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This is a Podcast Group of 3 guys talking about Fantasy Football, Mainly focused on our league but good and accurate advice about fantasy football.

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This is a Podcast Group of 3 guys talking about Fantasy Football, Mainly focused on our league but good and accurate advice about fantasy football.
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Doctor Doctor, gimme the news!

We are back after a one week hiatus, and have plenty to talk about. Special guest star filling in. It is getting to the nitty gritty stretch of the season. Some teams need a win, and were here to help with our top 5 and busts of the week. Good luck...
Catalina Cast author

Fantasy Traders Anonymous

There’s a lot on the Catalina Cast plate this week. Trade talk, trade talk, and more trade talk. The Big Guys angry, and he may have a good reason. We hit you with the goodness you’ve known to come and love as well. Top 5’s, review, preview, and so muc...
Catalina Cast author

Return Of FBG

Another episode of Catalina cast is in the books.  We are joined by yet another illustrious guest.  What the Flock owner, the Fake Big Guy, pulls up a seat to give us his view on how all of the TE's in football are no good and do not deserve to be on a...
Catalina Cast author

I Need A Doctor

The Doc is in session this week when the guys welcome Dr. Strangelove himself to the recording table.  We discuss the week 6 review, and the week 7 preview.  The guys give our insight into the top 5 rankings yet again, and get our very first ice bets o...
Catalina Cast author

National Coming out with more rankings day!

Cooler heads have prevailed, and we are all friends this week. Lots of trade talk. Plenty of rankings to help you win.......or lose your week. Previews and reviews as always. Listen up and enjoy. Reach out on instagram, facebook, and email.
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast episode 20 something

The original 3 are back, and are more fired up than ever. Keeper debate gets heated, and no one knows what the hell us going on!! We give our top 5 rankings for all skill positions for the first time. We want to give you our insight and help you win...
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Season 2 Week 4

Rob, Jake, and the "Big Guy" recap week 3 and go over our projections for week 4. "Fake Big Guy" is our honorary memeber this week. So tune in for all your fantasy advice!
Catalina Cast author

Season 2 Week 3!

Week two is wrapped up, and we've got some good topics to discuss. Injuries, lead dog, previews, reviews, WHAT!!!! Listen up. We have the BEST advice around.......In our opinion!
Catalina Cast author


We have a special guest in the studio this week, and we talk and talk and talk football and about the crap that was week 1. Waiver wire additions, reviews, previews and more. Listen in to the debauchery that is Catalina Cast!
Catalina Cast author

New Recording (draft)

Catalina Cast author

Season 2 Week 1

Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Season 2!

Guess who's back, back again, the losers are back, tell a friend! Season 2 episode 1 of the Catalina Cast is here, and we're talking nonsense for over 2 hours!!! Enjoy our topics on draft rules, strategy, sleepers, and much more. Hear from some of th...
Catalina Cast author

Catatlina Cast 17

Our fantasy league is over, but we still have plenty to talk about. We talk NFL, NCAA, and the holidays. Just because the leagues over, that doesn't mean we'll stop! Can't stop, won't stop.
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast episode 16

The Champ is HERE!!!!! Who won? Listen and find out. We also tap into our Christmas traditions, favorite gifts, songs and general Christmas BS. Join us and listen to our nonsense.
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 15

PLAYOFFS!!! What Happened? Who's in? Who's out? Talkin shop with Rob and Drew, because Paul's got an itchy butthole. The last week of the season is upon us. Good luck to the two finalist!
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast episode 14

The regular season is over, and we're talking playoffs. PLAYOFFS! Buckle in for the biggest weeks of the season!
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 13

Week 12 in the rearview, and week 13 on the horizon. The last week of the regular season is upon us, and there are teams fighting tooth and nail for the final playoff spot of the turd division. Who's alive? Who's dead? Tune in and find the F out!
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast episode 12

THANKSGIVING week, The conclusion of Greller Gate, recaps, reviews, and we hit the playoff picture hard. We're ready for the home stretch of the regular season. Listen up!!
Catalina Cast author

Week 11 Greller Gate!

Week 10 is in the books, and we have a lot going on this episode. Rob and Drew battle over what makes a team good in fantasy, and the discussion TCWM has been waiting for, GRELLER GATE 2016.
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 10 week 10

We're back at it again. Week 9 recaps, and week 10 preview. We touch on the "Great Debate" and studs and duds. Rob and Drew get ready for their big matchup and Paul enjoys a chocolatey treat!!!
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 9 The Debate Special

Drew squares off with Doc in our first fantasy football debate. Rob and Paul try to keep the crowd calm while moderating a clean fight.
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 8 Week 9

Week 8 recap and week 9 preview. Rob cries about his bad luck. Drew gloats over a GUARANTEED victory. Paul drinks!
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 7 Week 8

Paul is back, and we hop right into reviews, previews, bold predictions, and all of the nonsense you have come to love!
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 6 Week 7

While one of the host is on his stupid honeymoon, we sit down with our first guest from the league. Week 6 review, and week 7 preview.
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 5

A month in, and we're still bringing the heat!!!!
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 4

Three weeks in and the guys are back to discussing who stood out, who disappointed, and what they see for this coming weeks matchups.
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 3

Who's happy with their start, who's crying about their team, who else is getting drunk while recording?
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 2

Episode TWO! You didn't think we would be back did ya? How did week one go, and whats in store for week 2?
Catalina Cast author

Catalina Cast Episode 1

introduction to the Catalina Wine Mixer fantasy football league. Also, week one preview and season long bold predictions.
Catalina Cast author