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Kickstarter and crowdfunding advice from successful campaigns. Salvador Briggman is the founder of CrowdCrux, the most popular blog in the niche with over 20,000 subscribers. He has been cited as an expert by the New York Times, the Wallstreet Journal, and more.

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Kickstarter and crowdfunding advice from successful campaigns. Salvador Briggman is the founder of CrowdCrux, the most popular blog in the niche with over 20,000 subscribers. He has been cited as an expert by the New York Times, the Wallstreet Journal, and more.
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EP #249 A Unique Kickstarter Messenger Bot Strategy

Interested in Facebook messenger bots?  What about how to use them in combo with your Kickstarter launch?  Today I talked with Eli Regalado of Mad Hatter agency on his approach to messenger bot marketing.  Mad Hatter Agency Sponsors The Gadget Flow: T...

EP #248 Kickstarter Fulfillment and Shipping Costs Explained

Wanna know how much it costs to do Kickstarter fulfillment? How much will it be to ship out all those rewards? I want to help you estimate your costs going into a crowdfunding campaign. Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reach...

EP #247 How to Raise $25,000 on Kickstarter for a Book Series

Today, I spoke with Alison Buehler who is the creator behind the Kickstarter campaign, "Where are the Books that Look Like Me?" This Kickstarter campaign raised more than $25,000 and she wants to reveal how she did it. Coaching Weekly Newsletter Sponso...

EP #246 The System to Raise $168,216 on Kickstarter from Colombia | Mova 3.0

With today’s podcast episode, I brought on the founder of Mova, Roland Harper. He shared exactly how he was able to rack up $168,000+ on Kickstarter in a matter of days. Book a coaching call Weekly Newsletter Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product di...

EP #245 The Strategy Behind $1.8 Million on Indiegogo | PowerWatch 2.0

Wanna raise a million dollars on Indiegogo? How about launch a seven figure crowdfunding campaign? With today’s podcast episode, we are going to dive deep into the inner-workings of the MATRIX PowerWatch 2 Indiegogo campaign. Book a Coaching Call Spons...

EP #244 Key Lessons on Leadership, Success, and Team Building

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? How about build a team around your crowdfunding campaign? With today's podcast episode, we explore the key topic of leadership, team building, and how to have a successful life-long business career. Sponsors Th...

EP #243 The Formula to Raise $54,568 on Indiegogo | Hupnos

Do you want to launch a successful Indiegogo campaign? How could $50k in cash change YOUR business? Today, I had the privilege of talking with the marketing mastermind behind a killer crowdfunding campaign that raised $54,568 on the platform. Book a co...

EP #241 Inside a $1.4 Million Kickstarter Campaign | Silo

What if you raised a million dollars on Kickstarter? How would that change your life?  How would that change your business?  I’m here to invite you inside a million dollar Kickstarter campaign that has racked up more than 5,000 backers. Sponsors The G...

EP #240 The Trick to a $524,170 Tabletop Kickstarter | Savage Worlds

Do you want to learn how to unlock the power of Kickstarter? You can use crowdfunding to fund table top games, card games, board games, and more. Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reaches 22 million people per month! They’ve h...

EP #239 The Framework to Raise $410,676 on Kickstarter | Public Goods

Do you want to smash your Kickstarter goal? In episode 180, Morgan Hirsh came on the podcast and shared how he raised more than $600,000 on Kickstarter. Now… he’s done it again! Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reaches 22 mil...

EP #238 Step-by-Step Process to Raise $220,746 on Kickstarter | Perfect Cut

Do you live outside of the United States? Today, I brought on an entrepreneur and engineer from Taiwan who has raised $220,746 on Kickstarter for a multi-purpose utility knife. Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reaches 22 mill...

EP #237 Formula Behind a $151,033 Raise on Indiegogo | igloohome

Today I spoke with the team behind the igloohome Smart Padlock. These guys raised $151,033 on Indiegogo and reveal the formula that led them to success.  Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reaches 22 million people per month! T...

EP #236 Kickstarter China Manufacturing and Supply Chain Hacks

Want to get your product manufactured, but don't know where to begin? Getting your product made by a factory in China takes a lot of persistence. Today, I spoke with Josh Fairbairn Josh, the founder of MorphoMFG. He specializes in getting products manu...

EP #235 The Magic Trick to Raise $166,233 on Indiegogo - EverRatchet

Oh man! We first had on Brian Filko in episode #204 where he shared how he raised five figures with his Pry.Me Kickstarter campaign. He's been doing big things in the crowdfunding world since then. He launched an Indiegogo campaign for EverRachet, whic...

EP #234 The Secrets Behind a $511,864 Kickstarter – Kosan Travel Dress

Do you want to raise money for a fashion startup? The team behind the Kosan Travel Dress started out with a travel packing system product, which raised CA$ 96,985 on Kickstarter. Coaching: Kickstarter Launch Formula (A...

EP #233 How to Choose the Right Fulfillment Partner for Kickstarter

You successfully raise money on Kickstarter, and now you gotta ship out a ton of orders.  I'm talking packaging, shipping, and labeled hundreds or thousands of boxes for backers around the world.  Wondering whether or not you need a fulfillment company...

EP #232 Crash Course on Kickstarter for Board Games

Do you want to raise money for a board game? In today’s podcast episode, I talked with Arthur Peterson of Peterson Games. He shared what a timeline looks when creating a new board game. You’ll discover the step-by-step process for launching a new game ...

EP #231 How to Raise $100 Million With an ICO or STO

Do you want to do an ICO or STO for your company? I know… it’s a new thing. Virtual currency and securities are all the rage. But, hear me out. This is a rapidly growing industry and I think you’re going to want to get in on the ground floor. You'll le...

EP #230 Formula Used to Raise $68,871 on Indiegogo | Casper Board

Today, I spoke with an entrepreneur who has raised five figures on Indiegogo and tells you exactly how he did it. Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reaches 22 million people per month! They’ve helped more than 5,000 crowdfundi...

EP #229 Master Plan Behind $5.2 Million Kickstarter Launch

Wanna discover what goes into a million dollar launch? Peak Design has created 8 projects on Kickstarter. Their latest project for "The Travel Line" raised $5.2 million from 13,000+ backers. Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform r...

EP #228 Kickstarter Board Game Funding Secrets

Pssst... wanna hear some Kickstarter secrets? Today, I spoke with a board game creator who's basically systematized the Kickstarter funding process. He's launched 16 board games on the site! Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform r...

EP #227 Is WeFunder Legitimate? Regulation Crowdfunding Explored...

Is WeFunder a legit company? Can you use equity crowdfunding to raise funds for your startup? Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reaches 22 million people per month! They’ve helped more than 5,000 crowdfunding campaigns and hav...

EP #226 How a High-Tech Water Gun Raised €460,965 on Kickstarter

here are so many innovative and unique products on Kickstarter. It blows my mind.  Today, I got to talk with Sebastian Walter, the Founder of Spyra. Spyra is the company behind Spyra One: The next generation of water guns.  Not only is it a super cool ...

EP #225 Kickstarter Veteran Reveals Tabletop Game Funding Secrets

I got to speak to a Kickstarter veteran! I'm talking about someone who has launched 13 campaigns on Kickstarter. Ted Alspach, the founder of Bezier Games. Ted came on the show today to share with you how to successfully raise money on Kickstarter for a...

EP #224 How to Raise $327,407 For a Music Album on Kickstarter

Ever want to raise money to produce music? If you're a musician and wondering if you can use Kickstarter to get funding for your latest album, today's podcast episode is a must listen.  Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reache...

EP #221 How To Pull Off a $40,028 Kickstarter Launch For "Smart Jewelry"

What could you do with an extra $40k? How could you put that to use in your business? Sponsors   The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reaches 22 million people per month! They’ve helped more than 5,000 crowdfunding campaigns and have a so...

EP #222 The $52,588 Kickstarter Launch Strategy For a Water-Proof Jacket

Wanna raise five figures with crowdfunding?  Listen up! Having successfully raised money for two Kickstarter campaigns, today's guest is in the perfect position to share with you what's working right now when it comes to crowdfunding.  Sponsors The Ga...

EP #223 Never-Before-Seen Sneak Peek of an Effective Kickstarter Strategy

You're about to get a backstage pass to one of the coolest Kickstarter campaigns that I've seen in a while. Not only is the product amazing, but the strategy this entrepreneur is using to coordinate a powerful Kickstarter launch is on point! The Gadge...

EP #220 Kickstarter Board Game Fundraising Hacks (ÂŁ463,774 in Pledges)

You're about to hear how a gutsy entrepreneur was able to design, create, and launch a board game into the world and raise more than £463,774 in funding for his projects. Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platform reaches 22 million pe...

EP #219 6 Tested Techniques To Supercharge Your Indiegogo Campaign

In this episode, Oleg shares a handful of very small, yet concrete and actionable techniques he used when raising over $160,000 for Jammy Guitar on Indiegogo. Show Notes: Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery plat...

EP #218 Equity Crowdfunding

This is a primer to equity crowdfunding, how it works, and how you can use it to raise funds for your business.  Equity Crowdfunding Guide:

EP #217 The Sure-Fire Way to Raise $283,981 (Used Over and Over Again)

Today, I spoke with Birgit Buchart, the marketing brains behind the The Diana Instant Square Camera.  This camera is a part of Lomography, a brand that has launched 9 different Kickstarter projects and has come on the podcast before in episode 129.   ...

EP #216 How to Raise $292,179 for a Documentary on Kickstarter

Do you want to use crowdfunding to finance a documentary? What about an indie film? There is a tried and true strategy behind raising money on Kickstarter (even when it comes to documentaries). Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery platfor...

EP #215 How to Raise $683,767 on Indiegogo WITHOUT a Team

Want to launch on Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter? You're about to learn how to completely knock it out of the park... I spoke with Timothy Kevin Seward, the founder of the ONYX Motorbike Indiegogo campaign, which has thus far raised more than $600,00...

EP #214 Kickstarter Agency Shares Their Launch System (That ANYONE Can Use)

This crowdfunding agency has systematized their entire launch process. I'm talking about the exact steps that they take to raise five and six figures on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  By following in their footsteps, you can not only have a powerful launc...

EP #213 How to Raise ÂŁ827,810 with CrowdCube and Equity Crowdfunding

Ever heard of equity crowdfunding? It’s like Kickstarter… but rather than pledging money, your backers are INVESTING in your company. Think startup investing, but taken online. CrowdCube is one of the major UK-based equity crowdfunding platforms in thi...

EP #212 Kiva Expert Reveals How to Get a 0% Interest Loan Up to $10k

What if you had an extra $10,000 to invest in your business?  What could you do with that?  Today, I spoke with an expert from Kiva who shared how to get a 0% interest loan up to $10,000 for your business. Life of Freedom YouTube Channel (Vlogggg) Spon...

EP #211 Kickstarter Staff Member Reveals All [Rank Better - Get Noticed]

Oh. My. Gawd. It happened!!! We got to speak directly with a staff member from Kickstarter... and they revealed everything. Weekly Newsletter: Links and Resources Mentioned on This Episode The Gadget Flow: Their prod...

EP #210 Kickstarter Success: A Tactical Guide to Crowdfunding

Today, I brought Andrew Hagen onto the podcast to share with you his experience having raised more than $1 million on Kickstarter with three crowdfunding campaigns.  His products include a series of biking accessories that help you record what happen a...

EP #209 How to Raise $29k on Kickstarter (Without Money or Contacts)

Anthony Kokakis launched a crowdfunding campaign for Yoga Flexer and raised $29k. He came on the show to share how ANYONE can create a physical product without a big budget. Not only that, but you can also get the word out and drive traffic to your cam...

EP #208 Working Mom Defies The Odds - How She Raised $20k+ (Without Marketing Experience)

Jodi McMaster is the Author of Circus Vowels, a 1st Grade Teacher, a mom, AND an entrepreneur. After launching her campaign on Kickstarter, she was able to rack up more than $20k+ to create a book that helps children learn how to read and an interactiv...

EP #207 Kickstarter Surveys - How Does BackerKit Work? What's it Cost?

On this episode, Jason Furie, the Content and Community Manager shared tons of great post-Kickstarter tips when it comes to dealing with failed credit cards, handling surveys, doing upsells, and more. Sponsors The Gadget Flow: Their product discovery ...

EP #206 How to Raise $80,203 on Kickstarter WITHOUT an Email List

Today, you're going to hear from Nishant, the project leader of the Quilo Fan crowdfunding project. This campaign raised $80,203 without a social following or big email list. You're gonna see how they were able to pull off this tremendous feat and ente...

EP #205 How To Run a Wildly Successful Fashion Kickstarter Campaign

I talked with Gihan, one of the co-founders of Ministry of Supply, who has launched threesuccessful Kickstarter campaigns for his fashion company. The latest crowdfunding project raised $642,947 from the crowd for a intelligent heated jacket. The team ...

EP #204 The Formula to Raise Five Figures From a Serial Kickstarter Founder

Today, you're going to hear from serial Kickstarter entrepreneur Brian Filko who has consistently raised thousands on Kickstarter across a few different projects. He tells it like it is and shares with you his formula for seeing success on the platform...

EP #203 Sexy Kickstarter Fulfillment Tips, Services, and Resources

I know that order fulfillment isn’t the most sexy subject out there, but today, we’re going to change all of that. If you've been wondering how to streamline your own fulfillment system, get the best shipping rates, and make the process, easier, you're...

EP #202 How To Raise Seven Figures on Indiegogo

If you’re looking to raise six or seven figures on Indiegogo, listen up! I just spoke with an entrepreneur that had a smash success on Indiegogo, having raised more than a million dollars from more than 8,00 backers around the world. Sponsors The Gadg...

EP #201 How This French Female Founder Raised €122,727 on Kickstarter

You’re gonna hear directly from a female founder who raised €122,727 on Kickstarter for an interactive electronic paper toy called #PapierMachine. We’ll dive deep and get to the route of this crowdfunding success story. You’ll see how to improve our ow...

EP #200 The Exact Number of Emails You Need to Raise $415,571 on Kickstarter

I promise, you're gonna love this podcast episode (especially if you've been wondering how to engineer a successful crowdfunding campaign) I spoke with Hugo Loi, the creator of Lexip, a Revolutionary Gaming Mouse that raised more than $400,000 on Kicks...

EP #199 Where Backers Came From For a $201,936 Kickstarter Campaign

he hardest thing for any entrepreneur is to break into an established industry, like coffee products, and see success.  That's exactly what the FLASK team did with their Kickstarter campaign. They quickly surpassed their $40,000 fundraising goal and en...