidentally backed into. He was quite angry with me but I was able t...
Firecracker Department author

Rachel Wilson

Hey firecrackers! I’m back in Halifax shooting the next season of ‘Mr. D’ and I want to give a huge shout out to my amazing cast and crew out here! If you haven’t been to the east coast, you should get out here, it’s absolutely beautiful. Our guest thi...
Firecracker Department author

Gail Harvey

Quiet on set, mosquitos! Hey Firecrackers, I’m up north in the Kawartha’s Lakes area this week and feeling inspired by my environment. Yet, I’m also thinking about what’s happening in the city since The Toronto Fringe Festival is currently on. Firecrac...
Firecracker Department author

Inga Cadranel

Happy birthday Canada! This weekend we celebrated our countries 150th and many Canadians, including myself, escaped the city and spent some time with our beautiful landscapes. I spent my time by the lake and I have to say, there’s nothing like watching...
Firecracker Department author

Tracy Dawson

Hey firecrackers! As we gear up for Canada Day, our big 150, I want to know what kind of music you’re listening to? Which Canadian musicians really resinate with you? Let me know on social media! Next, we have our guest, Tracy Dawson, who you might rem...
Firecracker Department author

Carla Gallo

This week at the department, we have an exciting giveaway for passes to the advance screening of ‘The House’! Listen to the podcast and head to the “contest” tab on our website to find out how to enter! Next we have Carla Gallo as our guest! Her and I ...
Firecracker Department author

Marypat Farrell

This week we’re starting off talking about that one magical person in your life, the person who’s always believed in you. For me, that was my Aunty Marie, always trusting me to take on these small but important tasks, which made me think “oh ya, I can ...
Firecracker Department author

Laura Hall

Laura Hall is one talented musician, one of the (many) things that makes her unique is her incredible influence on the comedy world. From being a pianist for 'The Second City’ to the band leader on ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ her music has accompanied s...
Firecracker Department author

Colleen Murray Peyton

Colleen Murray Peyton studied improv and sketch comedy at the infamous Second City in Chicago, from there she went on to do a variety of shows on the stage. While building her career, Colleen also dealt with the death of her mother, a topic that we dov...
Firecracker Department author

Jennifer Robertson

During this interview, Jenn recounts that at a young age she would listen to her father call into a radio station and do comedy bits for a morning show - according to her, he did a pretty bang-on impression of Queen Elizabeth! This was Jennifer Roberts...
Firecracker Department author

Zoie Palmer

Sitting down with Zoie Palmer was more than a treat, this firecracker has had an incredible career thus far and it’s only getting better! We talked about her iconic character, Dr. Lauren Lewis, on Lost Girl and what it was like to see such an incredibl...
Firecracker Department author

Jennifer Whalen

This firecracker is currently lighting up the world with her new series Baroness Von Sketch Show but her journey to this point has been anything by easy. Having started at the Second City Toronto to being the head writer on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Je...
Firecracker Department author

Grace Lynn Kung

Grace Lynn Kung, what can I say? This firecracker has been lighting up the stage and the screen for sometime now, and I’m truly in awe of her. From her roles in The Strain and Away From Her to her incredible advice: “Nothing can replace the belief that...
Firecracker Department author