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In each episode, host Daniel M. Clark answers questions and offers advice about podcasting and making internet broadcasts better. A podcaster since 2008, Daniel has the experience and the desire to help others get their shows off the ground or make existing shows better.

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Daniel M. Clark loves podcasting and loves to help others launch their shows or make existing shows better.
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Be a Better Podcaster #13 – 50 Ways to Leave Your Web Host

Media hosts vs. web hosts, what you should look out for when hooking up with a web host and how to painlessly switch hosts when necessary.
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #12 – Skype for Podcasters

It's a normal-length show this week as I cover the basics of using Skype to bring in a guest or co-host for a show.
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #11 – Using Soundboards to Insert Music and Ads

In what turned out to be a much longer episode than I had planned, I covered the proper mounting of microphone booms and two exceptional soundboard programs for getting music into a show.
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #10 – Your Show Notes Suck

Now, okay, maybe that title is a little link-baity. But I chose it because statistically, it's probably true. I'm not going to name names other than myself - I have to admit that despite knowing what makes show notes effective, I'm too often too lazy t...
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #9 – Monetizing a Podcast

Two ways to promote one company. Which should you choose? Thanks to listener Jim Beeghley of Teaching the Civil War with Technology for calling in the question about promoting Audible this week! For his efforts, Jim has earned himself a free hour of c...
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #8 – Working Live, Working Alone and Working with Music

A comparison of Mixlr and other streaming services, using background music and working alone. Good show this week!
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #7 – Are We Still Podcasters?

If you produce a live show, are you a podcaster? Or are you more?
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #6 – Getting Over the Jitters

Nervous about starting a show? Jittery about doing one by yourself? I used to be that way, too. In this episode, I explain how I got over it.
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #5 – Stat Tracking and Ustreaming

Live, Baby, Live! This episode was broadcast live on Ustream as I recorded it. Incidentally, Live, Baby, Live! was the name of an INXS live concert released on VHS back in 1991. I've got it. Yeah, that's right, I dig INXS. Wanna make somethin' of it?
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #4.1 – Production Gaps, Media Hosting and iTunes

This week I'm talking about ways to handle long breaks between episodes, media hosting options and getting into iTunes. I open the show with an explanation of QAQN: Rebirth, which is a method I'm using to reboot my podcasts and bring in new listeners. ...
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #4 – When to Edit and Artwork Creation Tools

In this episode I'm talking about when and why to edit your podcast (and my editing goals) as well as creation tools for your show's artwork.
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #3 – Planning Podcasts, ID3 Tags and Workflow Automation

In this episode, I'm talking about the benefits of planning your podcast episodes and making bullet points of topics to cover, Jim Beeghley has a question about setting ID3 tags in ID3 Editor vs. using iTunes, and I go over the nearly-complete podcast ...
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #2 – Podcast Music, Podcasting Kits and USB Microphone Tips

In this episode, Tricia Meyer asks about the use of music in podcasting, Bradley asks about USB podcasting kits, and I offer some advice about microphone technique when using USB headsets.
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #1 – Introduction, Gear and Podcasting Regularly

It's the first official episode of Be a Better Podcaster! I'm thrilled that this is off and running and I hope you enjoy it. In this episode: my background and the purpose of this series, the equipment that I use to record my shows, and questions from ...
Daniel M. Clark author

Be a Better Podcaster #0 – What Can I Help You With?

The first episode of Be a Better Podcaster will debut soon, and while I could do a show with some general podcasting topics, I want this series to be about helping you. This prelude episode serves to set up the show in iTunes, introduce myself and the ...
Daniel M. Clark author