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Weekly Talkback Technology Webcast, covering all things Technology, Computers, The Internet, Mobile Phones

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Weekly Talkback Technology Webcast, covering all things Technology, Computers, The Internet, Mobile Phones
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Your Tech Life #293 - A New Lens For Your IPhone Camera, Mid Range High Quality Smartphone And More

The olloclip will change your iPhone camera forever, well worth a look - the Oppo R7 smartphone is everything you need so why spend more? And your calls on Windows 10, Laptops, Android Security, Viruses, TV Audio and more
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #292 - Windows 10 Is Out, Should You Get It? Android Drama And Gadget Reviews!

Windows 10 is out, whats good, why to get it, who can get it and at what cost? Android Vulnerability discovered putting a billion phones at risk, Jawbone's new bands, Are gamers getting older? Oppo's R7 and LG's G4 and LG's beautiful TV
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #291 - Telstra's WiFi On The Road, Apple CarPlay Rolls Out And Your Calls

Telstra has a 4G gadget to give you in-car internet on the go and at your holiday hotspot, Apple CarPlay comes to Hyundai and Ferrari as well as Skoda, and loads of calls on Foxtel Go, Video Editing, Foxtel IQ3, WiFi and Kids, Windows issues, Digital T...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #290 - Clean Your House With An App, Drones, WiFi, NBN, Gmail, Domains And Much More

I'm back, and I wonder if an App can really clean your house? WHIZZ thinks it can, and there's a full board of calls on NBN, WiFi, PC's, TVs, Drones and so much more... Pumped!
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #289 - Apple Music, Telstra Air, Drones, NBN Issues All This Week!

What is Telstra Air, how does it work, should you sign up? Interesting concept really. Apple Music has launched, and needs a lot of work, Plus calls on Internet connectivity issues, and Drones!
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #288 - A Milestone Episode, Talking Piracy, Netflix, Taylor Swift And Your Calls

A milestone episode, passing 500 podcasts is a huge deal for me, and I want to thank everyone for listening and supporting me. Plus, I rant on about Taylor Swift and Apple Music, The Australian Government and Piracy, and Netflix and their perceived do...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #287 - Thermal Imaging, Winter Gadgets, An Amazing Mouse And More

A bunch of gadgets to get you through the chills of winter, the Thermal Imaging camera that could be creepy but is actually a handy tradie tool, The logitech mouse that provides accuracy unheard of and your calls on Laptops, Windows and Foxtel
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #286 - Apple At WWDC And NBN CEO Bill Morrow On Whats Happening With Your Internet!

Apple held their WWDC Keynote today, all the news from that is covered including iOS 9, Apple Watch 2.0 software and OSX new updates, plus a little something - on more thing - Apple Music. Plus, My full conversation and your calls with NBN CEO Bill Mo...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #285 - Lenovo Tech World, Organising Your Photos, Google's Privacy And Your Calls

After a week away in China I take a look at all that came from Lenovo Tech World, including the concept products that blew my mind, Google's privacy update to give you control, Organising your lives and your photos and your calls on Wifi, Headphones an...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #284 - How Drones Are Changing Filmmaking, My A-Z Of Tech With Officeworks

There's a new drone on the minds of the internet - Lily and it's cool. Alldock shows us how to charge multiple devices in your home, Stan now on Apple TV, my A-Z of tech tips with thanks to Officeworks, and I chat to the filmmaker behind a new series ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #283 - The Budget In Detail - The Detail Of The $20,000 Instant Deduction And More

Telstra has all new family sharing plans and internet safety options for parents in new Go Mobile plans, how iOS is gaining ground on Android, Bosch tools giveaway to enter, Apple Watch thoughts continue, Mystery song competition and important informat...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #282 - The Pizza Fraud Against Australians: Rectified, Your Calls And More

There has been a fraud committed against Australian pizza consumers for years, and finally it's being addressed, building the ultimate man-cave, a longer term thought about the Apple Watch and a few new podcast recommendations for you
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #281 - Apple Watch On The Wrist, Microsoft Nails The Surface 3 And More!

After less than a week with the Apple Watch - what's it like, what apps are good, and when to get one? Microsoft have nailed the tablet market finally with the Surface 3, Parenting 101 in a digital age covered in a new book, the Jump start for your ca...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #280 - Net Neutrality, Microsoft's Sydney Store, Live Streaming And More!

Net Neutrality is the new debate - should some internet traffic get priority? Microsoft opening a Store in Sydney, Periscope live-streaming, All thanks to Garmin and we're taking your calls
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #279 - 747,000 Dollars Of Car-tech, Samsungs New TVs, Woolies Social Fail And More

What does $747,000 get you? A Rolls Royce with cool car-tech, and what does Land Rover have for the whole family in the new Discovery Sport. Woolworths failed online tonight, and its over before it started, Samsung's new TVs ready for Australia, Appl...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #278 -iiNet Loses Against Dallas Buyers Club - User Data To Be Shared, Plus Calls

The Dallas Buyers Club has gotten what they wanted, iiNet has to hand over the user details of over 4700 users after they downloaded the movie from a torrent site. Your calls on Foxtel, Printers, Crackle and more - all thanks to Garmin
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #277 - Microsoft Has A New Surface At A Solid Price, Telstra Goes Crazy And More

Coming in to directly compete with the iPad and Samsung tablets, Microsoft has announced the Surface 3, full details and hands on impressions, Telstra goes crazy with new data deals for home broadband and then some bold new data offers for Mobile plans...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #276 - Streaming Wars Are GO! Devices Spying On You, 4G Prepaid And More!

The streaming wars are officially underway - Netflix is live in Australia, so how does it stack up against Presto and Stan, how will this affect Foxtel? Meanwhile Foxtel launches its IQ3 box, I discuss how your devices are keeping track of you be they...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #275 - Apple Watch Announced, MacBook Announced Plus Loads Of Calls And Netgear Arlo

Tim Cook has revealed the pricing and availability date for the Apple Watch, plus an all new MacBook, plus this week I review the Netgear Arlo cameras, and take your calls!
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #274 - Live From Barcelona With The Latest News On Smartphones And Automotive Technology

Live in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2015 Trevor has the latest from HTC and Samsung, as well as an interview with a Senior Ford Engineer
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #273 - Vodafone Offers Shared Data, Toffee's Top Cases, Mobile World Congress

Toffee is an Aussie case and accessory company and their cases are excellent, Mobile World Congress is next week in Barcelona, Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones, Vodafone adds shared data and Stan for customers, Armourcard protects your tap-and-go cards, and y...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #272 - Learn To Code Right On Your IPad, Virtual Reality, Projectors And More

Learning to program and build apps - Aussie App Codea does just that and I talk to one of the creators, plus Virtual Reality is here from Samsung and LG, Energiser uses batteries to make batteries, EPSON Projector, Logitech Keyboard plus your calls on ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #271 - The Battle For Online Video Continues, Samsung TVs Are Listening And More

Are Samsung Smart TVs listening to your every word? That's the story - I'll tell you what really happens. The umbrella you can't lose, The streaming online TV battle continues, and your calls on a wide range of issues.
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #270 - A Croaky Voice, Chatting About Innovation In Ski Gear And Future Of TV Sport

The James Dyson Award is underway again, this week I talk to a runner up from a few years ago and how his idea is about to become a huge product on the ski fields of the world - plus I talk to Yahoo 7 about the future of TV viewing and the success of t...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #269 - Stung, A Fine For An Aussie Drone Flyer, Facebook Goes Down And You Calls

A Townsville man has been hit with an $850 fine for flying his drone in breach of the regulations, Facebook and Instagram went down, Aussie apps for Australia Day and your calls on Laptop buying, School Laptops, Routers and more
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #268 - Presto, Stan And Netflix PLUS I Talk To CASA About Aussie Drone Rules

To drone or not to drone, this week I talk to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority about the rules, upcoming changes to the rules, the world of drones and how CASA approaches breaches - just what is the fine? Plus, Presto, Netflix and Stan - names you...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #267 - Cars And Tech, Calls On TV, Phones, Networking And More

Back in town, this week talking about Australia's 44th fastest global internet speeds, technology in cars, plus your calls on TV buying, Streaming problems, Laptop buying, iPhone backups and the best way to share your media content
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #266 - CES C - Home Security Cameras, Drones And More

I was right, drones are everywhere and I declare 2015 the year of the drone! That, plus the video connected doorbell and I chat with Patrick Lo from Netgear
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #266 - CES B - Searching For Gadgets All Around Las Vegas For CES 2015

In my quest to find the latest and greatest, thanks to Belkin WEMO, This show I talk about drones and what we can expect from them, the smallest and probably best 3D printer I've seen, plus I talk to Vincent Yip - Deputy MD of Sony Australia about thei...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #266 - CES A - My Show Floor Preview Of CES, A Look At Some Cool Gadgets And More!

Thanks to Belkin Wemo - Your Tech Life LIVE from CES 2015 - a preview of the show, what's changed in 2015 and some fun gadgets plus everything from LG and Samsung
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #265 - Drawing 2014 To And End, A Tragic Week Where We Unite Through Social Media

Thank you for 2014, with the shocking news of the recent day, a reflection on how social media can unite us once again - plus Google's look back at 2014, the NBN hits metro through HFC cables, Instagram grows and Crossy Road comes to Android.
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #264 - Facebook In 2014, PS4 Goes Old School, Tesla Launches And Your Calls

Facebook looks back on 2014 and Sydney beats Melbourne, meanwhile Playstation turns 20 and we're all feeling old - so a Limited edition PS4 is released, Tesla has launched in Australia and your calls on Apple service, Warranty, Cable Internet, Wifi and...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #263 - Keep Safe Online Plus The Simple Gesture That United Us All

Chatting internet security and security risks with Trend Micro, your calls on Roaming, Fitness bands and Google Search issues, plus the BeoPlay A2, top searches of 2014, HiRise from Twelve South and the stunning Put Out Your Bats viral sensation that u...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #262 - The Doctors - With Apps And Tech Types, Plus The Makers Of An Addictive Game

Crossy Bird - you addicted - get into it, I talk to the Aussie blokes behind this hit app, plus we talk about an App to find the best shoe for you, Microsoft's plan to find your tech type, The Smart Mirror, Audi's high-tech service centre, Apple's prod...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #261 - Keeping Track Of Your Newborn's Basic Needs, And Drone Laws Put To The Test

An app to help new parents track the feeding, sleeping and milestones of the kids - Baby Diary, plus Drone laws, what can you do, what can't you do and just what is a Drone like? Your calls on PVR's, Twitter 101, Streaming media and much more
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #260 - Keeping Kids Safe With Ecoh, Are Foxtel's New Deals Saving Money And Calls

Ecoh is a new device being crowdfunded that allows you to have peace of mind while the kids are out and about, and know what's happening via your phone app. Plus the Huawei devices taking on the big guys, Kogan's cheap TV, and your calls on Foxtel, TV...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #259 - Light Up Your Life - How We Change Our View Of Lights And Your Calls

My thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, your calls on WiFi issues, Laptop buying advice, Followup from a recent call, Sonos Streaming and a chat with a man responsible for one of the awesome products changing our smart homes forever
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #258 - Live From Singapore, What's Oppo Doing, Plus Belkin And Lenovo Interviews

This week I chat to the founder and CEO of Belkin - Chet Pipkin, what a top bloke - plus the Chief Marketing Officer of Lenovo David Ramon, and I'm in Singapore so what has Oppo announced?
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #257 - Happy 21st Vodafone, And Your Calls On NAS, Headphones And Much More

If Vodafone is 21, don't they deserve a 21st speech? I've got one for them. Plus calls on NAS, Media Serving, PC Microphones, Headphones, NBN, Wifi, CD Burning, Buying Software online, And parental controls
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #256 - Lenovo And HTC Have New News, LG Has Big TVs And Lots Of Your Questions

What headphones would suit someone with a Cochlear implant? Problems with Internet speeds? Solution for a caller last week, phones and why the upgrade is great, plus Lenovo has new products, HTC has new products and LG goes all out with BIG SCREENS
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #254 - Telstra's National WiFi Network Nears With A Trial In November, Plus Gadgets Gadgets Gadgets!

Telstra will trial a free WiFi network in public places from November in advance of the community driven WiFi network next year, Bose has a new set of stunning noise cancelling headphones the QC25's, Garmin's VivoSmart launches, Microsoft's Surface Pro...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #255 - Apple CarPlay Launches,The Amazing Things Our Phones Can Do, Cricket And Tech

What does Cricket Australia have planned for us in the world of Tech this season - just how big is our love for broadband internet - Apple's New CarPlay, driven by EFTM, Your calls and a list of things that Steve Jobs just couldn't have imagined the iP...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #253 - Samsung Reveals The Note 4 And Note Edge Aussie Pricing And Loads More

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge pricing for Australia revealed, the $199 Windows tablet from Target, The apartment tower with a car elevator, 10 Million iPhones sold, Agent 18 iPhone cases, Vodafones new prepaid plans and Bravens shower speaker.
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #252 - Just What Is All The Fuss About Apple Pay? The Bluetooth Door Lock And More

Using your iPhone to open your front door? It's real and I've installed on my own home - the Bluetooth connected Toothbrush from Oral B, a recap of Apple's news and a look into Apple Pay plus your calls!
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #251 - A Big Show, Loads Of Calls, Security, Apple And Dyson All This Week!

Apple has something to announce, so just what might it be? Dyson has updated it's fans, We discuss device security, calls on Roaming, Antennas and a device to track your car if it's stolen
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #250 - Modern Parenting Is A Daily Challenge, Plus Global Roaming, IPhone And Android

Got a tech question? Get in touch - this week calls on Global Roaming, iPhone vs Android, Android Versions, Bluetooth, Minecraft modding and a chat about Modern Parenting and the challenges parents face with keeping up with their kids and setting bound...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #249 - Vodafone's News For NZ Travellers, Mobile Recycling And What It Means For You

Has the tablet market stalled? are we still buying iPads or Android tablets? Mobile Recycling set to rise - just what is it and how do you do it? Vodafone has a little something for it's NZ travelling customers plus your calls on laptops, mobile carri...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #248 - A Little Aussie Company Punching Well Above Its Weight, IPhone 6, Surface 3

Terribly sad news today with the passing of Robin Williams, forgive my indulgence as I look back on the day, his career and life, then back to Technology the iPhone 6 rumours hotting up, MIcrosoft's Surface pricing baffles me, your calls, and I talk to...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #247 - Survey Monkey Goes To Market Research, Amaysim Ups Its Prices And Networking

Optus launches new Prepaid mobile plans, Amaysim ups its "Unlimited" price by $5 a month, The T-shirt that water doesn't soak into, Survey Monkey launches an Australian research "panel" and Patrick Lo from Netgear talks networking and future thinking
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #246 - The Future Of Online Payments, Kids On The Internet And Kogan's New Phone

What does the future of online shopping look like? Getting a Digital Wallet? I'll discuss with Mastercard - Kogan has a new 4G smartphone at a cracking price, McAfee's survey of Aussie kids on the internet and just what parents know, plus your calls ...
Trevor Long author