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A weekly Canadian tech conversation with professional nerds Riley, Marc, and Dan. If you're a tech geek in Canada, you've come to the right place.

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A weekly Canadian tech conversation with professional nerds Riley, Marc, and Dan. If you're a tech geek in Canada, you've come to the right place.
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6.11.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 150: The Last One

We've been doing this show for three years, but after (almost) 150 episodes, we've decided to call it quits. Thank you very much for listening, even if this is just your first episode. If it's not, thank you even more. If you still want to be around wh...
Riley McDonald author
24.10.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

AI shopping carts and the Pixel 4

In this week's episode, we tell you about Dan's fancy new mouse, a NordVPN hack, a new type of shopping cart Sobeys is piloting in Oakville, Ontario, a bunch of updates on the Pixel 4, and the latest going on with Tesla after their earnings call. Also...
Riley McDonald author
16.10.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Everything we didn't already know about the Google Pixel 4

I GOT A FRESH PIPING HOT ORDER OF SHOW NOTES FOR YA: Google Pixel 4 event 2019: Pixel Buds, Pixelbook, and everything Google announced (https://www.cnet.com/news/google-pixel-4-event-2019-pixel-buds-pixelbook-go-and-everything-google-announced/) Google...
Riley McDonald author
10.10.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

A new Essential phone, a Blizzard walkout, and some Google leaks

In this week's episode, we (read: Riley) will tell you about a new Essential phone Andy Rubin announced on Twitter, a walkout at the Blizzard headquarters in California, a new feature on Google Assistant smart speakers, a man who was charged with misch...
Riley McDonald author
3.10.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Microsoft was very exciting this week

In this week's episode, we'll tell you all about the Microsoft Surface event on October 2. We also talk about a major Canadian tech acquisition and why you shouldn't key a Tesla.
Riley McDonald author
26.09.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Amazon unveils its latest bag of goodies

Imma just leave these shownotes riiight here: Everything Announced at the Amazon Fall 2019 Event - Android Central (https://www.androidcentral.com/everything-announced-amazons-fall-2019-event) Huawei Mate 30 looks to be a phone with great hardware that...
Riley McDonald author
19.09.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

A new streaming service and a fancy new patent

In this week's episode, we wait out Techtober announcements by discussing a new NBCUniversal streaming service, a Microsoft patent, a new Facebook partnership with RayBan, a super duper exciting feature in Android (or at least Riley thinks so), Faceboo...
Riley McDonald author
12.09.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Fall 2019 Apple event

Take a wild guess about what we're talking about this episode. Hint: it's not actually fruit. We'll run through our thoughts on the new products (and the launch event itself) and a few newsy tidbits for you before that.
Riley McDonald author
5.09.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Stop texting your children while they're in class

In this week's episode we'll tell you about two Canadian schools trying to deal with phones in the classroom, a proposal to put control of nukes with AI systems, a fine Transport Canada handed out to a rogue drone operator, a fine Google got for ads on...
Riley McDonald author
29.08.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Non-rainforest Amazon news

In this week's episode, we'll tell you about a Saskatoon writer who's dumping all his Facebook friends β€” and then calling them about it, how Googling "Amazon fire" only got tech results for lots of people (instead of rainforest results), about a big Mi...
Riley McDonald author
22.08.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

A Very Special Episode

This week, on a very special episode of Wrecked By Tech, Marc discusses the latest news about Disney+ coming to Canada and other big happenings in the world of movies. Then he dives into a story of β€” wait this can’t be right β€” misinformation being spr...
Riley McDonald author
15.08.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Bad Lightning cables and hectic biometrics

In this week, we'll tell you about an Android widget that's gone by the wayside, Huawei's new operating system, the new creator options for Instagram filters, a major breach in extremely common biometric security software, how easy it is to hack an iPh...
Riley McDonald author
8.08.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

We Samsung you a song

In this week's episode we'll tell you about an E3 data leak, the death of loot boxes as we know them, a Microsoft Skype security issue, and all the news from the Samsung Unpacked 2019 event.
Riley McDonald author
1.08.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Capital One hack: the 2019 privacy hellscape continues

In this week's episode, we'll tell you about the Capital one hack, the next OPPO flagship phone, how Apple contractors are regularly listening to confidential conversations, Microsoft's groovy new tool for searching documents, a free defense against ra...
Riley McDonald author
25.07.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Canada's Huawei to the danger zone

In this week's episode, we'll tell you about: the Call of Duty Mobile Android beta in Canada the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG app in Canada EA Access on PS4 in Canada OpenTable adding delivery in β€” you guessed it β€” Canada DoorDash's apology for garbage tip...
Riley McDonald author
18.07.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Should you use FaceApp?

In this week's episode we'll give you the rundown on FaceApp, a viral app that can age you younger or older using AI, Google's latest data breach, Deepfakes and how scary they've gotten, Elon Musk's new thing, the Neuralink, Facebook's Cambridge Analyt...
Riley McDonald author
11.07.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

A tech smorgasbord

In this week's episode, Riley and Dan tell you about a vulnerability in Mac conferencing app Zoom, a new Nintendo product, updates to Instagram we actually like, a refresher to the MacBook lineup, and Dr. Mario World for iOS. Speed round: - Apple's Te...
Riley McDonald author
4.07.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Scooters and spies

In this week's episode we'll tell you about Bird Scooters coming to Canada, what CSIS says about election tampering, a game Cambridge scientists developed to help pick out fake news, how China forces tourists to be spied on, and how easy many common ap...
Riley McDonald author
27.06.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

We get angry about gas powered vehicles

This week we're going to talk about the state of EVs and gas powered vehicles, the days of MySpace (and how they weren't as picture-perfect as we thought), and talk some interesting phone news. Speed round: - Google's done making Pixel Slates, or table...
Riley McDonald author
20.06.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Do snitches get stitches? La Liga's National Narc Network

In this week's episode we talk about former RIM CEO Jim Balsillie's thoughts on data (hint: it's bombastic), the BC government's new e-bike incentive, the La Liga soccer (football?) app's secret spying/snitching technique, Google's legitimate push to R...
Riley McDonald author
14.06.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

How Stadia actually works: an apology

Our last episode had details about Stadia that were incorrect. We are (read: Riley is) sorry for the misinformation.
Riley McDonald author
13.06.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Unlimited Canadian Data, Pixel 4, and E3

In this week's episode we tell you about a great new Canadian data plan you can get, a bunch of leaks about the Pixel 4, some things that excited us about E3, and a new bite-sized streaming service (sigh). Speed round: - Netflix Canada partnered with ...
Riley McDonald author
6.06.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Dub dub, or WWDC 2019

This week we'll run down everything from Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), including new software and hardware announcements. If you feel like diving deeper, links to the relevant places on Apple's website are below.
Riley McDonald author
30.05.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Broadcast laws and your unsafe data

In this week's episode we'll tell you about what the big companies are lobbying for in the new CRTC broadcast standards, how Facebook is pissing off Canada and the rest of the world's governments, a new iPod Touch, and a ton of unfortunate news about y...
Riley McDonald author
23.05.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

This whole Huawei fiasco

In this week's episode we'll tell you about everything that's going on with Huawei, Tesla's latest strike against the autopilot program, and Apple's latest MacBook announcement. Also our weekly bad Facebook news. Speed Round: - Health Canada approved t...
Riley McDonald author
16.05.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

OnePlus 7, an AI that can write, and Canada's stance on Internet trolling

In this week's episode, we talk about a Canadian-made AI that can write, a Supreme Court of Canada decision that penalizes racist trolls, the OnePlus 7 announcements, Adobe legal drama, facial recognition law in San Francisco, and Google's new ad plan....
Riley McDonald author
9.05.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Google I/O, some Microsoft Build, and 3-D printed houses

In this week's episode we take you through one interesting happening from Microsoft Build (their developer conference), all the major news from the Google I/O keynote, and tell you about a Vancouver man who thinks he can 3-D print houses. Speed Round: ...
Riley McDonald author
2.05.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Canadian government: YouTube and texts aren't real ads

In this week's episode we tell you about a law that won't bode well for the upcoming Canadian federal elections and all the latest news from Facebook F8. Speed round: - A small Ontario town just took Bitcoin for property tax payments - The sweet foldin...
Riley McDonald author
25.04.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Delete the McDonald's app

Follow us on Twitter: Riley (twitter.com/rileydmcdonald) | Dan (twitter.com/danbetcher)| Marc (twitter.com/spacelagace) In this week's episode we tell you why the Samsung Galaxy Fold broke, how much Marc loves his Huawei P30 Pro, why you should probab...
Riley McDonald author
18.04.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

EV incentives and why you shouldn't buy a Galaxy Fold

In this week's episode, Marc and Riley talk about a new government EV incentive, a new Microsoft product, YouTube's fact-checking algorithm and its latest misstep, the Galaxy Fold (and what a mess it is just two days after being released to reviewers),...
Riley McDonald author
11.04.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

How to buy Reddit results, Model 3 cameras, and Netflix vs. Apple

In this week's episode, we talk about Amazon's satellite internet idea, how to buy Reddit results, why the Model 3 has a camera in the rearview, Netflix not working with AirPlay anymore, Apple's next processor, the IKEA/Sonos collaboration, and Google'...
Riley McDonald author
4.04.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Tesla hacks & why Marc's getting a Huawei P30 Pro

In this week's episode, we talk about the information hackers can get from your totaled (or rented) Tesla, why Marc is getting a Huawei P30 Pro, and the three latest reasons to be mad at Facebook. Speed round: - an influx of people buying Endgame ticke...
Riley McDonald author
27.03.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

The Apple event and the Huawei event

In this week's episode, the guys take you through all the fun stuff from Apple's "show time" March 25 event and a brief-but-thorough rundown of the Huawei event the day after. Speed Round: - The CRA's online tax hub was down for about a day - Fido's go...
Riley McDonald author
21.03.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Google Stadia and gaming in the cloud

In this week's episode, Dan and Marc give you a detailed rundown of the newly announced Google Stadia service and what it could mean for gaming, internet speeds, and lunchtime LAN parties. Speed round: - Dropbox is cutting the number of devices you ca...
Riley McDonald author
14.03.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Apple rumours and Google hardware cuts

In this week's episode, Marc and Riley talk about the Tesla "price drop," Apple's next event, the Amazon-Eero deal closing, Google's slash of the Pixelbook/Pixel Slate team, Russian cops with AR headsets, and FamilyTreeDNA's new opt-out for FBI snoopin...
Riley McDonald author
7.03.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

A Tesla price drop, a Telus health chatbot, and a sweet new camera app

This week Dan and Riley tell you about the Tesla Canadian price drop (and when the next model will be unveiled), the CRTC's wireless market review, a new Telus health app/chatbot, the four new Fitbit products, Corning's latest work on bendable glass, V...
Riley McDonald author
28.02.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

The Samsung Event, MWC, and Facebook moderation

In this week's episode, Dan, Marc, and Riley talk about the Canadian smart glasses company that the government gave a loan to (and wants the money back), the Samsung Unpacked event we just missed last week, a bunch of fun things being released/teased a...
Riley McDonald author
20.02.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 112: Mobile Amber Alerts, electric cars, and Apple rumours

This week Marc and Riley talk about the Ontario Amber Alert that made its way to a number of Canadian cell phones, an Ontario MPP who wants Right to Repair in Canada, Twitter's practice of not actually deleting DMs, Amazon's investment in Rivian, Petro...
Riley McDonald author
14.02.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 111: Amazon news and the foreign Twitter trolls interfering with Canadian politics

In this week's episode, Dan, Marc, and Riley talk about Crave's new price hike, a CBC investigation of Twitter pot-stirring by Russian and Iranian trolls, the Canadian government's advertising priorities, Jeff Bezos' blackmail allegations, a Marie-Kond...
Riley McDonald author
7.02.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 110: Crypto investments that died with a broker and the FBI's home genetics partner

In this week's episode, Dan and Riley cover 5G development in Canada (with or without Huawei), how a dead CEO's air gap lost $190 million in investor bitcoin, a 14-year-old's bug bounty for finding the FaceTime bug, the penalties (and whether we think ...
Riley McDonald author
31.01.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 109: More reasons to hate Facebook and why you should IMMEDIATELY update your iPhone

In this week's episode, Dan and Marc talk about a really bad FaceTime bug that allows people to spy on you before you answer (update your phone!), a really bizarre and cryptic Google I/O "announcement," several more reasons to dislike Facebook (includi...
Riley McDonald author
24.01.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 108: The #tenyearchallenge conspiracy theory and some other snappy news

In this week's episode, Marc and Riley talk about Xiaomi's foldable phone teaser, the new-and-maybe-exciting RAZR revival, Spotify's artist blocking feature, the potential for a Google Pixel Watch, the #tenyearchallenge and what it could mean for AI tr...
Riley McDonald author
17.01.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 107: Bing's porn problem, cops searching phones, and the biggest divorce in tech

In this week's episode, the guys tell you about Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos' divorce (and the unfortunate way people are talking about it), scary ad tech that knows who you are, Bing surfacing (and recommending) child porn, Canadian search laws when cops ...
Riley McDonald author
10.01.2019 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 106: Some insane CES snippets

This week Dan, Marc, and Riley talk about approximately one one-millionth of the CES news thus far, including new brands of TV supporting AirPlay (and how that news crashed Roku stock), an Apple ad trolling other companies about data security, The Verg...
Riley McDonald author
31.12.2018 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 105: Year in Review - All the dumbest tech stuff from 2018

This episode Dan, Marc, and Riley record in the same room β€” FOR THE FIRST TIME β€” to discuss the funniest/stupidest/scariest tech topics of the year. Happy New Year! Let's hope 2019 is just as insane.
Riley McDonald author
20.12.2018 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 104: Bent iPads and broken dreams

This week Dan and Riley talk about Riley's shiny new Pixel 3, Canada's anti-spam laws and their effects on cease and desist letters from Hollywood, the CRTC's "low-cost" data-only plans, and Apple's bent iPads. Speed round: - Razer is making an Xbox On...
Riley McDonald author
12.12.2018 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 103: We'll be right back

This week Riley takes you through a few tidbits all by his lonesome, including an incident with bear spray at Amazon, a court injunction banning iPhone sales in China, Google+ shutting down four months early, GoPro's plans to move some manufacturing to...
Riley McDonald author
8.12.2018 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 102: Executive arrests, customer data leaks, and changing web standards

This week Dan and Marc talk about the Huawei CFO's Canadian arrest, a massive data leak from Bethesda, PewDiePie's quest to stay king of the hill at YouTube, Microsoft's new Chromium-based browser, and Google's murder of Allo. Speed round: - Police cau...
Riley McDonald author
1.12.2018 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 101: Hotels get hacked, men are terrible, and influencers are gullible

This week Marc and Riley discuss the Marriott hotel hack (it's big), an ad campaign showing how often men grope women in clubs, Japan's mandatory shutter sound on phones, Payless' publicity stunt that fooled influencers into thinking it was boutique, a...
Riley McDonald author
24.11.2018 https://images.fireside.fm/podcasts/images/c/cb0fe1a3-3f6f-46ea-8ee4-e4248ac51e64/cover.jpg

Episode 100: Europe is killing internet video

Reunited and it feels so good! All three of us are back for our 100th episode, where we talk about a new European law that threatens video content worldwide, another inexplicable pair of Spectacles from Snap Inc., Amazon's HQ2 bid benefitting Toronto, ...
Riley McDonald author