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Weekly Talkback Technology Webcast, covering all things Technology, Computers, The Internet, Mobile Phones

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Weekly Talkback Technology Webcast, covering all things Technology, Computers, The Internet, Mobile Phones
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Your Tech Life #250 - Modern Parenting Is A Daily Challenge, Plus Global Roaming, IPhone And Android

Got a tech question? Get in touch - this week calls on Global Roaming, iPhone vs Android, Android Versions, Bluetooth, Minecraft modding and a chat about Modern Parenting and the challenges parents face with keeping up with their kids and setting bound...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #249 - Vodafone's News For NZ Travellers, Mobile Recycling And What It Means For You

Has the tablet market stalled? are we still buying iPads or Android tablets? Mobile Recycling set to rise - just what is it and how do you do it? Vodafone has a little something for it's NZ travelling customers plus your calls on laptops, mobile carri...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #248 - A Little Aussie Company Punching Well Above Its Weight, IPhone 6, Surface 3

Terribly sad news today with the passing of Robin Williams, forgive my indulgence as I look back on the day, his career and life, then back to Technology the iPhone 6 rumours hotting up, MIcrosoft's Surface pricing baffles me, your calls, and I talk to...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #247 - Survey Monkey Goes To Market Research, Amaysim Ups Its Prices And Networking

Optus launches new Prepaid mobile plans, Amaysim ups its "Unlimited" price by $5 a month, The T-shirt that water doesn't soak into, Survey Monkey launches an Australian research "panel" and Patrick Lo from Netgear talks networking and future thinking
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #246 - The Future Of Online Payments, Kids On The Internet And Kogan's New Phone

What does the future of online shopping look like? Getting a Digital Wallet? I'll discuss with Mastercard - Kogan has a new 4G smartphone at a cracking price, McAfee's survey of Aussie kids on the internet and just what parents know, plus your calls ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #245 - Online Shopping Site Hacked, The Heated Jacket, And Please - Shop Around

Why did it take three years for Catch of the Day to tell us about a security breach? How 200 programmers in Sydney have a chance to win $100,000, Optus shows off research which tells us we are reluctant to shop around for a better mobile deal, the hea...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #244 - Apple's News This Week, Home Delivered Food For Your Cooking Plus Lots More

Apple announced two things this week, iTunes Extra - the movie DVD Extras are back! and the Apple Store trade-in program for iPhones and iPads, I've quit android - and I'll tell you why, the Samsung NX30 reviewed, Sol Republic's amazing bluetooth range...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #243 - Finding A Ride To Your Next Destination, Low Cost Broadband And Much More

Facebook copping some serious heat for secretly researching mood and sentiment with 700,000 users, Plantronic Backbet Fit wireless headphones worth a look and listen, Logitech makes the car mount tiny, Lenovo has an Orange ultrabook that will blow your...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #242 - I'm BACK - Golf, Roaming, Chainsaws, Lawnmowers, Translations And More!

The smart watch for Golf that not only knows the courses it can help you with your swing, My trip to Huskvarna with Husqvarna in Sweden and using Chainsaws and robot lawnmowers, Global Roaming - finding the best approach for phone and data only, Your c...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #241 - Should It Be Illegal To Resell Tickets Online? And We Give Away A Laptop

NSW Parliament is going to consider legislation that will make it difficult if not impossible to sell concert and sporting tickets online - we discuss why and what next. Plus calls on Internet security, parental controls, TV buying, Digital vs Interne...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #240 - EBay Hack A Bigger Deal Than They Say Plus Apple Users Have Cause For Concern

eBay was hacked, they don't have your password easily, but they do have several other key's to your identity - time to rethink emails and be wary of scammers. Apple has its own concerns with iCloud users being compromised and phones hijacked. Plus thi...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #239 - Is It Hard To Switch To Android? Or Is It Just "Rubbish" We Discuss!

I gave a mate an Android Phone, he described the experience as Rubbish - so why? And an EFTM Challenge for Australia's best podcast. Plus we talk games consoles, Home tech support, Spam emails, Cheap phones, Foxtel recordings being archived, Telstra'...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #238 - The Future Of The Smart Home And Importance Of Your Network Plus Your Calls

Has Microsoft ended support for Windows 8.1? What's the best PVR option for you? Why can't you just download and use TV shows and Movies on any device? A mobile plan worth considering for $25 a month? The Pebble Smartwatch - whats it all about? Lapto...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #237 - PC Buying Advice, Phone Plan Choices, A HUGE Giveaway And More

I've got a brand new Lenovo X1 Carbon Ultrabook to give away - details this week, plus PC buying advice, Mobile plan choice options, NBN phone issues, Router problems and Gumtree's TV sales surge
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #236 - Share Home App Help, In-Store Music Joy, Innovation And Your Calls!

Do you live in a share home? Fairshare could change your world - If you run a business and play music in your store, StorePlay could change yours! If you're a Commonwealth Bank customer their new Cardless Cash will change your world, plus calls on NB...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #235 - Happy Easter And Loads Of Calls This Week

Lots of calls and advice this week covering everything from Twitter account usage, Digital Radio and the reception issues, PC Buying advice, Google Drive and privacy, Samsung Gear 2, Wireless connectivity for the man-cave
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #234 - Dropbox News, Smartwatch Review And Apple In The Future

Dropbox has news and new apps for you as well as business, Heartbleed the security issue online, iCloud and what it is, Samsung smashes it out of the ballpark with the Gear 2 and my thoughts on Apple - just what do they need to do? What's next? What's ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #233 - What's The Future For Taxi Apps In NSW And How To Care For Our Seniors With Tech

Uber is a great app, so is GoCatch and Ingogo, so what is the future for them in NSW under new laws - this week I speak to NSW Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian, plus the product to ensure you know if your elderly family member has missed their med...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #232 - The HTC ONE Is Stunning, And How Technology Helps People With Low Vision

I've been giving the HTC ONE a workout and am ready to tell you how good it really is, the Jawbone UP 24 is now available, and a detailed look at how technology is helping in the home for people with Low Vision or Blindness - it's amazing
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #231 - Hearing Aid Control - There's An App For That, AirBNB At The F1 Plus Your Calls

Using AirBNB to find accommodation at a major sporting event like the F1 GP, The hearing aid you control with your iPhone, Advice for a techy 21st gift, Global roaming the smart way doing business, Windows scam calls are still at it, the Lenovo X1 we'r...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #230 - Aldi Mobile Drops Data, F1 And Technology, Future Of Payments, Gaming Classifications And More

Just what is the future of payments - wallet free, touch and go - I talk to Mastercard about this and the surcharge rip off. Australia's gaming ratings system, how far it's come and how to use the ratings best. Kensington's research into tablet and s...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #229 - Titanfall Review, QuizUp The Addiction, Dulux Colour And A Big Thanks!

The Xbox One Blockbuster game title of the year - Titanfall - reviewed, is it just what you wanted to see? QuizUp is a new addictive multiple choice quiz game to play against anyone or a friend, Dulux has a new colour picking app, a big thanks for the...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #228 - Apple Comes To Your Car, Lenovo Brings Aussie Music Streaming Service To Mobile

Apple has launched CarPlay it's own in-car infotainment platform which uses your iPhone to power your car navigation and entertainment - coming to new cars from 2014. Lenovo has done a huge deal with an Aussie startup streaming music service which is a...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #227 - The Parcel Delivery System For Your Home And My Biggest Tech Challenge

If you were challenged to go without Technology at meal time for a week - could you do it? I was challenged by KFC and it's going OK - Plus the parcel solution for your home called Pakman, The new Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony's competing and awesome device...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #226 - Know Your Consumer Rights - Is Extended Warranty Even Worth It?

After Mark's call last week we check in to see how things went with Samsung and JB HiFi, plus I talk to the NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe about these new Consumer Laws and just what they mean. Plus the Twitter Hijacking, Ticket Scalping and ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #225 - ITunes Radio Comes To Australia And Just What Is The Deal With Extended Warranty?

Apple have announced Australia as the first market outside of the USA to get iTunes Radio streaming music, plus The Beatles come to Apple TV. What is the deal with Flappy Bird - I get frustrated playing it. Which Drone to buy? Belkin Wemo questions,...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #224 - Changing The Way We Buy Cars With BidMyCar Plus Your TECHY Calls

Trevor Long - we call him Techy - Here to help with questions and problems about anything technology, this week it's Samsung TV and Tablet giveaway issues, the question of what to buy when an iPad should be enough, Tablet buying decisions, the BidMyCar...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #223 - Ending Billshock In Australia, The App To Help You Split Your Bills And Crazy Gadgets

Should mobile companies be forced to slow our mobile speeds and not charge us more when we go over our cap? That's what ACMA thinks and I agree. Plus some crazy gadgets, the Cool new App from Aussie developers to help you split the bill, and your cal...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #222 - What Is Google Planning For Your Eyes, And An EXCLUSIVE Interview And Review This Week

This week an EXCLUSIVE FIRST TIME interview and reviewer - listen out for this special guest, plus calls on TV, Sat Nav, HUD for Cars, TV buying and Phones, and Google's Smart Contact lens. The App to show you the stars and the game to keep you guessi...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #221 - Back On Home Soil - Sick But Battling Through To Talk Tech This Week

What are Ultraviolet movies? Are they worth downloading or buying? How to deal with WiFi coverage issues in your home, If this then that and the internet of things, EFTM's Windows and Windows Phone app available now and all thanks to Garmin
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #220d - Live From The Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas - Episode 4

Lots to cover in my final show from CES in Las Vegas, all the news all the gadgets! TCL's Hologram - is it real? I checked it out, plus their sleek new design and upcoming 110inch screen, Hisense has a new Android interface which is a great improveme...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #220c - Live From The Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas - Episode 3

Today at CES we meet the robot toy, the social camera from polaroid, the joystick for your touchscreen phone, the smartwatch revolution, Audi discusses the piloted car Samsung makes sharing photos tap and go, the most awkward place for a paper roll hol...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #220b - Live From The Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas - Episode 2

After a long press day Trevor wraps up all the news from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas including announcements from Samsung, Intel, LG, Sony, Hisense, TCL, Epson and more.
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #220a - Live From The Consumer Electronics Show In Las Vegas - Episode 1

CES 2014 is about to begin, today Trevor Long took a look at just some of the cool things due to release, plus some of the trends for the year ahead, this is the first 30 minute episode of Your Tech Life from the show this year
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #219 - The Taxi Tech Revolution, The New NBN Boss And Your Calls

The tech and the apps which are revolutionising the Taxi industry - I talk to the founder of one such app which is getting millions of dollars in funding, plus I spoke to the new boss of the NBN Co, and your calls on everything from iPhones, Telstra, A...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #218 - Facebook Looks Back On 2013 And When On Holidays Are Postcards A Thing Of The Past?

Just how do we communicate on holidays? are postcards a thing of the past - are over 50's embracing social media? I chat to Princess Cruises about the research they have done on this and more. I talk to Facebook about their year in review and look at...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #217 - Healing Minds With An App, Ebay's Big Shopping Day, ITunes For Charity

Which day of the year is the biggest for eBay? It's time to shop for Christmas! Great music and a donation to the Phillipine Red Cross - as easy as iTunes, an App for your mind, meditation and wellbeing - and your calls on interference, Analog TV and ...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #216 - Just How Many Robots Are There In Our Lives? It's Not Quite The Jetsons Is It?

Robots today, robots tomorrow, I discuss the future and the current of Robots in our lives - plus your calls on AM radio reception, Syncing to the Cloud and mobile phone issues - and just which Console to buy - Xbox One or PS4?
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #215 - A Worrying New Threat To Your PC Data, Cricket Streaming On Your Phone And Your Calls

Following a caller two weeks ago's concerns about Cryptolocker viruses, this week I speak to Kaspersky Lab about the problem and just what it means, plus Cricket Australia bringing the game to your phone or tablet and is the new XBOX ONE worth buying f...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #214 - WiFi For Your Backyard, Easy App Development, Home Networking And More

Have you considered your WiFi network and if it reaches your backyard? How will you stream music or check Facebook without it, it's an interesting new problem facing home owners. App development is pricey, so an Aussie company has made it almost clic...
Trevor Long author

The Race That Stops A Nation Doesn't Stop Your Tech Life, It's A Cup Day Special!

It's a cup day episode of Your Tech Life - #213 talks Ransomware - just what is the threat, Ultimate Action Video cam, Phar Lap seen by robots for kids in class, and just how big is online betting?
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #212, Findery, Apple, Livescribe, Kogan And Tips For IPhone Users

#212: Just what did Apple announce by way of new iPads and how have they fundamentally changed how software is sold? Find and leave notes around the world - virtually - I chat to one of the co-founders of Flickr who has a new app to change your thinki...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #211, Games - Good For Kids, Good For All, Your Calls On Games And F1

#211: of Your Tech Life we discuss the fact that 7 out of 10 Australian's play video games, and its not all doom and gloom. Plus I've got the latest on Skylanders, the Nokia 1020, Commonwealth Bank's new app and payment system and Apple big plans.. And...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #210: Apple's New IMac, HTC's Huge New ONE MAX, Your Calls On A Range Of Topics

#210: HTC announces the ONE MAX - a 5.9inch phone with all the features of the ONE, but with some awesome accessories. I've been testing Apple's new iMac, and we've got a load of calls this week to help you with your computer woes.
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #208: Alan Jones Talks F1, Mums And Dads On Innovation, Telco News And Your Calls

#208: This week lots of telco news with Telstra announcing shared data plans, Vodafone expanding its international roaming $5 a day deal, Kogan has a new cheap smartphone which will surprise you, how men and women measure innovation is surprisingly sim...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life 206 - Selling Tickets Just Got Safer, As Did Your Online Privacy Plus IPhone And Samsung News

#206: This week I talk to the CEO and founder of Viagogo about a safe and secure new way to buy and sell tickets "after market", plus Trend Micro tell us about their new product making setting up your online privacy a whole lot easier - Apple's new iPh...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life 205 - WiFi At The Racecourse, Apple's Big News And Your Home Network Sorted

#205: Can Randwick's new WiFi system really handle 50,000 users? Just what is AirBNB and why should you check it out? Helping your with your questions including home networking advice, with the answer from the boss at D-Link plus many more calls - all...
Trevor Long author

MicroNokia? Curved TV's, Dick Smith Mobile? Marriage Advice - Big Show!

#204: Thanks to Garmin - this week NOKIA has been SOLD to Microsoft - what does it mean, who will be in charge, will there still be Nokia handsets? Optus goes even lower with the MyPlan range with a $35 plan, CURVED SCREENS are here for your TV, and D...
Trevor Long author

Vodafone's New RED Plans Take You International With Local Support, Dyson's New Vacuum And The Samsung For The Water

#203: This week I look at the all new Vodafone RED plans which offer simplicity, international options and a local call center for customer service. Plus I talk to Dyson engineer Martin Peek about the new DC54 Vacuum with a staggering amount of cyclon...
Trevor Long author

Kogan Mobile Is Dead - So What Next? Where Do You Go? Plus What To Look For In Buying A PC

#202: Kogan Mobile is dead, wholesaler ispONE went into voluntary administration, and Kogan is the loser in the end. Every customer is being disconnected - so what do you do next? where do you take your business? Your calls on this issue, plus I talk ...
Trevor Long author