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Weekly Talkback Technology Webcast, covering all things Technology, Computers, The Internet, Mobile Phones
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024 - Milking it

Dramas with the NBN with new technology rolling out - is the whole thing a drama or is it time to let it go and move on, the Ford Ranger Raptor pricing has been revealed and we discuss the price and what we should call these cars?  Should Almond Milk b...
Trevor Long author

023 - The Men's babyshower

Would you use a robot Vacuum, Trev and Geoff have tested a couple but Bowen is still a Dyson man - the Subaru BRZ, better than the 86 and what's different?  Trev's been playing Far Cry 5 and reckons it's a cracker game - Geoff wants a men's baby shower...
Trevor Long author

022 - Let's go racing!

Cheats in Aussie cricket - how the country reacted, Bowen drives the Hyundai i30n and it's a beast, retro is back again with the new C64 mini - which system or which product would you like a retro version of?  Apple gets deep into Education with new co...
Trevor Long author

021 - Imbeciles on planes

Geoff's away and that's great - this week we discuss the Facebook privacy dramas, Bowen's had two days in the new Hyundai i30 N but can't tell you about it, narks who want Cyclists to get away with not wearing a helmet, Bowen becomes vacuum expert, Mar...
Trevor Long author

020 - The cat's ashes

TVs that blend into your walls are coming, Trev's been in New York looking at what Samsung has coming in 2018.  Bowen explains why Lamborghini is getting into the SUV game with Urus, the boys drift into touchy ground to discuss pay equity and the quest...
Trevor Long author

019 - Licking Snowflakes

Bowen has driven the entire new Holden Commodore range in New Zealand and shares his thoughts which might surprise you. Trev's been in Barcelona and has the latest on all the new phones coming in 2018, the boys discuss the myth of 0-100 figures being u...
Trevor Long author

018 - Bike Pollution

Would you pay for higher definition catch-up TV services? The Audi RS5 has been in the garage and Bowen has his thoughts on it, the amazing MotionMount TV wall mount from Vogel's - being a Stay at home Dad and Geoff's life change coming. The annoying t...
Trevor Long author

017 - It's a boy!

Elon Musk's Mars mission gets it's first test flight, we discuss this loopy bloke and his rocket plans, Bowen takes a look at the new Ford Ranger Raptor, Trev goes to Rome to see what Samsung is planning and takes in the sights on the back of a Vespa w...
Trevor Long author

016 - Apple HomePod Review

Our exclusive review of the all-new Apple HomePod - the boys discuss everything from the sound to the smarts of this $499 new Apple device.  Winter Olympics - does anyone care? Is the problem we are a summer nation?  South Australia's bold power plan w...
Trevor Long author

015 - Where the Oceans meet

No more grid girls at the F1 - what an outrage!  The boys discuss this, plus the all new Stinger GT is in the driveway.  How can you track your sleep with gadgets and gizmos, the worry Geoff has about lane filtering bikes, Fetch TV adds discovery chann...
Trevor Long author

014 - Shower curtains are stupid

The boys are at it again, discussing Amazon Alexa and Google Home and now even Apple's HomePod.  There's BMW's in the garage and the M2 seems to be impressing them all, but something about BMW is annoying Trevor.  What is the deal with Bath/Shower comb...
Trevor Long author

013 - Viva Las Vegas

We're in Las Vegas for the annual CES - Geoff, Chris and Trevor talk about the trip, the car rental experience, the road to Las Vegas - plus they pick their favourite things at CES and talk about a few gripes we have with the USA.... 
Trevor Long author


All the news and info from CES in Las Vegas covering cars, tech, gadgets and a whole lot of fun in between
Trevor Long author

011 - Listeners abusing Geoff

Geoff cops a hammering from the audience this week, as we discuss the Apple Battery dramas, Lewis Hamilton's social media PC fail - holiday hot spots and favourites, the Kia Carnival and the stigma that shouldn't be, the drama with Banks and transferri...
Trevor Long author

010 - STAR WARS SPOILER ALERT and Chivalry is dead

It's official, Chivalry is dead so just how are men and women getting together these days?  Geoff takes a look at some new Nokia Health gadgets, a look at the new Star Wars movie with a massive spoiler included - the Ozziest 100 from Triple M and why i...
Trevor Long author

009 - Going Viral

Oh my lord, the drama over the new Holden Commodore, how Trev and EFTM went viral and what we think of Holden's plans for the new Commodore.  Chicks on the job - what's your reaction when a woman comes to your place as a tradie?  Bitcoin - are you in, ...
Trevor Long author

008 - Our invite to the Royal Wedding

The three boys are back, Trevor, Geoff and Chris discussing all things rubbish, including Amazon's plans for Australia - Bowen's horrid Spanish experience, The Robot Vacuum that sees all, the Royal Wedding and is Harry batting above his average, plus y...
Trevor Long author

007 - Geoff's Back - Bowen's gone missing - Top 100 Controversy!

This week Trevor and Geoff discuss the EFTM Best Awards and run through some of the winners as we look back on a big year in Tech, Cars and Lifestyle. Geoff's driving the Volvo XC60 and it's a stunner - we discuss the baggage carousel lottery every tim...
Trevor Long author

006 - Quattromani might not be back

Chris and Trevor have driven from Brisbane to the Barossa, 4 days without Geoff and it's been great.  This week we discuss the Kia Stinger, Home Security cameras, the number of holes in a straw, a full review of the Tesla Road Trip, Stupid share bikes ...
Trevor Long author

005 - The Winner is......

Is anyone missing Geoff yet?  This week we look into the newest addition to Bowen's smart home - the Garage Door...  Trevor explains the pros and cons of Foxtel Now and the new Foxtel Now Box and why Foxtel is dudding their best customers.  What's the ...
Trevor Long author

004 - Watering Geoff's Vine

Talking cars as Bowen looks at the Holden Astra and Trev the Kia Optima, Geoff talks Gaming as the Xbox One X hits stores and Call of Duty WWII launches. Why the hell is Geoff parading around Sydney Harbour on a multi-million dollar yacht? On a freeway...
Trevor Long author

003 - The Great Burger debate of 2017, Classic Cars, Halloween abuse and the iPhone X

Just what are Google thinking with their burger recipe? Madness - Does Cheese go on top of the beef or under it? Geoff talks a walk through car heaven in Gosford, we listen to your show feedback and questions, Bowen gets abused over Halloween lollies a...
Trevor Long author

002 - Coffee Snobs and our Best Awards

This week Geoff, Chris and Trevor take some time to discuss some of the upcoming EFTM Best awards, nominations in Wireless Sound, Innovation and Small car.  Plus The NBN dramas after the 4Corners story, BBQ lifestyle and the expensive options out there...
Trevor Long author

001 - Geoff's just picking up the dregs

This week we farewell car manufacturing from Australia as Holden shuts down, plus we talk about the Voice assistants taking over our homes and just if there's any real need for them.  The boys are fat, and need to lose weight, so the show kicks off a F...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #378 - Some news.... lend me your ear

After eight years, 378 episodes, more than 13 days of total shows to listen to - This is it, it's time for a change... I've got news, but it can't be summed up in a short snappy text - tune in, give me 23 minutes of your life and I'll explain all...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #377 - A Dyson Car - wouldn't that suck? But it's happening plus your calls and questions on tech!

This week's show looks at the Dyson "Car" what it is, and will it suck?  Plus the new Apple watch and why it's a game changer - your calls on NBN issues, experiences, getting contacts from old phones and even trekking in Nepal - we've got tech covered!
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #376 - The best of IFA, great data deals, Dyson CEO and your calls

This episode, Trevor talks his best of IFA show including the Lenovo Jedi Challenges AR headset, the Jooki kids Jukebox - plus talking about the amazing data deals on offer across telcos, an interview with Dyson's global CEO, and talking Cyber Security...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #375 - Unplugged, Recorded LIVE in Central Park New York

In New York for Samsung's Unpacked Note 8 announcement, I took some time out and sat in Central Park to record this short unplugged look at some of the tech news of the last week - talking about rental bikes in big cities, comparing New York to Shenzhe...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #374 - Google Wifi Review, Talking Ransomware - NBN with Amaysim and taking your calls

Bumper episode this week, talking Ransomware with Trend Micro, talking to Amaysim about their NBN offering and just how the market is treating NBN today, my review of Google Wifi and your calls on Dual SIM phones, Garage Door Openers, NBN, and Gmail - ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #373 - JBL knows how to Party, Xbox warning for parents, iPhone 8 Rumours and your tech calls

Got a tech question? Trev is here to help, drop him a line and he'll answer your question on any topic.  This week talking NBN, Mobile Phones and Smart home technology - plus the latest tech news including Xbox privacy setting warning for parents, iPho...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #372 - Cutting the cord, Leaving Foxtel (kinda), Augmented Reality to blow your mind and your tech calls

Taking your tech calls, Trevor Long with Episode 372 thanks to Garmin, Trend Micro and Alcatel/Blackberry - this week talks about cutting the Foxtel cord and switching to streaming - the new Sony Xperia XZ Premium and how sweet it is, an Augmented Real...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #371 - Exploring Tuniversity with its founder, discussing Nanoleaf Aurora and taking your tech calls!

This week I talk to co-founder of Tuniversity Kiko Doran who explains the concept of unpacking a song and learning the art of music in a more hands on practical way through their iBook. Plus the Nanoleaf Aurora is now available - my thoughts and review...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #370 - Foxtel dudding it's best customers by restricting a simple feature - Aussie Broadband first test and your calls

Lots of calls this week, talking the new Nokia phones, getting a better deal on your mobile, what is Leasing a phone, NBN questions and internet until then, Travel roaming on your mobile, Android phone options, plus Tara from Baby Diaries has an announ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #369 - How are ISPs holding back the NBN, the ACCC monitoring program plus all your calls

This week I speak to the boss of a little Aussie ISP which has a strong commitment to customer service and actually providing you with the speeds you want. Plus, it's time for you to help - if you have the NBN get involved in the ACCC's speed monitorin...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #368 - Foxtel Now reviewed, new iPad, Surface released and your calls helping with tech questions.

Just what is new about Foxtel Now? Rather than just talk about it, I've tested it - plus new iPads in market what's new, whats different and what's ahead - new Microsoft Surface Pro too - so is Microsoft taking on Apple head on?  Your calls this week o...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #367 - Live from San Jose talking WWDC, Intel inside Cricket, headphones and much more

What to expect from Apple's WWDC event and keynote in San Jose - back in the City after 15 years in San Francisco, will we get new Apple hardware?  Plus after a week in London all the new tech Intel has for Cricket, both for you at home and for the spe...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #366 - Road going Drones, Facebook's Moderation woes, Radio in your car, TV on your TV; the week's tech news and views

Who'd have thought I'd be getting excited about having Radio in the Car or Free-to-air TV on your big-screen "TV" - well that's this week's news with new app updates, plus the road going drones that will keep roadside workers safe, the Drone updates to...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #365 - Amazing insight into how mobile phones are made, HTC's new U11 and your calls!

Your calls this week on NBN, soundbar options for your home TV, the new HTC U11 and Rob's report on the $328 Oppo smartphone.  Plus I talk about the new HTC U11, my experience touring the HTC factory, the uproar over changes to Foxtel Play, Kogan's lim...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #364 - So can you make the iOS to Android switch last? Your calls, that topic and tech news all this week!

Rob has had the Android phone for a month, about a month longer than anyone else thinking of switching from iPhone - so what's the verdict?  Calls also on migrating to a new PC, the Blackberry KeyONE and Router and Wifi issues, plus Intel Extreme Maste...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #363 - NBN Scaremongering, it's all just BS, Flying vehicles for you on the water plus your calls

Your calls this week on NBN modems and WiFi, computer replacements - looking for a laptop, seniors phone - what to do when 2G shuts down, and global roaming options. Plus a flying vehicle you can ride over water - The samsung Blue Tick, NBN muckraking ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #362 - TPG goes all in on Mobile - Nintendo scraps the mini and your calls on all tech questions

This week I check in again with Rob on his Apple to Android transition - how's he coping and what's good and bad.  Plus calls on Intercoms, doorbells, Windows 10, and Smart TVs - and the latest news from TPG who are building a new mobile network for Au...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #361 - In store beats online retail for Gen Z? Really? Your calls on tech questions plus switching from iOS to Android

This week I chat to Rob who is going through the conversion from iOS to Android - he shares his thoughts from the first week and a bit as we follow his journey.  I talk to callers about Cruise ship chargers, Facebook and your kids, Power outage alerts,...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #360 - Live from New York, all the Tech News you haven't heard

The ACCC has ruled against the big banks in their fight with Apple, UBER has some strange lost and found statistics to share, Dominos is using Robots now as well as drones for Pizza delivery,  top line news from Samsung in New York, the stunning new Mi...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #359 - I'm BACK! Your Calls, MWC Wrap and Interviews

After a bit of a break, I'm back!  Bigger than ever thanks to the ham and cheese sandwiches in Barcelona:)  This week calls on NBN, TV and Streaming, while I also wrap some favourite devices from Mobile World Congress and bring you chats with the Aussi...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #358 - The State of the Aussie Telco industry, the state of our NBN and all your tech calls answered

Just how well prepared for the future is the Australian mobile phone industry - just how much data will we need in 5 years?  Peter Adderton joins Trevor to discuss this, plus what was the NBN CEO on about with his comments about fast speeds.  Looking a...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #357 - Stan goes 4K, Huawei launches the Mate 9, Aldi goes crackers and your calls on tech

This week on Your Tech Life, Trevor talks about Stan going 4K and adding downloads, not too long after Netflix and a great addition to the service.  Plus Huawei's new Mate 9 smartphone - is it good value? how good is the camera?  Aldi's stunning 12 mon...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #356 - Samsung Woes explained, VPN Dangers, Oppo's R9s and Norton's Cyber Family report

Taking your calls on tech issues Trevor talks Ring Doorbell configuration and setup on a slow connection, problems with Jimu Robots in Australia and Samsung has explained their Galaxy Note 7 battery woes.  Trevor breaks it down for you, plus VPN apps o...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #355b - Live again from CES with key interviews and news

Live from CES 2017 in the EFTM Studio talking to Ben McIntosh from Vodafone about the connectivity requirements of the modern world and how CES plays into their planning, plus Andre from Hisense talks us through their new range of TVs, Nick Segger dist...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #355a - Live from CES with key interviews and news

In the first of two special episodes live from CES I talk to LG's Angus Jones about their stunning show stopper the LG Signature OLED W which must be seen to be believed, and I'm joined in studio by Telstra's CEO Andy Penn who talks about the future of...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #354 - Nintendo Classic Mini Giveaway - Optus Wireless Broadband Review & your calls on tech!

Taking your calls on technology questions or issues, Your Tech Life episode 354 covers questions about ABC & HD TV, Samsung Phones, iPad purchasing decisions and website hosting - plus all the latest news including the Nintendo sales meltdown, Optu...
Trevor Long author