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Social creative podcast. Witty banter, blah blah blah. Archived episodes here
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Episode 65: Aileen Sison

Only a week tardy! My guest is my old friend, Aileen Sison. Aileen is a realtor and BJJ practitioner and we speak at length at how the latter shapes her philosophy on the former. A really awesome conversation and, honestly, lots to learn from this epis...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 64: Liz Prince

Pencils up! My guest is comic illustrator/writer and person responsible for the best wedding program art ever, Liz Prince. Liz has done some amazing work, notably her book, TOMBOY. Recently, she partnered with Nation of Amanda for the new Boom Box mini...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 63: Dawhud (Who's the Man Radcast)

It's been a minute since I've had my musical partner and good friend, Dawhud, on the podcast but he's back! In today's Radcast, we talk about one of my favorite hip-hop movies, WHO'S THE MAN, starring YO MTV RAPS hosts Ed Lover and Doctor Dre. Dawhud...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 62: Jonathan Moore aka Wordsayer

A few weeks ago, we lost a great leader in Jonathan Moore aka Wordsayer of Source of Labor. Like many other teens, Wordsayer gave me opportunities that many other rappers would've balked at, whether it was DJing a show with him, or passing on free new ...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 61: Two Thangs

I'm joined by Matthew Brennan aka Two Thangs. Matthew's art is based under the premise of taking two items of pop culture and mashing them together. On top of the fact that he's a great artist and illustrator, Matthew also makes sure that his art is af...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 60: Big Fletch

The big SIX-OHHHH!!!!! This week, I have MC/bassist/wrestling enthusiast, Big Fletch on the podcast. We talk about his humble beginnings in rhyming, the influence of Christian rappers, his band House Party Two, and we kick some knowledge about pro-wres...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 59: Rachel Bell

BACK FROM BREAK!!!! My first guest following this lengthy hiatus is Rachel Bell, author of LOVING THE OCEAN WON'T KEEP IT FROM KILLING YOU, a novella on Hello America. Rachel has a unique voice and is one of my favorite writers right now. We talk abo...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 58: The Lady J (Gilmorecast)

NOTE: This will be the last podcast I post until February. I'm taking a break and if you listen to the intro, you'll find out why! Excelsior! This week's guest is friend of the podcast, The Lady J! Instead of wrestling, we talk about the four new epi...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 57: Paper Diamonds Clothing

While I was dying, I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Curtis who runs Paper Diamonds Clothing, an awesome apparel company based out of the PNW. Stylistically, it's a little bit punk rock, streetwear, and everything else in between, which i...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 56: Dawhud (Radcast)

Friend of the podcast/rapping partner, Dawhud is my guest on this lost episode! This was recorded earlier in the year where we were talking about his upcoming projects and it took a left turn to us reminiscing about our video store days. This is a fu...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 55: Corey Ball

What a week, eh????? Well, to level set everything back to a podcast less stressful, my good friend and our first guest ever, Corey Ball, returns to FTTW to talk about what he's been up to lately. We chat about his foray back to school, engaging in con...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 54: Comixed Reviews

Just in time for #ElectionDay, I talk with fellow podcaster, Rob Pettinato of Comixed Reviews about his ventures into broadcasting, comic books, and the WWE wrestlers we try to get us blocked on Twitter.
Faster Than The World author

Episode 53: Shabba-Doo

Living legend Shabba-Doo is the very special guest on the podcast this week. Obviously, we talk about his films BREAKIN' and BREAKIN' 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO, but we also discuss how b-boying and hip-hop dancing has turned into a commodity. Shabba-Doo als...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 52: Macabrecast pt.2 (Radcast)

Hope of the Macabrecast joins me again as we dive into a primer about Horror movies for people who are either novices to the genre, or lapsed fans (such as myself). We also talk about the new goings on with the Macbrecast team! It's a SPOOKTACULAR epis...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 51: Mötor

In this special episode where you can hear me battling the worst cold of the year, I talk with Soto Rebelos, founder of Mötor, a new rideshare company based in Seattle and LA. We chat about how his punk rock roots and touring lifestyle impacted his bus...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 50: Vanishing Seattle

In this episode, I chatted with Cynthia of Vanishing Seattle, an active archive of the changing face of the 206. It's a refreshing talk with another Seattle native and we were able to talk about the evolution of city and protecting our communities from...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 49: Skylinyl

Very awesome episode today! My guests are Shawn and Taylor of Skylinyl. Shawn specializes in a style of art that involves actually cutting records to reflect skylines (as well as many, many other things). We talk about the origins of his artwork, as we...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 48: Rachael Ferguson (RADCAST)

My old pal Rachael Ferguson was in town visiting, so she got on the podcast and we talked about the current storylines in wrestling. We also touch a bit on social and political stuff, but somehow the conversation steers in the direction of Dean Ambrose...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 47: Jason Ryan

Filmmaker/writer Jason Ryan joins me on this week's podcast. Jason's helmed shows such as REAL ADULT FEELINGS and, most recently, BROS FOR HIRE. We talk about how he got into movie making and what led up to his brief hiatus from entertainment last year...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 46: Ian Miller

I hashed out a little comic book talk with artist, Ian Miller. We talk about being a freelance illustrator, working on U-God's album art, and the importance of The Replacements (and early Goo Goo Dolls). This was a cool interview with a guy who I genui...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 45: Craving Amazing

He's a DJ, a trumpet player, and has a hell of a personal style.... I interviewed Mikey McClarron of Craving Amazing on this week's podcast. Still in his 20s, Mikey's done a lot of awesome stuff and aims to do more for the community, which we talk abou...
Faster Than The World author

RE-UP: Episode 3: Oscar Contender

This week's podcast guest is Adam McKinnon, who illustrates and paints as Nostradamus Junior, does video work as Oscar Contender, and on occasion does music. Adam was formerly in Ambitious Career Woman and -- most recently -- Western Medicine. Adam tal...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 44: Bull and Bear Barber

My guest today is Will Tyler aka Bull and Bear Barber. Will has an amazing story: he went from being in the Army to working in tech to owning his own business to one day becoming a barber. We talk at length about his professional path and how barbering...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 43: The Geeky Hostess

I had a chance to talk to Tara Theoharis aka The Geeky Hostess! Under the Geeky Hostess brand, Tara has offered everything from baking ingredients, recipes, and nerd-related theme parties. Tara also has another venture that helps crowdfunded campaigns....
Faster Than The World author

Episode 42.5: Jingle Belz of Yaggfu Front pt.2

Part two with my interview with Jingle! We continue to note the similarities and differences between the independent hip-hop of yesteryear and today.
Faster Than The World author

Episode 42: Jingle Bel of Yaggfu Front Pt.1

This is part one of my interview with MC/producer, Jingle Bel. Jingle was in the 90s hip-hop group, Yaggfu Front, whose 1994 album, ACTION PACKED ADVENTURE, came out on Mercury Records -- home to the likes of Black Sheep and Ill All Skratch. In this fi...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 41: Mythlab

My guest is modern day renaissance man, Ronen Kauffman. You may know him as a writer or as former podcast host. These days, Ronen's a bit of an action figure artist as the man behind Mythlab Toys. We talk about nostalgia, collector culture, and making ...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 40: Megan Ternes of Do206

Fellow Soundcasting Networker Megan Ternes returns to the podcast, but instead of talking about better drinking, we talk about Do206, the organization that Megan does all kinds of stuff for. As part of the Do Something Network, Do206 compresses Seattle...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 39: Ryan Franson (RADCAST)

The Radcast is back and I play catch up with Ryan Franson. We talk about the big happenings in WWE, including Roman Reigns' suspension, our predictions for Summerslam and why Sami Zayn and Dean Ambrose are probably NOT on performance enhancing drugs
Faster Than The World author

Episode 38: Macabrecast

On this very, very frightening episode, I talked a little horror movie game with Hope Elizabeth, host of the Macabrecast podcast. We talk about her introduction to the horror genre, gender politics, and she recommends some movies to me and you.
Faster Than The World author

Episode 37.5: Eric Grubbs Pt 2

It's part two of my interview with Eric Grubbs! The exciting conclusion of what we've learned from working our damnedest out on these freelance streets.
Faster Than The World author

Episode 37: Eric Grubbs Pt. 1

Friend of the podcast and host of Do You Know Who You Are, Eric Grubbs is back. A few weeks ago, I started a series on my blog called UNFUNEMPLOYED and Eric reached out and we spend time talking about the unsexy side of being a creative person who happ...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 36: Devin Cabanilla

I had the pleasure to interview entrepreneur, community leader, and all-around good guy, Devin Cabanilla. Devin is a member of the Filipino-American National Historical Society Seattle which recently debuted DELANO MANONGS, a documentary about the Fili...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 35: Robbie from Grill, How Long Steak MR

I had a chance to sit down with my Soundcasting Network bro, Robbie, who's also the host of the Grill, How Long Steak MR podcast. We run the gamut on an array of topics, but we also kick a funny story about Taco Bell. It's a long, but entertaining, epi...
Faster Than The World author

RE-UP: Episode 4: Bill Conway

Today's episode features Bill Conway, a Portland-based comedian and the podcast host of Edgeland, a show talking to people who are straight edge and have broken edge. Bill is also one of the writers of the satirical website The Hard Times. Good dude an...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 34: Dan Friesen (Radcast)

*REGGAETON AIRHORN* My guest is comedian and podcast host, Dan Friesen. On a recent episode of his podcast, Friesen Point, he talked about his love of Anticon and early 00's independent rap, so I asked him to be on FTTW and we talk about that era of hi...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 33: Dawhud redux

On this week's podcast, I catch up with my friend, Dawhud aka David Thomas, and we talk about his crowdfunded project with Ace-ONE, DAVID AND GOLIATH, and flipping vinyl at the Big Dig Record Show here in Seattle. Definitely worth a listen if you're an...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 32: Meggie Ramm

I was able to rap with comic artists and writer, Meggie Ramm. Meggie is the creator of I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING, ANXIETY, and THE LAST MILE. We talk about her start in comics and exchange our current favorite books.
Faster Than The World author

Episode 31: Luvva J

This week's chat is with hip-hop renaissance man, Luvva J. J is one-third of Vintage Dope, a show promoter tour manager, educator, and so much more. We talk about his activity in Seattle and Olympia hip-hop and why it's important to give back to the co...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 30: King Most

My special guest is my good friend/pro DJ, King Most aka Patrick Diaz. Pat is someone who I've seen go from being a incredible scratch DJ to rocking clubs to a legitimate music producer. We talk about how he transitioned from being a bedroom DJ to maki...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 29: The Lady J

I got to rap with the very cool The Lady J of the Facelock Feministas podcast and her eponymous wrestling blog. We talk about the appeal of pro wrestling, sexy Dean Ambrose, why I should get back into Lucha Underground and our respective relationships ...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 28: How to Be a Better Drinker podcast

I had a chance to sit down with my fellow Soundcasting Network homies, Matt and Megan of How to be a Better Drinker. We talk about their respective histories in cocktail creation and they come up with a drink for a sober buzzkill such as myself!
Faster Than The World author

RE-UP -- Episode 2: Eric Grubbs

This episode features writer Eric Grubbs, author of the book POST, a look back at post-hardcore in the mid-to-late 90s, and also the host of the DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE podcast. I've been a fan of his writing and by chance found him on Facebook a coupl...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 27: James Gonzalez

*record needle scratching sound effect* On this very special podcast, I talked with my pal James Gonzalez and we shoot the shit about vinyl. We definitely get into some industry talk about how the vinyl market is flooded, the money behind flipping reco...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 26: Vivian Hua

This podcast episode is with artist/writer/ideation queen/former roommate, Vivian Hua. When I met Vivian, she was the founder of a fledgling periodical, REDEFINE MAGAZINE. For the last near-decade, she's solidified her as an artist in so many mediums. ...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 25: Ryan Franson (Radcast)

It's a new Radcast with returning guest, Ryan Franson. As promised in the last Radcast, we get together to discuss the goings on of WWE, post-Royal Rumble and Fastlane, We fantasy book a little bit, but mostly talk about much the Divas division is comp...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 24: Reign City Athletics

For this episode, I interview Coach Troy of Reign City Athletics. We talk about his history with martial arts, love of boxing, and how he coaches his students with familial intent.
Faster Than The World author

Episode 23: Ella Walker of EMW Photography

In the most tongue-twistiest episode ever, I chatted with young upstart photographer, Ella Mae Walker who shoot pictures under her EMW Photography banner. We talked about her family's history with rockabilly/vintage culture, love of photography and veg...
Faster Than The World author

RE-UP -- Episode 1: Corey Ball

REWIND!!!! Very early on, I was using the cheaper Soundcloud account and I quickly ran out of space. Instead of upgrading, I cut the first few episodes of the podcast. Now I've upgraded and I can share the earlier episodes. Here's NUMBER ONE with write...
Faster Than The World author

Episode 22: Say Dat Then

In this week's episode, I sit down and chat with my fellow Soundcasting Network family, EC and Mel who host Say Dat Then. We talk about their pairing through the many versions of broadcasting, my hatred of Drake, and why Erykah Badu is the best.
Faster Than The World author