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The biggest brains in TESOL, ESL, EFL spill the beans on the most effective way of teaching English as a Foreign Language.

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The biggest brains in TESOL spill the beans on the most effective way of teaching English as a Foreign Language.
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21.5 – Thinking Skills – VIDEO! I am branching out into video. First Video Channel Please watch, subscribe, like and all those things that everyone on YouTube is begging you to do! This is the first step of an ...
Andrew Bailey author

21 – Can Dictation Be Fun? – Oksana Kharley “Oh googie…dictation….” Possibly one of the most misused input/output techniques. The dreaded dictation. How can we move beyond playing a CD or reading and having ...
Andrew Bailey author

20 – using TED talks (and other videos) in ESL EFL class – Roger Fusselman I caught up with Roger Fusselman after his KOTESOL conference presentation on using TED talks and videos in general for language teaching. This is a MUST li...
Andrew Bailey author

19 – Reflective Practice – Thomas Farrell The self-styled ‘bad boy’ of language teaching, Thomas Farrell, dropped by my office to take about self reflection. What do we do in the classroom and, importantly, ...
Andrew Bailey author

18 – Discourse Markers – Jon Campbell-Larsen Well, discourse markers are kinda a feature of, like, natural speech in, you know, basically every language. Jon Campbell-Larsen takes us through the how and why ...
Andrew Bailey author

17 – Reichmuth and Hanf – How to use TV shows for pronunciation – QUICKIE How effective is using English language TV in helping students improve their pronunciation? Well, Reichmuth & Hanf actually did some researc...
Andrew Bailey author

16 – Eytan Zweig – what words really mean – semantics and pragmatics

Plurals are easy, right? There’s one or there’s more than one… pretty straight forward. “All”, “every”, “All the” “each” – that’s pretty simple too, isn’t it? Well, hold on to something sturdy as Eytan Zweig gets you to think a little deeper about how ...
Andrew Bailey author

15 – The Student Becomes The Teacher – Justin McKibben

In the first of this batch of hit-n-run quickie interviews from the KOTESOL conference in Seoul at the end of 2016, I spoke to Justin McKibben about how we can expand students roles. By giving students certain speaking tasks the traditional classroom w...
Andrew Bailey author

14 – MOT Listeners’ Tales from the classroom

In this end-of-year episode, we get the funnier side of teaching English with stories from listeners and future interviewees. Special thanks to Grace, Thomas, Matthew, Jon, Fergal, James, Mierkamil, Oksana, Jacob, Roger, Gordon, and Jake. http://traffi...
Andrew Bailey author

Your Funny EFL / ESL Teaching Stories – an open call

I’m making a Christmas episode of the podcast and I need your help. Yes, YOU. The person reading this right now. Don’t look around, I’m talking to you~! As serious, devoted education pro...
Andrew Bailey author

13 – What the way you speak says about you – Sociolinguistics with Andrew Euan MacFarlane

  This episode, we start with a little experiment and get more interactive. Let us know what country you thought the music originated in at @MOTcast with the hashtag #motesol . I’ll put up the results on
Andrew Bailey author

12 – Babies and First Language Acquisition – Tamar Keren-Portnoy pt1 @MOTcast Now on Instagram! Once again, I got lost in the labyrinthian corridors of the University of York Language & Linguistic Science departmen...
Andrew Bailey author

11 – Too old to learn? The Critical Period – Heather Marsden This episode, I speak to University of York’s Heather Marsden about the controversial Critical Period hypothesis. This theory suggests that there ...
Andrew Bailey author

10 – how fair is your English test? – QUICKIE @MOTcast Subscribe on iTunes I’m alive! Back after five months with a quickie that (hopefully) gives us a foundation for a deeper look at this topic lat...
Andrew Bailey author

09 – Bilingual Mythbusting – Marilyn Vihman Subscribe on iTunes Follow me on Twitter – @MOTcast To a monolingual, being bilingual or multilingual seems magical. More than one language in one head – no one ca...
Andrew Bailey author

08 – English as a Lingua Franca in the ESL classroom – Martin Dewey [This episode follows up on issues first covered in episode 4 with Jennifer Jenkins.] English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) is a perplexing thing....
Andrew Bailey author

07 – Why your ESL lesson bombed – Tom Randolph In this episode we hear from TESOL methodology trainer Tom Randolph about some of the reasons ESL / EFL lessons don’t succeed, and how to avoid it happening. I ...
Andrew Bailey author

06 – The ESL / EFL student brain and how we learn – Stephen van Vlack As teachers, we need to be aware of how students are learning. Different brain systems need to work together in order to retain information and, most imp...
Andrew Bailey author

05 – How to teach English intonation – Dorothy Chun One of the most overlooked elements of teaching spoken language is intonation. Yet it’s extremely important for conveying meaning. Traditional methods of teaching ...
Andrew Bailey author

04 – Questioning the Native English Norm in English Teaching – Jennifer Jenkins English as a Lingua Franca – ELF – is English as a shared language (usually) between non-native speakers. As English becomes more and more global...
Andrew Bailey author

03 – Effective Feedback on Writing – Ahmar Mahboob Hands up if you’ve been properly trained on giving feedback on students’ writing… Yep, not many of us. Ahmar Mahboob gives a valuable insight into the most ...
Andrew Bailey author

02 – Gestures and Embodied Cognition – Scott Thornbury In class, we point behind us to represent the past. Forward for the future. But, other than Total Physical Response, how else can we use gestures? Scott...
Andrew Bailey author

01 – Visual Thinking Strategies – Gabriel Diaz Maggioli Here is the first episode of the MOT podcast. If you like it, please SUBSCRIBE! Follow the podcast on @MOTcast Now, us teachers use a lot of visual ...
Andrew Bailey author