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Listen to guest speakers' from a range of professional backgrounds talk about their knowledge and experience. Learn what they do best and apply it into your online or in person courses.

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Creating content for your course that matters
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CC 19: Get Moving To Be Creative

  When creating content for our courses there is that focus for us to get it done. We get so obsessed in our writing that we often neglect our bodies. Spending hours writing content for your courses will damage your whole body in the long term, especia...
Angela Lau author

CC 18: Challenge Your Excuses

    As course creators, we get excited during the beginning stages of writing content. Then we end up hitting that creative hump.     The writing stops.   You conk out.   The excuses start streaming in:   I don’t have the time. I can’t afford the resou...
Angela Lau author

CC 17: Simple Strategies To Get Your Course Found Online

      Online marketing can be a lot of smoke and mirrors when you begin to promote your first online course.   There is just so much information available online. Knowing which content is genuine to get the results you want can be time consuming or exp...
Angela Lau author

CC 16: 7 Strategies to Stop Procrastination

    We continue the topic of overwhelm and look at procrastination.   Procrastination is the killer that often stops us from creating course content.   Have you ever been in a situation where your mind is flooded with a tonne of different thoughts? The...
Angela Lau author

CC 15: Connect To Your Core Desires To Create Course Content

Last week’s podcast was a cracker! Michael from Consulting Success taught us strategies to market to the right kind of people who WILL buy your course.   However, what about the course creators amongst us who are second guessing ourselves, wondering if...
Angela Lau author

CC 14: Strategies To Create Course Content That Attracts Your Ideal Client

    After the euphoria of completing the content of your online course, it’s time to market it. However, the common stumbling block is knowing where to start. There are so many things to consider such as: Facebook Ads Facebook Groups Webinars Newslette...
Angela Lau author

CC 12: If You Believe It. Create it. It Will Happen.

  It’s hard to write creatively all the time.   It’s even harder when you have mental blocks.   Limitless pots of coffee don’t work.   Neither does exercise or banging your head against a wall.   If you have tried everything to write engaging course co...
Angela Lau author

CC 11: Learn How A Tool Can Make Your Course Content Pop!

      How good would it be to have a tool that makes the graphics in your course content look professional?   No more back and forth with a graphic designer.   Be able to create a professional looking graphic in a matter of minutes.   A tool that’s sim...
Angela Lau author

CC 10: Create Connection Through Photos

  Simplicity and feeling is something that connects your learners to engage in your course content.   I know in the past, it’s sometimes easier to share my ideas through pictures rather than explain them in words. Sometimes using pictures to explain a ...
Angela Lau author

CC 09: Connect From The Heart

  Creating course content from the heart is the theme for April and Camille kicks off this month by sharing with us strategies she uses when she coaches her clients on communicating difficult messages to loved ones.   From a young age, Camille has been...
Angela Lau author

CC 08: Creating Original Course Content

  The last couple of weeks, you’ve been listening to a series of interviews about online copycats. You know people who directly copy the content from your website.   We heard about the personal experience from Theresa Reed, how it made her feel and the...
Angela Lau author

CC 07: Get Your Course Content Protected!

Last week we heard about Theresa’s experience in getting her online content copied.   In today’s episode, you are going to learn how to protect yourself when somebody copies your course content.   The special guest on today’s podcast is Lisa, a legal l...
Angela Lau author

CC 06: Help! Someone’s Copied Your Content.

  You get an email from your friend, alerting you that someone has copied the content from your course.   You feel sick.   You have that feeling like you’ve been kicked in the guts.   Crawling back into bed is an option but not necessarily an effective...
Angela Lau author

CC 05: Tips To Hiring A VA

Clarity. Calm. Excitement. These are feelings you should have when you deliver your online course. And this is the feeling you too will have when you listen to today’s episode with Sam Howard from Pursue Your Dreams Sam shares with us so many valuable ...
Angela Lau author

CC 04: Time Saving Tools To Stay Organised

Deanna Fenton from Simple Steps to Online Success shares with us her favourite online tools she uses to keep her content and business organised. Her background is quite unique because she is that rare breed of online marketing professional who not only...
Angela Lau author

CC 03: Creating Online Courses Using 3 Simple Tools

Technology is often used as an excuse for people not to have an online course that showcases their business. Well, in today’s episode, Jonathon Perez expels this myth. He explains why we don’t need to have a big budget or fancy plugin to get an online ...
Angela Lau author

CC 02: Successful Online Biz

In this episode, I talk to Kim Doyal an amazing WordPress guru, Podcaster and Business Coach. She shares with us the fundamentals, every successful online business should have. The topics include: The importance of having a visually appealing website H...
Angela Lau author

CC 01: Who is Angela?

It was so much fun recording this first episode with Sandi. She’s the Connection Concierge from Normally I find it hard to talk about myself but I was amazed at how easy it was to chat away with Sandi. Not only was she abl...
Angela Lau author