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The "AmiVO's and Friends Super-Funtastic Happy Hour VOdcast" is here! ​ We're new on the Podcast/VOdcast block, but we're having fun and giving you everything you need to know in voice over, in an entertaining, educational, and informative way. ​​ Expect a smorgasboard of news, tips, interviews and most of all humour. Plus, each episode offers a 3AmiVO's Iceberg Tip and Fun Fact!

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A Canadian based look at the Voiceover industry
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Episode 20_Part4

Episode 20 - Part 4 In the final part of the 3AmiVOs look back at 2016, we say acknowledge the careers of some VO cornerstones that said goodbye as well as a bright hello to some new additions! We also talk about the importance of work/life balance a...

Episode 20_Part3

Episode 20 - Part 3 In part 3 of the 3AmiVOs Year in Review, we talk about two of the biggest hot button topics that reared their heads in the VO landscape; the SAG/Aftra Strike, and FIVERR. Also how did these 2 things change the VO Community in 2016...

Episode 20_Part2

Episode 20 - Part 2 The AmiVO Year in Review continues as the boys look at how the United States election and all the insanity that surrounded it, made it's way into the voiceover community. Did the voiceover community suffer as much division as the ...

Episode 20_Part1

Episode 20 - Part 1 It's reflection time as the 3AmiVOs take a look back at the good, the bad, the ugly, and the confusing of 2016. Part 1 talks about the role social media played this year in exposing some not so good habits of the VO community. ho...

Episode 19

Episode 19 From time to time the 3AmiVOs VOdcast dances on the edge of 'Legendary' - this time, we dive right off the edge! Close your eyes and open your ears as the Legendary Marc Graue schools us on things every aspiring and working VO talent shoul...

Episode 18

Episode 18 AmiVO mountain has been experiencing a bit of a mid-winter thaw as of late, so we decided to catch up with a fellow Canuck VO talent who enjoys this kind of thaw all year round out in Vancouver B.C. This time around we chat with voice act...

Episode 17

Episode 17 There has been an awakening…have you felt it? Rejoice friends of the 3AmiVOs as we have returned to spread knowledge, wisdom and merriment to all! Your favourite Canucks are back and kicking off 2016 with a bang, thanks to our special gue...

Episode 16

Episode 16 Tie me Kangaroo down sport, tie me kangaroo down…I said do you speak a my language? He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich…Can we throw any more Australian stereotypes at you? Sure we can! Matt Cowlrick joins us on the VOdcast to ...

Epsiode 15

Episode 15 The stars at night are big and bright (clap clap clap clap)…Deep in the heart of Texas! And this episode features one of those big bright shiny stars named Cliff Zellman. It's all here; his beginnings, guitar riffs that changed our lives, o...

Episode 14

Episode 14 -It's a brand new year for the AmiVOs, but not much has changed. The trio is still the lovable crew you know and adore…ok, that might be pushing it. There's no better way to kick off your 2015 marketing plan than by listening to the guys ... author

Episode 13

Episode 13 -Are you feeling down? Feeling a little blue…WELLLLLLLLLL get ready to turn that frown upside down with a feel-good fantastic episode! You've heard the name, you've heard the voice, now hear the awesome stories and insight behind the one an... author

Episode 12

Episode 12 -We're baaaaaack!!! It's been another busy summer for the 3 AmiVOs so there's lots to get talking about. This time around the show gets a little 'toon-y' with Emmy Award winning director/actress/coach/awesomeperson Stevie Vallance! Stevie...

Episode 11

Episode 11 -It's a big ol' Canadian family reunion as we welcome the imaging voice of our VOdcast (and supremely talented VO artist in her own right) Sam Cook to the show. We chat with her about her multi-faceted career, and even find out some strange...

Episode 10b

Episode 10b -It really sucks when life and work get in the way of AmiVO fun…BUT…here's part 2 of our amazing interview with fellow Canuck and super awesome VO talent, Eric Bauza. Get yourself a few towels to wipe the tears of laughter away as Eric sh...

Episode 10a

Episode 10 Eh!…ahem…10a -The AmiVOs are celebrating their 'just a bit past 1 year' Anniversary, and as part of the festive cheer, AmiVO Garnet somehow convinced the UNBELIEVABLY talented and UNBELIEVABLY nice and UNBELIEVABLY humble and UNB…..(ok I th...

Episode 9

Epis-ho-ho-ho-de 9 -it's the AmiVO's Super Funtastic Christmas Special Edition VOdcast. Spreading a little festive cheer from deep in the heart of AmiVO headquarters as we sled towards 2014. On this episode AmiVO Garnet leads us down holiday special...

Episode 8

Episode 8 -It's been a while since Faffcon, but AmiVO Mike and AmiVO Garnet take a moment to reflect on the fun and friendship that took place in San Antonio. Then an excellent and candid chat with Managing Director of Edge Studio, Graeme Spicer about...

Episode 7

Episode 7 -The angry AmiVOs are at it again, so to calm things down they turn to a Voxy Lady. The amazing Diane Merritt joins us on the VOdcast to talk about her career, her brand, and also her involvement with the Voxy Ladies! Some great nuggets of ...

Episode 6

Episode 6 -Summer break is over for the kids and for The 3 AmiVOs as well. Hot on the heels of his viral video success, Jon Bailey joins us to talk about his career from the early days and beyond. Plus our resident trailer VO, AmiVO Dave and Jon share...

Episode 5a

**we were having troubles with the first file and iTunes so we've re-upped it now** Episode 5 -An amazing and totally VOXY LADY herself, Jodi Krangle joins us on the show to talk about VO, SEO, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Doh…and other words that end in 'oh...

Episode 4

Episode 4 -Peter K. O'Connell joins the AmiVOs for a totally fun chat about his career, his connection to Canada, Faffcon, and The Buffalo Sabres. Also wedged in our conversation with Peter are some fantastic views on social media use by VO's, and the...

Episode 3

Episode 3 -AmiVO Dave is angry (aka When Clients 'screw you') -Interview with Canadian voice talent Patrick Sweeney,"The Medical Voice" - Your Kids: The Best VO Audience You'll Ever Have

Episode 2

Episode 2 -Demos: Quality vs. Quantity -A recap of Voiceworld Toronto

Episode 1

Episode 1 -The History of the 3AmiVOs -Finding Your 'Voice' -Sharing 'Too Much' on Social Media -Be 'Yourself' in VO and Online