Accidental Practice Fridays

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A Weekly Rotating Jam Session featuring Live Performances by Oakland's Finest Independent Musicians, Hosted by Primate King & Jungle Royalty Recordings

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A (try-to-be-but-not-so) Weekly Rotating Jam Session featuring Live Performances by Smokeland California's Finest Independent Musicians; Hosted by Primate King & Jungle Royalty Recordings
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Accidental Practice: Episode 10

As time moves forward and as we all grow a little older and wiser, the things we spend our time on become more and more a representation of who we are in this life…There has certainly been a great amount of time put into each and every note heard in th...

Accidental Practice: Episode 09

When exploring the depths of both real life and the internet for the world’s finest independent musicians, a lot of gems can be turned up—many of which come from the most peculiar places. In the 9th episode of the Accidental Practice Podcast, all list...

Accidental Practice 08: Ft. One Man Krass & Sir Dark$eid

Hi, this is your Host, Primate King, welcoming you to the 8th Episode of our try to be but not so weekly rotating jam session . . . Accidental Practice! This episode has been a long time coming and believe you me, we didn’t pull any punches when it ...

Accidental Practice 07: Ft. Thomas & Charlie Benton

Joining us this week we are brimming with joy in welcoming back (for the longest streak thus far) Thomas Benton for his third show in a row! . . . Only this time Thomas brought his brother Charlie down to Lions Den Studios for a session that is sure...

Accidental Practice 06: Ft. Tom, Reid & Jonathon

This week we are excited to bring two newcomers into the studio...playing a circuit bent Yoda and the ever-famous Casio CTK-150...please welcome Reid Wedding! ...and entering the studio with a set of the tightest bongos we’ve ever seen slung over hi...

Accidental Practice 05: Ft. Thomas Benton & Lizz Houndshell

This week we are excited to bring two newcomers into the studios who just happen to be our favorite two people from Berkeley California, Thomas Benton and Lizz Houndshell! Tom and Lizz may not be full (or even part-time musicians), but given the opp...

Accidental Practice 04: Ft. Travis Green, Dennis Wong & PK

This week we are excited to bring a newcomer into the studio for Accidental Practice...This gentleman may be new to our show, but he’s no stranger to musical improvisation, we are proud to bring you Travis Green! Coming back for his third appearance o...

Accidental Practice 03: Ft. Ben Rosengart & Jesse Miller

This week we’ve been invited to step out of our Smokeland California studios and venture to the Gourmet Ghetto of ‘Bezerkeley,’ where we join blues guitarist Ben Rosengart and classically-trained pianist, Jesse Miller for a scotch on the rocks and one ...

Accidental Practice 02

In this 2nd episode of Accidental Practice, we are proud to welcome Dennis Wong, Brian Knarfield, Prophet Genesis and yours truly, the Primate King! Instruments include Electirc Guitar, Korg EMX, Casio CTK-150, Absynth & Ableton Live. Be pre...

Accidental Practice 01: Ft. Dennis Wong & Primate King

Accidental Practice 01: Guest Dennis Wong graces our audience with his guitar genius while Primate King holds it down on the Kawai R-100 Vintage Drum Machine, 'Circuit Bent' V-Tech Lil' Baby Driver Ambient Synth, & Keyboards ala Absynth & Ablet...