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Global trendsetter Music, Film, Fashion, Technology, Life
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Why Women Can`t Be Leaders

1、Ice Cream Vs Gelato What`s The Difference 2、How Much Your Meat Addiction Is Hurting The Planet 3、Why Women Can`t Be Leaders 4、10 Films Destined For Cult Status 5、10 Signs Your Partner Is The Best Friend You Have In This World 6、Dad`s Brains Are Ready...
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The Best Kind Of Love

01、Questlove`s Top 5 Albums Of 2014 So Far 02、Here`s What Apple`s Carplay Will Look Like In Your Next Car 03、10 Foods You Should Never Keep In The Fridge 04、The Best Kind Of Love 05、24 Is Back To Stoke Your Paranoid Fantasies
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Angelina Jolie: I Thought I`d Never Find Love

01、Eminem,Outkast,Arctic Monkeys To Headline Lollapalooza 2014 02、Foo Fighters` New Album Is “Halfway Done” 03、A Harvard Girl Figured Out How To 3D Print Makeup From Any Home Computer And The Demo Is Mindblowing 04、An Open Letter To The Future Mrs. Clo...
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4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Day

01、Apple Sells iPhones To Reanimate The Pixies 02、HBO Signs Up For Amazon Prime Fire TV 03、Meryl Streep:I Thought I Was Too Ugly To Be An Actress 04、There`s A Barbie Movie In The Works 05、4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Day 06、Do You Walk Eno...
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World`s best pizza not in Italy

01、The captain of moonshots at Google X on the importance of authenticity in innovation 02、Eyefi launches cloud based photo storage so you can instantly view pics on all your gadgets 03、How to skip through a TV show while binge watching 04、AC/DC split?...
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Why women don`t ask for more money?

Why women don`t ask for more money?
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Why dance music is more punk than punk?

01、How to control a space robot 02、Scientists have created bio-rocket fuel 03、Neil Young`s Pono player passes $5m in Kickstarter pledges 04、Parenting in the age of apps:Is that iPad help or harm? 05、3-D printers are saving babie`s lives one breath at a...
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World`s best cities for romance

01、Nirvana`s original drummer has been spurned by the rock and roll hall of fame 02、Russell Crowe、Darren Aronofsky meet pope francis 03、Japanese teen pop meets death metal in an explosion of awesome 04、Apple engineer reveals where the iPhone`s original...
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Remember podcasting it`s back-and booming

1、What you need to know about Ukraine 2、Madonna and Polish exorcists meetings 3、SXSW2014:The winners and losers at the texas music festival 4、newsweek`s statement on Bitcoin story 5、Looking for the perfect diet play video games for 3 minutes 6、Remember...
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The best ways to sharpen your IQ

01、 Site lets people search satellite images for lost malaysian plane 02、 Heres how easy it is to be a fake teen millionaire on the internet 03、 How to lose 10lbs without trying 04、 PlayStation 4 sales top 6m units in less than four months 05、 Wear thi...
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How to fix a running toilet?

1、EIght weirdest oscar moment 2、When is the best time to buy a ticket to a sold out concert? 3、How to fix a running toilet 4、It`s now five times more expensive to go to Disney world than it was in 1970 5、Google glass is getting Android Kitkat but month...
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What does Leonardo DiCaprio Care About Oscars

iTunes Launching Music Festival At SXSW Want A Better Way To Waterproof A Phone The 7 Worst Foods For Your Belly
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If Woody Allan like flappy bird

1、Admit it: who wants an android coffee table? 2、Apple & Google begin rejecting games with “flappy” in the title 3、House of cards resumes on Netflix 4、Ten myths about Grunge,Nirvana and Kurt Cobain Song: Nirvana–All Apologies 5、10 Undeniable facts ...
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