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Mediocrity at its best.

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Mediocrity at its best.
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10.17.2019 FEAT: Dustin Cade

Dustin Cade of Blazing The Scene Podcast stops by Bedroom Radio. Derek gets frustrated because he can't see his guests in studio. So he just gets stoned and looks at tables on marketplace while Steve conducts the interview.
Bedroom Radio author

10.14.2019 FEAT: Allison Knier-Sondag

Dana had a comedy gig so Derek tackled the interview solo. Allison Knier-Sondag is the host of Rewrite Relationships. We discuss her journey with Bipolar disorder.
Bedroom Radio author

10.13.2019 FEAT: Steve Settanni

Stephen Settanni of Hyperbrole Podcast stopbs by Bedroom Radio. This is a FatKid Production. Want to do your very own podcast or livestream? Text or call 620-290-7669 for a quote today.
Bedroom Radio author

10.09.2019, FEAT: Alberto Ceja

Alberto Ceja of Two and a half Amigo's podcast stops by the studio. We have a great time.
Bedroom Radio author

Something's Wrong, EP 1 FEAT Amy Jacobson of OCD Kansas.

We have a wonderful conversation with Dr. Amy Jacobson of OCD Kansas. She answers all of our questions and kept us intrigued the entire episode. If you feel like you need some help, get help.
Bedroom Radio author

10.06.2019 FEAT: Noah Flores

Our scheduled guest had car trouble and had to cancel. Steve made a joke about it and a few hours later he found himself on the side of the freeway with a busted motorcycle. Steve was able to get his buddy and fellow comedian Noah Flores to come hang o...
Bedroom Radio author

Something's Wrong, EP 00

An introduction from Dana & Derek. Tune in next Tuesday at 9 am AZ. We will be interviewing Amy Jacobson of OCD Kansas.
Bedroom Radio author

10.02.2019 FEAT: Marc Jessie

We talk about comedy. Derek isn't a comedian so he really doesn't add much to the conversation.
Bedroom Radio author

09.29.2019 FEAT: Heather of No Fucks Given Podcast

Heather from No Fucks Given Podcast stops by Bedroom Radio.
Bedroom Radio author

Episode 09.25.2019

Steve is curious if Derek really thought he lost weight. We talk comedy. Steve wants to know if you are gay. He needs to know. Mark Andersen from Two and a half Amigos podcast calls in. Bedroom Radio Mediocrity at its best.
Bedroom Radio author

09.22.2019 FEAT: Aaron Lamb

Steve Uriz stops by the show to sit in. Look forward to seeing him more around the channel. We have my old friend, Aaron Lamb on the show and we discuss Tekashi 69, Antonio Brown, and are 51.
Bedroom Radio author

DBR SE2EP509162019

Bedroom Radio author

09.15.2019 FEAT Courtney & Dana of The Bro Show

Courtney and Dana of The Bro Show stop by TDRS. Check them out October 6th at Stand Up Live!
Bedroom Radio author

09.13.2019 "From Beyond The Grave"

Music from our fallen heros.
Bedroom Radio author

Episode 09.11.2019

We talk about guns, drugging people, robbery, vaping deaths and much more! Bedroom Radio Mediocrity at its best.
Bedroom Radio author

Season 2, Episode 4, 09.09.2019

Kirsty was sleeping hard. Doobie woke her up with a video call and demanded she show up for work. Amalia calls in and talks a bunch of shit. Great episode!
Bedroom Radio author

M&MS, 083019, Friends of Derek Releford

Bedroom Radio author

Episode 082819 FEAT: Jacob A Miller

I talk to filmmaker Jacob A Miller about his films, podcasts and web series's. A great episode.
Bedroom Radio author

M&MS- 08.23.2019

Kick back and enjoy this weeks playlist.
Bedroom Radio author

TDRS: FEAT Paul Piper, 08.21.2019

Comedian/singer Paul Piper stops by the studio to discuss Comedy. The band Prepare the Gallows stops by at the end to promote an upcoming show.
Bedroom Radio author

TDRS: FEAT Steve Uriz 08.21.2019

Steve Uriz stops by the studio to talk about his life as a former fat kid. He now owns a gym and as of last January he is a comedian. Come hang out while I get to know Steve.
Bedroom Radio author

Season 2, EP 1, 08.19.2019

Doobie and Kirsty hang out and chat about current DoobieBrothAZ dealings. WE take a call from Nate Treat. Bedroom Radio Mediocrity at its best.
Bedroom Radio author

TDRS: 08.17.2019, And then there was 1.

Great show up until it wasn't. Alex says he is looking to move to Reno instead of Phoenix. He then makes a insensitive comment to Chayse (20 minutes after she got out of the emergency room), I called him out, Alex left the show. Alex has decided to no...
Bedroom Radio author

TDRS: 08.14.2019 FEAT: Amber and Dan Webster

Tonight we are joined by local Phoenix comedians, husband and wife Amber and Dan Webster. We talk about their jourey into comedy, where you might be able to see them and lots of other stuff. Check it out!
Bedroom Radio author

TDRS 08.11.2019

We talk with Wade Vegas, Brittney Brockman, Wendy Pack... a action packed show.
Bedroom Radio author

Me & My Stereo 08.09.2019

Bedroom Radio author

Dehay is in love part 1

Dehay was famous for giving Jeff Junk shit about dating outside of his age range. Jeff was 46 dating a 20 year old. Dehay is 40 dating someone around the same difference his senior. Hypocrite?
Bedroom Radio author

Me & My Stereo pt 2

Bedroom Radio author

Me & My Stereo 07.27.2019

Bedroom Radio author

TDRS 07.24.2019 The one where it got all weird.

Bedroom Radio author

Me & My Stereo- Thats so 1994, 07.21.2019

Bedroom Radio author

TDRS: 07.20.2019

Colin and Bear call in. Ricky got in wreck.
Bedroom Radio author

Me & My Stereo, Soundtrack to my life, 07.14.2019

Bedroom Radio author

The Elkhart Tapes, EP 2, Josh Ran Away

In this trip down memory lane I speak with my friend from High School. Josh Wadlington, originally born in Elkhart had moved away ended up coming back as a freshman. He was different to say the least. Most of the people in school made fun of him. Calle...
Bedroom Radio author

M&MS 06.30.2019 Bands that Jumped The Shark

Check out our playlist on Spotify!
Bedroom Radio author

Derek Hates Sports 06.30.2019

Derek Hates Sports Show Notes 06.30.2019Ten reasons why Giants will be a dumpster fire this year. Cooper: Dak Prescott should be among highest-paid
Bedroom Radio author

TDRS: 06.26.2019 FEAT: Courtney Wahlstrom of The Bro Show

The Bro Show is a stand up / sketch comedy show in Phoenix, Arizona. Dudes only! Produced by Courtney Wahlstrom and Dana Whissen
Bedroom Radio author

Derek Hates Sports, EP 1, (06.23.2019)

Derek Hates Sports talking points. Playing injured Will Josh Rosen be a threat in Miami?
Bedroom Radio author

Me & My Stereo 06.23.2019

check out our latest playlist!
Bedroom Radio author

M&MS: 06.16.2019 One Hit Wonders (06.17.2019)

CrazyTown Local H Cherry Poppin Daddies Tatu Meredith Brooks Andrew W.K Blues Traveler Blind Melon Eve 6 Vanessa Carlton The Cardigans Save Ferris & MORE!
Bedroom Radio author


We take a call from Kimberlee White about her new found love. Derek is worried that she is gearing up for another heart break. Derek then makes sexual advances towards Kimberlee unbenounced that her 14 year old daughter was listening. Derek ended the c...
Bedroom Radio author

Me & My Stereo 06.09.2019 Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures! Lil PeEp FT Fall Out Boy: I've been waiting Motley Crue: Kick Start My Heart Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA He Is Legend: Sand The Darkness; I Believe in a thing called love Green Jelly- Three Little Pigs Wiz Khalifa- The Thrill Toby...
Bedroom Radio author

TDRS: 06.05.2019 FEAT: Gina West in studio

Porn actress Gina West stops by Bedroom Radio studios. Doobie got her high as shit and had a blast.
Bedroom Radio author

Best of Bedroom Radio- 11.05.2017 (Guest prays for Alex and Derek)

A blast from the past, We interview Melissa Hood about her battle with ADHD and end up in a deep conversation about god. Spoiler Alert, she prays for us.
Bedroom Radio author

Me & My Stereo, The Summer Episode (06.02.2019)

Check out our latest summer mix! DJ Jazzy Jeff- Summer Time Sean Kingston- Beautiful Girls Sugar Ray- Fly Smash Mouth- All Star Type O Negative- Summer Breeze Don Henley- Boys of summer LFO- Summer Girls Len- Steal my sunshine Tim Mcgraw- Something Li...
Bedroom Radio author

Me & My Stereo 05.26.2019

Break up songs!!
Bedroom Radio author


Bedroom Radio author

TDRS: 05.22.2019 FEAT: Prepare The Gallows
Bedroom Radio author

TDRS: 05.01.2019 FEAT: TheProspect & Vegas

Bedroom Radio author

Jeff Junk is in love: part 2

They are now phone boning. Face timing all night while they sleep. He's 46 and she's 20. WTF, Jeff Junk?
Bedroom Radio author