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Andere Podcasting Network offers a unique approach to providing assistance to small businesses. Our topics contain marketing, management, employment law and human resources or HR law. Our shows also cover communications and domestic violence related topics while offering a platform and community to podcasters who deliver this timely and interesting content.

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Andere Podcasting Network offers a unique approach to providing assistance to small businesses. Our topics contain marketing, management, employment law and human resources or HR law. Our shows also cover communications and domestic violence related topics while offering a platform and community to podcasters who deliver this timely and interesting content.
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SBS Season 2 001: Independent Contractor Vs. Employee for 2018

Hello! We’re back with season two of Small Business Spoonfuls! In this episode Mason and I are discussing the differences between independent contractors and employees. We debunk the myth of the 1099-Employee and explain why the new “gig economy” has ...
Mason Merrell author

SBS 025: Dating in the Workplace

Hello! I am on break right now playing with my two new grand-babies! So, enjoy some of my pre-Small Business Spoonfuls recordings. I’ll be back soon. In this episode I am discussing the basics managers need to understand when employees are dating in th...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 024: The 3 Worst Mistakes a Manger Can Make While Interviewing

Hello! I am on break right now playing with my two new grand-babies! So, enjoy some of my pre-Small Business Spoonfuls recordings. I’ll be back soon. In this episode I am outlining 3 of the worst interview mistakes employers make. Sure there are many m...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 012: Phase 2

Phase One has been completed. You have become a successful (well paid) seminar speaker. On to Phase 2! Content Development. Not your bag baby? Listen in and find out for certain what you can do to embrace Content Development. Cool and helpful links: Ge...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 023: Can I Require Employees to Share Hotel Rooms?

You’re sending employees out to a conference. Overnight hotel rooms need to be booked. Saving money by sharing hotel rooms may seem like a great idea. But, is it? Come on in and find out. I can’t promise to take this topic easily. So, buckle up! Who wi...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 022: Withholding Medical Records and HIPAA

When medical records are requested , can we withhold them pending payment of our required fee? Good question! That one came in from a medical practice employee that recently listed to one of my audio conferences on HIPAA. Wanna know the answer? Get rea...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 011: Beyond Seminar Speaking

Seminar speaking is a great career and lots of fun. But, once you master this craft, what’s next? Tune in and listen to my take on what the solid next steps might be for your career. I will tell you how I came up with my next step plans. Cool and helpf...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 021: Lessons from Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon should teach management and communications courses. Better yet, let’s just take a look at what he does well and apply the techniques to our businesses. Who will be my HR Superstar today? Stick around and find out!Hint: He took it on the ch...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 010: Edu-Selling: Selling Resources in the Classroom

Are you an educator? Do you believe selling resources from the platform is for smarmy salespeople? If you answered Yes, you may not want to be a seminar speaker. Seminar Speakers are wonderful powerhouses of helpful highlights. We cover what we can in ...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 020: Paid Sick Leave Law and Domestic Violence Leave

Many States have enacted paid sick leave laws that also add protections for paid time off related to domestic violence and other issues employees face. Tune in and find out what may be coming to your state and is the law already there? Who will be my H...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 019: Wage and Hour Lawsuits

The Department of Labor expects wage and hour suits to increase dramatically over the next year or so. The new exempt status classification guidelines and salary increase may likely spark controversy in many organizations! Tune in to hear more about th...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 009: Organization

Are you organized? Do you have a love hate relationships with structure? Do rainy days and organization always get you down? Hmm… Well maybe you should listen to this episode and prepare yourself to love more than hate organization! Cool and helpful li...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 018: July 2015 Independent Contractors Classification

July 2015 has been a hot month! The US Department of Labor issued two very important items this month. Employers who use independent contractors or, workers not on payroll, will want to pay close attention to this episode! The winds they are a changing...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 017: Want to BE a Human Resources Consultant?

Tired of making money for other people? Do you dream of self-employment and being truly valued for your expertise? Maybe it’s time to be the human resources consultant! Who is our HR Superstar today? Hint: Clickety Clack – She ain’t fat! Here are some ...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 008: Improvisation

Improv to Improve! The slogan and battle cry of improvisers around the globe! How is improvisation related to public speaking? The answer seems pretty basic. But, what I have to say may surprise you! Tune in and learn why I love improv and how you can ...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 016: DOL Overtime Rules and Next Steps

The Department of Labor finally issued the proposed overtime rules for the re-vamping of overtime exemptions. What should employers do to prepare? Listen in and find out! Who is our HR Superstar today? Hint: So bad it can’t be real. Here are some cool ...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 015: Same sex marriage vs. opposite sex marriage in the workplace

Employee discrimination cases may soon hit the roof if employers can’t figure out a way to think fairly about same sex marriage spouse benefits. Lisen in and hear my suggestions for handing this sticky issue. Who is our HR Superstar today? Hint: Is HR ...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 007: LBs and NTs are Public Speaking Tips from Fred Pryor Seminars

Are we talking about pounds and networks? Nah….. LBs and NTs are public speaking tips tools developed by a Fred Pryor Seminars employee years ago. Tune in and find out all about the mysterious LB and the NT! Cool and helpful links: Fred Pryor Seminars ...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 014: Be Audit Secure and Exhale!

What do you want? Happy days. Stress free lives. A good day’s work with satisfaction. No worry of an audit or lawsuit on the horizon. Me too! Is that a tall order? Running a small business is tough. Payroll, employee management, and HR can be a grind. ...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 013: Is Human Resources allowed to fire an employee for Facebook comments?

Employees who post Facebook comments that speak negatively about the company or even a boss have become major concerns to employers. Can I have a policy forbidding this activity? What happens if I fire a worker? Tune in and let’s discuss this sticky...
Lisa Smith author

SSP: 006 Trial and Error as a Public Seminar Speaker

Should new speakers in the seminar world hire a coach? Perhaps trial and error is more your style. But, could that result in Trial by Fire? Tune in and listen to my advice on what you need to consider when evaluating your skills, wants and needs as a P...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 005: Investment and Return in Seminar Speaking

So what does it cost to start a Seminar Speaking business? Investment and Return are two of the most pressing concerns with any business. Tune in and listen to my advice on what you need to consider and how to get started in the most cost effective man...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 012: IRS Addresses Questionable Employment Tax Practices

The QETP (Questionable Employment Tax Practices Initiative) is a very serious program that may cause your business to endure multiple audits all at the same time. Listen in as I explain the QETP and help you evaluate the risk your small business may...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 011: Medical Mary Jane (Medical Marijuana) : A Firing Offense?

Are you in a Medical Marijuana state? As an employer, you may be wondering if you can terminate a worker who is treated with Medical Mary Jane by a physician for an ADA protected disability. Tune in for the breaking news related to a recent Colorado...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 004: The Haters

Most of the folks in this business are super cool. But, occasionally you meet a HATER! Tune in and listen to my take on this weird group of people. Cool and helpful links: Seminar Speakers Podcast Yaira N. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift Steve Martin Plea...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 003 What I Don’t Like About Being a Seminar Speaker

I love being able to make my schedule and run my mouth for a living. BUT, no gig is without its flaws. Tune in and listen to a mild complaint I have with the profession I do actually enjoy. Cool and helpful links: Seminar Speakers Podcast Fred Pryor Se...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 002 My Favorite Thing About Being a Seminar Speaker

I love being a Public Seminar Speaker. Let me tell you what I love about this gig! Join my mailing list for cool specials and upcoming surprises! Use SpeakPipe to record your questions! When I use your question on one of my episodes, you will receive a...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 010: Must HR Provide Employee Benefits for Paid Sick Leave?

Paid sick leave is sweeping the nation. Built into many of these new laws is also paid time off for a death and paid domestic violence leave. How does this effect your organization? Tune in and find out! Who is our HR Superstar today? Hint: That’s w...
Lisa Smith author

Bonus: Supreme Court on ACA and Same Sex Marriage

Bonus: Breaking news episode! The Supreme Court of the USA has ruled on the Affordable Care Act and Same sex Marriage. Tune in and get the bonus information! You heard it here first. Employers will have some homework effective TODAY! Here are some cool...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 009: Should HR Managers Consider Sexual Harassment Training Necessary?

Title VII is the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual Harassment is covered until this historic act and as an employer or manager you are required to know how the Supreme Court of the US rules on matters related to all subjects of this nature. So, tune in ...
Lisa Smith author

SSP 001: What is a Seminar Speaker?

What is a seminar speaker? I’m so glad you asked! Public speaker, seminar speaker, contract trainer, seminar leader……… These are all ways to describe folks who get up in front of an audience and deliver valuable, actionable content. We travel and somet...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 008: Big Boss Won’t Pay Overtime.

Has the question of overtime payment come up in your organization? Sometimes the concern over budget tries to override the reality that employers MUST pay overtime when a worker clocks over 40 hours in a 7 day work-week. Tune in to this episode and ...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 007: How soon must payroll processors implement an employee’s new W-4?

Sometimes implementing a W-4 change can be a real task; especially when employees change the game time after time to juggle taxation. So, the question always comes up: Do I have to reflect the change immediately or is there a grace period for a payrol...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 006: Deductions payroll can dock from an employees pay.

Payroll processors, you know deducting money from an employee’s paycheck is a touchy subject. Determining the type of worker you are dealing with is job one. Some worker classifications carry little room for docking money from pay. Today I will discuss...
Lisa Smith author

SBS 005: Is Human Resources using the wrong I-9 form?

Using the wrong I-9 form? Uh, Oh! Well several people made this mistake. Correct the errors now before ICE does it for you. In this episode I will discuss the How To’s of facing this and other I-9 challenges. Who is our HR Superstar today? Hint: She...
Lisa Smith author

Episode 4: DOL Audit Alert: Independent Contractor Misclassification

In this episode I will discuss some key factors you must consider before classifying a worker as an independent contractor or 1099 worker. Do you know your ABCs? Huh? Exactly! Listen in and find out if you’re “doing it right”. Who is out HR Superstar ...
Lisa Smith author

Episode 3: Wage Garnishments

Join me for this Q & A about how to handle the tricky situations that arise when dealing with employee wage garnishments. I will be offering some awesome tips for making the process run a little easier in the payroll office. Who is my HR Superstar ...
Lisa Smith author

Episode 2: Should I trust my attorney?

What happens when you get conflicting information? Do you trust your attorney if s/he conflict with other sources you consult? Listen in as I discuss the Pros and Cons of trusting only one source; even if that source is your attorney! Plus find out who...
Lisa Smith author

Episode 1: Can all of my employees be salaried exempt?

In today's Spoonful I am discussing the basic criteria a position in your company must meet in order to be classified as Salaried Exempt from minimum wage and overtime laws. Can everyone in your organization be Exempt? The post Episode 1: Can all of m...
Lisa Smith author