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Weekly Talkback Technology Webcast, covering all things Technology, Computers, The Internet, Mobile Phones

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Weekly Talkback Technology Webcast, covering all things Technology, Computers, The Internet, Mobile Phones
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Your Tech Life #211, Games - Good For Kids, Good For All, Your Calls On Games And F1

#211: of Your Tech Life we discuss the fact that 7 out of 10 Australian's play video games, and its not all doom and gloom. Plus I've got the latest on Skylanders, the Nokia 1020, Commonwealth Bank's new app and payment system and Apple big plans.. And...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #210: Apple's New IMac, HTC's Huge New ONE MAX, Your Calls On A Range Of Topics

#210: HTC announces the ONE MAX - a 5.9inch phone with all the features of the ONE, but with some awesome accessories. I've been testing Apple's new iMac, and we've got a load of calls this week to help you with your computer woes.
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life #208: Alan Jones Talks F1, Mums And Dads On Innovation, Telco News And Your Calls

#208: This week lots of telco news with Telstra announcing shared data plans, Vodafone expanding its international roaming $5 a day deal, Kogan has a new cheap smartphone which will surprise you, how men and women measure innovation is surprisingly sim...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life 206 - Selling Tickets Just Got Safer, As Did Your Online Privacy Plus IPhone And Samsung News

#206: This week I talk to the CEO and founder of Viagogo about a safe and secure new way to buy and sell tickets "after market", plus Trend Micro tell us about their new product making setting up your online privacy a whole lot easier - Apple's new iPh...
Trevor Long author

Your Tech Life 205 - WiFi At The Racecourse, Apple's Big News And Your Home Network Sorted

#205: Can Randwick's new WiFi system really handle 50,000 users? Just what is AirBNB and why should you check it out? Helping your with your questions including home networking advice, with the answer from the boss at D-Link plus many more calls - all...
Trevor Long author

MicroNokia? Curved TV's, Dick Smith Mobile? Marriage Advice - Big Show!

#204: Thanks to Garmin - this week NOKIA has been SOLD to Microsoft - what does it mean, who will be in charge, will there still be Nokia handsets? Optus goes even lower with the MyPlan range with a $35 plan, CURVED SCREENS are here for your TV, and D...
Trevor Long author

Vodafone's New RED Plans Take You International With Local Support, Dyson's New Vacuum And The Samsung For The Water

#203: This week I look at the all new Vodafone RED plans which offer simplicity, international options and a local call center for customer service. Plus I talk to Dyson engineer Martin Peek about the new DC54 Vacuum with a staggering amount of cyclon...
Trevor Long author

Kogan Mobile Is Dead - So What Next? Where Do You Go? Plus What To Look For In Buying A PC

#202: Kogan Mobile is dead, wholesaler ispONE went into voluntary administration, and Kogan is the loser in the end. Every customer is being disconnected - so what do you do next? where do you take your business? Your calls on this issue, plus I talk ...
Trevor Long author

Low-cost Mobile Drama, Apple's Big September News Plus Your Calls

#201: Is there a future for these low-cost mobile plan providers, will we all just have to pay more? I've got exclusive information about the battle between Telstra and wholesaler ispONE which shows there are problems afoot. Will Kogan and Aldi survi...
Trevor Long author

The 200th Episode - Special - Yep, But The Same Great Content For You This Week!

#200: 200 Episodes, thanks to everyone for listening, getting in touch and asking my advice! This week I talk Health Insurance - wait - what? You'll see. Plus Mobile phone plans, Google Chrome, Urine testing, Foxtel Play and the NBN.. It's a big sho...
Trevor Long author

Not Happy Jan - Kogan Mobile Customers Upset By Price Rise, Plus The New Club To Save You Money At Lunch

#199: This week we hear from some unhappy customers of Kogan Mobile, prices have gone up and there's not much notice... Plus Mikey Robins joins me to talk about his new venture - a website aimed at saving you money at restaurants... then - Ruslan Kogan...
Trevor Long author

Optus, Worlds Fastest Man And Loads More On Episode #198 Of Your Tech Life

How is Optus looking to its customers mobile phones to map and help improve its mobile network? I talk to Optus. Also this week I talk to the FASTEST MAN IN THE WORLD - yep, really - Royal Baby watch makes Social Media go crazy - and my sickening res...
Trevor Long author

#197: Shout For Charity, Ebay's Mobile Juggernaut And Your Calls

Imagine if giving to charity was as easy and affordable as shouting a mate a coffee or a beer? I've found a fantastic app that allows you to see just that. ebay has been on mobile for 5 years, so just how much money is spent on ebay via mobile phones e...
Trevor Long author

#196 - 5 Years Of The App Store, Digital TV Switch Off, And Chomebooks?

The Apple App Store is 5 years old, and like it or hate it, it's changed our world and the view on "software" generally. I'm testing a Chromebook laptop - just what the hell is that? Digital TV is switching off- are you ready? is your family ready? Glo...
Trevor Long author

#195 Generosity From Samsung, Keeping Safe On Your Mobile And Loads More Advice

#195: Amazing new services for the hearing impaired or deaf allowing them to make basic phone calls or communicate by text to voice thanks to the National Relay Service. HTC One Accessories reviewed, some smart warnings from McAfee when it comes to ke...
Trevor Long author

#194 Keep Your Phone Number And Start Making Calls Via The Internet!

#194: Did you know you can make phone calls over the internet just as if it was your good old landline? Did you also know you can do so and keep your existing landline number? So cool! Plus, how to stay safe online, protecting your identity - What's ...
Trevor Long author

#193 Keeping Kids Safe Online, The Huge LG TV And More

#193: How safe are your kids online? are they watching youtube much? do you know how easy it is to stumble across things on YouTube you might not want them to see? Plus the HUGE LG TV, the Wine app for measuring your wine, the MacBook air and your cal...
Trevor Long author

#192 Apples Big News, Sony And Microsoft Go To Gaming War And Your Calls

#192: Apple's big WWDC announcements, an all new - and we mean ALL NEW iOS for your iPhone and iPad coming later this year - i've got it and will tell you all about it, plus why Microsoft and Sony are at war on prices over gaming, the Dashcam stats tha...
Trevor Long author

#191 Hisense UHD TV's, LG's Ultrabook And Your Calls

#191: Hisense announces three Ultra High Definition TV's for 2013 we speak to Andre from Hisense about the UHD market and Hisense as a company. I look at one of the best looking Ultrabooks i've seen - LG's latest, plus we talk Spotify streaming bandw...
Trevor Long author

#189: Happy Birthday Spotify Australia, XBOX 3 Is XBOX ONE And Your Calls

#189: Happy Birthday Spotify - 1 year in Australia and we're taking to it like ducks to water. I speak to the Australian Managing Director Kate Vale about why we love it so much. Plus Microsoft announce the XBOX ONE - whats all the fuss about? How go...
Trevor Long author

#188: What Is Shazam? A Space Oddity In Space? 5G Speeds And Your Calls

#188: What is Shazam? Have you used it? Checking on Music, FIlms, Extra content from advertisers, and so much more - I chat to one of the team at Shazam about this amazing app... Also, Commander Chris Hadfield does more amazing stuff in space - includ...
Trevor Long author

#187: Just How Fast Will The Different NBN Policies Be? A New Site Compares Them For You

#187: How fast is the NBN? Great site launched this week which compares the Coalition and Labor NBN policies by way of speed. But what's it missing? I talk to the man who made it - in his spare time! Plus, the GUN - printed from a computer on a 3D p...
Trevor Long author

#186: Galaxy Vs HTC, Kogan's Win, Telstra's Plan And Your Calls

#186: Which is better the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC ONE - it's a tough call but I'll give you my thoughts.. Ruslan Kogan wins in the Victorian Supreme Court over ISPOne and gets costs so Kogan Mobile customers are safe for now.. Garmin are great su...
Trevor Long author

#185: Technology Helping The Visual And Hearing Impaired, Hands On With The Samsung Galaxy S4 And HTC ONE And Your Calls!

#185:Just how much of a role does technology play in the lives of those with Vision or Hearing impairments - This week I chat to an organisation who have apps that bring independance to such people, plus we discuss the role and power of technology in t...
Trevor Long author

#183: A Year On Just How Is Airtasker Going? Odd Jobs To Do, Get Them Done By Random Strangers! Airtasker Is Going Gangbusters. Kogan Mobile Has Taken Its Telstra Whoeslaler To Court - Just What's Going On With Your Access And The Future Of Kogan Mobile?

#183: A year on just how is Airtasker going? Odd Jobs to do, get them done by random strangers! Airtasker is going gangbusters. Kogan Mobile has taken its Telstra Whoeslaler to court - just what's going on with your access and the future of Kogan Mobi...
Trevor Long author

#182: How Do You Fix A Broken Hard Drive, How Do You Get Those Precious Memories Back? Would You Buy A Facebook Phone? What's The Point? Have You Got A SONIQ TV? What Are They Like? Are We Paying TOO MUCH For TV's In Australia? And How To Protect Your

#182: How do you fix a broken hard drive, how do you get those precious memories back? Would you buy a Facebook phone? What's the point? Have you got a SONIQ TV? What are they like? Are we paying TOO MUCH for TV's in Australia? And How to protect y...
Trevor Long author

#181: Turn Your Instagram Photos Into A Poster For Your Wall - A Real Work Of Art, Plus A Final Reminder Of That $6,000 Giveaway! We Discuss Facebook And Why To Or Not To Be On It, IPad Launch Date Speculation And Kogan Mobile And Phones For The Family.

#181: Turn your Instagram photos into a poster for your wall - a real work of art, plus a final reminder of that $6,000 giveaway! We discuss Facebook and why to or not to be on it, iPad launch date speculation and Kogan mobile and phones for the famil...
Trevor Long author

#180: What's The Sydney Operahouse Doing That Has Me Impressed? Have A Listen - Neil Finn Live On This Podcast (Kinda Sorta), How Many Smartphones Are There Right Now That Are Top Quality - I'll Tell You! Loads Of Calls On Young Family Computer Buying Adv

#180: What's the Sydney Operahouse Doing that has me impressed? Have a listen - Neil Finn Live on this podcast (Kinda sorta), How many smartphones are there right now that are top quality - I'll tell you! Loads of calls on Young family computer buying ...
Trevor Long author

#179: Your Tech Life Is All About Your Calls, Helping You, Giving Advice, Solving Problems, Giving Assistance With Technology - So, This Week, STACKS Of Calls On Mobiles, Computers, Ipads, Dvd Burning, Garmin Sat Navs, Telstra You Name It! Plus I Give You

#179: Your Tech Life is all about your calls, helping you, giving advice, solving problems, giving assistance with technology - so, this week, STACKS of calls on mobiles, computers, ipads, dvd burning, garmin sat navs, telstra you name it! plus I give ...
Trevor Long author

#178: Aldi Launches A Mobile Phone Service, Vodafone Adds Customer Service In Australia, Casio's G-SHock With Bluetooth, Garmin's Great Cycling Range, And Your Calls On Anything From IPhones, To Wifi, Call Plans, NRL Apps And Overseas Calls, Plus I Talk T

#178: Aldi launches a mobile phone service, Vodafone adds customer service in Australia, Casio's G-SHock with Bluetooth, Garmin's great Cycling range, and your calls on anything from iPhones, to Wifi, Call Plans, NRL apps and overseas calls, plus I tal...
Trevor Long author

#177: I Chat To Sir James Dyson About Innovation, Product Discovery And What Drives Him To Continue To Innovate, Plus We Talk Video On Demand - Just What Can We Expect Into The Future. Mobile Data Use Is Growing At Crazy Rates - What Does It Mean? Burger

#177: I chat to Sir James Dyson about Innovation, product discovery and what drives him to continue to innovate, plus we talk Video on Demand - just what can we expect into the future. Mobile data use is growing at crazy rates - what does it mean? Bur...
Trevor Long author

#176: This Week A Feature Interview With The Federal Member For Chifley And Member Of The IT Price Review Committee Ed Husic - Discussing The IT Pricing Review, And Exactly What The Government Can Do About It. Plus I Talk Blackbery 10, Skylanders SwapForc

#176: This week a feature interview with the Federal Member for Chifley and Member of the IT Price review committee Ed Husic - discussing the IT pricing review, and exactly what the government can do about it. Plus I talk Blackbery 10, Skylanders SwapF...
Trevor Long author

#175:The Internet On Everything? I Talk To Cisco About Just That, Plus Getting Your Baby To Sleep - How Hard Is It? There's An App For That! Apple Goes 128GB For The IPad, Twitter Releases Its Social Video Service VINE And A Dashcam For Those Crazy Moment

#175:The internet on everything? I talk to Cisco about just that, plus getting your baby to sleep - how hard is it? There's an app for that! Apple goes 128GB for the iPad, Twitter releases its social Video service VINE and a dashcam for those crazy mom...
Trevor Long author

#174: This Week A New Website To Help You Buy A New Car - Never Visit A Dealer, The Dealers Bid The Lowest Price To Win Your Business, And For Women It Makes It A Less Daunting Task. Plus Your Calls On Handsfree Calling, VOIP Routers, Internet Help Books

#174: This week a new website to help you buy a new car - never visit a dealer, the dealers bid the lowest price to win your business, and for women it makes it a less daunting task. Plus your calls on Handsfree calling, VOIP routers, Internet Help bo...
Trevor Long author

#173: I'm Back From CES And Ready To Take Your Calls - Problems Or Quesitons About Technology - Get In Touch! This Week Stacks Of Calls On Keyboards, Travelling With Phones, Apple Help, GIZMO Follow Up, Building Your Own PC, Dual SIM Pho

#173: I'm back from CES and ready to take your calls - problems or quesitons about technology - get in touch! This week stacks of calls on Keyboards, Travelling with Phones, Apple Help, GIZMO follow up, building your own PC, Dual SIM ...
Trevor Long author

#172d: Lots To Discuss On The Final Day Of CES A Quick Last Day Wrap Of Things Including: PURE Launches JONGO The Sonos Killer? IBITZ Pedometers And Making Excercise Fun For Kids, G-Mate - MAG Controller- Gun For Gaming, RODE's New Microphone For IPhone

#172d: Lots to discuss on the final day of CES a quick last day wrap of things including: PURE launches JONGO the Sonos killer? IBITZ pedometers and making excercise fun for kids, G-Mate - MAG Controller- Gun for gaming, RODE's new microphone for iPho...
Trevor Long author

#172c: Kogan Releases His Very Own Mobile Phone The Agora For Just $149!, Bang And Olufsen Continue To Impress With Amazing Sound Systems, Samsung Has Marriage In Its Sight - Helping Save Your Marriage With Dual View TV, Plus Their 2012 TV's Can Soon Be M

#172c: Kogan releases his very own Mobile Phone the Agora for just $149!, Bang and Olufsen continue to impress with amazing sound systems, Samsung has marriage in its sight - helping save your marriage with Dual View TV, plus their 2012 TV's can soon b...
Trevor Long author

#172b: Live From The CES Show Floor On Day 1 Of The Show Itself, Today I Look At The IShower, IGrill, Curved OLED TV, IPad Mini Keyboards, SPLAT Keyboard Cleaner, And I Chat To Intel About Ultrabooks And FORD About The Connected Car.

#172b: Live from the CES show floor on day 1 of the show itself, today I look at the iShower, iGrill, Curved OLED TV, iPad mini keyboards, SPLAT keyboard cleaner, and I chat to Intel about Ultrabooks and FORD about the connected car.
Trevor Long author

#172a: CES Day 0: What Have I Seen So Far, What Cool Stuff Has Been Launched - A Quick Look At CES 2013 Before The Show Even Opens!

#172a: CES Day 0: What have I seen so far, what cool stuff has been launched - a quick look at CES 2013 before the show even opens!
Trevor Long author

#171: What Was Under The Tree For You? More Than 50% Of All Mobile Device Activations Were Tablets - Did You Get One? 17 Million Or More Devices Were Opened On Christmas Day! CES Is Next Week, I'll Tell You What I Expect To See, Could You Live Without T

#171: What was under the tree for you? More than 50% of all mobile device activations were tablets - did you get one? 17 million or more devices were opened on Christmas day! CES is next week, I'll tell you what I expect to see, Could you live withou...
Trevor Long author

#170: Ruslan Kogan Discusses Kogan Mobile, I Reflect On 2012 In Tech, And Look At What Might Be Under The Tree For Christmas, Plus Your Calls On Digital Radio, DVD Backups And Customer Service - Plus Twitter Adds More Aussie Cities To The Trending Topic L

#170: Ruslan Kogan discusses Kogan Mobile, I reflect on 2012 in Tech, and look at what might be under the tree for Christmas, plus your calls on Digital Radio, DVD Backups and Customer Service - plus Twitter adds more Aussie cities to the trending topi...
Trevor Long author

#169: Kogan Mobile Launches, Deals From, Global Data Roaming Solution From GlobalGig And Stacks Of Calls

#169: Kogan launches a super low cost mobile plan on the Telstra Network - that's got to get your interest - unlimited calls and texts for just $29 a month, with 6GB of data? Wow. Plus explained and the solution to Global Data roaming p...
Trevor Long author

#168: Cyber Safety Update, Dysons Cool Idea, Telstra's Check On Smartphone Use, Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs And Much More!

#168: Dyson have a cool way to approach publicity, iMacs are on sale now, Telstra researches Smartphone use, Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, Marion Merritt talks Cyber Safety for Norton and your calls on TV reception on a boat, Smartphone choices for the...
Trevor Long author

#167: What Is Social Media's Impact On Society Today, How Do You Use It - Lets Talk About It, Plus Your Calls On IPhones, IOS, Windows And PC Advice

#167: What do you think of social media? Do you use it? What do you think of ZeeBox and Fango. Would love to hear your thoughts. I've launched a new site for Bloggers and PR and Brand agencies to connect, pluis your calls on iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 an...
Trevor Long author

#166: What Happened To Click Frenzy, Plus ACDC Goes Digital, And Your Digital Postbox Launches And Your Calls

#166: Click Frenzy was a big failure, so what does it all mean, why did it go wrong? I analyse that with Webcentral CTO Glen Gore, plus ACDC launches on iTunes and Digital Post Australia brings your snail mail to your email inbox. Plus calls on some a...
Trevor Long author

#165: Black Ops 2, Wonderbook, TomTom Nike+ Sportswatch, Flight Tycoon And Your Calls

#165: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is out, i chat to some people who headed out for the Midnight launch in Hornsby - Playstation's Wonderbook is the perfect Potter fan gift, Flight Tycoon for the lovers of business gaming, TomTom's Nike+ Sportswatch and yo...
Trevor Long author

164: Foxtel's Innovative LIVE TV And Catch Up TV App For IPad, Data Plan Concerns With The Big Telcos And All Your Calls.

#164: Foxtel innovates again wtih a new live streaming app for iPad called Foxtel Go - live and catch up content to the iPad for existing Foxtel Subscribers. Data plans are getting smaller - watch what you're paying for. And your calls on WIndows 8, ...
Trevor Long author

163: IPad Mini Reviewed, Windows 8 In Use, Callers On A Range Of Tech Issues Each And Every Week!

#163: iPad mini reviewed, iPad 4th Gen reviewed, Letterpress the next viral app - and your calls on WIndows 8, Wireless PC to TV streaming, Apple TV issues, Tablet buying advice, Android app issues and more - contact trevor at
Trevor Long author

162 SPECIAL: 100% Apple, Live From San Jose California All The News From Apple's Special Event

#162 SPECIAL: I'm in San Jose for Apple's big announcement - iPad Mini, iPad, iMac, Macbook Pro and Mack Mini - it's a huge event, here's my thoughts on everything Apple in this special shortened edition of Your Tech Life
Trevor Long author

161: Apple's Next Big Thing, Or Little Thing - Bringing Great App Ideas To Life, Making The Web Accessible And Your Calls

#161: Apple's big event next week is confirmed so what can we expect? PURE has a new portable radio plus this week we discuss App ideas with AppVillage, Web Accessability with Access IQ and your calls on iPhones, Samsung phones, DLNA and Apple TV - get...
Trevor Long author