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Lu Zhang is a native Mandarin speaker who has a passion to teach! In this podcast, you will learn to speak Mandarin. Please go to for the show notes.

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Learn Mandarin from a native speaker and a passionate teacher!
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TR - Lu Teaches Mandarin

Lu Teaches Mandarin author

Lesson 6– Directions - Lu Teaches Mandarin

Numbers yī            èr           sān         sì            wǔ         liù           qī            bā          jiǔ           shí 一           二           三           四           五           六           七           八           九           十 1        ...
Lu Teaches Mandarin author

Lesson 5– Introductions - Lu Teaches Mandarin

Dialogue Scenario 1: The first time you meet someone. Vince:nǐ hǎo !             wǒ jiào Vince。 nǐ jiào shén me míng zì ? Vince:你  好!               我  叫Vince。    你 叫   什么    名字? Vince:    Hello,    my name is Vince.            What’s your name?   ...
Lu Teaches Mandarin author

Lesson Four- Initials j, q, x - Lu Teaches Mandarin

Last time we learned 11 initials, they are b, p, m, f; d, t, n, l; g, k, h.上次我们开始学习声母,b, p, m, f; d, t, n, l; g, k, h。It seems to be too much to digest, so this time we’ll just learn the following three: j, q, x. j q x They have something in common: ...
Lu Teaches Mandarin author

Lesson 3– d t n l - Lu Teaches Mandarin

上节课我们学习了三个单韵母i u ü。In the previous lesson we learned three single vowels i u ü。你们还记得吗?复习一下。Can you remember? Let’s review. 我们今天开始学习声母。We will begin to learn the Initials in this lesson. 从bpmf开始。Let’s start with bpmf 他们可以和不同的韵母结合 they can combine with ...
Lu Teaches Mandarin author

Lesson 2- i u - Lu Teaches Mandarin

Hi Everyone, welcome to lesson 2. 大家好,欢迎来到第二课。In lesson 1 we learned the first 3 single vowels a o e, hope you have done your homework and remember them. 在上一节课中,我们学习了前三个韵母a o e. 希望你们有用心复习记忆。In this lesson we'll learn the rest 3 single vowels: i, u, ü. ...
Lu Teaches Mandarin author

Lesson 1– a o e - Lu Teaches Mandarin

Hello everyone, welcome to first class. We will learn the most basic thing: Pinyin, the Phonetic Alphabet in Chinese, so that you can look up the dictionary and learn pronunciation by yourself in the future. The Chinese Phonetic Alphabet Pinyin is co...
Lu Teaches Mandarin author