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Paul gave his first speech at age twelve and was being paid to speak by the time he was 16. With over 2,000 presentations and more than 35,000 public speakers coached, he can help you increase your impact and income as a speaker. You can get free public speaking training at EngagePodcast.com as well as a free subscription to the Engage Newsletter, which will accelerate your impact and income as a public speaker.

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public speaker training to increase your impact and income
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012 Bull’s Eye Public Speaking

When the meeting or event is over what do you want the audience to leave with? What concept? What idea? What unforgettable belief? What new opinion? What information? Your Purpose is the Bull’s-eye of the message, the target you want to hit. After yo...
Paul B Evans author

011 Duck Dynasty Doctrine

On a recent mission trip to Mexico I heard Phil Robertson preach. Here are some presentation takeaways... Duck Dynasty Doctrine 1. Pave the Way 2. Assumed Knowledge Opening 3. Personality Delivery 4. True to Nature 5. Interpretation Pace htt...
Paul B Evans author

010 Keynote Keystones

5 keystones for right before, during and after your keynote. Keynote Keystone 1 : Reconnaissance. Arrive early, ask about changes, know what's happening before and after you, survey the room, make adjustments. Keynote Keystone 2 : Relationships. ...
Paul B Evans author

009 The Day of Your Keynote

What do you do the day of your keynote to prepare for your message? This episode covers my 5.5 principles of keynote speaking prep. httpv://youtu.be/vCeuplUVvf0
Paul B Evans author

008 Your Public Speaking Website

Most speaker just starting out get intimidated and overwhelmed by their website. They make a list of a llllllll they want to include. Forget that. You only need four pages to begin with. #1 Get a domain name that mentions you. Mine is paulbevans.c...
Paul B Evans author

007 New School Professional Speaking

The landscape of professional speaking changed about 7 years ago. Most didn't make the move. You can! 1. Model Shift 2. Mindset Shift 3. Monetization Stack Click Here to register for the Speaker Rocket Workshop
Paul B Evans author

006 Universal Stories

We’re more alike than you think – you and me… I watched cartoons as a kid on Saturday mornings – how about you? I remember climbing trees and my mom begging me to come down and bring a switch with me! How about you? I remember opening the cereal box...
Paul B Evans author

005 The Two Unbreakable Laws of Public Speaking

Content and Character are the critical components of successful speaking.
Paul B Evans author

004 Public Speaking Fear of Criticism

Everyone will NOT like you as a speaker (or as a person for that matter). That may be the #1 thing you need to know to get over the fear of public speaking, or to not let unwarranted negative feedback bother you. Most public speakers allow the minori...
Paul B Evans author

003 Five Tips for Great Public Speaking

The difference in a powerful and pitiful presentation is usually a few essential basics. The following five reminders must be part of every speech. 1. Audience Awareness. [00:43] The better you know the people in the seat, the better your presentatio...
Paul B Evans author