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Justin Kincaid interviews independent filmmakers from around the world as they share their journey through the difficult but often rewarding career of film making.

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Film Fervor is a podcast interviewing current and aspiring independent filmmakers along their difficult, but often rewarding, journey in making films. Join Film Fervor every weekday as we delve into the inspiration and struggles of the independent filmmaker and share their journey toward reaching their creative goals.
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Film Fervor: Episode 137 - Alex Ferrari

Film Fervor: Episode 137 - Alex Ferrari So, today I have a real treat for you guys. I spoke with Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle about his career in the film business, his awesome platform at Indie Film Hustle, and directing his first feature film Th...

Film Fervor: Episode 136 - Hey You It's Me

Film Fervor: Episode 136 - Hey You, It's Me So, I had the great opportunity to talk to Suzanne Schmidt about her new web-series Hey You, It's Me. It's about the hilarious relationship between two women in two different cities and their relationship thr...

Film Fervor: Episode 135 - Repatriation

Film Fervor: Episode 135 - Repatriation by Doug Mueller With Ryan Barton-Grimley (Check out my interview with Ryan about Elijah's Ashes) Today I spoke with Douglas Mueller and Ryan Barton-Grimley about their film Repatriation. It's about a man named Ch...

Film Fervor: Episode 134 - Cut to the Chase

Film Fervor: Episode 134 - Cut to the Chase with Blayne Weaver Today I spoke with Blayne Weaver about his career and his feature film Cut to the Chase. Blayne is an actor, producer, director who has been working in the business for quite some time. Thi...

Film Fervor: Episode 133 - Timo Vuorensola

Film Fervor: Episode 133 - Iron Sky Franchise with Timo Vuorensola Today I spoke with Timo Vuorensola about the amazingly popular Iron Sky films as well as the future of the Iron Sky franchise, including the latest Iron Sky 2. I'm a huge fan of the fra...

Film Fervor: Episode 132 - Not for Resale

Film Fervor: Episode 132 - Not for Resale by Kevin James Ah, nostalgia. A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. That's what was conjured up in me when I first saw Not fo...

Film Fervor: Episode 131 - The Circuit

Episode 131 - Manu Intiraymi's The Circuit I had the privlege to talk to Manu Intiraymi (IMDB) about The Circuit and the amazing people he's assembled for the work. Manu himself is a veteran actor that's been in the business since he was very young an...

Film Fervor: Episode 130 - First Glance Film Festival

Film Fervor: Episode 130 - First Glance Film Festival with Bill Ostroff So, today I had the privilege of talking to Bill Ostroff of the First Glance Film Festival about the recent success of the 2017 festival in Los Angeles and the upcoming program in ...

FFW 002: Fireflies, Writing a Global Blockbuster, & Staying Motivated

So, When a withdrawn Middle Eastern man begins frequenting a Boston cafe, the headwaiter grows increasingly suspicious about the true nature of his visits, we get the awesome short film Fireflies. RA VISION Productions has put together a great body of ...

Film Fervor: Episode 129 - Elijah's Ashes

ELIJAH'S ASHES - RYAN BARTON-GRIMLEY This episode with Ryan Barton-Grimley, to date, has to be one of the most entertaining and funny times I've ever had on a podcast. The energy and hilarity of just about everything we talked about, from the pre-inter...

Film Fervor: Episode 128 - When the Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks: A documentary about Postpartum Depression- With Jamielyn Lippman Today I sat down with Jamielyn Lippman, a documentary filmmakers and actor who started her own production company to tell the stories that she wants to tell. Her do...

FFW 001: Further Education, Staying Positive, & Indie Film Hustle

Hello everyone and welcome to Film Fervor Weekly. We're starting a new weekly podcast where I and Dimi Nakov of Filmmakers Generation Next offer up news about the independent film world, review an indie feature, talk about staying motivated in the film...

Film Fervor: Episode 128 - Marissa Labog

I had the honor to speak with Marissa Labog about the short film her production company, UpProductionz, filmed called When Kids Grow Up. This is a fascinating and really gripping short film about a defenseless woman who is savagely attacked by a group ...

Film Fervor: Episode 127 - Son of Sofia

Son of Sofia, written and directed by Elina Psikou follows an 11 year old boy named Misha who travels from Russia to live with his mother, Sofia. What he doesn't know is that there is a father also waiting for him there. While Greece is living the Olym...

Film Fervor: Episode 126 - Hug it Out

Today I talk about the hilarious web series Hug It Out, created by Kincaid Walker and Jason Eksuzian. They are both incredible people with a great mindset and an awesome work ethic. Hug It Out is about a woman named Gwen who, despite her own personal h...

Film Fervor: Episode 125 - Mimi's Misadventure

Today I spoke with Ashley Atwood about her film Mimi's Misadventure. Ashley is an accomplished actor with an impressive resume who made the move behind the camera for the first time with Mimi's Misadventure, which she produced and wrote. Mimi's Misadve...

Episode 124 - Patrick Biesmans

Today, I spoke with Patrick Biesemans about his short film Embers and Dust, an amazing project that centers around a young boy's experience in 1938 listening to the War of the Worlds Broadcast, by Orson Welles. We did a review of Embers and Dust that y...

Film Fervor: Episode 123 - Tony Ware

Today I am speaking with Tony Ware of Picture Perfect Film Locations, located in Los Angeles. Picture Perfect Film Locations is an incredible resource for low-budget and independent films that require incredible locations on a tight budget. They have a...

Film Fervor: Episode 122 - All In Time

 Today I'm joined by Marina Donahue to talk about her film All In Time, a dramedy (Drama + Comedy) that follows Charlie who quits his job to move home to manage his hometown rock band. His supportive girlfriend shares his love for the band, until strug...

Film Fervor: Episode 121 - Safe Place

Today I'm joined by Nick Hunt to talk about his debut feature film Safe Place. The film centers around the fall of a man's psyche after an unimaginable tragedy befalls him and causes him to abandon his life for a secluded existence in fear of the world...

Film Fervor: Episode 120 - House of Purgatory

Today I'm joined by Tyler Christensen, the writer and director of House of Purgatory. We did a review of the film on Film Fervor last week and I really wanted to touch base with Tyler to talk about his work and find out more about him. I will warn you,...

Film Fervor: Episode 119 - Dependent's Day

Today, I spoke with Michael David Lynch, the writer and producer of the hilarious comedy Dependent's Day (You can check out our review here). Dependent's day is about a man (Cam) who gets claimed as a 'dependent' by his successful bread-winning girlfri...

Film Fervor: Episode 118 - The House on Pine Street

Today, I spoke with Austin Keeling about his film The House on Pine Street, a psychological horror about a young woman coping with an unwanted pregnancy after moving into a seemingly haunted house.   Let me just say this up front, I love these kinds of...

Film Fervor: Episode 117 - Jeff Frumess

Today's episode is with Jeff Frumess and he's here to talk about his film Romeo's Distress. The film is described as a Weird, Shakespearean, Gothic, Horror-Thriller that tells a story of a boy name James, his unrequited love for a girl named Jane, and ...

Film Fervor: Episode 116 - Letters from Baghdad

Today I spoke with the co-creators of Letters from Baghdad, Sabine Krayenbühl and Zeva Oelbaum and their incredible journey into film making. Letters from Baghdad tells the extraordinary and dramatic story of Gertrude Bell, the most powerful woman in t...

Film Fervor: Episode 115 - Jen Ponton

Today, I spoke with Jen Ponton about her film Love on the Run, which she plays the character Franny. When Franny woke up one morning it was another day of possibilities to have all her dreams come true. Her optimism can't be silenced even when Rick tak...

Film Fervor: Episode 114 - Rainy Season

Today I talk with Vanessa Wright and Kevin Peterson about their film Rainy Season, based on the short story by Stephen King. A young couple arrive in the town of Willow, ME for summer vacation. After warnings from town locals to leave, they stay and le...

Film Fervor: Episode 113 - David Block

Today, I'm joined by David Block in the first of a series of interview for the First Glance Film Festival of 2016 in Philadelphia. I'm really excited to be able to do another round of interviews with First Glance, I've been a follower and major promote...

Film Fervor: Episode 112 - David Jaffe

Today I'm joined by David Jaffe, a professional photographer from North Carolina and the owner of Lift-Off Studios. He's here today to talk about his unique project called Blood Night. I first reached out to David because he's published a Photo-Novel, ...

Film Fervor: Episode 111 - Zach Lipovsky

Today on the podcast I'm joined by Zach Lipovsky of Reel Apps Inc to talk about the absolutely amazing tool they've developed for filmmakers called Shot Lister. Shot Lister lets you professionally organize hundreds of scenes, create a shooting schedule...

Film Fervor: Episode 110 - Ben Hicks

Today, I'm joined by Ben Hicks to talk about the online film festival he co-founded; The Fandependent Film Festival. Ben is a fellow filmmaker who has been working on his own film for the better part of ten years, working through multiple countries and...

Film Fervor: Episode 109 - Born Evil

Today on the podcast, I'm joined by Naomi Soneye-Thomas who is currently funding her debut short film Born Evil on Kickstarter. Naomi provides us with a great deal of wisdom for someone just getting into the business because she has a solid foundation ...

Film Fervor: Episode 107 - Alex Oshmyansky

Today I'm joined by Alex Oshmyansky, the creator and director behind the worlds first feature length film shot entirely in Virtual Reality (VR) Career Opportunities in Organized Crime. Ever want to join the mafia? Are you on the fence about it? Let Vov...

Film Fervor: Episode 106 - Indigo Children

Today, I spoke with Eric Chaney whose debut feature film Indigo Children becomes available on iTunes on August 23rd, 2016. Eric has a solid mentality about the business of independent film, saving money and making sure to use the contacts you have in y...

Film Fervor: Episode 105 - Teddy Cecil

Today, I spoke with Teddy Cecil of Shadow Council Productions (Just FYI: My recommendation for the Greatest Film Production Studio Name Ever award) about his short film Helio which premiered at the Comic Con Film Festival in 2016. Helio is a short, vis...

Film Fervor: Episode 104 - Dan Eberle

Dan Eberle joins me on today's episode to talk about his feature film Sole Proprietor. The film is about a former CIA contractor who, after faking his own death, develops a relationship with a foreign prostitute while waiting for his new identity to ar...

Film Fervor: Episode 103 - SoundStripe

SoundStripe is an awesome new platform that offers unlimited, open licensed music to filmmakers to score our productions and publish them with all the proper paperwork in place. These songs and tracks generate their own individual license and give you ...

Film Fervor: Episode 102 - Milkshake

This episode of Film Fervor is a throwback to mid 2015. We had a server issue that caused us to lose a few episodes and Phil was one of them. So, Phil Abatecola and I talk about his web series Milkshake and an upcoming film that he’s working on called ...

Film Fervor: Episode 101 - Cloudy with a chance of sunshine

Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine is the first feature length film by Kevin Rosnick and Rebecca Norris. It's a feel-good romantic comedy with a solid message and a pretty cool concept. If you follow along with Film Fervor, you'll know that I don't reall...

Film Fervor: Episode 100 - Kelly Nyks

Today, I had the honor of speaking with Kelly Nyks of PF Pictures about his latest film Disobedience that deals with the truth of climate change and how our governing entities are failing us, as a race, due to political agendas and profits. This is a l...

Film Fervor: Episode 99 - Shugs and Fats

Shugs & Fats’ is a comedy web-series about two Hijabis on a quest to reconcile their long held cultural beliefs with a new life in “liberated” Brooklyn.

Film Fervor: Episode 98 - Ty Leisher

Today, I spoke with Ty Leisher about his career in film making and his soon to be released short film Stranded. I have say that speaking with Ty is a highly energetic experience and I'm sure working with him is equally great. His mentality and focus on...

Film Fervor: Episode 97 - Age of Consequences

Today, film maker Jared Scott returns to the show to talk about his latest film Age of Consequences, which premieres at the Hot Docs Canadian international documentary film festival in 2016, a in-depth look at climate change from the perspective of US ...

Film Fervor: Episode 96 - The Bomb

  Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with filmmaker Smriti Keshari about her bold new documentary The Bomb. The bomb places the viewer in the middle of the story of nuclear weapons - the most dangerous machines ever built - from the Trinity Test in ...

Film Fervor: Episode 95 - Scythe

Jim Rothman is a perfect example of someone adapting their business strategy to fit the needs and desires of their fans. He started out acting, many years ago, and while he couldn't get all of the bookings he wanted, he began to realize he could build ...

Film Fervor: Episode 94 - Gravitas Ventures

Today, I’m joined by Dan Fisher, the Senior Director of Acquisitions at Gravitas Ventures, and he’s here today to talk about film distribution in the independent world. I'm going to put up some of the questions I asked Dan and I hope that you all liste...

Film Fervor: Episode 93 - Kyle Hester

Today, I spoke with Kyle Hester for the Zombie with a Shotgun feature film and his role in the project. Kyle and I often get off on a tangent about acting, the business, and the brand of a filmmaker, so you'll have to excuse that, but we did talk about...

Film Fervor: Episode 92 - Malevolent

Malevolent is the first animated horror film made entirely in the USA. It stars Morena Baccarin, Bill Moseley and the legendary William Shatner.

Film Fervor: Episode 91 - The Burbs

The Burbs takes place in a town called Clarington and is based on true events. It's produced by the Carmen Theater Group company. Premiering in October of 201, the show is released weekly, in 10 minute episodes, with a season lasting six total episodes...

Film Fervor: Episode 90 - Oliver Park

Still is a short from Oliver Park that is currently in the funding phase. His wildly successful directorial debut film Vicious is currently rocking out on YouTube and has won multiple awards and had many nominations.