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Improve your Spanish listening skills and increase your range of vocabulary with News Time Spanish from the Radio Lingua Network. Each week we summarise five short news stories in Spanish. Topics include current affairs, culture, sport, music, technology and lots more. This podcast is aimed at intermediate to advanced students of Spanish.

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News stories from around the world in Spanish for learners.
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A New Year Message from Radio Lingua

As we approach the end of 2014, Mark has recorded a special news podcast to look back at the past 12 months and to look forward to some of the exciting new content coming in 2015. Looking back 2014 has been an exciting year for us here at Radio Lingua....
Radio Lingua Network author

Radio Lingua is 5 years old – and we’re celebrating!

It’s five years since we launched the first lesson of Coffee Break Spanish, and since then we’ve served up millions of language lessons to learners around the world through our podcasts, our enhanced lessons and our ebooks. We’re delighted today to ann...
Radio Lingua Network author

Radio Lingua News, December 2010

It’s been a busy term for Radio Lingua: in the past three months we’ve published over 90 language lessons, we’ve introduced ebook versions of our courses in our premium memberships and on the iBookstore and we’ve had three of our podcasts listed in the...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 23 December 2010

In our final episode of this season of News Time Spanish our stories include: The cost of Christmas in Spain and the famous pre-Christmas lottery draws A housing crisis in Argentina New smoking laws in Spain Cuba creates its own Wikipedia Electric cars...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 15 December 2010 (delayed)

Apologies for the late arrival of this week’s News Time Spanish. On this week’s show: The Wikileaks controversy continues with a fear of censorship on the Internet The SNCF admits transferring Jews to concentration camps during WWII Student protests in...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 8 December 2010

This week on News Time Spanish : The UN reiterates its aims in the battle against HIV/AIDS in Africa on the occasion of World AIDS day A wall collapses in the Italian historical centre of Pompeii State of emergency declared in Spain following a strike ...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 1 December 2010

This week on News Time Spanish : Tension between North and South Korea UK Immigration restrictions as a result of the financial crisis Scottish football referees take industrial action Developments in the former British colony of Guyana A possible link...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 24 November 2010

This week on News Time Spanish : Violence in the former Spanish colony Western Sahara Rivalry between the candidate countries for the football World Cup in 2018 Prince William announces his engagement to Kate Middleton New announcements regarding UNESC...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 17 November 2010

This week on News Time Spanish : Mixed reactions to the Pope’s visit to Spains Controversial admissions from George Bush Protest turns violent in London Land dispute in Nicaragua resulting from a Google error Spelling changes from the Real Academia Esp...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 10 November 2010

In this week’s edition of News Time Spanish stories include: Qantas grounds Airbus A380s following problem in Singapore New voting rights for prisoners in the UK Changes to drugs laws in the US News of elections in Brazil Developments in Spain involvin...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 03 November 2010

Episode 3 of our second season of News Time Spanish includes the following stores: Attempted terrorism aboard cargo planes Cholera outbreak in Haiti Animals in danger of extinction Difficulties between Spain and Venezuela Technological developments in ...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 27 October 2010

Episode 2 of our second season of News Time Spanish includes the following stores: Strikes and demonstrations in France Changes in arrangements for applications to join the Armed Forces in the USA Arrests in Spain of members of the terrorist group SEGI...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 20 October 2010

In this first edition of our new season of News Time Spanish we feature the following stores: Jubliation as the Chilean miners return Space tourism is a step closer Advances in stem cell research Political apologies in Ecuador The national Siesta champ...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 19 July 2010

This week’s News Time Spanish is the final episode in our pilot series. Featured this week: Argentina legalises same-sex marriage Jellyfish invasion in Spanish beaches Ingrid Betancourt demands compensation from the Colombian Ministry of Defence Singer...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 13 July 2010

Coming up in this week’s edition of News Time Spanish: Spain win the Football World Cup a Spanish heatwave causes problems across the country a report from the San Fermín bull-running festival in Pamplona important events in the policital history of Cu...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 5 July 2010

Coming up in this week’s edition of News Time Spanish: problems with the Constitution of Catalunya arrests following an FBI investigation into suspected espionage activities a triumphant weekend for Spanish sport the assassination of a Mexican politici...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 28 June 2010

Coming up in this week’s edition of News Time Spanish: the rail accident in Catalunya which resulted in 12 deaths new anti-smoking laws in Spain World Cup roundup news from the Colombian elections the interesting events at El Cigala’s concert in Santo ...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 21 June 2010

In this week’s edition of News Time Spanish we’ll be discussing new religious freedom laws in Spain. Other stories include: gang violence problems in Spain World Cup news from the Spanish-speaking countries The battle agains drug-trafficking in Colombi...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 14 June 2010

In this week’s edition of News Time Spanish we’ll be looking at the preparations of the Spanish national team for the World Cup which has just started in South Africa. Other stories include: strikes in Spain exams in Spanish high schools news from Arge...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 7 June 2010

In this week’s edition of News Time Spanish we’ll be looking at the Israeli attack on the aid flotilla bound for Gaza. Other stories include: the consumption of genetically modified foods in Spain support of homeless people in Madrid tropical storms wr...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – Premium samples

The News Time Spanish season pass provides access to lesson guides, transcripts, vocabulary, exercises and a special digitally slowed down version of the audio file to give you a little extra support in understanding the stories featured each week. The...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 31 May 2010

In this week’s edition of News Time Spanish we’ll be looking at the new Abortion Law recently introduced in Spain. Other stories include: the final episode of the popular series ‘Lost’ cultural reports from the Cannes Film Festival and the Eurovision S...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 24 May 2010

In this week’s edition of News Time Spanish we’ll be looking at the the apprehension of ETA terrorist ringleaders in the French town of Bayonne. Other stories include: violence in Thailand ownership of the Falkland Islands and the towns of Ceuta and Me...
Radio Lingua Network author

News Time Spanish – 17 May 2010

In this week’s edition of News Time Spanish we’ll be looking at the major financial reform in Spain as a result of the ongoing issues around Europe. Other stories include: UK elections news Spanish sporting successes Mexican/US immigration issues Healt...
Radio Lingua Network author