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Exercícios, dicas e pequenas aulas para te ajudar a melhorar seu Inglês. Espero que seja útil a todos.
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19 Wade In The Water - We Don't Want No War

The Patterson Singers - Essa música teve um impacto maravilhoso na minha vida durante uma fase muito difícil que passei. Um dos cantores explica no início que essa música era cantada pelos escravos convertidos aos cristianismo. Wade in the water , vag...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 12 - Chapter 5, part 2

Buck and the other dogs had no life in them when they arrived, one evening, at Johnson Thornton's camp. When the sledge stopped, every dog fell down in the snow. They looked dead. "What's the best way to Dawson?" Hal asked Thornton. Thornton looked at ...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 11 - Chapter, 5 Part 1

The Canadian Mail sledge, with Buck and the other dogs, arrived in Skaguay. They looked and felt very tired. Buck was very thin. The dogs' feet had cuts on them and they couldn't run. After thirty days without a rest, they were very weak. "Come, my fri...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 10 - Chapter 4, part 2.

A Scottish man bought the sledge dogs. He and some other men worked for the Canadian Mail Company. They carried people's letters to them. The next day, they took the sledge back to Dawson, and it was hard work for the dogs. The sledge was very heavy an...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 09 - Chapter 4, part 1

"Hey, what did I say? I was right. Buck is a very dangerous dog!" Frarnçois said the next morning. He couldn't find Spitz anywhere, and Buck had many cuts on him. Perrault looked at Buck's cuts and said, "Yes, but Spitz fought hard." "And Buck fought ...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 08 - Chapter 3, part 4.

Seven days later, they left Dawson. The dogs were strong now, and the fighting quickly began again. Buck had small fights with Spitz every day, and he always fought him in front of the other dogs. Now Buck was stronger and more dangerous than Spitz, an...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 07 - Chapter 3 part 3.

So on the good days, the dogs had to work long hours. But Buck's feet weren't as hard as the other dogs' feet. In sunny California, he never had to walk on cold, hard ice and snow. So now he walked with a lot of pain. One night, he couldn't get up and ...
Túlio Miranda author

Conversation - 06 - Answer the questions.

- What's your nickname? - My nickname is... - What time do you start working ? - I start working at seven (7)/ eight and a half (8:30) - What do you do after your job? - After my job I go home and have dinner. - What do you like to drink? - I like to d...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 06 - Chapter 3, part 2.

The weather got warmer and the trip got very difficult. The dogs couldn't fight, there was no time. The ice got very thin in some places and the sledge broke through it many times. One time, when the ice broke, Buck and Dave fell into the icy water. T...
Túlio Miranda author

Conversation - 05 - I'm starving!

- So Linda, what's up ? - Hey, John, I'm starving. - Really ? - Did you have breakfast this morning ? - Sure, but look, it's almost noon! - True, it's about time. - How do you like your breakfast, John ? - Well, some toasts, jelly, and hot coffee are ...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 05 - Chapter 3 - part 1

Chapter 3 A Bad Fight This new, wild animal in Buck was strong, but Buck's new life was very dangerous. He never fought with the other dogs, but Spitz hated him. Spitz was the most important dog. He knew the sledge best. He always taught the new dogs ...
Túlio Miranda author

Conversation - 04 - How is your routine ?

- Good evening, Mark. - Hello, Susan, how you doing ? - I'm tired today. - How is your routine, Susan ? - My day is often very busy. - What time do you get up ? - I get up at 5:30. - So early, what do you do next ? - After that I have breakfast and tak...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 04 - The Call of the Wild - Chapter 2, part 2

"These are very good dogs," François said to Perrault, "Buck pulls the very hard and he learns very quickly." In the afternoon, Perrault bought three more dogs - Billie, Joe, and Sol-leks. Billie was a very friendly dog, but Joe was unfriendly. Sol-le...
Túlio Miranda author

Conversation - 03 - The weather.

- Good afternoon, Mark. How you ? - Good afternoon, Susan. I'm fine, and you ? - I'm alright. The weather is bad today. - Yes, it's raining cats and dogs. - You bet! Yesterday it was really sunny, isn't this crazy ? - Sure, I can't understand the weath...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 03 - The call of the wild - chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Laws of the Wild Buck's first day in this new, cold country was very bad. There were a lot of dangerous men and dogs everywhere. This wasn't a sunny, easy life. Here, there was no rest. Buck had to be careful and he had to learn quickly...
Túlio Miranda author

Conversation - 02 - What do you do ?

- Good morning, Mark - Good morning, Susan - What's your last name, Susan ? - My last name is Miller, and yours ? - My last name is Smith - What do you do, Susan ? - I'm a doctor, and you, what do you do for a living ? - I'm a driver.
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 02 - The call of the wild - chapter 1, part 2

He opened his eyes when a loud noise woke him. He was on a train! And there was that man again. Buck was very hungry and thirsty, and he hated the rope around his neck. He jumped up and tried to attack the man. But the man was quick, and pulled the rop...
Túlio Miranda author

Conversation - 01 - What's your name ?

- Hello, my name is Mark. What's your name? - My name is Susan, nice to meet you, Mark. - It's my pleasure! How are you, Susan ? - I'm fine, and you ? - I'm very well, thank you. - Where are you from, Mark ? - I'm from London, and you ? - I'm from Live...
Túlio Miranda author

Reading - 01 - The call of the wild - chapter 1

Chapter 1 - To the North Buck was a strong dog with a thick coat. He lived in a big house, Mr. Miller's place, in sunny California. There were tall trees around the house, and there was a pool, too. Buck was four years old, and the Millers were his fam...
Túlio Miranda author


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