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The Coaches Corner Podcast starring Cody Roark CODYROARK18.COM and Covering the latest news around the National Football League, the ADFL, and local HS Sports!

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The Coaches Corner Podcast starring Cody Roark CODYROARK18.COM and Covering the latest news around the National Football League, the ADFL, and local HS Sports!
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PO Podcast: Broncos defeat 49ers 33-14

Cody Roark author

Predominantly Orange: Monday's Broncos Training Camp Recap

Monday's recap of Denver Broncos training camp in Dove Valley! Steven Kriz (@skrizPO) joined me to give his analysis and recap for what he saw at training camp! You won't want to miss it! Follow us on Twitter @PredomOrange
Cody Roark author

Coaches Corner Live: Day 2 Denver Broncos Training Camp Recap

Cody Roark author

Coaches Corner Podcast: Denver Broncos Training Camp Day 1

Day 1 Of Broncos Training Camp is in the books! Reaction, Analysis! Follow on Twitter: @CodyRoarkPO
Cody Roark author

Coaches Corner Podcast: Season 3 Episode 1

On this week's episode of the Coaches Corner Podcast, Cody announces his new role as a contributor for Predominantly Orange which covers the Denver Broncos 24/7 365. With SuperBowl 51 being exactly a week away, Cody breaks down the matchup with Cameron...
Cody Roark author

Coaches Corner Podcast Season 2 Episode 10: NFL Wildcard Playoff Picture

On this week's episode of the Coaches Corner Podcast we dive into the NFL playoff picture after Week 17 has officially concluded. The Patriots and Chiefs have a first round bye through the AFC Playoffs and the Cowboys and Falcons have a first round bye...
Cody Roark author

Season 2 Episode 9: NFL Week 3 Analysis and Recap

On this week's edition of the Coaches Corner Podcast, Cody returns to the Pod to discuss Week 3 around the NFL including Trevor Siemian's 2nd half performance vs the Cincinatti Bengals that led Denver to a 3-0 regular season start. Von Miller has won t...
Cody Roark author

Season 2 Episode 8: Tony Romo is.....

On this week's edition of the Coaches Corner Podcast, Cody attempts to Periscope the first half of the podcast live for a potential future video network concept. Cody vents and rants about the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, and Tony Romo about who is t...
Cody Roark author

Season 2 Episode 7: Josh Norman is how I like my toast, burnt.

On this week's episode of the Coaches Corner Podcast, Cody dives into a multitude of NFL topics including the Bennett Brothers bashing some household NFL names including Jay Cutler, Eli Manning, JJ Watt. With news of Josh Norman being burnt at Training...
Cody Roark author

Season 2 Episode 6: "Tom Brady, LeVeon Bell, and Josh Gordon Walk into a Bar"

On this week's Coaches Corner Podcast, Cody is joined by Former NFL Safety Nick Ferguson to discuss the NFC East, Josh Gordon, Training Camp and much more storylines. LeVeon Bell and Aldon Smith are causing trouble in NFL Headlines because they can't ...
Cody Roark author

Season 2 Episode 5: "Everybody's Doing Drugs"

On this week's episode of the Coaches Corner Podcast Cody discusses Von Miller's deal with the Denver Broncos and how the Broncos fare in the future. Also Cody discusses the current problem the UFC is facing with their athletes being busted for Perform...
Cody Roark author

Season 2 Episode 4: "Charles Barkley is a hypocrite"

On this week's edition of the Coaches Corner Podcast, Cody is joined in studio by Grand Junction Gladiators Defensive Backs Deshaunte Webber and Greg Lawson to talk and discuss the state of the ADFL playoffs and they discuss the potential ADFL and Fran...
Cody Roark author

Season 2: Episode 3 "Sports Loyalty and Fan Logic"

On this week's Coaches Corner Podcast Cody is joined by Damon Ware, Commissioner of the American Developmental Football League(ADFL) to discuss the ADFL at the mid season point and Damon discusses how the ADFL has evolved and improved over the years si...
Cody Roark author

Season 2 Episode 2: "They Look Good On Paper but..."

Episode 2 of the Coaches Corner Podcast explores the depths of contract negotiations between NFL Agents and Organizations. Von Miller and Denver appear to be at a stalemate regarding a long term contract extension, what's the hold up? Denver and Miller...
Cody Roark author

Season 2 Episode 1: Nobody Likes Roger Goodell

Season 2 of the Coaches Corner Podcast kicks off with Cody discussing the current NBA Playoff scenarios and news with the ATL/CLE, GSW/POR, MIA/TOR Playoff Series and dives in to what was missed while Season 2 was preparing to air: Kobe Bryant's final ...
Cody Roark author

Episode 16: Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Cody indulges in a late night POD of thought talking about the NFL's Competition Committee and some of their new rule changes they have created for the upcoming NFL Season. An NFL Official acknowledged that there is a link between brain disease and foo...
Cody Roark author

Episode 15: Free Agency Frenzy

Cody discusses the start of the frantic and often frenzy free agency period in the NFL that started with an array of roster transactions including Malik Jackson to Jacksonville, Lamar Miller and Brock Osweiler to Houston, Olivier Vernon to the New York...
Cody Roark author

Episode 14: "Congress debates if Joe Flacco is Elite"

Cody dives into a variety of offseason NFL news exclusively the NFL Franchise Tag Deadline that passed on Tuesday. Von Miller, Eric Berry, Josh Norman are three players who received it. Which QB's are available through Free Agency? Will Brock Osweiler ...
Cody Roark author

Episode 13: "Kryptonite Cam"

Cody is back after Super Bowl 50 with the latest news and analysis around the NFL and the Denver Broncos. After Denver's 3rd Super Bowl win over the Panthers, Cody discusses how Denver executed their gameplan to stop the NFL's #1 leading offense. Johnn...
Cody Roark author

Episode 12: "California Dreaming"

Cody is BACK to discuss the matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. With Denver being the underdog and Carolina being the favorite, Cody breaks down what Denver will need to do to stop Cam Newton and the NFL's #1 ...
Cody Roark author

Coaches Corner Episode 11: "Who's Jerry Porter"

On this weeks episode Cody discusses the NFL Wildcard Games that occurred this previous weekend between Kansas City and Houston, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, Minnesota and Seattle, and Green Bay and Washington. Also on today's episode the NFL Divisional ...
Cody Roark author

Episode 10: "I backpedaled and I can't get up"

On the last episode of 2015 Cody discusses the AFC and it's current playoff picture with implications for NE, DEN, CIN, HOU, KC, NYJ as they try to finalize the seeding for the AFC Playoffs. Cody analyzes the Broncos win over the Cincinnati Bengals on ...
Cody Roark author

Episode 9: Chippy in Cincy

On Episode 9 of the Coaches Corner Podcast Cody discusses the previous week in the NFL regarding the Denver Broncos dropping a game at home to the Oakland Raiders. With playoff time coming in the next month, Cody analyzes the current NFL playoff pictur...
Cody Roark author

Episode 8: Tornadoes and The Beef Wagon

On this episode of the Coaches Corner Podcast, Cody's friend and former teammate Jesse Bradford joins the POD to discuss the Grand Junction Gladiators, injuries, memories on the football field, a trip to Colorado Springs for a game that led to two torn...
Cody Roark author

Episode 7: "There's Silos and Gun's There"

In the latest episode of the Coaches Corner Podcast, Former Denver Bronco Safety Nick Ferguson joins the POD to talk about the NFL and Denver Broncos, his open letter to undrafted free agents, his coaching internship with the Denver Broncos and much mo...
Cody Roark author

Episode 6: Brocket Man and Turkey Day

Cody jumps in the POD to discuss the Broncos-Bears game from this previous Sunday, Brock Osweiler's performance at QB and the latest on Peyton Manning's status regarding his foot injury. Also discussed: Johnny Manziel's demotion from starting QB, LaRon...
Cody Roark author

Episode 5: Head Kicks and Picks

Cody brings you the latest installment of the Coaches Corner Podcast where the show's topics are Ronda Rousey and her fight against Holly Helm in what many people are calling the most shocking upset in sports history. Peyton Manning benched last week v...
Cody Roark author

Episode 4: "Spousal Arguments and Broken Greenhouses"

Cody and lifelong friend Tomas Edwards joins the POD to discuss Spousal Arguments that are had with significant others, the time Cody fell through the greenhouse roof, when they encountered a mountain lion on three different occasions, and how Tomas an...
Cody Roark author

Episode 3: Coaches Corner Podcast

Cody discusses Greg Hardy, racial tension at the University of Missouri. Why more and more injuries are occurring in the NFL. Coach Les of the Coach Les Show joins Cody Roark on the Coaches Corner Podcast to discuss the Greg Hardy situation,College FB ...
Cody Roark author

Episode 2: Coaches Corner Podcast

Cody discusses the latest news around the NFL, Fact of the Day, The state of the 49ers in the NFL amidst the benching of Colin Kaepernick, Who will be the first undefeated team to lose? Is Denver's Defense Legit? All of this and much more discussed in ...
Cody Roark author

TCRS: Marshfield Pirates Civil War Battle of the Bay Preview

Cody Roark author