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Through enlightening discussion and honest insight, with the hopes to both inspire and empower listeners' individual personal journeys and creative urges, join photographer, blogger and all-around Defender of Awesomeness Olivier Day as he and a delightful array of esteemed guests talk and share their thoughts on what it takes to achieve Awesomeness along your chosen path - Whether through photography or otherwise.

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Photography. Motivation. Life Lessons.
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Ep. 014 : Vivardy Boursiquot

I have to admit two things right off the bat in the interest of full transparency:1 - I'm ashamed that it took me so long to get this interview down the pipeline. You often take into account the privilege to count some of the photographers you brush sh...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 013 : Your photography sucks, here's why (Roundtable)

When a WhatsApp conversation turns into an impromptu recording, what you get is an interestingly fresh and unapologetic twist - as it shows in this recent episode.Unfiltered, unpolished but indeed, still Safe For Work, it's definitely the most creative...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 012 : Chef Alain Lemaire

I'm very excited about this one. Just to be clear right off the bat - this will NOT be a photography conversation.I've you've kept in touch as of late, you'll have noticed that I've followed through on my intent to take the podcast in a more authenti...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 010 : Your Work Has Worth (Photography Roundtable)

On this episode, I welcome a very delightful array of fellow photographers (Koralie Deetjen-Woodward​​​​​​, Dimitri Rousseau​​​​​​ & Vivardy Boursiquot​​​​​)​ as we discuss the recent uproar/grudge match caused by photographer Jason Sheldon's scath...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 011 : Social Circle (Photography Roundtable)

On this episode, I welcome back my awesome gang of creative misfits. On the roundtable's docket this time around : Social Media and its ever reaching impact on our mindset, norms and overall practices. How are we coping with the millennial expectations...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 009 : Age of Spartan racing (ft. Eric Lafalaise)

On this episode, I get together with my friend and acolyte, independant filmmaker Eric Lafalaise, for a candid and frankly hilarious post-mortem of our running the Spartan Super in Mont-Tremblant this past sunday. From not leaving your man behind to...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 008 : Interview w. Eric Lafalaise

On this episode, a very laid-back but no less exciting exchange with filmmaker, screenwriter, critic and social observer Eric Lafalaise.Eric's personal and singular insight on creativity and authenticity have either left me shocked or perplexed, but ha...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 007 : Interview w. Sarah Bernard (The Salivation Army)

On this episode, I have the incredible and spontaneous opportunity to share some insightful and remarkable time with a truly remarkable individual and successful artist in her own right.Hailing from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and having established herself...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 006 : New Beginnings (ft. David Esquire)

My father always told me growing up : "...son, sometimes, when you're struggling, chances are you're doing something wrong."By that, I understood that maybe, in those moments where both my efforts and dedication are unquestionably at the peak, I was ap...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 003 : Social Media (ft. David Esquire)

Get ready for another enlightening hour of thrilling yet insightful discussion. As always, 30-yr photography veteran David Esquire of Esquire Photography joins me as we take on our most recent topic of discussion : Social Media - for photographers.An h...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 004 : Mobile Photography (ft. David Esquire)

For this exchange, we swan dive and plant our respective and heels into the ever present, ever growing and ever influential topic of of Mobile photography.It's been said and repeated that mobile platforms are the way things are and how they're going to...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 005 : Contracts (ft. David Esquire)

Who said you can never have too much of a good thing?Are you kidding - you ain't seen nothing yet!Oh yes, dear friends! From the Northern borders of Candiac, QC to the sunny shores of Newport Beach, CA comes to you yet another episode of the DayLight W...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 002 : Travel Photography (ft. David Esquire)

This time around, David and I thought it'd be a great opportunity to take some time and share on the topic of Travel Photography. The idea having originally stemmed from the exciting and close approaching coverage of clients Shriradha & David's wed...
Olivier Day author

Ep. 001 : Interview w. David Esquire

David Esquire, of Esquire Photography is a photographer whose renowned for good reason -As a recognized member of the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International as well as the Professional Photographers of America, among other accolades, he's i...
Olivier Day author