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Weekly Talkback Technology Webcast, covering all things Technology, Computers, The Internet, Mobile Phones

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Weekly Talkback Technology Webcast, covering all things Technology, Computers, The Internet, Mobile Phones
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Your Tech Life #353 - Netflix adds downloads, Radio gets streaming, ACCC smacks down the banks and more news and info this week in tech

This week I'll take your calls on Broadband, NBN and Card Skimming plus look at Netflix's move to downloads while 250 Aussie Radio stations move to streaming together in one app.  The ACCC rules against the banks in their fight with Apple, Battery Savi...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #352 - Sending Cards via the Internet, keeping kids active, a new Taxi app tested, Google VR and more!

The Cab's reckon they've upped their game with the new 13CABS app - I've tested it and will tell you how it goes, Audi selling Tablets?  $1800 each?  I'll explain - don't worry.  Plantronics have new colours for their Backbeat FIT headphones, Google's ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #351 - the Best Awards for 2016 plus Nintendo, LG phones Apple Pay and a great game!

The EFTM Best Awards have been decided for 2016, I'll run you through them all focussing on the tech awards of course!  Lots of surprises in there too! Plus I'll tell you all about the Nintendo Entertainment System, the LG V20 smartphone - Apple Pay's ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #350 - Hillary's email problem - explained. Plus Drones, Apple v Microsoft and Ring Video Doorbell

Loads of continual talk about Hillary Clinton's private email server, but what is it - why was it created and why is that a problem.  Plus why hacking is easy if you find the right target.  I also discuss Drone delays and the Mavic v GoPro and just wha...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #349 - Census Fail explained to the Senate, Ring Video Doorbell review and talking to Kodak, Facebook and Uber!

This week talking Census after ABS & IBM big wigs fronted up to Senate Estimates - what did we learn?  I've reviewed the Video Doorbell from Ring, discuss my views on the Lenovo YogaBook, wondering about Google Pixel advertising in your area, the n...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #348 - Samsung dramas continue with more devices on fire, Sony releases Xperia XZ in Australia and Pixel hits too

It's a busy time for mobile again with the new Sony Xperia XZ hitting Australia at $999, the Google Pixel launching up against Apple and Samsung, but worryingly for Samsung the Note 7 is dead, replacement devices have been catching fire causing them to...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #347 - Facebook goes all in on buy and sell, Foxtel kills Presto, Experience Dementia in VR and much more news

Facebook goes all in on the buy-swap-sell with the launch of Facebook Marketplace on mobile, what's it mean for eBay and Gumtree? Foxtel has killed Presto and announced a relaunch of Foxtel Play at new lower prices, Drone crashes can happen to the pros...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #346 - Drone Wars at peak with DJI and GoPro head to head, electric bikes a thing? Lost school clothes no more?

DJI has announced a new drone that goes head to head with GoPros recently announced Karma so what's good and what's different? Who wins that battle?  I talk to GoPro about their new cameras and drone.  Dyson has air purifying fans with app control, I s...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #345 - I rode in a self-driving car, GoPro finally announces it's drone plus a bit and the iPhone is out

I was lucky enough to sit in a self-driving car as it rode the streets of detroit - daunting, but awesome - so this week I discuss what that means for the future of cars, transport and mobility.  Plus the iPhone 7 is out, what's it like first impressio...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #344 - Live from IFA Berlin talking all the new gadgets plus Samsungs Woes Apples Plans and More

Live from Berlin thanks to Sony I'll run you through all the cool stuff happening at IFA from Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Yuneec and more - plus we'll talk to Sony about their Audio range and just how they plan to market headphones worth $3000.  Apple has a...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #343 - Cyborg Rights? We discuss. Plus all the tech news and your tech calls

Should the government ensure the rights of Cyborgs are protected?  Serious question - I'll discuss - with a Cyborg.  Plus A gold medallist and her tech, your calls on Telstra and WiFi range, Playstation VR there to test at Westfield, Netgear's new WiFi...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #342 - Census Fail continued, an interesting chat about scale and planning plus loads of your calls

A couple of Uni Students built a website that could handle more than four times the traffic the ABS expected, I chat to one of them and I think you'll enjoy the relaxed passion of our chat.  Plus, Paralells for Mac updated with new features, Vaya with ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #341 - Census Fail - what went wrong and what next? Plus your tech calls this week.

The Census is a complete failure.  The single system built to do a single task failed it's very important test.  $10,000,000 was spent on the system and to test it would work.  It didn't and we should demand questions. Plus, your calls on PVRs, Apple T...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #340 - Ranting about the big banks, iPhone explosions and Apps to check the cost of your car

This week I unleash on the big banks who are showing no respect to Aussie consumers by trying to band together to block Apple Pay..  Bloke who crashed his mountain bike had his iPhone explode and burn his leg - frightening stuff, I discuss that, plus M...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #339 - Windows 10 clock is ticking, F1 2016 preview, Aussie Telcos rated and Screen Time for kids

Time is running out to get Windows 10 for free and when you do there's a great Anniversary update coming on August 2 for Windows 10.  I dusted off the race seat and got a chance to play with a preview edition of F1 2016 coming out in August, I've got s...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #338 - My 600th Podcast! Thanks!! Talking car-sharing and saving money on parking and the future of garden gear!

My 600th podcast, thanks for your loyalty or thanks for joining me!  This week talking NBN with callers as well as your browser favourites - plus we talk car-sharing and saving money on parking at the airport with Car-Sharing service Carhood and how Fo...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #337 - New Fetch TV boxes, How to watch the English Premier League and your calls

Tech news of the week, including the new Fetch TV Mini and Mighty and just what's new with them - how to watch the English Premier League with the new Optus deal, the Lorna and Bel connected Smart handbag for the ladies, why Qantas is asking you to be ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #336 - PC Buying Advice and the depths of innovation in Engineering at Dyson

This week I chat to an engineer at Dyson about the super secret work they're doing - they're probably the most secretive company in the world - not even Apple can match them, plus I talk to Intel about PC Buying advice as the End of Financial year smas...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #335 - Google's got you covered on Election Day, plus keeping safe online

Keep safe online folks - because Australia is one of the most at-risk countries in the world! We'll talk Cyber Security this week - plus, how Google has you covered on election day for voting and snacks:)  The EFTM Battery for you:) Bose stunning new Q...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #334 - Live from San Francisco, Gadgets this week, news this week and Apple's WWDC

Not just Apple, this week I want to tell you about the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 4G, the Catalyst Apple Watch case, GoFar the driving efficiency device, Lexar's MicroSD reader for iPhone and iPad, the Phantom 4 drone reviewed, XBox has two new consoles c...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #333 - Latest in smart lighting from Philips, iPhone 7 rumours and all your calls and questions

Philips have launched their new Hue smart light system which offers faster responsiveness and Siri integration I've installed it and tell you all about it , iPhone 7 rumours abound so lets start cutting through them, Dashcams reviewed, Razer's amazing ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #332 - A 15 year old about to take the trip of a lifetime, Facebook team support and more

This week I chat to a 15 year old who has been selected to take the trip of a lifetime which could set him up for life in his career, an inspiration and great role model for young kids.  Plus Telstra's $25 rebate for the ADSL/NBN outage, Facebook's tea...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #331 - Photography tips for Vivid, ANZ and Apple Pay, Innovative lighting from Dyson

Harvey Norman steps up online retail a gear with same-day delivery and three hour delivery windows, the NBN Raids by the AFP and taking the crappy politics out of what is a crime, robots from Deakin University and Telstra offering a real hope for remot...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #330 - Jim wants a simple phone, Chip Foose visits Australia, Reviews, calls and all the week's news

Jim saw me on TV and wanted to get a new phone, so I'll help him this week, plus I catch up with Legendary Automotive Designer Chip Foose in Australia with 3M Automotive, your calls on bugs, drones, blue ray, iCloud and more, plus $99 smartphones, 4K B...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #329 - Channel 7 Goes HD, with a catch, NBN drama likely, Huawei's P9 and more!

Back from a few days in Bali with Huawei looking at the new P9 with leica camera, we're covering the new 7HD channel which might not be quite what you wanted, plus Dick Smith is back online as of now, NBN could be delayed if Labor gets its way, Samsung...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #328 - Audio Books in Australia, All the tech news from the week plus your calls on Technology

Vodafone has a bold plan to give prepaid customers more choice, Samsung and Panasonic have a great product for 4K TV owners coming this year, We've got calls on iTunes, iPad, printing and more, Apple Pay IS coming to ANZ, Oppo is in JB HiFi, Audio book...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #327 - Acer news from New York, Sony's new TVs, Smartphone cameras reviewed and more

Straight back from New York City I'll talk you through my day there, plus all the news from Acer coming this year.  Sony's new TVs are out and I've got all the details, I've road tested a bunch of Smartphone cameras the results are surprising, plus you...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #326 - The mini projector from Sony, plus their extra bass speaker, Alcatel's Go Play and Apple Pay rumours

Just how durable can a $299 phone be? Alcatel's GO PLAY is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof and goes pretty darn good for the cash.  Sony's EXTRA BASS bluetooth speaker is a winner, and at just $249 too - plus Sony has a fun little mobile projector...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #325 - Parking app to save you money, Windows 10 upgrades and the worry with kids on Tinder

What the hell are 13 year olds doing on Tinder? Parents must become aware, educated and understand thee apps or risk the most worrying issues. Windows 10 updates are pushing through and I had the most amazing experience with an upgrade and roll back ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #324 - Speeding Fines in an App - Telstra's data hungry users, selfie-drones and more

Just how can you receive a speeding fine via an app on your phone and how this very app is reducing government red tape and delays by putting the power in your hand. plus Telstra's free data Sunday, just how was it used what was it like? Garmin are o...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #323 - How long would you queue to buy a car you've never seen? Plus loads of calls!

The Talkback Technology show - answering your calls, helping you with your tech issues and keeping you up to date with the tech news of the week. This week we discuss the Instagram changes and why people are asking you to "turn on notifications", plus...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #322 - Telstra woes, what the heck is going on? New iPhone and more plus news of the week

Honestly, what's happening at Telstra - this makes no sense - they are being brought to their knees by serious issues that we just can't explain.. plus Apple's big news - or small news actually, the iPhone SE is coming. Playstation VR and why I think ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #321 - Ruslan Kogan talks Dick Smith, eBay helping your value your old phones and much more

Dick Smith has been sold to - the online brand and store will live on with Kogan ownership - Ruslan Kogan joins me to discuss his big deal and big plans plus we talk Mobile Deals and Big Macs. LG has a new phone with a surprising new feature...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #320 - Great TV and TV apps, Prepaid plan warnings for Mobile users, Drones and Mobile payments

Your calls this week on PC repair issues, and a question as to the security of ACORNS the app we discussed some time ago - plus this week we hear from the Aussie boss of Payment device Square and a man who heads a Drone company here in Australia about...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #319 - Telstra's NRL Streaming offer, Mowing the lawns with your iPhone, Mobile plans and more!

This week callers on Choosing the right mobile phone plan having purchased an Oppo phone outright, a listener answer to the iPad data storage question from a previous show, awaiting the Galaxy S7 and is it worth the upgrade? Plus my Airtasker review, ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #318 - From Barcelona and Amsterdam, all the tech news of the week

Starting off in Barcelona with all the news from Mobile World Congress and onto Amsterdam to look at Smart City technology - there's a lot to cover this week in a quick update on the world of tech. From new smartphones to stadiums WiFi and Facebook LI...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #317 - The app that helps early detection of Autism, Streaming, Telstra, LG TVs and more!

Telstra's data giveaway - if it was floppy disks, how many would it be that we downloaded? LG have announced early their world's best TVs are available in Australia, Drone Wars hit fever pitch with discounts, a new Reality TV streaming service, the Ap...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #316 - Technology helping you save and Invest. Telstra's doomsday and Lego!

Wow, what happened at Telstra today? Some poor chap made a boo boo and cost millions of people hours of mobile and internet time. Not really a word ending scenario but crazy situation. Lego have a new collector series that the kids will love, combini...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #315 - Apple Recall, Vodafone Roaming Deal, Garmin Golf and more

All the details of Apple's voluntary recall of AC Wall adaptors, Vodafone's new zero cost roaming deal for Aussies heading to New Zealand, the Optus perks deal offering Stan to all, Garmin's new Golf gear, your calls on Phone issues, Aussie keyboard ap...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #314 - Microsoft Band 2 hits Australia, Oppo's new phone, Back to School with Office works and your calls

This week I've been testing the new Microsoft Band 2 - available now in Australia at Harvey Norman, JB HiFi and Rebel Sport just what's it do? Oppo have a new phone, its a cracker - I've got some back to school tips thanks to Officeworks, your calls o...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #313 - The Truth About Autonomous Cars What Is Really Coming Plus Your Calls

Just what is the future for autonomous vehicles. After the big hoopla at CES lets talk about reality. Plus the Logitech Harmony remote controlling more than your TV, your calls on Noise Cancelling headphones, Film negatives going digital and Apple Wa...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #312d - Wrapping Up From CES Talking About How It Works And What Makes Success Here

On this show we talk to Kirsten from CTA the show organisers about what goes in to making CES happen, Maria from Dog and Bone about the logistics and purpose of CES for a product maker, and Ben McIntosh from Vodafone about his history with this huge sh...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #312c - Netgear Arlo Q Announced, Sony Audio, 360fly And More CES

Today I'm joined by David and Patrick from Netgear talking Arlo and Success in 2015, We talk to the Aussie distributor of 360fly and Sony tell us about their Audio products hitting shelves this year
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #312b - The Show Is Open And We've Had A Look Around, Let's Talk Gadgets At CES

I'm joined by Geoff Quattromani who's been walking the floor for EFTM looking at all the latest, plus we talk Smart cars, Smart Shoes and Smart pillows
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #312a - Kicking Off The Year In Las Vegas For The Consumer Electronics Show - First Days

How big is CES this year, what have we seen thus far, Geoff Quattromani joins me to discuss the first few days of CES 2016
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #311 - The Year That Was.. Just How Big Was 2015 For Technology - And The Future Of Energy

Reflecting on the innovations and changes of 2015, what has changed, what did and didnt happen. 7's new channel, Facebook adds iPhone LIVE Photos and what is SolaHart doing? Tesla Powerwalls?
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #310 - Upgrading From An IPhone 3, VR Gets Real As Does 360 Video And Much More

The risks your children might be facing online - we talk to ESET about their recent survey on this topic, your calls on TV recording and phone upgrades, plus I talk 360 cameras, Gear VR and Facebook's year in Australia
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #309 - Stay Safe Online This Christmas Shopping Season, My Broken Arm...

So I broke my arm, reviewing technology for you - my most expensive review ever, what I did and the details on this week's show. Michael from AVG talks Christmas season cyber safety, the Bluetooth Padlock, Blackberry is back - can it work?, The most am...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #308 - Exclusive - The RBA Responds To Ed Husic On Apple Pay - Huge Show This Week

A huge show this week, talking Windows 10, 9HD issues, Laptop buying, and I speak to the Leichhardt Council Mayor about his ban on Drones, we speak about Second Hand gifting with Gumtree and I speak to Ed Husic about his push to have the banks get on b...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #307 - Facebook SCAM WARNING, Apple Pay Put To The Test, Vacuums And Your Calls

I'm worried that people are clicking and not reading when they take part in fun Facebook activities, so I've got a SCAM WARNING for you. I've also been playing with Apple Pay for some time, I've reviewed a cordless Vacuum and we've got info on Channel...
Trevor Long author