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Join Andy Lawson from 2-6pm every weekday for music and sport. Get his best bits here.
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The Best of Afternoons - 24/11 - Radio Yorkshire

The #Afternoons podcast is back with some of our favourite moments from the show this week on Radio Yorkshire. This time we'll bring you: The Yorkshire view on the latest goings on in #MLS Find out just why #WWFC seem unstoppable at the moment See wh...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 17/11 - Radio Yorkshire

The #Afternoons podcast is back with Andy Lawson after another fun week on the show. This time, we talk about the new job for Brad Friedel in #MLS Find out from Wolf Alice's drummer what life's like on tour Talk about how #Guiseley booked their plac...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 10/11 - Radio Yorkshire

Another week's gone. Soon be Christmas. If you've visited the shops recently, you'd be forgiven for thinking it already was the season. Enough of that. Let's talk podcast! Plenty in this time as we take a look at the following: The current situat...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 03/11 - Radio Yorkshire

Andy Lawson is back with another weeks worth of "best bits" from #Afternoons on Radio Yorkshire. Plenty to look at this time, including: Does #DCFC boss Gary Rowett deserve his high renowned amongst football fans? What's the mood amongst #LUFC fans ...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 27/10 - Radio Yorkshire

Andy Lawson is back with the podcast this time. But don't worry, you won't miss Richard completely - he features heavily in this episode. This time, you'll hear about the #MLS playoffs. Find out what Chris Wilder has done differently at #SUFC Plus l...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 20/10 - Radio Yorkshire

No Andy this week, so Richard takes the reigns, but there's still MLS Monday, plus two rounds of Squad Number Higher or Lower to keep you entertained, plus Justin Currie talks about the legendary 1998 Scottish World Cup song "Don't Come Home Too Soon" ...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 13/10 - Radio Yorkshire

This week: Andy talks about the retirement of Andrea Pirlo from #MLSMonday, we preview Swansea vs. Huddersfield Town and Leeds United vs. Reading, rejigging your Fantasy team and Danny Parkinson suffers heartbreak on Squad Number Higher or Lower...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 06/10 - Radio Yorkshire

Ready to catch up with some of the best bits from Radio Yorkshire's Afternoons show? Click play and be ready to hear: What it's like to go to an #NFL game in the UK Whether it's just you who feels like the games industry is tempting you to spend, sp...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 29/09 - Radio Yorkshire

The best bits of the #Afternoons show are here for you now as we've reached the end of another busy week. Take a listen to hear: The under the radar side that's picked up another trophy in the #USA Just how much of a turnaround Neil Warnock has over...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 22/09 - Radio Yorkshire

The #Afternoons podcast is back. It's a good sign if you're a subscriber and you see it download... it means we've made it to the weekend! Lots' of fun to be had in this episode as we chat/find out the following: How the Carabao Cup could be kept rel...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 15/09 - Radio Yorkshire

Another busy week has come and gone. Whether people would pay a grand for a phone, the new ten pound note, and the phrase "it gets dark so early in the evening now" have all been utterances in the last few days. Here, we'll bring you some of what we'...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 08/09 - Radio Yorkshire

Welcome to the weekend, and the best bits from this week's #Afternoons show with Andy Lawson. Here you find the week's "must hear" audio, including: #GBBO chat with Chetna, as the bakers faced biscuit week We preview #LUFC's game with #BurtonAlbion ...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 01/09 - Radio Yorkshire

After the short week, the best of #Afternoons podcast is back. There may have been a day less of the show, but we've managed to squeeze a lot in! Here you'll find a lot of Squad Number Higher or Lower - our new feature. How will you get on when you ...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 25/08 - Radio Yorkshire

The Bank Holiday weekend is here, and why not enjoy it with the #Afternoons Podcast? Lots on this time including #SquadNumberHigherorLower and our favourite round of the week. #FPL chat. A look ahead to the #LUFC and #HTAFC game and loads more. Giv...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 18/08 - Radio Yorkshire

It's Friday, and that means the Best of Afternoons podcast is ready for you. We're looking ahead to the weekends games for #LUFC and #HTAFC. Bringing you a look at the week in #FPL. Talking transfer windows and more! While I'm here, if you want ext...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 11/08 - Radio Yorkshire

The best of #Afternoons is ready for you. Another busy one this time. Here's some of what's here: We look at how video refs are being seen in Major League Soccer Find out about all the familiar names now in Port Vale's side Look at the managerial ...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 04/08 - Radio Yorkshire

We're back! The best of #Afternoons is ready for you, and it's another packed podcast. This time, we heard from a young man who's achieved an incredible feat to help raise money in the world of horse racing. We spent time on #YorkshireDay looking ahe...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 28/07 - Radio Yorkshire

The #Afternoons podcast is here, ready for you after another busy week! This time, you'll hear chat about #MLS and the addition of Video Assistant Referees... and the sudden talk topic of promotion/relegation. How many full backs do Man City need? W...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 21/07 - Radio Yorkshire

Andy Lawson's back on the Afternoons show, and back on the podcast! This time we look at some of the Yorkshire players at #TheOpen. Look at why one of US soccer's big recent games got postponed Got's views on how #BCAFC will fare thi...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 14/7 - Radio Yorkshire

Andy was off this week, but we still started the week with the latest Stateside, and with the MLS on hiatus, Drew updated Richard on the best and worst teams of the season so far, plus Tom Maguire talks TV, Tom Carnduff on Star Sixes and Danny Parkinso...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 07/07 - Radio Yorkshire

There's news from outside the MLS with Drew Farmer, Tom Carnduff talks the VAR, 80s icon Carol Decker joins us and we play Guess the Non-League Football team...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 30/06 - Radio Yorkshire

Another busy week on the show, and we've covered a lot! We've spoken #SafeStanding after Shrewsbury Town became the first English league side to apply for a section. We've looked at the ebbing and flowing of power in #MLS between #NYCFC & #NYRB. ...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 23/06 - Radio Yorkshire

What a busy week it's been! We've tried to cram the very best bits in to this weeks podcast. We look in to which sportsman going from strength to strength over in America. Find out how surprised #LUFC fans are that their first game of next season wi...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 16/06 - Radio Yorkshire

Hey there, and welcome to the latest episode of the podcast! Lots this time, and despite the finishing of the football season we've still found lots to talk about :D This time we look at the new #LUFC Head Coach. We talk #HTAFC first #EPL fixtures. ...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 09/06 - Radio Yorkshire

The best of #Afternoons is back in it's Friday podcast form. This time, we cover quite a bit. So here goes: With an eye on the #EPL we talked about 1 player from #MLS who could be on the radar of those in the English top flight. As we're in Yorkshi...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 09/06 - Radio Yorkshire

The best of #Afternoons is back in it's Friday podcast form. This time, we cover quite a bit. So here goes: With an eye on the #EPL we talked about 1 player from #MLS who could be on the radar of those in the English top flight. As we're in Yorkshi...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 26/05 - Radio Yorkshire

"We're on our way, to the Premier League we're on our..." oh, sorry. I was getting a little carried away there. Welcome to the best of Afternoons Podcast with our very own #HTAFC fan Andy Lawson. This time, we will talk about Monday's game. Both To...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 19/05 - Radio Yorkshire

An incredible week has passed us by, and we've looked at some of the key parts in this weeks podcast. We speak to the furthest afield Huddersfield Town fan who was watching as the side secured their place at Wembley. We look at whether or not there's...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 12/05 - Radio Yorkshire

As another week comes to an end it's time to look at what's been going on. This time, we look at who earns what in #MLS (they actually publish this stuff). Previews are here for all this weeks Championship playoff teams. #HTAFC #SWFC #ReadingFC #Fulh...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons without Andy - 5/5 - Radio Yorkshire

No Andy this week, so Richard filled in and caught up with Drew on #MLSMonday for an update of the worst team in the competition, Derek updated up on the latest bizarre goings on in Scotland and Tom brought us his TV reviews...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 28/04 - Radio Yorkshire

Another busy week comes to an end, and we've reached a (much needed) Bank Holiday. It's Podcast time and we've plenty to come in this week's episode. Give it a listen! Andy
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 21/4 - Radio Yorkshire

It may only have been a 4 day working week (for most), but this weekend is just as welcome as any other! There's been a lot of football on the mind this week and we've had a handle on the local Championship sides run in to the final of the season. #H...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 13/4 - Radio Yorkshire

Happy Easter! Welcome to the best of #Afternoons podcast from Radio Yorkshire. It's been a short week due to the Bank Holiday weekend, but we've still managed to pack lots in! #FPL - it's #WestHam this time We talk the Championship playoff race &amp...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 07/4 - Radio Yorkshire

The weekend is upon us and that means it's time for the #Afternoons podcast. Another hugely busy week and we've tried to cram as much as we can in for your listening delight. We talk season tickets with #HTAFC's Commercial Director We find out from a...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 31/3 - Radio Yorkshire

These weeks are flying by. This time we've even shifted time zones since the last episode. Crazy! I'm back (this is Andy L writing this)! How've you been? Here's the latest episode, where it's a mix of Richard Shaw-Wright and me and this time we'l...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 24/3 - Radio Yorkshire

Some of the best bits from this week's Afternoons on Radio Yorkshire. An eclectic mix as Andy talks Canada and the MLS with Drew Farmer, and Richard speaks to a sports broadcasting legend, and "Morrissey" (but not at the same time....)
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 17/03 - Radio Yorkshire

Welcome to the weekend! That means it's podcast time, as we look back at some of the best, and my favourite moments of the week. We look at #BHAFC and whether the challenge of #HTAFC and #LUFC is being watched. How #SwanseaCity players could boost y...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 10/03 - Radio Yorkshire

It's podcast time again. That must mean it's the weekend. Don't you love how that happens? I do! This time we talk #MLS #LUFC #HTAFC #Malton #RugbyLeague & #FPL - I think that covers it all. Give it a listen. Click subscribe. Have a great weeken...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 03/03 - Radio Yorkshire

Podcast time! Here are some of this weeks best bits. Listen in!
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - 24/02 - Radio Yorkshire

What a week! Blink and you miss some of it... good thing we make this podcast for you then, isn't it :) This time we take a big overview of a big few days in football. If you see a SUBSCRIBE button anywhere round here, feel free to click it!
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 22 - Radio Yorkshire

Oh happy day, we've made it to the weekend. Savour every moment! As you savour, take a listen to this as we hear some of my (this is Andy writing this) favourite moments from the week's show. We talk about the #HTAFC win over #LUFC. We look ahead to...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 21 - Huddersfield Town Special

We have an Afternoons Podcast special for you this week, bringing you the best of our show on Thursday afternoon, as Andy brought the show live from #HTAFC at the John Smiths Stadium. The show aired ahead of Town's big win against table toppers #BHAFC...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 20 - Radio Yorkshire

Hello, hello, hello, the podcast is back! You lovely person you. You're here, and listening, and this time, you'll hear: Someone who's bringing the spirit of the 70s rock music scene to Wakefield this weekend A Rio2016 athlete who's swapped the sun...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 19 - Radio Yorkshire

It's PODCAST TIME! Yes, the "best of" is back for another week and have we got a splendid update for you. This time we find out how Ipswich fans are feeling following a humbling FA Cup night in Lincoln. They face #HTAFC on Saturday. We bring you the...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 18 - Radio Yorkshire

Another week of fun & frolics has passed us by. Did you hear every moment of the #Afternoons show in the last 5 days? No? No problem! Click play to hear some of our favourite moments.
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 17 - Radio Yorkshire

First podcast of 2017. Happy New Year! With changes at Hull City and Leeds United, it's been a busy week. Throw in the opening of the transfer window and the FA Cup weekend ahead, there's been a lot to put in this episode. Enjoy, and if you see a but...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 16 - Radio Yorkshire

Welcome to the last podcast of 2016, but just because it's been that odd limbo between Christmas and New Year that doesn't mean we've not been going full pelt on the show. This time, we speak to the last #GBBO winner of the BBC era, we review 2016 in ...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 15 - Radio Yorkshire

And we're back! Last podcast before Christmas too. Seasons greetings to you :D As always, it's an action packed episode! We talk #HTAFC, #Bundesliga and David Wagner Howard Middleton is with us to talk #GBBO over Christmas Plus, now's the time to...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 14 - Radio Yorkshire

#Afternoons is back with Andy Lawson. There's lots on this time, this is the kind of thing you'll learn/enjoy/wince at/want to subscribe to this because...: We find out who was crowed US Soccer champions lately Why a 90s band could be this year's Ch...
Radio Yorkshire author

The Best of Afternoons - Episode 13

Richard was in for Andy this week, and discussed a wide range of topics with Tom Feaheny and Joe Rawson, not least James Segeyaro and the woes of the Leeds Rhinos, Denny Solomona, Olympic sports funding, Cheerleading and Christmas Party advice...
Radio Yorkshire author