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This feed brings together the occasional audio offerings from The Blurred Nerd and iBlindTech, along with other random content from our friends. There's a strong focus on accessible technology but you never know what you might find in your Audio Pizza.

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The latest slices of audio from The Blurred Nerd, iBlindTech and friends.
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Garth Humphreys, of iBlindTech accessible workflows with Apple products & Shaun Preece of RNIB Tech Talk author  
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Work and Lurk, Logos and Lamentation

On this episode we are joined by Derek Lane and discuss an idea he and Scott had to improve their propensity to getting stuff done. Will it work?

WWDC 2019 in Review with former Apple's Senior Director, Brett Halle

The Audio Pizza team are joined by Brett Halle to discuss the details of Apple's WWDC2019. Brett offers a unique insight in to some of the implications of the wide ranging announcements at this years conference.

Scott Gets Sticky, Satauna Gets Rich, Garth Gets Ribbed, and Matt Doesn't Get Punched

I really didn't feel like doing show notes, so I didn't.  

Prolific Overthinking, Progress Roundups, and Starting Sticky Practice

Finally another session of TART has arrived after much machinations. Scott explains why he was having so much trouble with his podcast editing goals and his success with Wolf Garden. There’s updates on all our goals, and Scott starts sticky practice. T...
Scott Chesworth, Satauna Howery, Matt Mclaren and Garth Humphreys author

Fat µGlasses, Embracing The Dark

The usual crew along with a special guest star takes an ever darkening look at life with Retinitis Pigmentosa, with their usual insightful, witty and heart warming perspectives. Ok, yeah, they are just chatting and laughing about walking into poles, bu...
Garth Humphreys, Shaun Preece, Scott Kayaker author

Fast Auditions and Even Faster Albums

Making a Record with Matt (Four Nights in Heaven) or , 4 N.I.H. as the cool kids say and we learn how Satauna lands her work.
Garth Humphreys author

Don't Feed The Seagulls, Marry Matt, or Join a Band With Scott

Circus (the song you heard in this episode) has an animation video on YouTube Fancy buying a copy? It’s on all the stores, or you can pick what to pay here: The band are on Facebook. This is where Scott is currently testing the water with less traditio...

Predicting 2019

Well, it's another predictions show. I know you've probably heard enough of them, but if you want to know what's really going to happen, bunker down.
Shaun Preece, Garth Humphreys, Scott Kayaker author

Matt’s Hats, Mince Pies, and Christmas TARTS

Matt explains his obsession with high hats, Scott has so many reasons and Satauna, well she’s as lovely as usual, but still no Windows on her Mac.
Scott Chesworth, Satauna Howery, Matt Mclaren and Garth Humphreys author

Rivo 2 - Using Your iPhone Without the Touchscreen

Rivo was originally designed by Mobience to assist people who are blind or visually impaired to use smartphones easily, quickly, and precisely. Mobience have teamed up with Braillist to design and develop Rivo 2 as an ideal and indispensable accessory....
Hugo Gallegos author

The Worst Gift guide Ever

On this fateful episode, we see the demise into insanity of the former host, Garth. Clearly the stress of Christmas has got to him, and so have the co-hosts. Thankfully, there is light at Christmas time in the form of Satauna, who joins the crew and br...
Garth Humphreys, Shaun Preece, Scott Kayaker author

The Three Fold Goal of Being a Better Boyfriend, More On OBS, and Brail Workflows for Voice-Over – TART03The Three Fold Goal of Being a Better Boyfriend, More On OBS, and Brail Workflows for Voice-Over

Scott has some good news to share, yes, we were surprised as well, and Matt's made some progress with OBS. The others attempt to ignore their goals, however we start exploring Satauna's workflow with brail for getting her voice-over work done.

There's More In The Making Of Money

The latest Apple event brought some exciting new products, as usual though, there's some 'buts', and some of them are like the prices, large'. Shaun's butt though is the biggest and not featured in this episode.
Garth Humphreys, Shaun Preece, Scott Kayaker author

Mixing Meantime, Making Erotic Fiction and the Long And Winding Road to Bootcamp

It's time to get your listening ears on, cause here comes the second session with the TARTs. Scott is slowly coming around to headphones and Matt is creating some scary good erotic fiction. Satauna and Garth do a reasonable job of pretending that their...
Scott Chesworth, Satauna Howery, Matt McClaren and Garth Humphreys author

Meeting the TARTs

Introducing the first Session of a new show on Audio Pizza, The Audio Round Table. Kid friendly sessions of TART will continue to appear on Audio Pizza however if you want to subscribe separately to The Audio Round Table, here's the RSS and Apple Podca...
Scott Chesworth, Satauna Howery, Matt McLaren, Garth Humphreys, author

Touch the Latisima Touch

Kayaker walks through his trials and tribulations caused by a lack of caffeine. Thankfully he makes peace with his new Latisima Touch and once again can start the day the way the caffeine gods intended.
Garth Humphreys, Scott Kayaker author

The Audio Round Table Promo

Your monthly glimpse into the livelihoods and minds of Satauna (a pro voiceover artist), Matt (a studio owner), Scott (a capricious procrastinator), and, well, Garth.
Scott Chesworth, Satauna Howery, Matt McLaren, Garth Humphreys, author


In this episode, Shaun, Garth and Scott are joined by Tim to talk about their experiences with AIRA and the new Horizon glasses.
Garth Humphreys author

Unpacking Samsung's Info Wars

On this episode we cover the recent filtering of the Info Wars podcasts and take a quick look at the Unpacked event by Samsung.
Garth Humphreys author

sous vide Cooking with Kayaker

Forget the reality cooking shows, you too can cook like a pro sous vide style! Sous Vide style means cooking food in a vacuum sealed plastic bag while in a precision-controlled temperature water bath. Sous Vide is a low and slow method of cooking, simi...

Macs and Finger Bells

This Episode starts with a discussion of the new MacBook Pros released recently by Apple, however than gets into some rather controversial discussion around some of the weirder blindness products available.
Garth Humphreys, Shaun Preece author

Context Menus in Reaper come to the Mac

In a recent OSARA update, support has been improved for context menus on Windows, and added to the Mac. Additional context menus are available for envelopes and automation points, reporting state has been improved and these are also available on the Ma...
Garth Humphreys, @ReaProducer author

Basic Automation with Reaper and OSARA

This session steps through doing basic automation of track volume, pan and effect parameters in Reaper with OSARA. View the full article at
Garth Humphreys, @ReaProducer author

Basic Automation with Reaper

This session steps through doing basic automation of track volume, pan and effect parameters in Reaper with OSARA. This session steps through doing basic automation of track volume, pan and effect parameters in Reaper with OSARA.  There are a number of...
Garth Humphreys, @ReaProducer author

OSARA Key Map Updates for the Reaper DAW

During a recent update to OSARA, the key map has been updated, and upgraded. There are a number of new key assignments , and rearrangements to existing keystrokes. These are outlined below. Once you install the new key map, turn on shortcut help with F...
Garth Humphreys, Derek Lane, Gianluca Apollaro author

The Keynote Deep Dive

Shaun, Kayaker and Garth give yet another take on Apple's recent Keynote at WWDC.
Garth Humphreys and Shaun Preece author

The Last Ten Yards

As a blind person, it can be extremely difficult, firstly just to get where your going and in some cases, the last ten yards can be the hardest part of the journey. In this episode we look at some of the strategies and reflect on our experiences with t...
Garth Humphreys, Shaun Preece author

Who Wants A Smart Speaker

In this episode Tim, Shaun and Kayaker try to beat Garth into submition with respect to his ownership of smart speakers?
Garth Humphreys author

Understanding Loudness - Why the Fuss about LUFS

In this session I take a look at measuring and normalising to a LUFS value in Reaper. The first part of the episode covers what LUFS actually represents and how it is calculated. I start with discussing what Peak and RMS represent and how they are meas...
Garth Humphreys - iBlindTech author

Introducing and Customising the Mini Guide Mobility Aid

In this episode I introduce and go through the process of customising settings for the Mini Guide. The Mini Guide is a handheld ultrasonic mobility aid which is to be used in conjunction with a white cane or guide dog. it uses two sonar sensors to prov...
Garth Humphreys | iBlindTech | ReaProducer author

Where Kayaker Educates Us About the State of Chicago

In this Round of Audio Pizza, we cover the weeks Tech News from an accessibility point of view. Blind blokes BS'ing about Tech.
Garth Humphreys, Shaun Preece, Scot Kayaker author

The Nudge Set Dialog in Reaper

The Nudge/set items dialog is another extremely useful feature within Reaper. You can open it with N. As the name suggests, it allows you to either nudge the position of an item or set it to a specific location. Nudging the position is extremely useful...
Garth Humphreys, Justin MacLeod author

ReaConsole - Get Geeky, Get Productive with Reaper

The SWS ReaConsole Basic Usage Use Option+C on Mac, or Alt+C on Windows to open the console. Type the command and press Enter to commit the command, leaving the console open for another command. You can also press Command+Enter to commit and close the ...
Garth Humphreys author

HomePod evicted, Alexa conflicted

Join Shaun and Garth for a brief look at whats going on in the world of accessible tech, and tech in general.
Garth Humphreys and Shaun Preece author

Creating Custom Actions in Reaper

This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a custom action in Reaper. Custom actions allow you to improve your productivity by combining multiple actions in to one.
Garth Humphreys, iBlindTech author

InstaCart - The best way to buy beer and lots of other staples

This weeks Audio Pizza is brought to us thanks to Hugo. He actually recorded it last year, but to ensure we don’t make the mistake of being seen as too professional, we decided to leave the recording in a DropBox folder for a month or two, then pull it...
Hugo author

Audio Pizza Quick Update

This quick update is to let you know of a few changes I've made to the podcast. It has been split into two feeds, one fore the Reaper Tutorials and the main feed for everything. So in Apple Podcasts or your app of choice, search for Audio Pizza to hear...
Garth Humphreys - iBlindTech author

Apple's HomePod - First Look and Thoughts

In this first look at Apples new HomePod, I take a look at the setup process, go over some of the functionality and give my initial thoughts and opinions. Is this device for you?

2018 Predictions - To Notch or Not

The Audio Pizza Team take a look back at their predictions for 2017, and discover they have know idea what they were talking about. Given the appalling success rate, they try again for 2018.

Audio Pizza Picks - 2017 Gift Guide

The Audio Pizza team finally get back together just in time for Black Friday with all their picks and recommendations of just what gifts & gadgets you should be hunting down in the sales. Happy shopping. Useful Links. Join Shauns Amazon Echo fan cl...
Shaun Preece, Garth Humphreys, Scot Kayaker author

Hugo's iPhoneX - Setting Up with Voice Over

A huge thank you to Hugo for his look at the iPhoneX.

Accessible Side-Chaining in Reaper on Windows

This tutorial is courtesy of Dani Montalvo @charadani and covers the process of setting up a side-chain in Reaper on Windows. For further info please check out the article on the Reaper Accessibility Wiki
Garth Humphreys author

Rendering, Exporting and Consolidating Tracks and Projects in Reaper

This tutorial goes through the Render, and the Consolidate/Export tracks dialogs. You can bring up the Render dialog through the File menu or by pressing Control+Alt+R (Win), Command+Option+R (Mac), and access the consolidate dialog through the File me...

Side Chain Compression, Ducking for Voice Overs in Reaper

Setting up a side chain in reaper is relatively straight forward. First what is a side chain? There’s many situations in which a side chain could be useful, and I will show one example today. In essence, a side chain is where you use the output of one ...
Garth Humphreys author

iPhone and Tesla, The Next Generation

Join Shaun, Garth and Kayaker in this latest Audio Pizza roundtable discussion as concern grows over Garths out of control domain name habit. Is an intervention the answer? Shaun then goes on to discuss the recent iPhone 8 leaks concerning the fate of ...

Adding Effects in Reaper

This tutorial looks at adding effects to tracks or items. It briefly covers the EQ and Compressor included in Reaper.
Garth Humphreys of The Reaper Cast author

Aira Glasses First Look

Kayaker gives us a first look at the new Aira Glasses.

Reaper's Project Settings and Save Dialog

In this episode I take a look into some of the project settings and the save dialog. I show how to set a project such that when you move by bar, or measure, you will move by a minute, and when you move by beat, you’ll move by a given number of seconds....
Garth Humphreys author

Letter To Tim Cook

This is Audio Pizza’s open letter to Tim Cook podcast where we discuss the accessibility issues of MacOS, iOS, and the Apple Watch, and ask Tim to listen and react to the unique problems faced by the VoiceOver community. Dear Tim, Thank you, as a compa...

WWDC 2017 Rumours

With WWDC 2017 just a couple of days away, the Audio Pizza team get together to discuss the various rumours regarding what may be announced at Apples much anticipated event. Shauns lack of funds underlie his disintrest in anything Macbook, while Garth ...