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GaggleAMP CEO Glenn Gaudet talks with marketers and others who are applying the principles and practices of social media to produce genuine, measurable business results.

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Interviews with people who are walking the talk with social media marketing
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AMP Up Your Social Media #65: Authentic Employee Engagement with Randy Ksar

Randy Ksar is a digital and media strategist working with clients on branding and employee advocacy planning. He helps his clients develop social strategies that incorporates employee advocacy.  He has been working in the industry since the 1990s where...
Glenn Gaudet author

AMP Up Your Social Media #64: C.C. Champan on Creative Instigation

C.C. Chapman is a writer, photographer, and creative marketing consultant. He works on a variety of freelance projects, produces books, and teaches at Bentley University. He has been online in some capacity since 1989 and that has evolved into his curr...
Glenn Gaudet author

AMP Up Your Social Media #63: Global Social Media Marketing with Piyush Prem

Piyush Prem is a Senior Specialist on the Social Media Team at Informatica, a data management solutions company based out of India. He, and his company, are a customer of GaggleAMP. Piyush handles issues related to B2B sales through social media, PR th...
Glenn Gaudet author

AMP Up Your Social Media #62: Shel Holtz on Social Media Trolls

Shel Holtz is a communication strategist focusing primarily on internal and external communication activities at the corporate level. He is especially well-tuned to the needs of organizations in relation to employee advocacy on social media. Shel recen...
Glenn Gaudet author

AMP Up #61: Michelle LeBlanc on Employee Social Media Engagement

Michelle LeBlanc is a social media strategist focusing primarily on employee engagement for B2B within the transportation and logistics industry. She began her professional journey into social media marketing amid her day to day duties in a traditional...
Shel Holtz author

AMP UP #60: The Agency Approach to Employee Advocacy with Jason White

Jason White, vice president of SEO and SMM at DragonSearch, recently joined AMP UP Your Social Media’s host Glenn Gaudet to discuss his view on employee advocacy and how it plays into overall SEO from an agency perspective.Continue Reading → The post A...
Glenn Gaudet author

AMP Up Your Social Media #59: Bernie Borges on Employees Sharing Their Stories

Bernie Borges is CEO of Find and Convert, a B2B digital marketing agency. Borges is a consummate content producer.  He blogs regularly on Find and Convert’s OptimizeThis blog, speaks at marketing conferences and educates his clients through private wor...
Glenn Gaudet author

AMP Up Your Social Media #58: Brian Burns on Social Selling

With the rise of marketing automation, sales VPs at software/SaaS startups are intent on tracking and monitoring multiple KPIs – outbound calls, trials started, emails sent vs. opened, etc.. But, there’s only one KPI that counts – revenue, according to...
Glenn Gaudet author

AMP Up #57: Jason Cormier on Using Social Media Marketing to Boost Traffic

Jason Cormier is one of the co-founders and managing partners of Room 214, a social media agency that leverages marketing automation, research, social networking, and online advertising. Jason recently joined AMP UP Your Social Media’s host Glenn Gaude...
Glenn Gaudet author

AMP Up Your Social Media #56: Using Digital Media as a Way to Generate Traffic

Meagen Eisenberg is the CFO of MongoDB, an open-sourced, modern database which has been around for over 7 years. Meagen's first clue as to how important social media was to become was when Twitter came out with promotional Tweets. Meagen and her team d...
Glenn Gaudet author